Folks who are old enough to have experienced tuning in to old time radio shows may wax nostalgic on how much fun, clean, and wholesome entertainment used to be. Compared to the loud, sensational, and often times violence-capitalizing general amusements that are in currency these days, listening to old time radio programs is definitely a good relief. Perhaps one of the most popular programs aired during the heydays of old time radio is Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Produced by Himan Brown, this hit radio program was hugely based on mystery novels by Simon & Schuster, Inc. The show lasted from January 1941 to October 1952.

Inner Sanctum Mysteries fanatics who have followed the show from its tentative beginnings until its much-lamented on-air demise may well remember the shows famous trademark. Once that spooky creaking door is heard blaring from the radio speakers, it means that the time has come to turn the lights out and enter the realm of suspense and mystery that no other show can offer. Though there may be other shows that showcases horror stories that borders more on the bizarre, nothing comes close to that sense of mystery that only this show can provide. Another distinctive feature that made Inner Sanctum Mysteries a huge smash is its unique presentation.

Instead of being hosted by a standard if not boring narrator, Inner Sanctum Mysteries was hosted by a series of hosts who add their own ghoulish personas to the macabre tone of the stories featured on the show. The mere voice of the hosts is eerie enough to give the listener goose bumps. Aside from the presentation, what made this mystery horror show successful is the quality of the stories that it features on a consistent basis. On the show’s more than a decade run, it never failed to keep the listeners on the edge of their seats. The fact that popular celebrities and Hollywood names like Mary Astor, Frank Sinatra, and Orson Welles participated as guests on the show only made it more popular.  

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