Classic Radio Shows: Kicking It Old School

Classic Radio Shows: Kicking It Old School - OTR World

Old Time RadioIn the early part of the 20s, the broadcasting industry, particularly in the United Kingdom, had experimented in exploring various possibilities of radio programming. Mostly, this includes the development of a wide area of broadcast programming which includes shows showcasing drama, comedy, documentaries, educational and religious programs, and of course, news. However, old time radios shows made a bigger impact by showcasing various music genres particularly jazz in the 30s and rock and roll in the 50s. It goes without showing that through the exploration of these different broadcasting spectra, radio helped shape a major aspect of modern pop culture.

Apart from its entertainment value, old time radio shows also proved to be a very effective and significant medium in disseminating valuable information. During the height of the two World Wars, radio shows, aside from boosting the morale of soldiers through music and other forms of positive propaganda, also aided the efforts of various governments in keeping the public informed about the progress of the war.   

Old time radio shows, for those who spent their formative years listening to them may find the current entertainment trend a tad bit shabby if not mostly derivative. Good thing old time radio shows are recently reasserting their presence but unlike the old days, OTRS choose a platform that is more far-reaching the traditional broadcast format: the Internet. In fact, it is not wrong to say the worldwide web explosion paved way for the return of the much-loved classic radio programs.  For those who were not born yesterday, an old time radio show exclusively sticks to a format showcasing vintage tunes from the 40s, 50s, and the 60s.  However, OTRS became more popular for its entertainment value.

Apart from oldies but goodies pop music, old time radio shows also offer listeners other treats that you can never find on the recent crop of broadcast formats available online.  Mystery shows, for instance, does not sound as good if not done the old school way. As opposed to modern entertainment peddled on various broadcast formats these days, old radio shows offers clean entertainment.  It is fun yet safe for all ages. No cheap sensationalism and the contents are certainly devoid of elements reeking of sex and vulgarity. In short, radio shows of this type provide high quality amusement that is suitable for the typical all American family. The coolest thing, perhaps, about an OTR is that it you only need a personal computer, a pair of speakers, and an Internet connection to enjoy it.

Setting up your computer to make old time radio shows available in your homes is very easy. Majority of sites that let people stream or download broadcasts merely require users to install a media player on their computers. Aside from media player, Winamp and VLC may also work. These programs can be downloaded for free from various online sites so you will not have any problem installing them on your PC.

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