RICHARD ROGUE's a private eye with a certain flair for solving crimes before the police do. A tough, sometime violent radio show, ROGUE'S GALLERY premiered in 1945, but with a definitely skewered sense of humor. In each show, told in the first person, Rogue somehow managed to get knocked out, coming to on "Cloud Eight", where a gremlin called Eugor, (Rogue spelled backwards) would berate and eventually boot him off the cloud, back into consciousness. Dick Powell played Rogue the first season, and was later replaced by Barry Sullivan and Paul Stewart. Dick Powell was known as a song and dance man until his rebirth as a movie tough guy in Murder My Sweet, where he played Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe. He then appeared in a string of crime and detective flicks, and eventually parlayed it into a successful radio show, playing Richard Diamond, which later went on to become a successful television show, with Powell as producer.