Horizons West Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD Lewis & Clark 13 Episodes


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Produced for and broadcast on the Armed Forces Radio & Television Service (actual taping dates unknown), the 13 episode “Horizons West” was a Radio Docu-Drama depiction of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.


Includes 13 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

Hwst 00.00.00 Ep01 Mr Jefferson’s Dream.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep02 The Confrontation.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep03 Dakota Winter.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep04 Into The Unknown.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep05 The Great Falls.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep06 Shoshone Country.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep07 To The Pacific.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep08 Fort On The Columbia.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep09 Homeward Bound.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep10 Decision At Traveler’s Rest.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep11 Clark And The Horse Thieves.mp3
Hwst 00.00.00 Ep13 Down The Missouri To St Louis.mp3


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