10-2-4 Ranch Ten Two Four Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 28 Episodes


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The 10-2-4 Ranch is a western musical variety show, in 15 minute episodes, used to promote Dr. Pepper soda thoughout the day at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM because it was belived those were the times of the day that people experienced low energy. The show featured music from acts such as Sons Of The Pioneers, Martha Meers, and Bob Noland.


Includes 28 Episodes! 


MP3 Episodes On This CD:


10-2-4 Ranch 43-02-05 First Song – Song of the Bandit.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-03-08 First Song – Estrellita (Little Star).mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-03-10 First Song – When You Wore a Tulip.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-07-03 First Song – Ol’ Rockin’ Chair.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-07-07 First Song – By the Light of the Silvery Moon.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-07-10 First Song – You Tell Me Your Dream and I’ll Tell You Mine.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-07-12 First Song – Mexicali Rose.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-07-14 First Song – Amor.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-12-13 First Song – What a Difference a Day Makes.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 44-12-15 First Song – Jingle Bells.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-01-02 First Song – Sing Something Simple.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-01-04 First Song – You Tell Me Your Dream, I’ll Tell You Mine.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-01-29 First Song – Maria.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-01-31 First Song – What a Difference a Day Makes.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-02-07 First Song – Begin the Beguine.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-02-09 First Song – Magic Is the Moonlight.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-02-16 First Song – Ne Ha Nee.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-02-19 First Song – South of the Border.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-02-21 First Song – Cuddle Up a Little Closer.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-02-23 First Song – I Hear a Rhapsody.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-03-07 First Song – I’m Alabamy Bound.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-03-12 First Song – Blue Skies.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-03-14 First Song – The Gal I Left Behind Me.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-03-26 First Song – Tico Tico.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-03-28 First Song – Easter Parade.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-09 First Song – Old Buckaroo.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-11 First Song – Red Sails in the Sunset.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-13 First Song – Beautiful Ohio.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-23 First Song – Hills of Old Wyoming.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-25 First Song – I’ll Be Seeing You.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-27 First Song – Beneath a Brazilian Moon.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-04-30 First Song – Lazy Day.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-07-31 First Song – He’s Riding For The Rancho.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-02 First Song – Instrumental.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-07 First Song – I Remember April.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-09 First Song – Mr. Sandman’s On His Way.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-11 First Song – Rio De Janerio.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-23 First Song – Do I Worry.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-28 First Song – On The Rhythm Range.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch 45-08-30 First Song – Texas Polka.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch xx-xx-xx First Song – 10-2-4 Blues.mp3
[/n][/n]10-2-4 Ranch xx-xx-xx First Song – I Need You.mp3




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