Dr. Six Gun Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 28 Episodes


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Dr. Ray Matson, (Karl Weber) is a frontier physician based in a small western town in the 1870s called Frenchman’s Ford. The stories are told by a recurring character named Pablo (Bill Griffis), a gypsy peddler who has a talking raven named Midnight as his sidekick. As his name implied, Matson was equally at home with using a gun or using his medical skills to solve problems.

Includes 28 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

DSG540902 – Indian Chief’s Son Poisoned.mp3
DSG540909 – Bartender and Project Investment.mp3
DSG540916 – The Bell and the Baby [287].mp3
DSG540923 – Choice Between Yom Kippur and Dueling [411].mp3
DSG540930 – Colonel Crown Is a Mad Man [286].mp3
DSG541007 – Fred Garth Jailed for Murder [411].mp3
DSG541014 – Horse’s Mane Is Murder Clue [411].mp3
DSG541021 – The Immigrant Settler [287].mp3
DSG541031 – No Guns Law [411].mp3
DSG541107 – Old Man’s Atonement for Cowardice.mp3
DSG541114 – Tribe’s Infected With Measles [411].mp3
DSG541121 – Ringo, Gunfighter [411].mp3
DSG541128 – Stage Holdup – Several Shot [286].mp3
DSG541205 – Trouble with First Male Teacher.mp3
DSG541212 – Willie Has a Land Deed [287].mp3
DSG541219 – A Pony for Christmas [411].mp3
DSG550102 – Land Development Program.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Baby Lillie & Belle.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Baseball At Frenchmen’s Ford.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Captian Langdon’s Honor.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Condemed Man’s Marriage.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Eddie Baker Had It Coming.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Judge Parson’s 12 Man Gallows.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Kung Lee Sin.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Mark Corning’s Mail Order Bride.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Newspaper Arrives In Frenchman”s Ford.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Oberdorfer Electric Belt.mp3
DSGxxxxxx – Willie The Wisp.mp3


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