Arch Oboler’s Plays Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD 34 Episodes


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Arch Oboler’s Plays was a radio anthology series written, produced and directed by Arch Oboler. Minus a sponsor, it ran for one year, airing Saturday evenings on NBC from March 25, 1939 to March 23, 1940 and revived five years later on Mutual for a sustaining summer run from April 5, 1945 to October 11, 1945.


Arch Oboler, a genius anti-Hitler loud-mouth with intense horn-rims and personality, writes and produces his own plays in Arch Oboler’s Plays. Leading film actors were heard on this series, including Ingrid Bergman, Gloria Blondell, Eddie Cantor, James Cagney, Ronald Colman, Joan Crawford, Greer Garson, Edmund Gwenn, Van Heflin, Katharine Hepburn, Elsa Lanchester, Peter Lorre, Frank Lovejoy, Raymond Massey, Burgess Meredith, Paul Muni, Alla Nazimova, Edmond O’Brien, Geraldine Page, Gale Sondergaard, Franchot Tone and George Zucco.


Includes 34 Episodes!


Episodes On This CD:


00.00.00 Chicken Heart.mp3
00.00.00 The Dark.mp3
39.04.15 Ways Of Men – Past, Present, Future.mp3
39.04.29 Ep006 Thecliff.mp3
39.05.20 Ep009 Crazytown.mp3
39.07.29 Ep019 Anotherworld.mp3
39.11.18 Ep035 Bathysphere.mp3
39.11.25 Ep036 Missamerican.mp3
39.12.16 Ep039 Nobodydied.mp3
39.12.30 Ep041 Thispreciousfreedom.mp3
40.02.24 Ep049 Thewomenstayedathome.mp3
40.03.09 Ep051 Johnnygothisgun.mp3
45.04.05 Ep001 Strangemorning.mp3
45.04.26 Ep003 Thehouseilivein.mp3
45.05.10 Holiday 1940x.mp3
45.05.17 Mr Ten Percent.mp3
45.06.07 Ep009 Night.mp3
45.06.14 Ep010 Mrpyle.mp3
45.06.28 Ep012 Thetruth.mp3
45.07.26 Ep016 Mychicago.mp3
45.08.02 Parade.mp3
45.08.09 History Of A Mug.mp3
45.09.00 Thedaythesunexploded.mp3
45.09.06 Mirage.mp3
45.09.20 Ep023 Rocketfrommanhatten.mp3
45.09.27 Ep024 Familynagashi.mp3
45.10.11 Ep026 Thislivingbook.mp3
64.10.17 Special To Hollywood.mp3
64.10.31 Come To The Bank.mp3
64.11.14 Ep007 Big Ben.mp3
64.11.28 Ep009 Africanstory.mp3
64.12.05 Ep010 Revoltoftheworms.mp3
64.12.12 Bathysphere.mp3
64.12.26 Him Or Me.mp3


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