McGarry and His MouseDebuting in September of 1940, Matt Taylor's 'McGarry and His Mouse' series appeared in 'This Week' magazine inserts in newspapers throughout America. The initial series was illustrated by no less than James Montgomery Flagg, famous for the iconic patriotic images of 'Uncle Sam' throughout the era. Matthew 'Matt' Taylor launched his hapless, but loveable character Detective Danny McGarry in 1940 with a series of short stories that appeared in "This Week" news magazine inserts syndicated with the Sunday newspapers of the era. Quickly rising in popularity, Taylor's amusing tales of rookie detective Danny McGarry and his clever girl friend, Kitty Archer--or "The Mouse" as McGarry lovingly referred to her, McGarry and His Mouse continued to captivate North American Sunday readers throughout the World War II years.

As the War began to wind down, McGarry and His Mouse caught the attention of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). NBC thought enough of the franchise's potential to order a 1945 audition of "McGarry and The Mouse." Featuring William Gargan as Detective Dan McGarry and Ruth Warrick as 'The Mouse,' the audition--and project--languished until the Spring of 1946. Apparently Bristol-Myers thought enough of its potential to buy the series from General Amusement Corporation and renamed the commercial series back to Taylor's original "McGarry and His Mouse." Dan McGarry and his'Mouse' take to the airwaves over NBC Debuting on June 26th 1946, McGarry and His Mouse initially featured Wendell Corey as Detective Dan McGarry and Peggy Conklin as Kitty Archer.

A Summer replacement for its popular The Eddie Cantor Show, Bristol-Myers promoted its Ipana toothpaste and Vitalis hair tonic lines throughout the NBC Run. Supporting Wendell Corey and Peggy Conklin were Betty Garde as Kitty Archer's mother, Thelma Ritter as Kitty's best friend Bernice and Arnold Robertson as Dan's uncle Detective Inspector Matthew McGarry.

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