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Words At War Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD 92 Episodes

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Produced in cooperation with the Council on Books in Wartime the episodes of Words at War were based on literature created during the war by a variety of authors.  Though we...

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Produced in cooperation with the Council on Books in Wartime the episodes of Words at War were based on literature created during the war by a variety of authors.  Though we are told that they are the real accounts of wartime tales the show was often speculative but based on real events from the war or potential events in the future. A wonderful blend of history and literature and sometimes a sprinkle of wartime propaganda, Words at War is a glimpse of the beliefs and fears of American authors during the last great war. 

Includes 92 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

00.00.00 Nazi Eyes On Canada - Womankind.mp3
40.08.24 London After Dark.mp3
42.02.11 News Of The World.mp3
43.06.24 Combined Operations First Show.mp3
43.07.10 They Call It Pacific.mp3
43.07.17 The Last Days Of Sevastopol.mp3
43.07.24 The Ship.mp3
43.07.31 Firm Hands Silent People.mp3
43.08.07 Prisoner Of The Japs.mp3
43.08.14 Love At First Flight.mp3
43.08.19 The Last Days Of Sevastopol.mp3
43.08.25 Malta Spitfire.mp3
43.09.02 Dynamite Cargo.mp3
43.09.16 Since You Went Away.mp3
43.09.23 They Shall Not Have Me.mp3
43.09.30 Battle Hymn Of China.mp3
43.10.05 Eighty Three Days.mp3
43.10.12 Paris Underground.mp3
43.10.19 Shortcut To Tokyo.mp3
43.10.26 Who Dare To Live.mp3
43.11.02 Here Is Your War.mp3
43.11.09 To All Hands.mp3
43.11.23 Escape From The Balkins.mp3
43.11.30 Hail Caesar (El Duce).mp3
43.12.07 Book Of War Letters.mp3
43.12.14 Mother America.mp3
43.12.21 Log Bookbritish Merchant Marine.mp3
43.12.28 9th Command Hollland Invasion.mp3
44.01.04 They Shall Inherit The Earth.mp3
44.01.11 Eighty Three Days.mp3
44.01.18 War Tide.mp3
44.01.25 Condition Red.mp3
44.02.01 White Brigade.mp3
44.02.08 George Washington Carver.mp3
44.02.15 The New Sun.mp3
44.02.22 Assignment Usa.mp3
44.03.07 Weeping Wood.mp3
44.03.14 Science At War.mp3
44.03.21 Der Fuehrer.mp3
44.03.28 A Bell For Adano.mp3
44.04.04 Assignment Usa.mp3
44.04.11 Wild River.mp3
44.04.18 Silence Of The Seas.mp3
44.05.02 Curtain Rises.mp3
44.05.09 Gunners Get Glory.mp3
44.05.16 Lifeline.mp3
44.05.23 Lend Lease Weapon For Victory.mp3
44.05.30 The Navy Hunts The Cgr 3070.mp3
44.06.13 Nbc D - Day Special Pt Repeat Here Is Your War.mp3
44.06.28 Fair Stood The Wind For France.mp3
44.07.04 War Criminals And Punishment.mp3
44.07.11 Capatin Retread.mp3
44.07.18 War Below Zero.mp3
44.07.25 Lost Island - Skips.mp3
44.08.01 Headquarters Budapest - Volfadeandskip.mp3
44.08.08 Nazis Go Underground.mp3
44.08.15 (59) Heaven Below (Part 1).mp3
44.08.29 Simone.mp3
44.09.05 The Veteran Comes Back.mp3
44.09.12 One Man Air Force.mp3
44.09.26 Journey Through Chaos.mp3
44.10.03 Pacific Victory, 1945.mp3
44.10.10 The Veteran Comes Back.mp3
44.10.23 Still Time To Die.mp3
44.11.14 One Thing After Another.mp3
44.11.21 Barriers Down.mp3
44.11.28 Camp Follower.mp3
44.12.05 The Guys On The Ground.mp3
44.12.12 Your School, Your Children.mp3
44.12.19 The Cross And The Arrow.mp3
44.12.26 Scape Goats In History - History Of Bigo.mp3
45.01.02 It's Always Bright Tomorrow.mp3
45.01.09 Borrowed Nights.mp3
45.01.16 Verdict On India.mp3
45.01.23 The Story Of A Secret State.mp3
45.02.06 (82) Ten Escape From Tojo (Part 2).mp3
45.02.13 What To Do With Germany.mp3
45.02.20 Battle Report - Pearl Harbor To The C O.mp3
45.02.27 Faith Of Our Fathers.mp3
45.03.06 Rainbow.mp3
45.03.13 Can Do.mp3
45.03.20 Tomorrow We'll See.mp3
45.03.27 Banshee Harvest.mp3
45.04.03 Full Employment In A Free Society.mp3
45.04.10 Apartment In Athens.mp3
45.04.17 They Left The Back Door Open.mp3
45.04.24 Brave Men.mp3
45.05.01 The Hide Out.mp3
45.05.15 The Road To Serfdom.mp3
45.05.22 Wartime Racketeers.mp3
45.05.29 Soldier To Civilian.mp3
45.06.05 My Country.mp3