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The Story Lady OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD 216 Episodes

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The Story Lady OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD 216 Episodes

The Story Lady OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD 216 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
The Story lady was a short radio program for children. It start .."today, boys and girls, we're going to hear the story of" These are very goofy, twisted fairy tales.
The Story Lady was Joan Gerber (b. 1935) a veteran voice actress who provided several animated character voices in the early seasons of Sesame Street, notably as Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes and in such inserts as one in which four people cooperate to build a table.
Active since the 1960s, Gerber was a regular on Roger Ramjet, as Dee, Lotta Love, and all other genuine female voices (working with Gary Owens, Bob Arbogast, Jim Thurman, David Ketchum, and Gene Moss). Working with the same crew, she played Bonnie Parker in the comedy album The Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde. She contributed to the DePatie-Freleng theatrical shorts and TV series in the late 60s and 1970s, including Granny in the late-era Daffy Duck short Corn on the Cob (1965), several installments of The Inspector and Hoot Kloot, The Houndcats, The Barkleys (as Agnes Barkley), and The Oddball Couple (as Goldie).
For Hanna-Barbera, Gerber voiced the animated Connie Partridge in The Partridge Family 2200 AD, Mrs. Zuckerman and others in Charlotte's Web, and Irona on Richie Rich, to name a few. Later credits include Mrs. Beakley on DuckTales, Gotcha Grabmore on Tiny Toon Adventures, and guest roles on The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries and Duck Dodgers. She was also prolific in the live action series of Sid and Marty Krofft, as Freddy the Flute and all female voices on H. R. Pufnstuf, Gina Lollowattage and others on The Bugaloos, and various hats on Lidsville. On the all-primate live action show Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, she voiced Mata Hairi, Dragon Lady, and the Duchess.

Includes 216 Episodes!
Episodes On This CD:
001 The Brave Little Tailor.mp3
002 Romeo and Juliet.mp3
003 The Magic Cloak.mp3
004 The Tortoise and the Hare.mp3
005 The Lonely Elf.mp3
006 The Frog and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.mp3
007 The Frog Prince.mp3
008 Tom Thumb.mp3
009 The Princess and the Pea.mp3
010 Rumpelstilskin.mp3
011 The Poor Shoemaker.mp3
012 The Emperors New Clothes.mp3
013 Hansel and Gretel.mp3
014 Casey at the Bat.mp3
015 The Enchanted Tree.mp3
016 Johnny Appleseed.mp3
017 The Little Tailor.mp3
018 The Magic Needle.mp3
019 The Prince and the Enchanted Snail.mp3
020 The Violin and the Princess.mp3
021 The Little Toy Soldier.mp3
022 King Midas and the Golden Touch.mp3
023 Blackbird Pie.mp3
024 Hobgoblin and the Beautiful Lady.mp3
025 Beauty and the Beast.mp3
026 Princess Edna and the Knight.mp3
027 The Giant and the Tadpole.mp3
028 Harold and the Magic Chicken Salad.mp3
029 Lady, Your Sign Fell Down.mp3
030 The Fisherman and His Wife.mp3
031 The Real King.mp3
032 The Magic Suitcase.mp3
033 The Princess and the Pig.mp3
034 The Genie and the Wine Bottle.mp3
035 The Format Change.mp3
036 Herbie Franklin the Rat.mp3
037 The Pony Express.mp3
038 The Frog and the Elf.mp3
039 The Lost Continent of Atlantis.mp3
040 Little Jack Horner.mp3
041 The Centipedes Secret.mp3
042 Lolita.mp3
043 Live Audience.mp3
044 The Curse of the Voodoo Doll.mp3
045 The Brave Polish Soldier.mp3
046 The Magic Chicken.mp3
047 The Old Witch and the Dragon.mp3
048 The Perfect Pony.mp3
049 The Woodman's Sacrifice.mp3
050 The Prince and the Dragon.mp3
051 Kissinger the Great.mp3
052  Beauty and the Beast.mp3
053 The Knight and the Glass Mountain.mp3
054 Mary Popins.mp3
055 The Little Steam Engine.mp3
056 The Man Who Knew Everything.mp3
057 The Headless Horseman.mp3
058 The Secret Rhinoceros.mp3
059 Pegasus, the Winged Horse.mp3
060 The Handsome Moose.mp3
061 The Pied Piper of Hamlin.mp3
062 The Royal Wedding Bells.mp3
063 The Enchanted Pond.mp3
064  How I Became a Story Lady.mp3
065 The Avaricious King.mp3
066 The Pinkus Sisters.mp3
067 The Old Lady.mp3
068 Gulliver.mp3
069 The Indian Chief and the Scout.mp3
070 Robin Hood.mp3
071 The Magic Potion.mp3
072 The Boy Who Stuck His Finger in the Dike.mp3
073 The Aambitious Pussy Cat.mp3
074 Hansel and Gretel.mp3
075 The Count and the Gypsy Girl.mp3
076 Paul Bunyon Gets the Axe.mp3
077 Johnny Appleseed.mp3
078 The Wizard of Oz.mp3
079 The Shoemaker and the Elves.mp3
080 The Adventures of Tom Thumb.mp3
081 Sleeping Beauty.mp3
082 The Fox and the Grapes.mp3
083 The Tortoise and the Hare.mp3
084 The Crooked Man.mp3
085 The Little Girl and the Necklace.mp3
086 Edeipus and the Creamed Spinach.mp3
087 Davy Crockett.mp3
088 The Lonely Musician.mp3
089 Rip Van Winkle.mp3
090 The Old Lady Who Live in a Shoe.mp3
091 Repunsel.mp3
092 Jack and the Beanstalk.mp3
093 The Unhappy Baboon.mp3
094 I've Forgotten the Name of Today's Fable.mp3
095 The Little Thief.mp3
096 The Fountain of Youth.mp3
097 The StupidPrince.mp3
098 The Hunchback of Notre Dame.mp3
099 Robinson Cruso.mp3
100 Goldilocks and the Three Bears.mp3
101 Grune Hilda and the Traveling Prince.mp3
102 The Fox and the Dog.mp3
103 The Story Lady Breaks Up.mp3
104 Teeny Tiny.mp3
105 Dumbo the Flying Elephant.mp3
106 The Elephants Graveyard.mp3
107 The Curse of the Pentagram.mp3
108 Curse of the Gorgan.mp3
109 Gone with the Wind.mp3
110 Tortise and the Hare-2.mp3
111 Shaggiest Dog In World.mp3
112 Crow and the Pitcher.mp3
113 Horatio Alger.mp3
114 Putting Bell on Cat.mp3
115 The Witches Fudge.mp3
116 Picture of Dorian Grey.mp3
117 Less Miserable.mp3
118 The Laughing King.mp3
119 The Elephant Boy.mp3
120 Joan of Arc.mp3
121 The Toad King.mp3
122 Pancho Villa.mp3
123 Billy the Kid.mp3
124 Bonnie and Clyde.mp3
125 Of Human Bondage.mp3
126 The Flunking Scholar.mp3
127 The Sea Wolf.mp3
128 Girl Who Cried Wolf.mp3
129 The Real King.mp3
130 Jane Erye.mp3
131 The Magic Suitcase.mp3
132 Princess and the Pig.mp3
133 King and the Pauper.mp3
134 Don Quixote.mp3
135 Herbie the Whale.mp3
136 King Arthur.mp3
137 Robin Hood.mp3
138 The Magic Potion.mp3
139 Boy Stuck Finger In Dike.mp3
140 Lost Continent of Atlantis.mp3
141 Inside a Pumkin.mp3
142 The Ambitious Pussycat.mp3
143 Acrobat and the Princess.mp3
144 The Brothers Karamasov.mp3
145 Legend of Paul Bunion.mp3
146 The Flea and the Elephant.mp3
147 Three Musketeers.mp3
148 Story Lady Late.mp3
149 The Frog Prince.mp3
150 Little Red Riding Hood.mp3
151 Three Little Pigs.mp3
152 Tom Thumb.mp3
153 The Princess and the Pea.mp3
154 Rumplestilskin.mp3
155 The Ugly Caterpillar.mp3
156 Cinderella.mp3
157 Pinnochio.mp3
158 The Poor Shoemaker.mp3
159 The Lonely Elf.mp3
160 The Frog and Grilled Cheese.mp3
161 The Emporer's New Clothers.mp3
162 The Format Change.mp3
162 The Man Who Knew Everything.mp3
163 The Headless Horseman.mp3
164 The Secret Rhinoceros.mp3
165 Pegasus the Winged Horse.mp3
166 The Handsome Moose.mp3
167 Pied Piper of Hamlin.mp3
168 The Royal Wedding Bells.mp3
169 The Enchanged Pond.mp3
170 How Story Lady Began.mp3
171 The Avaricious King.mp3
172 Indian Chief and Scout.mp3
173 The Count and Gypsy Girl.mp3
174 Paul Bunyon Gets Axe.mp3
175 Shoemaker and the Elves.mp3
176 The Fox and the Grapes.mp3
177 The Crooked Man.mp3
178 The Girl and the Necklace.mp3
179 Oedipus and Creamed Spinach.mp3
180 Davy Crockett.mp3
181 The Lonely Musician.mp3
182 Old Lady Who Lived In a Shoe.mp3
183 Repunsel.mp3
184 Jack and the Beanstalk.mp3
185 The Unhappy Baboon.mp3
186 Forgot Name of Today's Show.mp3
187 The Little Thief.mp3
188 Fountain of Youth.mp3
189 The Stupid Prince.mp3
190 Hunchback of Notre Dame.mp3
191 Robinson Crusoe.mp3
192 Goldilocks and Three Bears.mp3
193 Grune Hilda and Traveling Prince.mp3
194 The Fox and the Dog.mp3
195 Story Lady Breaks Up.mp3
196 Dumbo the Flying Elephant.mp3
197 Elephant's Graveyard.mp3
198 Curse of the Pentagram.mp3
199 Princess and Warthog.mp3
200 The Greatest Genie.mp3
201 The Owl Who Was Not Wise.mp3
201 The Princess and the Warthog.mp3
202 The Crow and the Pitcher.mp3
202 The Golden Plate.mp3
203 The Witch's Fudge.mp3
204 The Three Little Pigs.mp3
205 The Ugly Caterpillar.mp3
206 Pinocchio.mp3
207 The Boy Who Cried Wolf.mp3
208 The Greatest Genie.mp3
209 Little Red Riding Hood.mp3
210 The Owl Who Was Not Wise.mp3
211 The Golden Plate.mp3
212 The Wizard of Oz.mp3
213 The Glass Mountain.mp3

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