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The Navy Lark Old Time Radio Shows 186 Episodes On MP3 DVD-R OTR OTRS

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The Navy Lark Old Time Radio Shows 186 Episodes On MP3 DVD-R OTR OTRS

The Navy Lark Old Time Radio Shows 186 Episodes On MP3 DVD-R OTR OTRS

$ 6.95 USD

The Navy Lark was a radio sitcom about life aboard a British Royal Navy frigate named HMS Troutbridge, (a play on HMS Troubridge, a Royal Navy destroyer) based in HMNB Portsmouth. In series 1 and 2, the ship and crew were stationed offshore at an unnamed location known simply as "The Island". In series 2 this island was revealed to be owned by Lt. Cdr. Stanton.

The programme was transmitted on the BBC Light Programme and subsequently BBC Radio 2. It was produced by Alastair Scott Johnston. Jon Pertwee is frequently quoted as having suggested the idea of a forces comedy based on the Royal Navy, but writer Laurie Wyman and Alastair Scott Johnston both contemplated an Air Force and an Army themed sit-com before going to the BBC with The Navy Lark. Laurie Wyman included ideas based on excuses for late return from leave and other misdemeanours from HMS Troubridge bulletins. He worked with George Evans (Pertwee's personal scriptwriter) from quite early on, but Alastair Scott Johnston did not want him named until the 12th series onwards. For most of its run, it starred Leslie Phillips, Jon Pertwee and Stephen Murray, whose names rotated in order of precedence every episode over the entire 15 season run.

Includes 186 Episodes!

Episodes Included On This DVD-R:

TNL590329 - The First Episode [295].mp3
TNL590412 - Having Their Fun [295].mp3
TNL590419 - The Fairground Lights [477].mp3
TNL590503 - Stuck Up The Inlet [477].mp3
TNL590510 - The Admiral's Party [477].mp3
TNL590517 - The Hank of Heather [477].mp3
TNL590524 - Multiple Mines [295].mp3
TNL590524 - The Multiple Mines [477].mp3
TNL590531 - The Gun Mechanism Test [295].mp3
TNL590607 - The Whittlesea Bay Yacht Regatta [477].mp3
TNL590614 - The Psychology Test [477].mp3
TNL590621 - A Watch on the Initiative Test [295].mp3
TNL590628 - An Exercise in Filming [295].mp3
TNL590705 - The Smuggling Spy [299].mp3
TNL590712 - Wittlesea Bay Carnival and Fete [299].mp3
TNL591016 - New at the Helm [299].mp3
TNL591023 - Fatso's Box Brownie [299].mp3
TNL591030 - Bringing Back the Barge [299].mp3
TNL591106 - The Mock Action [299].mp3
TNL591113 - Going Dutch [303].mp3
TNL591120 - The Figurehead [299].mp3
TNL591204 - Johnson Finds Treasure [477].mp3
TNL591211 - The Charter Trip To Antarctica [477].mp3
TNL591218 - Cementing Relations [299].mp3
TNL591225 - Strike Up The Band [299].mp3
TNL600108 - The Trip Up The Thames [477].mp3
TNL600122 - A Crisp Romance [303].mp3
TNL600129 - The Lighthouse Lark [299].mp3
TNL600205 - Pertwee Posted To Portsmouth [477].mp3
TNL600219 - Working Their Passage [477].mp3
TNL600304 - The Cross Country Run [303].mp3
TNL600408- The Portarneyland Fishing Limit [309].mp3
TNL601102 - In Portsmouth For A Refit [309].mp3
TNL601109 - Refitting Ebeneezers Tug [309].mp3
TNL601116 - Sea Trials And The Popadom [309].mp3
TNL601123 - Mutiny Aboard Troutbridge [309].mp3
TNL601130 - The Explosive Biscuits [309].mp3
TNL601207 - Sir Willoughny Takes Over An Island [477].mp3
TNL601214 - Mount Rumpus Atoll [477].mp3
TNL610222 - Commodore Goldstein [299].mp3
TNL610301 - Mr. Phillips Has Navigation Tuition [299].mp3
TNL611006 - The Northampton Hunt Ball [299].mp3
TNL611013 - Hijacked [299].mp3
TNL611020 - Admiral Troutbridge [299].mp3
TNL611027 - Relatives And Reservations [299].mp3
TNL611103 - Humgrummits On The High Seas [299].mp3
TNL611110 - Are Captain And Mrs Povey Married [299].mp3
TNL611117 - Cine Cameras At Sea [299].mp3
TNL611124 - The Citizen Adjustment Course [299].mp3
TNL611201 - A Hole Lieutenant [299].mp3
TNL611208 - Spy Catching In Casablanca [303].mp3
TNL611215 - Mount Pot Erupts [303].mp3
TNL611222 - Captain Povey's Shop [303].mp3
TNL611229 - Leading Seaman Goldstein's Party [303].mp3
TNL620126 - Mr. Phillips Gets Engaged [303].mp3
TNL620202 - The Sinking Of The Bubble Car [303].mp3
TNL620209 - Long Jonathan Pertwee [303].mp3
TNL620216 - The Admiral's Accident Report [303].mp3
TNL620223 - Over The Sea To Rosyth [303].mp3
TNL620302 - The Return Of Sir Frederick Flatley [303].mp3
TNL620309 - Working Their Passage (Ship's Concert) [477].mp3
TNL630405 - First Day Out of Dock [303].mp3
TNL630412 - 100th Edition [303].mp3
TNL630419 - A Deliberate Bashing [303].mp3
TNL630426 - Whittlesea Regatta [303].mp3
TNL630503 - HMS Troutbridge Gets a Rocket [303].mp3
TNL630510 - The Ghost Ship [303].mp3
TNL630927 - Wren Chasen Returns [303].mp3
TNL631004 - On the Carpet [303].mp3
TNL631011 - The Bungalese Spies [303].mp3
TNL631018 - Troutbridge's Party [477].mp3
TNL631025 - Rescuing Admirals [477].mp3
TNL631101 - Demise of the Depth Charges [477].mp3
TNL631108 - The Struggle for Promotion [477].mp3
TNL631115 - Fred Computables [477].mp3
TNL631122 - Ts Brashing Six Kinds of Brick Dust [477].mp3
TNL631129 - Chasing The Kepeac [477].mp3
TNL631206 - The Submerged Island [477].mp3
TNL631213 - The Sicilian Secret Agent [307].mp3
TNL631220 - Germany's Troutbridge [477].mp3
TNL631227 - Confirming Povey's Rank [477].mp3
TNL640103 - Ferrying Their Way Through (Calais Dock Strike) [477].mp3
TNL640110 - Taking Liberties With History (Johnson's Memoirs) [477].mp3
TNL640117 - Emperor Of Traviata [309].mp3
TNL640124 - Doing Their Fifteen Sided Nuts [477].mp3
TNL640131 - Having A Go (Stuck on a Sandbank) [477].mp3
TNL650711 - Taking Some Liberties [477].mp3
TNL650725 - Doing A Mischief [477].mp3
TNL650801 - The Povey's Move House [477].mp3
TNL650808 - Captain Povey Reports Sick [477].mp3
TNL650822 - Let Loose With A Chopper [477].mp3
TNL650829 - A Change Of Heart.mp3
TNL650829 - Making A Right Pig's Breakfast.mp3
TNL650905 - The Mysterious Pudding Mine [477].mp3
TNL651003 - Doing A Mischief Going On Leave to Croydon [477].mp3
TNL660904 - Searching for their Ship - Where is Troutbridge [478].mp3
TNL660911 - Float-A-Peddling Their Way Through [478].mp3
TNL660918 - Gumming Up The Works [478].mp3
TNL660925 - Buoying Up (Buoys Will Be Buoys) [478].mp3
TNL661002 - Charitably Taking Part (Steamship Day) [478].mp3
TNL661009 - Farewell To HMS Varsity [309].mp3
TNL661016 - Blowing Themselves Up [309].mp3
TNL661023 - Just The Ticket [309].mp3
TNL661030 - Mr. Phillips Promotion [309].mp3
TNL661106 - Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer [309].mp3
TNL661113 - The PM Papa [309].mp3
TNL661120 - Getting Rid Of Pertwee [309].mp3
TNL661127 - Off To Sea At Last [309].mp3
TNL670702 - Back From The Antarctic [309].mp3
TNL670709 - Fishing In Troubled Waters [309].mp3
TNL670716 - Cleaning Up [309].mp3
TNL670723 - Doing A Disastrical [309].mp3
TNL670730 - Deliberately Abandoned [309].mp3
TNL670806 - The Curious Caravan Case [309].mp3
TNL670813 - A Bit Of Trouble With The French [309].mp3
TNL670820 - Tangling With The Law [309].mp3
TNL670827 - Mr Murray’s Endurance Course [309].mp3
TNL670903 - Women In The Wardroom [309].mp3
TNL670910 - Silver Jubilee Party [309].mp3
TNL670917 - 12 Computerising [309].mp3
TNL670924 - ARussian Rendezvous [317].mp3
TNL671001 - Bugging (The Bugged and Burgled Beer) [478].mp3
TNL671008 - Flying in the Face (Picking Up the Poppadom) [478].mp3
TNL671015 - Cuthbert Joins The Navy [311].mp3
TNL671022 - The Flying Machine [311].mp3
TNL671029 - When Sub Lt Phillips Was At Dartmouth [311].mp3
TNL671105 - Frying Up [311].mp3
TNL671112 - Troutbridge In Quarantine [311].mp3
TNL681013 - Lighting Up [311].mp3
TNL681020 - The Redundancy Drive [311].mp3
TNL681027 - Dredging Their Way Through (The Smugglers Return) [478].mp3
TNL681103 - Instructuring Their New Co in the Ways [478].mp3
TNL681110 - Visiting Broadstairs (The Anti-Submarine Missile) [478].mp3
TNL681117 - Accredited [311].mp3
TNL681124 - Have Been Appearing (South Kawowan Summit) [478].mp3
TNL681215 - Crashing Their Way Through [478].mp3
TNL681222 - Presented The Padre (The Padre's Birthday) [478].mp3
TNL681229 - Blowing Up (The Portsmouth Kiosk) [478].mp3
TNL690112 - Have Been Masquerading (Mr Phillips Wrong Uniform) [478].mp3
TNL690126 - Relief Of The Weather Ship [311].mp3
TNL690202 - Bunging Up [312].mp3
TNL691228 - Desquatting Troutbridge [312].mp3
TNL700111 - Promoting [312].mp3
TNL700125 - Sir Willoughby's Party [312].mp3
TNL700222 - Spy Catching (The Security Clampdown) [478].mp3
TNL700308 - The Forbodians Hijack Troutbridge [312].mp3
TNL700315 - Getting Spliced [313].mp3
TNL700405 - Dartmouth Naval College Has A Narrow Escape [312].mp3
TNL700405 - Dartmouth Naval College Has Had A Narrow Escape [.mp3
TNL700412 - Bashing Up The Radar For The Last Time In This Se.mp3
TNL710516 - The Put A Horse Out To Graze Fund [312].mp3
TNL710523 - Impressions For Survival [312].mp3
TNL710606 - The Mysterious Radio Signals [313].mp3
TNL710613 - Operation Recovery [313].mp3
TNL710620 - The Slogan Contest [313].mp3
TNL710620 - The Slogan Contest [328].mp3
TNL710627 - Sir Willoughby At Shanghai [313].mp3
TNL710704 - Operation Cowes Barge [313].mp3
TNL710718 - Loch Ness Monster, The [313].mp3
TNL710718 - The Loch Ness Monster [313].mp3
TNL720326 - The TV Documentary [313].mp3
TNL720409 - No. 1s Married Quarters [313].mp3
TNL720416 - Operating For Profit [313].mp3
TNL720507 - USA Navigator Swap, The [313].mp3
TNL720514 - Son Of A Sea Lord [313].mp3
TNL720528 - The Master Of Sardinia [313].mp3
TNL720604 - Opportunity Knockers [313].mp3
TNL720611 - Friday 13th [313].mp3
TNL720618 - The New NAAFI [313].mp3
TNL730729 - The Montezuela Revolution [313].mp3
TNL730812 - Bunged In The Brig [313].mp3
TNL730826 - The Digital Islands Go Unstable [313].mp3
TNL730909 - Povey An Admiral At Last [313].mp3
TNL731014 - Living The High Life [313].mp3
TNL731021 - The Talpinium Shell [313].mp3
TNL751109 - The Sequel To The Talpinium Shell [313].mp3
TNL751116 - NANA [314].mp3
TNL751123 - Helen the New Wren [317].mp3
TNL751130 - Relief for Station 150 [317].mp3
TNL751207 - Black is Beautiful [317].mp3
TNL751214 - Sydney And The Stamp [314].mp3
TNL751221 - Riding to Victory [314].mp3
TNL751228 - Horrible Horace Stirs It Up [478].mp3
TNL760104 - Officer's And Gent's Lib [478].mp3
TNL760111 - The Case Of The HGM Mk 5 [314].mp3
TNL770716 - Queen's Silver Jubilee Edition [478].mp3

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