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The March Of Time Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD-R 26 Episodes

The March Of Time Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD-R 26 Episodes

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The March of Time is an American radio news documentary and dramatization series sponsored by Time Inc. and broadcast from 1931 to 1945. Created by broadcasting pioneer Fred Smith and Time magazine executive Roy E. Larsen, the program combined actual news events with reenactments. The "voice" of The March of Time was Westbrook Van Voorhis. The radio series was the basis of the famed March of Time newsreel series shown in movie theaters from 1935 to 1951.

Includes 26 Episodes On An MP3 CD-R!

March Of Time 380210 - WWII.mp3
March of Time 310306 - Big Bill Thompson Re-elected Mayor of Chicago.mp3
March of Time 341005 - Hugh S Johnson Resigns From The NRA.mp3
March of Time 350329 - Criminal Enticement.mp3
March of Time 350405 - Behind Closed Doors.mp3
March of Time 350826 - The Italo- Ethiopan Crisis Deepens.mp3
March of Time 350827 - The U.S. Protest Has Been Rejected.mp3
March of Time 350828 - Baby Race.mp3
March of Time 350829 - Infantile Paralysis Vaccine.mp3
March of Time 360417 - The undeclared war is over.mp3
March of Time 360424 - Saxleby.mp3
March of Time 360507 - Hoover.mp3
March of Time 360511 - Hindenberg.mp3
March of Time 360512 - Japan must fight Britain.mp3
March of Time 360513 - A good night's sleep.mp3
March of Time 360514 - Summerville, N.J. Fire.mp3
March of Time 360515 - Moscow Plane Crash.mp3
March of Time 371021 - I'd Rather Be Right.mp3
March of Time 371028 - New York Mayoral Election.mp3
March of Time 371118 - Life Magazine First Anniversary.mp3
March of Time 380203 - Mayor La Guardia Makes A Tour of The Midwest.mp3
March of Time 380217 - Equal Rights Amendment.mp3
March of Time 390303 - Austria Has Pledged Friendship With Germany.mp3
March of Time 411211 - Pearl Harbor.mp3
March of Time 420101 - Every Continent on Earth Lay on the Scales of Destiny!.mp3
March of Time 450329 - The Kitchen of Tomorrow.mp3

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