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The Family Theater Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On DVD 523 Episodes

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Family Theater was an old-time radio show which aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System in the United States from February 13, 1947 to September 11, 1957. The show was produced by...

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Family Theater was an old-time radio show which aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System in the United States from February 13, 1947 to September 11, 1957.

The show was produced by Family Theater Productions, a film and radio studio extension of the Family Rosary Crusade founded by the Holy Cross Priest, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, as a way to promote family prayer. The motto of the these Holy Cross Family Ministries is, "The family that prays together, stays together."

Includes 523 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD:

FT470213 - Flight from Home [201][201][201][201].mp3
FT470311 - Let Us Remember [216].mp3
FT470318 - Work of a Lifetime [201][201][201][201][201][201][201].mp3
FT470508 - The Awakening [475].mp3
FT470515 - The Lonely Road [201][201][201][201][201][201][201][201][201][201][201].mp3
FT470731 - Descent into Paradise [475][475][475][475][475][475].mp3
FT470911 - Stopwatch Finale [261][261].mp3
FT470925 - Blue Memorandum [274].mp3
FT471002 - The Hound of Heaven [475].mp3
FT471009 - T Formation [216].mp3
FT471016 - The Prayer that Won the West [475].mp3
FT471023 - Heaven is Like That [203][203][203][203][203].mp3
FT471127 - Home for Thanksgiving [039].mp3
FT471204 - Oh Romeo, My Romeo [203][203][203][203][203][203].mp3
FT480115 - Stolen Symphony [276][276][276][276][276].mp3
FT480219 - The Future is Yours [216][216][216][216][216][216][216].mp3
FT480408 - Toledo Smith [276].mp3
FT480415 - Wanted - One Baby [203][203][203][203].mp3
FT480509 - The Front Page [226].mp3
FT480513 - Song for a Long Road [276].mp3
FT480520 - A Thief in the Night [203][203][203].mp3
FT480610 - Once upon a Golden Afternoon [216][216].mp3
FT480624 - Suspended Moment [203].mp3
FT480701 - First Class Requirements [277][277][277][277][277][277][277][277].mp3
FT480902 - Once Upon a Golden Afternoon [278][278].mp3
FT480916 - A Day to Remember [280].mp3
FT480923 - Brannigan's Bat [203].mp3
FT480930 - Gramps [039][039][039][039][039][039].mp3
FT481117 - Mr Carousel [203][203][203][203].mp3
FT481215 - A Daddy For Christmas [193].mp3
FT481222 - Blessed Are They [039].mp3
FT481229 - The Juggler of Our Lady [203][203][203].mp3
FT490119 - World without End [215][215][215][215][215].mp3
FT490302 - All Brides Are Beautiful [279][279].mp3
FT490316 - The Leprechaun Who Didn't Listen [280][280].mp3
FT490330 - The Fourth Strike [279][279].mp3
FT490413 - The Passion and Death of Christ [280][280].mp3
FT490427 - Throw Your Heart into the Ring [279].mp3
FT490504 - Round Trip [285].mp3
FT490511 - Stolen Symphony [279].mp3
FT490518 - The Legacy [285].mp3
FT490525 - Man with a Plow [280].mp3
FT490601 - The Hidden Heart [285].mp3
FT490608 - The Hound of Heaven [280].mp3
FT490615 - The Scout [279].mp3
FT490622 - The Postmistress of Laurel Run [285].mp3
FT490629 - The Necklace [279].mp3
FT490706 - The Pardoner's Tale [280].mp3
FT490713 - Moby Dick [334].mp3
FT490720 - My Terminal Moraine [280].mp3
FT490727 - Robin Hood [279][279].mp3
FT490810 - The Fountain of Youth [280].mp3
FT490817 - The Story of Joyce Kilmer [285][285][285].mp3
FT490907 - Song of Roland [280][280].mp3
FT490921 - Queen of the Angels [285][285].mp3
FT491005 - The Gold Bug [280].mp3
FT491012 - The Happy Prince [297].mp3
FT491019 - Ivanhoe [280][280][280][280][280][280].mp3
FT491130 - Rip Van Winkle [285].mp3
FT491207 - Don Quixote [280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280][280].mp3
FT500315 - Germelshausen [290].mp3
FT500322 - The Broken Pitcher [280].mp3
FT500412 - The Fifty First Dragon [290].mp3
FT500419 - Mahoney's Lucky Day [280][280][280].mp3
FT500510 - The Bet [291].mp3
FT500517 - The Outcasts of Poker Flat [285][285].mp3
FT500531 - The Prisoner of Zenda [334].mp3
FT500607 - Man Without a Country [283].mp3
FT500614 - Cyrano De Bergerac [285][285].mp3
FT500628 - Sir Lancelot of the Lake [286].mp3
FT500705 - The Spectre Bridegroom [281][281][281][281][281][281][281][281][281][281][281].mp3
FT500920 - God and a Red Scooter [286].mp3
FT500927 - The Lady with a Lamp [281].mp3
FT501004 - The Stephan Foster Story [282][282][282].mp3
FT501025 - Jane Eyre [334].mp3
FT501101 - Stolen Symphony [282][282][282][282].mp3
FT501206 - Robert of Sicily [283][283][283][283][283][283].mp3
FT510124 - A Star for Helen [286][286][286][286][286].mp3
FT510228 - The Flame and The Sword [039][039][039].mp3
FT510321 - The Passion and Death of Christ [455][455].mp3
FT510404 - Suzie's Prayer Ball [039][039].mp3
FT510418 - The Promise [286][286].mp3
FT510502 - Heaven Is Like That [283][283].mp3
FT510516 - The Luck of Roaring Camp [475].mp3
FT510523 - The Golden Touch [283].mp3
FT510530 - Peppe Virgo [039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039][039].mp3
FT511010 - Mademoiselle from Saint Antoine [286][286][286][286][286][286][286].mp3
FT511205 - God and a Red Scooter [288][288].mp3
FT511219 - Lullaby Of Christmas [231].mp3
FT511226 - Star of Wonder [288][288][288][288][288][288][288][288].mp3
FT520227 - The Promise [294][294].mp3
FT520312 - The Big One [295].mp3
FT520319 - Burden on the Family [294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294][294].mp3
FT520903 - Stopwatch Finale [295][295][295].mp3
FT521001 - Days of Grace [333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333].mp3
FT530422 - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [269].mp3
FT530429 - Outnumbered [333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333].mp3
FT540602 - The Wind Is No Gentleman [455].mp3
FT540609 - Where There's a Will [333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333].mp3
FT540818 - Reprisal [443].mp3
FT540825 - Beauty and the Brain [333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333][333].mp3
FT541103 - The Cliff [334][334][334][334].mp3
FT541201 - Summer Replacement [455][455][455][455][455].mp3
FT550112 - Stranger in Town [311].mp3
FT550119 - Slaughterhouse Row [455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455].mp3
FT550518 - Every Good Boy Does Fine [307].mp3
FT550525 - The Last Battle [455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455][455].mp3
FT550727 - Fairy Tale [456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456].mp3
FT551026 - You Remind Me of Me [443].mp3
FT551102 - Turn on the Lights [456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456].mp3
FT560208 - Funny Valentine [373].mp3
FT560215 - Little Church of the Ambush [456][456].mp3
FT560229 - Mr. Harrison and the Lady Racketeer [373].mp3
FT560307 - The Seventh Son [456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456].mp3
FT560912 - Now You See Him [308].mp3
FT560919 - Fair Exchange [456][456][456][456][456][456].mp3
FT561031 - The Mccoy [443].mp3
FT561107 - Integrity [456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456][456].mp3
FT570703 - The Invasion [443].mp3
FT570710 - Emergency [456][456][456][456].mp3
FT570814 - The Spy [Repeat of 500222].mp3
FT570821 - It Can't Happen Here [475].mp3
FT570827 - Sylvia.mp3
FT570904 - The Colonels' Daughter.mp3
FT570911 - Roadshow.mp3