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The Cisco Kid Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD Jackson Beck 314 Episodes

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The Cisco Kid came to the radio October 2, 1942, starring Jackson Beck in the title role and Louis Sorin as Pancho. Vicki Vola and Bryna Raeburn were supporting roles and...

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The Cisco Kid came to the radio October 2, 1942, starring Jackson Beck in the title role and Louis Sorin as Pancho. Vicki Vola and Bryna Raeburn were supporting roles and Michael Rye was the announcer. The series continued on Mutual Broadcasting until 1945. It was then followed by another Mutual series in 1946, starring Jack Mather and Harry Lang, who continued to head the cast in the syndicated radio series of more than 600 episodes from 1947 to 1956.

Includes 314 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This DVD:

CK520722 - Disappearing Bullet.mp3
CK520724 - The Meanest Man in Arizona.mp3
CK520729 - The Man Trapped in the Cave [474][474][474][474][474].mp3
CK521104 - The Ransom of Janet Ramsay.mp3
CK521106 - The Valley of Hunted Men.mp3
CK521125 - Bank Robbery In Cactus [305].mp3
CK521127 - Saga of Sundown Kelly.mp3
CK521202 - Ghost Dance Of The Kiowas(speed off).mp3
CK521204 - Murder In The Gunsmith Shop.mp3
CK521209 - Hold Up At Retribution Pass.mp3
CK521220 - Ned Dobson's Niece [068][068].mp3
CK530108 - Cisco Meets The Apache Kid [182][182].mp3
CK530120 - Iron Goes West [183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183].mp3
CK530307 - Secret Mission [095].mp3
CK530310 - The Gunman's Twin [183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183][183].mp3
CK530528 - Contraband [187][187][187].mp3
CK530609 - The Trail of the Blood Red Sun [184][184].mp3
CK530616 - The Saga of Morbid Jones [187].mp3
CK530618 - Blazing Guns at Love Bend [184].mp3
CK530623 - 3-7-77 [187][187].mp3
CK530630 - Dynamite in the Blue Chip Mine [184][184][184][184].mp3
CK530714 - Gun War at Oak Pass [187][187][187][187].mp3
CK530818 - The Mad Woman of Desolation House [375][375][375].mp3
CK530908 - Murder On The Treasure Trail.mp3
CK530910 - Black Jack Larue [187].mp3
CK530915 - Spanish Pistol [375][375].mp3
CK530922 - The Gold Run.mp3
CK530924 - The Brimstone Stampede.mp3
CK530929 - The Red Headed Cowpoke [003].mp3
CK531001 - His Honor the Killer [187][187].mp3
CK531008 - Planted Gold [003].mp3
CK531013 - The Red Demon [187].mp3
CK531015 - Masquerade [003].mp3
CK531020 - Buffalo Skinner [376][376].mp3
CK531027 - Frontier Justice [003][003][003][003][003][003].mp3
CK531124 - Posse of Killers [218][218].mp3
CK531208 - Patterns Of Crime [003][003].mp3
CK531215 - The Cayote Pup [192][192].mp3
CK531222 - Valley of Killers [186][186][186][186].mp3
CK540105 - Denver Dottie.mp3
CK540112 - Sniffer Smith [003][003].mp3
CK540119 - Avalance and Morbid Jones [376][376][376].mp3
CK540128 - Beyond the Frontier [339].mp3
CK540202 - Phantom Bandits [376][376].mp3
CK540209 - When Six Guns Speak [186].mp3
CK540211 - Golden Anvil [187].mp3
CK540216 - Lady Sheriff of Sandy Gulch [305].mp3
CK540218 - Jail Rush [187].mp3
CK540302 - Cross Examination [305].mp3
CK540304 - The Law at Rocky Creek [187][187][187][187][187][187].mp3
CK540408 - Waters of the Flood [188].mp3
CK540413 - The Braggert [220][220].mp3
CK540420 - Mistaken Identity [272].mp3
CK540422 - Showdown at Quicksand Bend [192].mp3
CK540504 - Thirst.mp3
CK540520 - The Sheriff's Brother.mp3
CK540525 - Magic of Death.mp3
CK540527 - Death Rides the Chuck Wagon.mp3
CK540601 - Longhorns On Stampede.mp3
CK540603 - Showdown At Shadow Wells [474].mp3
CK540608 - The Posse Sheriff.mp3
CK540610 - Prairie Fire.mp3
CK540701 - The Nelson Gang.mp3
CK540720 - Jail Break.mp3
CK540722 - The Renegades of Rawhide.mp3
CK540803 - Tactless Sheriff [003][003].mp3
CK540810 - The British Come Home to Brimstone [188][188][188].mp3
CK540819 - Vengence at Wind Rock [219].mp3
CK540826 - Gold of the Desert [192].mp3
CK540907 - Trial By Tomahawk [003][003].mp3
CK540914 - Murder at the Triple S [219].mp3
CK540916 - Who Lives by the Six Gun [188].mp3
CK540921 - Pearls of Destruction.mp3
CK540923 - Gate of Death.mp3
CK540928 - Rustler On The Lazy B [003][003].mp3
CK541005 - The Black Kerchief [196].mp3
CK541007 - Terror Town [188].mp3
CK541026 - Murder at the Payroll Office.mp3
CK541102 - The Man with the Iron Hook.mp3
CK541104 - Dynamite in the Gorge.mp3
CK541109 - Stampede on the Chisolm Trail.mp3
CK541111 - The Double Face of Danger.mp3
CK541116 - Bandits Hideout.mp3
CK541130 - The Tight Rope Walker.mp3
CK541202 - The Gunman Outside.mp3
CK541207 - Raiders of the Cimarron.mp3
CK541209 - The Story of Catamount Cox.mp3
CK541228 - River Of No Return [003][003].mp3
CK550104 - The Brand of the Maverick [219].mp3
CK550106 - Rogue River Range War [003][003][003].mp3
CK550118 - Voice of the 44.mp3
CK550120 - Heritage of Death.mp3
CK550125 - Gold at Bitter Creek.mp3
CK550127 - The Cattle Train.mp3
CK550203 - The Midget of Broken Spur.mp3
CK550210 - Gun War In The Mountains.mp3
CK550301 - The Bad Men of Broken Bow.mp3
CK550303 - The Manhunt [305].mp3
CK550308 - Terror.mp3
CK550310 - Murder at Red Clay Bend.mp3
CK550315 - A Trap Of Many Teeth [189][189][189][189].mp3
CK550331 - Pancho Escapes [305].mp3
CK550405 - The Dancing Master [220].mp3
CK550419 - Stagecoach Race At Skeleton Bend [189][189].mp3
CK550426 - A Medal for Marksmanship.mp3
CK550426 - Medal For Marksmanship [003][003].mp3
CK550510 - Murder of a Nestor, The [243].mp3
CK550512 - Hour of Terror (1).mp3
CK550512 - Hour of Terror (2).mp3
CK550726 - Hard Luck Hogan [381].mp3
CK550818 - Dead Man's Gold [376].mp3
CK550823 - Law of the Dead [379][379][379][379][379].mp3
CK550908 - Ventrilequist [381][381][381][381][381][381][381][381][381][381][381][381][381].mp3
CK570124 - Senor Bull Frog [189][189][189][189][189][189][189].mp3
CK570226 - Swindle At Steamboat Springs [305].mp3
CK570305 - Fresno Fire [003].mp3
CK570307 - The Phineas Boys [192].mp3
CK570312 - Battle Of Wagon Box Corral [305].mp3
CK570314 - Opera In Albuequerque [189][189][189].mp3
CK570326 - Wild Horse Hunt [305].mp3
CK570328 - When Killers Escape [192].mp3
CK570402 - The Butterfield Overland Mail [189][189][189].mp3
CK570411 - The Angry Constable [192].mp3
CK570416 - The Johnson County Raid [189][189][189].mp3
CK570808 - Nightriders Of Redrock.mp3
CK570813 - Dynamite In The River.mp3
CK570822 - Chinook [000].mp3
CK570827 - Convict's Revenge.mp3
CK570919 - Rustlers Of The Shoshone.mp3
CK570924 - Cisco Meets The Sundance Kid.mp3
CK570926 - Morbid Jones And The Web Of Death.mp3
CK571001 - Wheel Of Chance.mp3
CK571003 - The Vengeance Of Laughing Lou.mp3
CK571008 - Pancho And The Princess.mp3
CK571231 - Flood At Humbug City.mp3
CK580102 - Salmon River Rustlers.mp3
CK580114 - Stampede In Texas.mp3
CK580116 - Jingle Bob's Last Stand.mp3
CK580121 - The Fighting Deputies.mp3
CK580123 - The Old Shell Game.mp3
CK580128 - The Law's A Fool.mp3
CK580130 - The Son Of Rawhide Cargan.mp3
CK580211 - Murder At North San Juan.mp3
CK580213 - Porfirio And The Bearded Lady.mp3
CK580304 - Dynamite at Rye Creek.mp3
CK580306 - Robber Of The Rio Grande.mp3
CK580311 - Caravan Of Danger.mp3
CK580313 - The Burning Of The Jail.mp3
CK580318 - Raiders Roundup.mp3
CK580320 - Colorado River Desperadoes.mp3
CK580325 - The Frightened Witness.mp3
CK580327 - Dart Of Death.mp3
CK580401 - Fight At Devil's Canyon.mp3
CK580403 - Cashiel Raynor's Revenge.mp3
CK580408 - Uncle Cipriano's Mule.mp3
CK580410 - Lochinvar Jones.mp3
CK580415 - Boomerang Vengeance.mp3
CK580417 - Stage To Silver City.mp3
CK580422 - The Scavengers.mp3
CK580424 - Pancho's Return.mp3
CK580429 - Double Frame-up.mp3
CK580501 - Link Colby's Mine.mp3
CK580506 - Point Of Honor.mp3
CK580508 - The Little Train Robbery.mp3
CK580622 - War In The Pecos Valley [189].mp3
CK580624 - Ghost Town Gazette [003].mp3
CK580720 - The Dynamiting Of The Bridge.mp3
CK590825 - Rescue Of Rusty Silversmith [180][180][180][180][180][180].mp3
CKxxxxxx - Death Gun.mp3
CKxxxxxx - Derringer Dry Gulch [219].mp3
CKxxxxxx - Hoof Pick Killer [167][167].mp3
CKxxxxxx - Marshall Lassiters Son [180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180][180].mp3