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The Bob Hope Show OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 210 Episodes

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Bob Hope's career in broadcasting spanned sixty-four years and included a long association with NBC. Hope made his network radio debut in 1937 on NBC. His first regular series for NBC...

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Bob Hope's career in broadcasting spanned sixty-four years and included a long association with NBC. Hope made his network radio debut in 1937 on NBC. His first regular series for NBC Radio was the Woodbury Soap Hour. A year later The Pepsodent Radio Show Starring Bob Hope began, and would run through 1953. Hope did many specials for the NBC television network in the following decades and these were often sponsored by Chrysler and Hope served as a spokesman for the firm for may years. Hope's Christmas specials were popular favorites and often featured a performance of "Silver Bells" (from his 1951 film The Lemon Drop Kid) done as a duet with an often much younger female guest star (such as Olivia Newton-John or Brooke Shields). His final television special was in 1996 with Tony Danza helping Hope present a retrospective about presidents of the United States.
Includes 210 Episodes!
Episodes On This DVD-R:
BHS380927 - Pepsodent Show [451].mp3
BHS381004 - Olivia DeHavaland [459].mp3
BHS381101 - Martha Raye [459].mp3
BHS381108 - Guest Chico Marx [459].mp3
BHS381220 - Dagwood & Blondie [459].mp3
BHS390307 - Guest Judy Garland [459].mp3
BHS390411 - Guest Betty Grable [459].mp3
BHS391212 - Taking Peter to Toyland [335].mp3
BHS410128 - Basil Rathbone [447].mp3
BHS410311 - Guest Dizzy Dean [459].mp3
BHS410401 - Guest Kate Smith [459].mp3
BHS410415 - Guest Hedda Hopper [459].mp3
BHS410603 - Guest Huphrey Bogart [459].mp3
BHS410610 - From Cleveland [335].mp3
BHS411223 - Madeleine Carroll.mp3
BHS420120 - Edward Everett Horton.mp3
BHS420303 - Babe Ruth.mp3
BHS420505 - Great Lakes Naval Training Center [459].mp3
BHS420526 - Bobby Jones [000].mp3
BHS421013 - Hollywood Canteen with Betty Davis 2 [459].mp3
BHS421229 - Long Beach Ferry Command.mp3
BHS430105 - Rita Hayworth [000].mp3
BHS430209 - Broadcast from the Santa Anita Ordinance Center [000].mp3
BHS430331 - Mayor Of The Town [000].mp3
BHS430615 - Johnny Mercer [270].mp3
BHS430921 - Bing Crosby.mp3
BHS430928 - Orson Welles [459].mp3
BHS431109 - Los Vagas with Jane Wyman [459].mp3
BHS431225 - The Christmas Package [335].mp3
BHS431228 - San Deago with Cary Grant [459].mp3
BHS440104 - Guest Gary Cooper [459].mp3
BHS440208 - Guest Ginger Rogers [459].mp3
BHS440222 - Guest Jerry Colona [459].mp3
BHS440229 - Lum and Abner Excerpt [335].mp3
BHS440307 - From Long Beach Coast Guard [000].mp3
BHS440509 - Jacksonville Training Camp.mp3
BHS440525 - From Stockton Air Base [459].mp3
BHS440606 - D Day show [459].mp3
BHS440812 - Broadcast from South Pacific [459].mp3
BHS440919 - Camp Borden, Canada [459].mp3
BHS440926 - Santa Ana Separation Center [000].mp3
BHS441003 - Francis Lankford, Jerry Colonna [462].mp3
BHS441017 - Stockton Air Field.mp3
BHS441018 - From Camp Wheeler, Georgia [459].mp3
BHS441218 - Christmas [335].mp3
BHS450102 - Guest Andrew Sisters [459].mp3
BHS450130 - Guest Edward G Robinson [459].mp3
BHS450206 - Naval Air Technical Center Memphis, TN [454].mp3
BHS450213 - From Murock, California Tony Romano.mp3
BHS450227 - Guest Frank Sinatra [459].mp3
BHS450313 - Victory Tour Illonois (Poor Sound) [000].mp3
BHS450320 - Shirley Temple [451].mp3
BHS450410 - Frankie Lane & Headie Lamar [459].mp3
BHS450515 - Birmingham Hospital, San Fernando.mp3
BHS450522 - Sampson Naval Training Center.mp3
BHS450529 - Bing Crosby Sings Happy Birthday [451].mp3
BHS450605 - Sedalia Air Force Base [000].mp3
BHS450625 - Bob Gets Ready to Go to Europe [457].mp3
BHS450911 - Guest Robert Montgomery [459].mp3
BHS451016 - Shore Leave Skit [459].mp3
BHS451023 - Phoney Job Broker [459].mp3
BHS451106 - Guest  Victor Mature.mp3
BHS451120 - Guest-Joe E Brown [459].mp3
BHS451127 - Red Skelton [373].mp3
BHS451204 - Guest   Jimmy Durante.mp3
BHS451211 - Guest Herbert Marshall [000].mp3
BHS451218 - Christmas Show from San Francisco.mp3
BHS460129 - Guest Frank Sinatra [459].mp3
BHS460219 - Guest  Tyrone Power.mp3
BHS460305 - David Niven.mp3
BHS460312 - Guest Sonny Tufts [459].mp3
BHS460319 - Broadcast from Cleveland [383].mp3
BHS460402 - Guest Sidney Greenstreet [459].mp3
BHS460409 - Brenda and Cobina.mp3
BHS460924 - Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz [457].mp3
BHS461001 - Bing Crosby [451].mp3
BHS461029 - Fred Allen, Minerva Pious.mp3
BHS461112 - Lucille Ball, Miss Lou Ann.mp3
BHS461224 - Christmas Eve with Bing Crosby [459].mp3
BHS470211 - Robert Montgomery.mp3
BHS470401 - Guest Eddie Cantor [000].mp3
BHS470408 - Guest Al Jolson [335].mp3
BHS470415 - Guest Van Johnson [000].mp3
BHS470513 - Peter Lorre [000].mp3
BHS471118 - Guests Amos & Andy, Fibber & Molly [000].mp3
BHS47xxxx - Shriner Special w Dinah Shore, Roy Rogers [000].mp3
BHS480217 - Guest Fred Astaire [000].mp3
BHS480406 - Guest  Dinah Shore.mp3
BHS480413 - Guest  Lana Turner, Eileen Wilson.mp3
BHS481012 - Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer Sketch [000].mp3
BHS481019 - Guest Doris Day [000].mp3
BHS481026 - Guests Martin & Lewis [000].mp3
BHS481109 - Guest Jack Benny [245].mp3
BHS481130 - At Usc With Doris Day [000].mp3
BHS481207 - Beethoven w Bing Crosby, Doris Day.mp3
BHS481221 - Gregory Peck.mp3
BHS481228 - Irving Berlin, Jimmy Doolittle, Jinx Falkenburg.mp3
BHS490128 - March of Dimes Special Philadephia.mp3
BHS490208 - Stalin Visits America.mp3
BHS490329 - Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis.mp3
BHS490405 - Jack Kirkwood, Tom Sawyer Sketch.mp3
BHS490412 - Guests - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.mp3
BHS490419 - Jimmy Durante [335].mp3
BHS490426 - Richmond Virginia.mp3
BHS490503 - Lucille Ball.mp3
BHS491011 - Visits New York (Rehearsal).mp3
BHS491115 - 1st - Because You Loved Me - Crosby, Beethoven Sketch.mp3
BHS491206 - Guest Jack Benny [168].mp3
BHS491220 - Bing Crosby, Rhonda Fleming.mp3
BHS500207 - Fred Allen.mp3
BHS500314 - Fred Allen [335].mp3
BHS500321 - Bing Crosby [335].mp3
BHS500328 - Guest - Bing Crosby, Doris Day.mp3
BHS500404 - 1st - Bewitched, Bewildered -  TV Show to Air 500409.mp3
BHS500606 - 1st - Home Cookin' - Guest Arthur Godfrey.mp3
BHS500606 - From Washington DC.mp3
BHS500613 - Last Show for Lever Bros [288].mp3
BHS501010 - Bing Crosby [000].mp3
BHS501011 - Parody - Good Night Irene.mp3
BHS501018 - Bing Crosby, Judy Garland.mp3
BHS501024 - Marilyn Maxwell.mp3
BHS501212 - Bob Hope From Long Beach California Veterans Hosp. Claudette Colbert, Margaret Whiting.mp3
BHS501225 - Bob Hope From Long Beach California Veterans Hosp. Bing Crosby.mp3
BHS510109 - Carswell Air Force Base.mp3
BHS510130 - From March Field.mp3
BHS510205 - 1st - Be Anything by Peggy Lee - Guest Dorothy Lamour.mp3
BHS51023 - From Fort Ord, California with Bing Crosby, Jimmy Demaret.mp3
BHS510306 - Ava Gardner, Connie Haines [457].mp3
BHS510410 - Frankie Laine, Hedy Lamar [263].mp3
BHS510605 - Johnny Desmond.mp3
BHS511002 - Jane Russell and Bing Crosby [263].mp3
BHS511016 - Ava Gardner, Jack Kirkwood [287].mp3
BHS511113 - Bob Builds A House (AFRS).mp3
BHS511120 - George Raft.mp3
BHS511127 - Jerry Colonna and Virginia Mayo [157].mp3
BHS511225 - Christmas Show from Long Beach, CA.mp3
BHS520212 - Las Vegas Story [335].mp3
BHS520311 - Marilyn Maxwell, Bing Crosby [263].mp3
BHS520325 - Gracie Allen, Bell Sisters, Jerry Colonna [458].mp3
BHS520401 - Claudette Colbert.mp3
BHS520429 - William Holden.mp3
BHS520513 - Three Make a Road Picture.mp3
BHS520520 - Marilyn Maxwell.mp3
BHS520603 - Marilyn Maxwell.mp3
BHS520610 - Dale Evans and Roy Rogers [263].mp3
BHS520617 - Jane Russell.mp3
BHS530107 - Jack Benny(Begin Jello).mp3
BHS530114 - Terry Moore and Bing Crosby [263].mp3
BHS530121 - Guest Zsa Zsa Gabor [000].mp3
BHS530128 - Jimmy Stewart.mp3
BHS530204 - Jack Webb [415].mp3
BHS530211 - Hope and Jane Wyman Do A Nightclub Act [157].mp3
BHS530304 - Jane Russell [416].mp3
BHS530318 - William Bendix.mp3
BHS530325 - Mickey Rooney.mp3
BHS530401 - Guest  Anne Baxter.mp3
BHS530415 - Ida Lupino [263].mp3
BHS530429 - Wm Holden, Bell Sisters [263].mp3
BHS530527 - Marilyn Maxwell.mp3
BHS530603 - Henry Fonda [263].mp3
BHS530617 - Arlene Dahl at Walter Reed Hospital [263].mp3
BHS530624 - Kentucky Derby, Victor Mature.mp3
BHS530701 - Jane Wyman(End Jello).mp3
BHS530823 - Title Unknown [294].mp3
BHS531009 - Jack Buchanan, Douglas Fairbanks Jr [416].mp3
BHS531016 - Anne Baxter.mp3
BHS531113 - Burt Lancaster.mp3
BHS531127 - Zsa Zsa Gabor.mp3
BHS531204 - Glenn Ford.mp3
BHS531211 - Frank Sinatra [335].mp3
BHS531225 - Esther Williams.mp3
BHS540122 - Frank Sinatra.mp3
BHS540219 - Guest  Richard Widmark.mp3
BHS540402 - Rosemary Clooney.mp3
BHS540423 - Donna Reed [263].mp3
BHS540430 - Robt Ryan [263].mp3
BHS540514 - Grace Kelly [263].mp3
BHS540521 - Merle Oberon.mp3
BHS541118 - Jack Kirkwood.mp3
BHS541209 - Jane Wyman.mp3
BHS541223 - Bob Shops for Delores' Christmas Present.mp3
BHS550113 - William Holden.mp3
BHS550217 - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (2).mp3
BHS550303 - David Niven (Repeat of 540305).mp3
BHS550331- Claire Trevor [299].mp3
BHS550407 - Maureen O'Hara and Jerry Collona [263].mp3
BHS550414 - Debra Paget.mp3
BHS550421 - Jim Backus [263].mp3
BHS550913 - Clair Trevor [475].mp3
BHS5xxxxx - Ida Lupino [451].mp3
BHS6806xx - Celebration of Hope's 65th Birthday [457].mp3
BHS6812xx - Bob Hope Christmas Show in Long Binh Viet Nam.mp3
BHS75xxxx - BBC Interview of Bob Hope [287].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Alexas Smith [451].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Anne Baxter [263].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Dorothy Lamour and Peggy Lee [263].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Filling Out Income Tax [475].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - From Battleship South Dakota [000].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - From Bob's Hometown Cleveland [335].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - From Fort Ord Jack Kirkwood and Bing Crosby [373].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Jack Benny and Doris Day [335].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Jack Kirkwood [263].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Jane Wyman from Las Vegas [263].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Judy Garland Exert [285].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Richard Widmark [263].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Rosemary Clooney at Los Alamitos [263].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Sunday Spectacular [000].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Sunday Spectacular.mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Vera Vague, Claire Trevor [475].mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Wm.Holden, Jack Kirkwood [475].mp3
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The Bob Hope Show OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 210 Episodes

$ 5.95 USD