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Tarzan Of The Apes Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD 230 Episodes

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Tarzan Of The Apes Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD 230 Episodes

Tarzan Of The Apes Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD 230 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
Tarzan Of The Apes from 1932-1953 in MP3 format on DVD-R.

Tarzan was the brain child of American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who after having had several failed attempts at penetrating the pulp fiction scene finally made a name for himself with this jungle fantasy adventure. In 1932, the novel was adapted into a radio program that starred James Pierce as the infamous lord of the jungle, Tarzan. Coincidentally, Burroughs’ daughter Joan who happened to be Pierce’s wife also played Tarzan’s love interest, Jane. The show was an overnight success and captured a staggering number of listeners. This old time radio program was broken into three parts. Tarzan of the Apes was the first installment in the series and narrated his history and background. In 1934, Carton KaDell portrayed Tarzan in the second series, Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher. The third and final arc was serialized in 1936 entitled: The Fires of Toth. Due to its mass appeal, this old radio show was later revived in 1951 and enjoyed air time until 1952, with Lamont Johnson breathing life into the character of Tarzan once again. The political views deeply entrenched within the story allowed Tarzan to carve a place in the golden age of radio as a unique and terrifyingly original series. 
Includes 230 Episodes!
Episodes On This DVD:
00.00.00 (Never Broadcasted) First Prize Death.mp3
00.00.00 First Prize Death (Never Broadcasted).mp3
32.09.12 Ep01 an's First Birthday.mp3
32.09.13 Ep1b Apes Slay Parents.mp3
32.09.14 Ep02 Battle With The Apes.mp3
32.09.14 Ep2b Young an Examines Hut.mp3
32.09.15 Ep2c Mutiny On Ship.mp3
32.09.16 Ep03 an In Young Manhood.mp3
32.09.19 Ep04 an Attacked By Tabor.mp3
32.09.21 Ep05 an Sees A Ship.mp3
32.09.23 Ep06 an Rescues The Captain.mp3
32.09.26 Ep07 an Rescues The Captain Again.mp3
32.09.28 Ep08 Did The Bottle Really Go Overboard.mp3
32.09.30 Ep09 The Captain Is In Quicksand.mp3
32.10.03 Ep10 A Fight Aboard Ship.mp3
32.10.05 Ep11 an's Shack.mp3
32.10.07 Ep12 Mutinous Captain Killed.mp3
32.10.10 Ep13 an Delivers The Sailor.mp3
32.10.12 Ep14 an Rescues Jane's Father.mp3
32.10.14 Ep15 Clayton Tries To Rescue The Profes.mp3
32.10.17 Ep16 an Saves Clayton.mp3
32.10.19 Ep17 an Saves Jane.mp3
32.10.21 Ep18 an Reads Jane's Letter.mp3
32.10.24 Ep19 Morning Arrives.mp3
32.10.26 Ep20 an Presides Over Apes.mp3
32.10.28 Ep21 an Rescues Jane From The Apes.mp3
32.10.31 Ep22 The Professor Wants To Search.mp3
32.11.02 Ep23 Rescue.mp3
32.11.04 Ep24 an's Hut Afire.mp3
32.11.07 Ep25 Clayton Hunts an.mp3
32.11.09 Ep26 an Fires At Clayton.mp3
32.11.11 Ep27 The Ship Leaves.mp3
32.11.14 Ep28 Search Party Is Attacked.mp3
32.11.16 Ep29 Philander Is Captured.mp3
32.11.18 Ep30 Search Party Finds A Clue.mp3
32.11.21 Ep31 The Jungle Awakes.mp3
32.11.23 Ep32 Jane Is Captured By Cannibals.mp3
32.11.25 Ep33 Search Party Is Trapped.mp3
32.11.28 Ep34 an Learns More English.mp3
32.11.30 Ep35 Jane And an Go Into The Hut.mp3
32.12.02 Ep36 Search Party Makes Their Move.mp3
32.12.05 Ep37 Cannibals Choose The Professor.mp3
32.12.07 Ep38 Second Escape Try.mp3
32.12.09 Ep39 Jane Is Attacked.mp3
32.12.12 Ep40 The Poison Drink.mp3
32.12.14 Ep41 Ape Battles Snake.mp3
32.12.16 Ep42 Return Of The Ship.mp3
32.12.19 Ep43 an Saves Jane.mp3
32.12.21 Ep44 an Recaptured.mp3
32.12.23 Ep45 Reunited.mp3
32.12.26 Ep46 Escape.mp3
32.12.28 Ep47 Rain Comes.mp3
32.12.30 Ep48 Jane Receives Graystoke Locket.mp3
33.01.02 Ep49 an And The Crocodiles.mp3
33.01.04 Ep50 Rescuers Seek Safety In Cave.mp3
33.01.06 Ep51 Attempted Rescue.mp3
33.01.09 Ep52 Sounds In The Cave.mp3
33.01.11 Ep53 The Witch Doctor Escapes.mp3
33.01.13 Ep54 Witch Doctor Noises.mp3
33.01.16 Ep55 an Fires Dynamite.mp3
33.01.18 Ep56 The Cannibals Attack.mp3
33.01.20 Ep57 The Attack.mp3
33.01.23 Ep58 The Lion Attacks.mp3
33.01.25 Ep59 The Professor Collapses.mp3
33.01.27 Ep60 The Party Gets Mad At Clayton.mp3
33.01.30 Ep61 The Mutineers Return.mp3
33.02.01 Ep62 Jane Is Attacked.mp3
33.02.03 Ep63 an And Jane Talk.mp3
33.02.06 Ep64 Jane Is Captured Again.mp3
33.02.08 Ep65 an To The Rescue.mp3
33.02.10 Ep66 an To The Ship.mp3
33.02.13 Ep67 Ship Rescue.mp3
33.02.15 Ep68 Shipwreck.mp3
33.02.17 Ep69 Captain Tracy's Arm.mp3
33.02.20 Ep70 Others On The Reef.mp3
33.02.22 Ep71 Jane With The Apes.mp3
33.02.24 Ep72 Jane At The Dum Dum.mp3
33.02.27 Ep73 Elephant Stampede.mp3
33.03.01 Ep74 Darnot Makes His Escape.mp3
33.03.03 Ep75 an Meets Mutineers.mp3
33.03.06 Ep76 The Escape.mp3
33.03.08 Ep77 Weeks Later.mp3
34.05.01 Diamond Of Asher 01.mp3
34.05.02 Diamond Of Asher 02.mp3
34.05.03 Diamond Of Asher 03.mp3
34.05.04 Diamond Of Asher 04.mp3
34.05.07 Diamond Of Asher 05.mp3
34.05.08 Diamond Of Asher 06.mp3
34.05.09 Diamond Of Asher 07.mp3
34.05.10 Diamond Of Asher 08.mp3
34.05.11 Diamond Of Asher 09.mp3
34.05.14 Diamond Of Asher 10.mp3
34.05.15 Diamond Of Asher 11.mp3
34.05.16 Diamond Of Asher 12.mp3
34.05.17 Diamond Of Asher 13.mp3
34.05.18 Diamond Of Asher 14.mp3
34.05.21 Diamond Of Asher 15.mp3
34.05.22 Diamond Of Asher 16.mp3
34.05.23 Diamond Of Asher 17.mp3
34.05.24 Diamond Of Asher 18.mp3
34.05.25 Diamond Of Asher 19.mp3
34.05.28 Diamond Of Asher 20.mp3
34.05.29 Diamond Of Asher 21.mp3
34.05.30 Diamond Of Asher 22.mp3
34.05.31 Diamond Of Asher 23.mp3
34.06.01 Diamond Of Asher 24.mp3
34.06.04 Diamond Of Asher 25.mp3
34.06.05 Diamond Of Asher 26.mp3
34.06.06 Diamond Of Asher 27.mp3
34.06.07 Diamond Of Asher 28.mp3
34.06.08 Diamond Of Asher 29.mp3
34.06.11 Diamond Of Asher 30.mp3
34.06.12 Diamond Of Asher 31.mp3
34.06.13 Diamond Of Asher 32.mp3
34.06.14 Diamond Of Asher 33.mp3
34.06.15 Diamond Of Asher 34.mp3
34.06.18 Diamond Of Asher 35.mp3
34.06.19 Diamond Of Asher 36.mp3
34.06.20 Diamond Of Asher 37.mp3
34.06.21 Diamond Of Asher 38.mp3
34.06.22 Diamond Of Asher 39.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 01.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 02.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 03.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 04.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 05.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 06.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 07.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 08.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 09.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 10.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 11.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 12.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 13.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 14.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 15.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 16.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 17.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 18.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 19.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 20.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 21.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 22.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 23.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 24.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 25.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 26.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 27.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 28.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 29.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 30.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 31.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 32.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 33.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 34.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 35.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 36.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 37.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 38.mp3
36.00.00 Fires Of Tohr 39.mp3
51.01.04 The Decoy.mp3
51.01.11 Black Ivory.mp3
51.01.18 Hooded Death.mp3
51.01.25 The Manuema.mp3
51.02.01 Siren Of Omdurmara.mp3
51.02.08 Black Gold Of Africa.mp3
51.02.15 The Coward.mp3
51.02.22 Female Of The Species.mp3
51.03.01 End Of The World.mp3
51.03.08 Across A Continent.mp3
51.03.15 The Killer.mp3
51.03.22 Jungle Legacy.mp3
51.03.29 Jungle Orchids.mp3
51.04.05 Gold Coast Robber.mp3
51.04.12 Life Or Death.mp3
51.04.19 D Is For Diamonds And Death.mp3
51.04.26 Pirates Of Cape Bandeira.mp3
51.05.03 Contraband.mp3
51.05.10 Lake Of Blood.mp3
51.05.17 Congo Magic.mp3
51.05.24 Jungle Heat.mp3
51.05.31 Jungle Hijackers.mp3
51.06.07 The Stranger.mp3
51.06.14 Arab Vengeance.mp3
51.06.21 In Captivity.mp3
51.06.28 Gold Of The Sudan.mp3
51.07.05 Stolen Jewels.mp3
51.07.12 Drum Without A Heart.mp3
51.07.19 Terror At Night.mp3
51.07.26 Troubn Laurencia.mp3
51.08.02 Curse Of The Pharaohs.mp3
51.08.09 Head Hunter Of Wombesi.mp3
51.08.16 Trophy Room.mp3
51.08.23 ans Mistake.mp3
51.08.30 Deathsmall Wings.mp3
51.09.06 Magic Amulet.mp3
51.09.13 Stranok Of Araby.mp3
51.09.20 Cathedral Of The Congo.mp3
51.09.27 City Of Sleep.mp3
51.10.04 Jungle Odds.mp3
51.10.11 All Presumed Dead.mp3
51.10.18 Small Packages.mp3
51.10.25 Ghost Of The Karmiki.mp3
51.11.01 On Thto Timbuktu.mp3
51.11.08 Strange Island.mp3
51.11.15 A Message To Fort Shabier.mp3
51.11.22 African Thanksgiving.mp3
51.11.29 Hunter's Fury.mp3
51.12.06 Trouble Comes In Pairs.mp3
51.12.13 Congo Murder.mp3
51.12.20 Congo Christmas.mp3
51.12.27 Hand Of Death.mp3
52.01.03 Man From Another World.mp3
52.01.10 Quicksand Of Wadehara.mp3
52.03.06 Omen Of The Emerald.mp3
52.03.13 Volcano Of The Sun.mp3
52.04.17 Jungle Smoke.mp3
52.05.01 Rays Of Death.mp3
52.05.08 an And The Lypagor.mp3
52.05.15 Mask Of Montiki.mp3
52.06.05 The Long Journey.mp3
53.01.24 Trail Of Death.mp3
53.01.31 Killer At Large .mp3
53.01.31 Killer At Large.mp3
53.02.07 Paradise Island.mp3
53.02.14 Demon Of Rongu.mp3
53.02.28 Simba Hudari.mp3
53.05.16 - Hot Rod Kid.mp3
53.05.30 None So Blind.mp3
yy.mm.dd Valleyofthetalkinggorillas.mp3
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