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Tales Of The Texas Rangers Old Time Radio Shows MP3 CD 92 Episodes

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Tales of the Texas Rangers, a western adventure old-time radio drama, premiered on July 8, 1950, on the NBC radio network and remained on the air through September 14, 1952. Movie...

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Tales of the Texas Rangers, a western adventure old-time radio drama, premiered on July 8, 1950, on the NBC radio network and remained on the air through September 14, 1952. Movie star Joel McCrea starred as Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, who used the latest scientific techniques to identify the criminals and his faithful horse, Charcoal, to track them down. The shows were reenactments of actual Texas Ranger cases.The series was produced and directed by Stacy Keach, Sr., and was sponsored for part of its run by Wheaties.


Includes 92 Episodes! 

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

Totr 50.07.08 Ep000 Just A Number (Audition).mp3
Totr 50.07.15 Ep002 White Elephant.mp3
Totr 50.07.22 Ep003 Apache Peak.mp3
Totr 50.07.29 Ep004 The Trigger Man.mp3
Totr 50.08.05 Ep005 Quicksilver.mp3
Totr 50.08.12 Ep006 The Broken Spur.mp3
Totr 50.08.19 Ep007 Fool's Gold.mp3
Totr 50.08.26 Ep008 The Open Range.mp3
Totr 50.09.02 Ep009 Play For Keeps.mp3
Totr 50.09.09 Ep010 Dead Or Alive.mp3
Totr 50.09.16 Ep011 Candy Man.mp3
Totr 50.09.23 Ep012 Open And Shut.mp3
Totr 50.09.30 Ep013 Clean - Up.mp3
Totr 50.10.08 Ep014 Living Death.mp3
Totr 50.10.15 Ep015 Dead Giveaway.mp3
Totr 50.10.29 Ep017 Soft Touch.mp3
Totr 50.11.05 White Suit.mp3
Totr 50.11.12 Ep019 Blood Relative.mp3
Totr 50.11.26 Ep020 Hanging By A Thread.mp3
Totr 50.12.03 Ep021 Room 114.mp3
Totr 50.12.10 Ep022 The Lucky Dollar.mp3
Totr 50.12.17 Ep023 The Cactus Pear.mp3
Totr 50.12.24 Ep024 Christmas Present.mp3
Totr 50.12.31 Ep025 The Devil's Share.mp3
Totr 51.01.07 Dead Head Freight.mp3
Totr 51.01.14 Ep027 Death In The Cards.mp3
Totr 51.01.21 Blood Harvest.mp3
Totr 51.02.04 Logger's Larceny.mp3
Totr 51.02.11 The Hatchet.mp3
Totr 51.02.18 Sweet Revenge.mp3
Totr 51.02.25 The Trap.mp3
Totr 51.03.11 Blind Justice.mp3
Totr 51.03.18 Death By Adoption.mp3
Totr 51.03.25 Breakdown.mp3
Totr 51.04.01 Pressure.mp3
Totr 51.04.08 Bad Blood.mp3
Totr 51.04.15 Ep039 Conspiracy.mp3
Totr 51.04.22 Ep040 Canned Death.mp3
Totr 51.05.06 Ep042 No Living Witnesses.mp3
Totr 51.05.13 Ep043 Paid In Full.mp3
Totr 51.05.20 Ep044 Square Dance.mp3
Totr 51.05.27 Joy Ride.mp3
Totr 51.09.30 Ep046 Death Shaft.mp3
Totr 51.10.07 Ep047 Wheel Chair Killing.mp3
Totr 51.10.14 Ep048 Play For Keeps.mp3
Totr 51.10.21 Ep049 Fugitive Trail.mp3
Totr 51.10.28 Ep050 White Elephant.mp3
Totr 51.11.04 Ep051 The Helping Hand.mp3
Totr 51.11.11 Ep052 Open And Shut.mp3
Totr 51.11.18 Wild Crop.mp3
Totr 51.11.25 Ep054 The Blow Off.mp3
Totr 51.12.02 Dead Give - A - Way.mp3
Totr 51.12.09 Ep056 Death Plant.mp3
Totr 51.12.16 Ep057 Pick Up.mp3
Totr 51.12.23 Christmas Pay - Off.mp3
Totr 51.12.30 Killer's Crop.mp3
Totr 52.01.06 Birds Of A Feather.mp3
Totr 52.01.13 Ep061 Clip Job.mp3
Totr 52.01.20 Ep062 Blood Trail.mp3
Totr 52.01.27 Ep063 Night Chase.mp3
Totr 52.02.03 The Rub - Out.mp3
Totr 52.02.10 Ep066 The Hitch Hiker.mp3
Totr 52.02.17 Ep067 Cold Blood.mp3
Totr 52.02.24 Bright Boy.mp3
Totr 52.03.02 Ep069 The Ice Man.mp3
Totr 52.03.09 Ep070 Dream Farm.mp3
Totr 52.03.16 Ep070 Prelude To Felony.mp3
Totr 52.03.30 Ep071 Night Hawk.mp3
Totr 52.04.06 Ep072 Troop Train.mp3
Totr 52.04.13 Ep073 Uncertain Death.mp3
Totr 52.04.20 Ep074 Illusion.mp3
Totr 52.04.27 Ep075 Address Unknown.mp3
Totr 52.05.04 Little Sister.mp3
Totr 52.05.11 Ep077 Unleashed Fury.mp3
Totr 52.05.18 Ep078 Smart Kill.mp3
Totr 52.05.25 Ep079 Jailbird.mp3
Totr 52.06.01 Sell - Out.mp3
Totr 52.06.08 Illegal Entry.mp3
Totr 52.06.15 Ep082 Travesty.mp3
Totr 52.06.22 Knock - Out.mp3
Totr 52.06.29 Ex - Con.mp3
Totr 52.07.06 Ep087 The Boomerang.mp3
Totr 52.07.13 Ep088 Finger - Man.mp3
Totr 52.07.20 Round Trip.mp3
Totr 52.07.27 Ep089 Stick - Up.mp3
Totr 52.08.03 Double Edge.mp3
Totr 52.08.10 Last Stop.mp3
Totr 52.08.17 Cover - Up.mp3
Totr 52.08.24 Three Victims.mp3
Totr 52.08.31 Misplaced Person.mp3
Totr 52.09.07 Alibi.mp3
Totr 52.09.14 Drive - In (Last Show).mp3