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Sherlock Holmes (BBC) Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On DVD 354 Episodes

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Includes 354 Episodes! Episodes On This DVD: SherH301103 - The Rea Headed League [000].mp3 SherH310202 - The Creeping Man [000].mp3 SherH310511 - Adv of Black Peter Gordon [000].mp3 SherH311021 - The...

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Includes 354 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD:

SherH301103 - The Rea Headed League [000].mp3
SherH310202 - The Creeping Man [000].mp3
SherH310511 - Adv of Black Peter Gordon [000].mp3
SherH311021 - The Bruce Partington Plans [000].mp3
SherH311028 - The Dying Detective [000].mp3
SherH311111 - The Three Gables [480].mp3
SherH311216 - Adv of the Engineer's Thumb [000].mp3
SherH320519 - The Final Problem [480].mp3
SherH321012 - His Last Bow [000].mp3
SherH330118 - Murder by Proxy [210].mp3
SherH341111 - The Jewish Breast Plate [000].mp3
SherH360530 - The Devil's Foot [225].mp3
SherH360606 - The Armchair Solution [000].mp3
SherH380925 - Immortal Sherlock Holmes.mp3
SherH391002 - The Sussex Vampire [000].mp3
SherH391009 - The Silver Blaze [000].mp3
SherH391106 - Partington Plans [068].mp3
SherH391120 - Dying Detective [000].mp3
SherH391218 - Wisteria Lodge [000].mp3
SherH391229 - The Three Garradebs (1st Half).mp3
SherH400212 - The Golden Pince Nez.mp3
SherH400226 - The Reigate Puzzle [418].mp3
SherH400311 - Retired Colourman [068].mp3
SherH401006 - The Copper Beaches [152].mp3
SherH401222 - The Boscombe Valley Mystery (Partial) [000].mp3
SherH40xxxx - The Battle of the Titans [258].mp3
SherH410209 - Hound of the Baskervilles Pt5 [000].mp3
SherH410309 - Adv of Shoscombe Old Place [000].mp3
SherH411109 - Stockbroker's Clerk [000].mp3
SherH411207 - The Mystery of Mrs Warren's Key [170].mp3
SherH430507 - The Copper Beeches [000].mp3
SherH430509 - The Three Garridebs.mp3
SherH430514 - Man with the Twisted Lip [000].mp3
SherH430702 - Priory School [000].mp3
SherH430723 - Greek Interpreter [000].mp3
SherH430730 - Murder in the Waxworks [000].mp3
SherH430806 - Missing Leonardo Da Vinci [000].mp3
SherH430820 - The Missing Dancer [000].mp3
SherH430903 - The Adventure of the Retired Coulorman [378].mp3
SherH430910 - Bruce-Partington Plans [343].mp3
SherH431001 - The Speckled Band [296].mp3
SherH431206 - The Camberwell Poisoning Case [296].mp3
SherH440327 - The Haunted Bagpipes [000].mp3
SherH440409 - Fetlock Bones.mp3
SherH440515 - The Adventure Of The Missing Bloodstains [029].mp3
SherH440522 - Adv of the Superfluous Pearl [000].mp3
SherH441106 - Murder Under the Big Top [000].mp3
SherH450326 - The Book Of Tobit [079].mp3
SherH450402 - The Amateur Mendicant Society [068].mp3
SherH450409 - The Viennese Strangler [068].mp3
SherH450423 - Canary Trainer [079].mp3
SherH450430 - The Unfortunate Tobacconist [079].mp3
SherH450507 - Purloined Ruby [079].mp3
SherH450514 - In Flanders Field [079].mp3
SherH450521 - Paradol Chamber [079].mp3
SherH450903 - The Limping Ghost [079].mp3
SherH450910 - Colonel Warburton [079].mp3
SherH450917 - Out of Date Murder [117].mp3
SherH450924 - Eyes Of Mr  Leyton [079].mp3
SherH451001 - Thor Bridge [079].mp3
SherH451008 - White Elephant [118].mp3
SherH451015 - The Manor House Case [029].mp3
SherH451022 - The Great Gandolf [079].mp3
SherH451029 - Murder By Moonlight [119].mp3
SherH451105 - Gunpowder Plot [119].mp3
SherH451112 - The Speckled Band [119].mp3
SherH451119 - The Double Zero [119].mp3
SherH451126 - The Case of the Accidental Murderess [152].mp3
SherH451203 - Murder In The Casbah [068].mp3
SherH451210 - A Scandal in Bohemia [152].mp3
SherH451217 - The Second Generation [152].mp3
SherH451224 - The Night Before Christmas [152].mp3
SherH451231 - The Iron Box [119].mp3
SherH460107 - The Strange Case of the Murderer in Wax [152].mp3
SherH460114 - Murder Beyond the Mountains [301].mp3
SherH460121 - Pigeon Feathers [120].mp3
SherH460128 - The Demon Barber [120].mp3
SherH460204 - Mr Edwards [119].mp3
SherH460211 - Guileless Gypsy [119].mp3
SherH460218 - The Campberwell Poisoners [209].mp3
SherH460225 - Terrifying Cats [121].mp3
SherH460304 - The Submarine Caves [209].mp3
SherH460311 - The Adventure of the Living Doll [209].mp3
SherH460318 - Blarney Stone [209].mp3
SherH460325 - Girl With Gazelle [209].mp3
SherH460401 - April Fool's Day Adventure [174].mp3
SherH460408 - The Adventure of the Disappearing Scientists [148].mp3
SherH460415 - The Headless Monk [148].mp3
SherH460422 - The Tankersville Club [068].mp3
SherH460429 - Waltz Of Death [148].mp3
SherH460506 - The Twisted Lip [148].mp3
SherH460513 - Uneasy Easy Chair [148].mp3
SherH460520 - Haunting Of Sherlock Holmes [148].mp3
SherH460527 - The Singular Affair of the Baconian Cipher [174.mp3
SherH460603 - Case Of The Three Silver Pesos [120].mp3
SherH460702 - Murder In Celluloid [121].mp3
SherH461012 - Stuttering Ghost [136].mp3
SherH461014 - The Eloquent Corpse [120].mp3
SherH461019 - The Adventure of the Black Angus [274].mp3
SherH461026 - The Clue of the Hungry Cat [209].mp3
SherH461030 - The Delphene Bloggs Case [120].mp3
SherH461102 - Original Hamlet [136].mp3
SherH461109 - The Singular Affair of the Dying Schoolboys [209].mp3
SherH461116 - The Adventure of the Genuine Guarnarius [249].mp3
SherH461123 - The Adventure of the Sally Martin [225].mp3
SherH461130 - The Strange Death of Mrs Abernetty [225].mp3
SherH461207 - The Adventure of the Coptic Compass, the Half-E.mp3
SherH461214 - The Elusive Emerald [274].mp3
SherH461221 - The Adventure of the Grand Old Man [209].mp3
SherH461228 - The Singular Affair of the White Cockerel [209].mp3
SherH470104 - The Darlington Substitution Case [209].mp3
SherH470111 - The Adventure of the Devil's Foot [000].mp3
SherH470113 - The Devil's Foot [277].mp3
SherH470127 - The Babbling Butler [225].mp3
SherH470203 - The Adventure of the Dying Detective [277].mp3
SherH470210 - The Strange Case of the Persecuted Millionaire [277].mp3
SherH470217 - The Adventure of the Haunted Bagpipes [277].mp3
SherH470224 - The Horseless Carriage [277].mp3
SherH470303 - Queue for Murder [277].mp3
SherH470310 - The Singular Affair of the Ancient Egyptian Curse [277].mp3
SherH470317 - The Strange Case of Professor Presbury ~ or ~ the Creeping Man.mp3
SherH470324 - The Adventure of the Scarlet Worm [277].mp3
SherH470331 - The Adventure of Maltree Abbey [277].mp3
SherH470407 - The Adventure of the Tolling Bell [135].mp3
SherH470414 - The Adventure of the Carpathian Horror [277].mp3
SherH470421 - The Lion's Mane [277].mp3
SherH470428 - The Island of Death [135].mp3
SherH470505 - The Pointless Robbery [060].mp3
SherH470512 - Wystera Lodge [277].mp3
SherH470519 - The Harley Street Murders [277].mp3
SherH470526 - The Adventure of a Submerged Baronet [225].mp3
SherH470602 - The Red Headed League [152].mp3
SherH470609 - Murder in the Locked Room [225].mp3
SherH470616 - Death in the North Sea [277].mp3
SherH470623 - The Adventure of the Speckled Band [277].mp3
SherH470630 - The Adventure of the Innocent Murderess [277].mp3
SherH470707 - The Adventure of the Iron Maiden [277].mp3
SherH470928 - The Case of the Dog Who Changed His Mind [296].mp3
SherH471005 - The Case of the Missing Heiress [152].mp3
SherH471012 - The Adventure of the Red-Headed League [000].mp3
SherH471019 - The Affair Of The Politician.mp3
SherH471026 - The Laughing Lemur of High Tower Heath [173].mp3
SherH471102 - The Case of the Copper Beeches [225].mp3
SherH471109 - The Cadaver in the Roman Toga [174].mp3
SherH471116 - The Case of the Well-Staged Murder [174].mp3
SherH471123 - The Case of the Stolen Naval Treaty [173].mp3
SherH471130 - The Case of the Cradle that Rocked Itself [174].mp3
SherH471207 - The Case of Professor Moriarty and the Diamond .mp3
SherH471214 - The Sussex Vampire [225].mp3
SherH471221 - Christmas Bride [060].mp3
SherH471228 - New Year's Eve Off the Coast of Scilly Isles [1.mp3
SherH47xxxx.- Cadaver In Roman Toga [249].mp3
SherH480104 - The Mazarin Stone [173].mp3
SherH480111 - The Case of Sudden Senility [298].mp3
SherH480118 - The Case of the Lucky Shilling [345].mp3
SherH480125 - The Case of the Engineer's Thumb [328].mp3
SherH480201 - The Case of the Avenging Blade [328].mp3
SherH480208 - The Case of the Sanguinary Spectre [328].mp3
SherH480215 - The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place [335].mp3
SherH480222 - Adventure of the Wooden Claw [225].mp3
SherH480229 - The Case of King Phillip's Golden Salver [152].mp3
SherH480307 - The Adventure of the Six Napoleans [335].mp3
SherH480314 - The Adventure of the Serpent God [339].mp3
SherH480321 - Death Is a Golden Arrow [339].mp3
SherH480328 - The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax [339].mp3
SherH480404 - The Adventure of Lady Waverley's Imitation Pearls [339].mp3
SherH480411 - Adventure of the Empty House [287].mp3
SherH480418 - The Case of the Very Best Butler [345].mp3
SherH480502 - The Sinister Crate of Cabbages [345].mp3
SherH480509 - The Illustrious Client [345].mp3
SherH480516 - The Case of the Ever Blooming Roses [345].mp3
SherH480523 - The Case of the Accommodating Valise [345].mp3
SherH480530 - The Case of Identity [345].mp3
SherH480606 - Complicated Poisoning at Eel Pie Island [345].mp3
SherH480613 - The Bleeding Chandelier [000].mp3
SherH480620 - The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger [000].mp3
SherH480912 - The Case Of The Unwelcome Ambassador.mp3
SherH480919 - The Black Guardsman Of Braddock Castle.mp3
SherH480926 - The Adventure Of The Bruce Partington Plans.mp3
SherH481003 - The Frightened Bookkeeper.mp3
SherH481010 - The Adventure of The Guy Fawkes Society.mp3
SherH481017 - The Adventure Of Black Peter.mp3
SherH481024 - The Fabulous Windmill.mp3
SherH481031 - The Adventure Of The Uddington Witch.mp3
SherH481107 - The Logic Of Murder.mp3
SherH481114 - The Ancient Queen.mp3
SherH481121 - The Adventure Of The Discordant Bells.mp3
SherH481128 - The Case Of The Well Advertised Murder.mp3
SherH481205 - Island Of The Dead.mp3
SherH481212 - The Adventure Of London Tower.mp3
SherH481219 - The Adventure Of the Speckled Band.mp3
SherH481226 - The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle.mp3
SherH481226 - The Blue Carbuncle [000].mp3
SherH490103 - The Malicious Moor.mp3
SherH490110 - The Knife Of Vengeance.mp3
SherH490117 - The Adventure Of The Fabulous Celebrities.mp3
SherH490124 - The Adventure Of The Bloomsbury Ballad.mp3
SherH490131 - The Adventure Of The Devil's Foot.mp3
SherH490207 - The Blood-stained Goddess.mp3
SherH490214 - The Guest In The Coffin.mp3
SherH490221 - The Adventure of the Hangman and the Book.mp3
SherH490228 - The Adventure of The East End Strangler.mp3
SherH490307 - Murder On A Wager.mp3
SherH490314 - The Unfortunate Valet.mp3
SherH490321 - The Elusive Agent - Part 1.mp3
SherH490328 - The Elusive Agent - Part 2.mp3
SherH490404 - The Elusive Agent - Part 3.mp3
SherH490411 - The Mad Miners Of Cardiff.mp3
SherH490418 - The Burmese Goddess.mp3
SherH490425 - The Adventure Of The Pince-Nez.mp3
SherH490502 - The Adventure Of The Blood Soaked Wagon.mp3
SherH490509 - The Adventure Of The Three Garridebs.mp3
SherH490516 - The Adventure Of The Gray Pasha.mp3
SherH490523 - Dr Winthrop's Notorious Carriage.mp3
SherH490530 - The Adventure Of The Curious Crypt.mp3
SherH490606 - The Adventure Of The Red Death.mp3
SherH491123 - The Duke of Hollywell [000].mp3
SherH500322 - The Duke Of Hollywell.mp3
SherH541005 - Adventure Of Charles Augustus Milverton [210].mp3
SherH541012 - Scandal In Bohemia [210].mp3
SherH541019 - The Red-Headed League.mp3
SherH541026 - The Bruce Partington Plans [210].mp3
SherH541102 - A Case of Identity.mp3
SherH541109 - The Dying Detective [210].mp3
SherH541116 - The Second Stain [166].mp3
SherH541119 - The Dying Detective [174].mp3
SherH541123 - The Norwood Builder [210].mp3
SherH541130 - The Solitary Cyclist [210].mp3
SherH541207 - The Case of the Six Napolians [211].mp3
SherH541214 - The Blue Carbuncle.mp3
SherH541221 - The Final Problem [168].mp3
SherH550102 - The Case of Charles A. Milverton [152].mp3
SherH550106 - The Missing Three Quarter [166].mp3
SherH550109 - A Scandal in Bohemia [152].mp3
SherH550116 - Title Unknown [480].mp3
SherH550123 - A Case of Identity [170].mp3
SherH550130 - The Second Stain [152].mp3
SherH550206 - Title Unknown [480].mp3
SherH550213 - Title Unknown [480].mp3
SherH550220 - Title Unknown [480].mp3
SherH550227 - Title Unknown [480].mp3
SherH550306 - Title Unknown [480].mp3
SherH550313 - The Blue Carbuncle [174].mp3
SherH550320 - The Speckled Band [174].mp3
SherH550327 - Title Unknown [211].mp3
SherH550403 - The Golden Pince-nez [121].mp3
SherH550417 - The Final Problem [152].mp3
SherH550424 - The Empty House [480].mp3
SherH550429 - The Mazarin Stone [328].mp3
SherH550501 - The Second Stain [000].mp3
SherH550508 - The Dying Deective [000].mp3
SherH550605 - The Final Problem [480].mp3
SherH551202 - The Mazarin Stone [166].mp3
SherH55xxxx - The Final Problem [025].mp3
SherH580406 - The Hound of the Baskervilles (Six Parts) [000].mp3
SherH590512 - Man With The Twisted Lip [166].mp3
SherH590523 - Sign of Four Pt 2.mp3
SherH590530 - Sign of Four Pt 3.mp3
SherH590606 - Sign of Four Pt 4.mp3
SherH590613 - Sign of Four Pt 5.mp3
SherH590630 - The Beryl Coronet [068].mp3
SherH590804 - The Blanched Soldier [120].mp3
SherH590811 - Copper Beeches [121].mp3
SherH590818 - Adventure of the Noble Bachelor [152].mp3
SherH590825 - Shoscombe Old Place [120].mp3
SherH600223 - Stockbroker's Clerk [121].mp3
SherH600322 - The Stolen Naval Treaty [000].mp3
SherH600405 - Greek Interpreter [166].mp3
SherH600503 - Disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax [166].mp3
SherH600517 - Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb [211].mp3
SherH601231 - Valley of Fear Pt1 [123].mp3
SherH601231 - Valley of Fear Pt2 [123].mp3
SherH601231 - Valley of Fear Pt3 [211].mp3
SherH610305 - Adventure of Black Peter [301].mp3
SherH610805 - Hound Of Baskerville 01 [138].mp3
SherH610812 - Hound Of Baskerville 02 [138].mp3
SherH610819 - Hound Of Baskerville 03 [138].mp3
SherH610821 - The Solitary Cyclist [167].mp3
SherH611127 - Adventure of Empty House [152].mp3
SherH611204 - Adventure of the Reigate Squires [152].mp3
SherH611211 - Resident Patient [068].mp3
SherH611218 - Charles Augustus Milverton [068].mp3
SherH611225 - The Blue Carbuncle [480].mp3
SherH620108 - Adventure of the Priory School [152].mp3
SherH620717 - The Speckled Band [480].mp3
SherH620724 - Silver Blaze [167].mp3
SherH620731 - Musgrave Ritual [316].mp3
SherH620807 - Adventure of Golden Prince-Nez [152].mp3
SherH620814 - Adventure of Missing Three-Quarter [152].mp3
SherH620821 - The Abbey Grange [167].mp3
SherH620828 - The Case of the Devil's Foot [152].mp3
SherH620904 - The Mazaran Stone [152].mp3
SherH621222 - A Study in Scarlet - 1 [170].mp3
SherH621222 - A Study in Scarlet - 2 [168].mp3
SherH621222 - A Study in Scarlet - 3 [170].mp3
SherH630302 - Sign of the Four - 1 [170].mp3
SherH630302 - Sign of the Four - 2 [170].mp3
SherH630302 - Sign of the Four - 3 [168].mp3
SherH631219 - The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes [000].mp3
SherH640807 - The Adventure of the Abbey Grange [000].mp3
SherH640821 - Adventure of Solitary Cyclist [168].mp3
SherH640828 - The Bruce Partington Plans [152].mp3
SherH640904 - The Three Garridebs [152].mp3
SherH640911 - Adventure of Norwood Builder [168].mp3
SherH640918 - The Sussex Vampire [168].mp3
SherH640925 - The Redheaded League [168].mp3
SherH641002 - Three Gables [316].mp3
SherH641009 - The Retired Colourman [168].mp3
SherH65xxxx - A Spoof of Sherlock Holmes [152].mp3
SherH661121 - The Scandal In Bohemia [214].mp3
SherH661128 - Five Orange Pips [316].mp3
SherH661205 - Adventure of Six Napoleons [214].mp3
SherH661212 - Bascombe Valley Mystery [214].mp3
SherH661219 -The Crooked Man [480].mp3
SherH661226 - Wisteria Lodge [000].mp3
SherH670102 - The Dying Detective [214].mp3
SherH670109 - Adventure of Second Stain [214].mp3
SherH670116 - The Final Problem [214].mp3
SherH670703 - The Sussex Vampire [000].mp3
SherH670710 - The Retired Colourman [000].mp3
SherH670717 - The Three Gables [000].mp3
SherH670724 - The Illustrious Client [000].mp3
SherH670731 - The Copper Beeches [000].mp3
SherH670807 - The Noble Bachelor [000].mp3
SherH670814 - The Blanched Soldier [000].mp3
SherH670821 - The Reigate Squires [000].mp3
SherH670828 - Problem Of Thor Bridge [000].mp3
SherH690624 - The Dancing Men [108].mp3
SherH690701 - Adventure of Black Peter [214].mp3
SherH690708 - The Lions Mane [215].mp3
SherH690715 - His Last Bow [000].mp3
SherH690729 - The Red Circle [000].mp3
SherH700405 - Bruce Partington Plans (Baker St. Irregulars) [000].mp3
SherH700405 - Second Stain (Baker St. Irregulars) [000].mp3
SherH720911 - Devil's Foot -S Holmes Mystery Theater [000].mp3
SherH740801 - Sherlock Holmes (Royal Shakespeare Company) [000].mp3
SherH741225 - A Study In Scarlet [060].mp3
SherH750524 - Man Or Myth [000].mp3
SherH760612 - Sherlock Holmes, This Here Is Your Life [000].mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 1.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 2.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 3.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 4.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 5.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 6.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - 7.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 1.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 2.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 3.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 4.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 5.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 6.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 7.mp3
SherHxxxxxx - Adventure of the Cardboard Box - 8.mp3


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Sherlock Holmes (BBC) Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On DVD 354 Episodes

Physical Disc Shipped
Physical Disc Shipped
$ 6.95 USD