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Screen Guild Theater OTR Old Time Radio Shows MP3 On DVD-R 183 Episodes

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The Screen Guild Theater is a radio anthology series broadcast from 1939 until 1952 during the Golden Age of Radio. Leading Hollywood stars performed adaptations of popular motion pictures. Originating on...

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The Screen Guild Theater is a radio anthology series broadcast from 1939 until 1952 during the Golden Age of Radio. Leading Hollywood stars performed adaptations of popular motion pictures. Originating on CBS Radio, it aired under several different titles including The Gulf Screen Guild Show, The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater and The Camel Screen Guild Players. Fees that would ordinarily have been paid to the stars and studios were instead donated to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, and were used for the construction and maintenance of the Motion Picture Country House.

The Screen Guild Theater had a long run beginning January 8, 1939, lasting for 14 seasons and 527 episodes. Actors on the series included Ethel Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Eddie Cantor, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Jimmy Durante, Nelson Eddy, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Sam Levene, Johnny Mercer, Agnes Moorehead, Dennis Morgan, Gregory Peck, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Temple, and Dinah Shore.

The series began with a variety format, with mixed success. The program increasingly came to rely on adaptations of major motion pictures—presenting a considerable challenge to writers who had to compress the narrative into 22 minutes.

Fees these actors would typically charge were donated to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, in order to support the creation and maintenance of the Motion Picture Country Home for retired actors. A 1940 magazine article noted that The Screen Guild Theater was "the only sponsored program on the air which gives all its profits to charity." Nearly $800,000 had been contributed by the summer of 1942.

The first three seasons of the CBS series were sponsored by Gulf Oil. With uncertainties in the oil market due to World War II, Gulf dropped the show, and in 1942 the Lady Esther cosmetics corporation assumed sponsorship. The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater was consistently one of the top ten radio programs. Reverses in the cosmetics industry led Lady Esther to withdraw in 1947, and Camel Cigarettes purchased a three-year contract. Changing time slots and networks brought about a decline in ratings. In the fall of 1950 the series returned to CBS, where it ran until its final broadcast June 30, 1952. The Screen Guild Theater earned a total of $5,235,607 for the Motion Picture Relief Fund.

This is a DVD-R disc and will only play on a computer and maybe some DVD Players.

Includes 183 Episodes!

MP3 File List On This DVD-R:

SGT390108 - Variety Review One [298].mp3
SGT390115 - Miss Brown of Worcester w Astaire & Young [481].mp3
SGT390122 - Can We Forget [408].mp3
SGT390129 - Variety Review 2 [408].mp3
SGT390205 - The Junior Screen Guild Show - Variety Review 3 [408].mp3
SGT390212 - Three Days March [408].mp3
SGT390219 - A Song for Clotilde [408].mp3
SGT390226 - Burns and Allen, Melvin Douglas [298].mp3
SGT390305 - Bridge of Mercy w Paul Muni [481].mp3
SGT390312 - Tailored by Toni [408].mp3
SGT390319 - Zaza [408].mp3
SGT390326 - Never of This World w Howard & Francis [481].mp3
SGT390402 - A Mug, A Moll and a Mountaineer W Raft & Oliver [481].mp3
SGT390409 - Variety Review 5 w Rooney & Bennett [481].mp3
SGT390416 - The Fingers of Providence w Cagney & Lane [481].mp3
SGT390423 - A Review w Durbin & Cooper [481].mp3
SGT390430 - Alone in Paris w Dunne & Grant [481].mp3
SGT390507 - Thwarted Ambition w Colbert & Brown [481].mp3
SGT390514 - Variety w Auer & Burke [481].mp3
SGT390521 - A Review w Bennett & Niesen [481].mp3
SGT390528 - A Review [403].mp3
SGT390604 - Variety w Power & Russell [481].mp3
SGT390924 - Variety w Grant, Rooney & Garland [481].mp3
SGT391001 - Imperfect Lady [298].mp3
SGT391008 - Variety w Cooper, Hope & Dietrich [481].mp3
SGT391015 - None Shall Part Us [298].mp3
SGT391029 - We Were Dancing [481].mp3
SGT391105 - Going My Way [409].mp3
SGT391112 - The Beachcomber [481].mp3
SGT391119 - Variety [481].mp3
SGT391126 - Enchantage Cottage [481].mp3
SGT391210 - Mr Jinks Goes to Sea [481].mp3
SGT391217 - Smilin' Through [299].mp3
SGT391224 - Blue Bird [299].mp3
SGT400107 - Petrified Forest [239].mp3
SGT400114 - This Lonely Heart [301].mp3
SGT400121 - Cellini [481].mp3
SGT400204 - I Met Him in Paris [299].mp3
SGT400211 - Single Crossing [481].mp3
SGT400225 - Blind Alley [299].mp3
SGT400303 - Winter in Paris [481].mp3
SGT400310 - Ballerina, Slightly With Accent [481].mp3
SGT400331 - Allergic to Love [481].mp3
SGT400407 - Vivacious Lady [481].mp3
SGT400414 - Elmer the Great [481].mp3
SGT400421 - Ninotchka [301].mp3
SGT400929 - Shop Around the Corner [299].mp3
SGT401006 - Red Dust [299].mp3
SGT401013 - Private Lives [481].mp3
SGT401020 - Jack Benny Wants To Play The Violin [270].mp3
SGT401103 - The Great Man Votes [481].mp3
SGT401110 - History is Made at Night [326].mp3
SGT401124 - Allergic to Ladies [299].mp3
SGT401201 - Desire [367].mp3
SGT401208 - Torrid Zone [481].mp3
SGT401215 - Seventh Heaven [481].mp3
SGT401222 - Juggler of Notre Dame [481].mp3
SGT401229 - Drink a Glass of Sassafras [481].mp3
SGT410105 - Love Affair [481].mp3
SGT410112 - Waterloo Bridge [481].mp3
SGT410119 - Magnificent Obsession [481].mp3
SGT410126 - If You Could Only Cook [481].mp3
SGT410202 - Destry Rides Again [481].mp3
SGT410209 - No Time for Comedy [303].mp3
SGT410216 - Brother Orchid [481].mp3
SGT410223 - Altar Bound [481].mp3
SGT410302 - Jane Eyre [481].mp3
SGT410309 - Variety Show [403].mp3
SGT410316 - My Love Came Back [481].mp3
SGT410323 - My Favorite Wife [303].mp3
SGT410330 - His Girl Friday [481].mp3
SGT410406 - Lucky Partners [481].mp3
SGT410413 - True Confessions [481].mp3
SGT410420 - Hired Wife [303].mp3
SGT411005 - Strawberry Blonde [202].mp3
SGT411012 - Alice Adams [275].mp3
SGT411026 - Goodbye Mr Chips [481].mp3
SGT411102 - The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse [303].mp3
SGT411109 - Babes In Arms [067].mp3
SGT411116 - Penny Serenade [481].mp3
SGT411123 - If You Could Only Cook [481].mp3
SGT411207 - Between Americans [481].mp3
SGT411228 - Long Engagement [481].mp3
SGT420118 - Sergeant York [303].mp3
SGT420201 - Bachelor Mother [403].mp3
SGT420215 - Liberty's a Lady [303].mp3
SGT420222 - Love is News [481].mp3
SGT420329 - Parent By Proxy [275].mp3
SGT420412 - Tight Shoes [481].mp3
SGT421019 - Yankee Doodle Dandee [205].mp3
SGT421123 - Bachelor Mother [481].mp3
SGT430104 - Suspicion [481].mp3
SGT430111 - Holiday Inn [190].mp3
SGT430125 - Across the Pacific [303].mp3
SGT430322 - For Me And My Gal [275].mp3
SGT430405 - Journey for Margaret [303].mp3
SGT430419 - Woman of the Year [481].mp3
SGT430426 - Casablanca [303].mp3
SGT430524 - Shadow of a Doubt [403].mp3
SGT430531 - Rebecca [303].mp3
SGT430607 - The Devil and Miss Jones [303].mp3
SGT430920 - The Maltese Falcon [403].mp3
SGT430927 - Thank Your Lucky Stars [302].mp3
SGT431011 - Love Affair [303].mp3
SGT440214 - Gentleman Jim [303].mp3
SGT440306 - The Gay Divorcee [303].mp3
SGT440327 - Why Jack Is Not Going to Appear on Show [303].mp3
SGT440403 - Hello Frisco, Hello [303].mp3
SGT440410 - A Farewell to Arms [303].mp3
SGT440417 - High Sierra [303].mp3
SGT440424 - Snow White [303].mp3
SGT440501 - A Night to Remember [458].mp3
SGT440605 - The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse [303].mp3
SGT440807 - Alias the Deacon [385].mp3
SGT440904 - Too Many Husbands [303].mp3
SGT440911 - Phantom Lady [303].mp3
SGT441002 - Shopworn Angel [303].mp3
SGT441009 - A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob [351].mp3
SGT441030 - Anna Karenina [303].mp3
SGT441113 - Holiday [303].mp3
SGT441218 - Age of Innocence [303].mp3
SGT450108 - Going My Way [303].mp3
SGT450122 - Love Before Breakfast [303].mp3
SGT450205 - Joan of the Ozarks [303].mp3
SGT450212 - Belle of the Yukon [303].mp3
SGT450312 - So This is Washington [403].mp3
SGT450423 - Flesh and Fantasy [303].mp3
SGT450521 - Desert Song [303].mp3
SGT450702 - Standing Room Only [345].mp3
SGT450723 - Smilin' Through [303].mp3
SGT450730 - Voice of Bugle Anne [303].mp3
SGT450813 - Gildersleeve's Bad Day [481].mp3
SGT450820 - Laura [303].mp3
SGT451210 - Along Came Jones [260].mp3
SGT460107 - Lost Weekend [303].mp3
SGT460128 - Brother Rat [000].mp3
SGT460204 - My Client Curley [303].mp3
SGT460311 - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling [303].mp3
SGT460325 - Sweethearts [303].mp3
SGT460401 - On Borrowed Time [303].mp3
SGT460422 - Perfect Specimen [403].mp3
SGT460506 - Bachelor Mother [453].mp3
SGT460610 - The House on 92Nd Street [303].mp3
SGT460617 - Marriage Is a Private Affair [403].mp3
SGT460624 - Barbary Coast [303].mp3
SGT460729 - Naughty Marietta [303].mp3
SGT460826 - Bells of Saint Mary's [303].mp3
SGT460902 - Weekend for Three [303].mp3
SGT460923 - Susan and God [303].mp3
SGT461007 - The Old Lady Shows Her Medals [303].mp3
SGT461028 - Adorable [000].mp3
SGT461118 - Blind Alley [481].mp3
SGT461125 - Arsnic and Old Lace [303].mp3
SGT461223 - Snow White [303].mp3
SGT470106 - The Yearling [303].mp3
SGT470120 - Dragonwyck [303].mp3
SGT470210 - Heavenly Days [303].mp3
SGT470317 - Philadelphia Story [303].mp3
SGT470421 - Too Many Husbands [481].mp3
SGT470505 - Pardon My Past [367].mp3
SGT470512 - Brief Encounter [303].mp3
SGT470602 - Saturday's Children [303].mp3
SGT470623 - Rose Marie [303].mp3
SGT470707 - My Reputation [303].mp3
SGT471006 - Bells of St Mary's [481].mp3
SGT471117 - Secret Heart [303].mp3
SGT471124 - The Best Years of Our Lives [303].mp3
SGT471215 - Sweethearts [303].mp3
SGT480126 - Brief Encounter [303].mp3
SGT480405 - One Way Passage [302].mp3
SGT480621 - Shadow of a Doubt [481].mp3
SGT480628 - Up in Central Park [302].mp3
SGT481007 - Call Northside 777 [301].mp3
SGT481014 - Welcome Stranger [345].mp3
SGT481118 - Rebecca [386].mp3
SGT490106 - Notorious [481].mp3
SGT490120 - The Fuller Brush Man [339].mp3
SGT490421 - The Blue Dalhia [324].mp3
SGT491103 - A Letter to Three Wives [303].mp3
SGT500223 - Laura [481].mp3
SGT500907 - Twelve O'Clock High [403].mp3
SGT501005 - Champagne for Ceasar [303].mp3
SGT510118 - Birth of the Blues [302].mp3

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Screen Guild Theater OTR Old Time Radio Shows MP3 On DVD-R 183 Episodes

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Physical Disc Shipped
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