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Red Skelton Show OTR OTRS Old Time Radio Shows MP3 On DVD-R 291 Episodes

Red Skelton Show OTR OTRS Old Time Radio Shows MP3 On DVD-R 291 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
Red Skelton (July 18, 1913 – September 17, 1997) was an American comedian who was best known as a top radio and television star from 1937 to 1971. Skelton's show business career began in his teens as a circus clown and went on to vaudeville, Broadway, films, radio, TV, night clubs and casinos, all while pursuing another career as a painter. Skelton, who has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his radio and television work, is quoted as saying, "I just want to be known as a clown, because to me that's the height of my profession. It means you can do everything—sing, dance and above all, make people laugh." The Skelton divorce in 1943 meant that Red had lost his married man's deferment; he was once again classified as 1-A for service. He was drafted into the Army in early 1944. Both MGM and his radio sponsor tried to obtain a deferment for the comedian, but to no avail. Skelton's last Raleigh radio show was on June 6, 1944, the day before he was formally inducted. Without its star, the program was discontinued, and the opportunity presented itself for the Nelsons to begin a radio show of their own, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Skelton suffered a nervous breakdown while in the Army and was discharged on September 18, 1945. His sponsor was eager to have him back on the air, and Skelton's program began anew on NBC on December 4, 1945.

Includes 291 Episodes!

Episode File List:

REDS390107 - Avalon Time [01] Reds1st Broadcast.mp3
REDS390121 - Avalon Time [03] Dinner With Edna.mp3
REDS390218 - Avalon Time [07] Egypt aka Edna Stillwell Joins Cast.mp3
REDS390225 - Avalon Time [08] Aladdin Skelton aka Talks About San Francisco.mp3
REDS390304 - Avalon Time [09] Cincinnati aka Horses Racing.mp3
REDS390311 - Avalon Time [10] Income Tax Problems.mp3
REDS390318 - Avalon Time [11] King Arthur Skelton aka The Thousand Dollars.mp3
REDS390325 - Avalon Time [12] Marco Polo Skelton.mp3
REDS390401 - Avalon Time [13] April Fools Day.mp3
REDS390408 - Avalon Time [14] Skeltons Flea Circus.mp3
REDS390415 - Avalon Time [15] Red Discovers America- Engineers Mistake.mp3
REDS390422 - Avalon Time [16] Robin Hood aka Party At Reds House.mp3
REDS390429 - Avalon Time [17] Night Watchman In The Bank.mp3
REDS390506 - Avalon Time [18] Napoleon Bonaparte Skelton.mp3
REDS390513 - Avalon Time [19] Purchase Of Manhattan.mp3
REDS390527 - Avalon Time [21] Ednas Birthday Party.mp3
REDS390603 - Avalon Time [22] Stolen Plans East Coast Broadcast.mp3
REDS390610 - Avalon Time [23] Dinner at a Restaurant.mp3
REDS390617 - Avalon Time [24] At the University.mp3
REDS390624 - Avalon Time [25] Policemans Ball.mp3
REDS390701 - Avalon Time [26] To Vacation Or Not To Vacation.mp3
REDS390708 - Avalon Time [27] 4th of July Picnic - Curt Massy Joins Cast.mp3
REDS390722 - Avalon Time [29] The Hotel [358].mp3
REDS390729 - Avalon Time [30] Dangerous Dan Mcgrew.mp3
REDS390805 - Avalon Time [31] Trip To Mount Baldy aka Headline Holcomb.mp3
REDS390812 - Avalon Time [32] Moody Brothers.mp3
REDS390819 - Avalon Time [33] At The Movies aka Slice Of Life- Movies.mp3
REDS390826 - Avalon Time [34] High School Dance- Baby Sitting.mp3
REDS390902 - Avalon Time [35] Killer Hitchhikers.mp3
REDS390909 - Avalon Time [36] Nagging Wife.mp3
REDS390916 - Avalon Time [37] Dinner With Edna.mp3
REDS390923 - Avalon Time [38] Asking ForA Raise.mp3
REDS390927 - Avalon Time [39] Meeting The In-laws.mp3
REDS391004 - Avalon Time [40] Young Couple On Pay Day.mp3
REDS391011 - Avalon Time [41] Guest - Richard B Gilbert.mp3
REDS391018 - Avalon Time [42] Expectant Father.mp3
REDS391025 - Avalon Time [43] New Publicity Agent.mp3
REDS391101 - Avalon Time [44] Lady Barber.mp3
REDS391108 - Avalon Time [45] Trouble With The Landlady.mp3
REDS391206 - Avalon Time [49] Newlyweds On Their Honeymoon.mp3
REDS391213 - Avalon Time [50] Catering.mp3
REDS391220 - Avalon Time [51] House-Husband.mp3
REDS411005 - [001] Rehearsal for October 7, 1941.mp3
REDS411007 - [001] Policemen [first show for Raleigh, NBC].mp3
REDS411012 - [002] Rehearsal for October 14, 1941.mp3
REDS411019 - [003] Rehearsal for October 21, 1941.mp3
REDS411026 - [004] Rehearsal for October 28, 1941.mp3
REDS411028 - [004] New House.mp3
REDS411102 - [005] Rehearsal for November 4, 1941.mp3
REDS411104 - [005] Medical Profession.mp3
REDS411109 - [006] Rehearsal for November 11, 1941.mp3
REDS411111 - [006] Public Speaking.mp3
REDS411116 - [007] Rehearsal for November 18, 1941.mp3
REDS411118 - [007] Supermarkets.mp3
REDS411125 - [008] Red's Latest Picture.mp3
REDS411130 - [009] Rehearsal for December 2, 1941.mp3
REDS411202 - [009] Waking Up.mp3
REDS411216 - [011] Blackout.mp3
REDS411221 - [012] Rehearsal for December 23, 1941.mp3
REDS411230 - [013] Photography.mp3
REDS420104 - [014] Rehearsal for January 6, 1942.mp3
REDS420106 - [014] License Plates.mp3
REDS420110 - [015] Rehearsal for January 13, 1942.mp3
REDS420120 - [016] Inside Office Buildings.mp3
REDS420125 - [017] Rehearsal for January 27, 1942.mp3
REDS420127 - [017] Portable Radios.mp3
REDS420201 - [018] Rehearsal for February 3, 1942.mp3
REDS420203 - [018] Superstitious People.mp3
REDS420208 - [019] Rehearsal for February 10, 1942.mp3
REDS420210 - [019] Insurance Policy.mp3
REDS420215 - [020] Rehearsal for February 17, 1942.mp3
REDS420217 - [020] Daylight Savings Time.mp3
REDS420222 - [021] Rehearsal for February 24, 1942.mp3
REDS420301 - [022] Rehearsal for March 3, 1942.mp3
REDS420303 - [022] Spring Cleaning.mp3
REDS420310 - [023] Victory Gardens.mp3
REDS420315 - [024] Rehearsal for March 17, 1942.mp3
REDS420317 - [024] St. Patrick's Day.mp3
REDS420322 - [025] Rehearsal for March 24, 1942.mp3
REDS420324 - [025] A Hike in the Park.mp3
REDS420331 - [026] Sundays.mp3
REDS420404 - [027] Rehearsal for April 7, 1942.mp3
REDS420412 - [028] Rehearsal for April 14, 1942.mp3
REDS420414 - [028] Week-end Party.mp3
REDS420419 - [029] Rehearsal for April 21, 1942.mp3
REDS420421 - [029] Food Prices.mp3
REDS420428 - [030] Santa Monica.mp3
REDS420503 - [031] Rehearsal for May 5, 1942.mp3
REDS420505 - [031] How The Newspaper Affects People.mp3
REDS420510 - [031] Rehearsal for May 12, 1942.mp3
REDS420512 - [032] Circus Fun.mp3
REDS420519 - [033] Vacation Time.mp3
REDS420526 - [034] Impressing Others.mp3
REDS420531 - [035] Rehearsal for June 2, 1942.mp3
REDS420602 - [035] Taking A Walk.mp3
REDS420915 - [037] Swimming.mp3
REDS420920 - [038] Rehearsal for September 22, 1942.mp3
REDS420929 - [039] Visiting.mp3
REDS421006 - [040] Jobs.mp3
REDS421013 - [041] Hiding.mp3
REDS421020 - [042] Etiquette.mp3
REDS421025 - [043] Rehearsal for October 27, 1942.mp3
REDS421103 - [044] Football.mp3
REDS421110 - [045] Beauty Shop.mp3
REDS421117 - [046] Junior's Anniversary.mp3
REDS421124 - [047] Winter.mp3
REDS421201 - [048] Everything Happens To Me.mp3
REDS421208 - [049] Rationing.mp3
REDS421215 - [050] Shopping.mp3
REDS421229 - [052] Embarrassments.mp3
REDS430103 - [053] Rehearsal for January 5, 1943.mp3
REDS430126 - [056] Eavesdropping.mp3
REDS440201 - [096] Hotel Rooms.mp3
REDS440411 - [106] Candy Dipper.mp3
REDS440425 - [108] Life Under The Big Top.mp3
REDS440502 - [109] Traffic Problems.mp3
REDS440509 - [110] Swimming.mp3
REDS440516 - [111] Education.mp3
REDS440523 - [112] Dog Catcher.mp3
REDS440606 - [113] The D-Day Prayer.mp3
REDS451218 - [117] Housing Shortage.mp3
REDS451225 - [118] Christmas Trees.mp3
REDS460101 - [119] Bells and Resolutions.mp3
REDS460115 - [121] Local Department Stores.mp3
REDS460122 - [122] People Celebrating.mp3
REDS460129 - [123] Looking for Trouble.mp3
REDS460205 - [124] Hospital Capers.mp3
REDS460212 - [125] Meeting Strangers.mp3
REDS460219 - [126] Stray Animals.mp3
REDS460226 - [127] Telephones.mp3
REDS460305 - [128] Neighborhood Theater.mp3
REDS460319 - [130] The Traffic Is Terrific.mp3
REDS460326 - [131] Newspapers.mp3
REDS460402 - [132] Some People Just Won't Pay Their Debts.mp3
REDS460409 - [133] Postmen.mp3
REDS460416 - [134] Easy Money.mp3
REDS460423 - [135] Old Letters and Trouble.mp3
REDS460430 - [136] The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth.mp3
REDS460507 - [137] Firemen.mp3
REDS460521 - [139] It Pays to Look Well.mp3
REDS460528 - [140] People Who Hurt Others by Trying to Be.mp3
REDS460604 - [141] Vacation Time and Mad NBC Producers.mp3
REDS460910 - [142] Vacation Time, Volume II.mp3
REDS460917 - [143] Barbers.mp3
REDS461001 - [145] People Who Feel Unimportant.mp3
REDS461008 - [146] If You Have a Beef, Don't Air It, Eat It.mp3
REDS461105 - [150] Photography.mp3
REDS461119 - [152] Automobile Parking Troubles.mp3
REDS461126 - [153] People Who Give Dinners to Impress Friends.mp3
REDS461203 - [154] Railroads.mp3
REDS461210 - [155] People and Dogs.mp3
REDS461217 - [156] Department Stores.mp3
REDS461224 - [157] Christmas Stories.mp3
REDS461231 - [158] Old Man Winter.mp3
REDS46xxxx - Easy Money [480].mp3
REDS470107 - [159] Education and Schools.mp3
REDS470114 - [160] Dancing.mp3
REDS470128 - [162] Jealousy.mp3
REDS470204 - [163] Elevators.mp3
REDS470211 - [164] Taxi Cabs.mp3
REDS470225 - [166] Travel to Hawaii.mp3
REDS470325 - [170] Careless Driving.mp3
REDS470401 - [171] Traffic Court.mp3
REDS470408 - [172] Things We Never Knew About Buses.mp3
REDS470415 - [173] The New West.mp3
REDS470422 - [174] Battle with the NBC Censors.mp3
REDS470930 - [184] Life of a Fireman.mp3
REDS471021 - [187] Man with a Plan.mp3
REDS471028 - [188] The Haircut.mp3
REDS471104 - [189] Haircut, the Chapter 2.mp3
REDS471111 - [190] Haircut, the Chapter 3.mp3
REDS471118 - [191] Honky-Tonk Photographer.mp3
REDS471125 - [192] Radio Fanfares.mp3
REDS481008 - [xxx] Jrs Good Deed.mp3
REDS481015 - [xxx] Jrs Secret.mp3
REDS481022 - [xxx] Jrs Arsenal.mp3
REDS481105 - [xxx] Jr The Milkman.mp3
REDS481112 - [xxx] A GI Joes Memories.mp3
REDS490415 - [247] How Red Is At Home.mp3
REDS490429 - [249] Spring Cleaning.mp3
REDS490506 - [250] Mother's Day.mp3
REDS490513 - [251] Stray Dog.mp3
REDS491002 - [253] Going to the CBS Studio [First Show For CBS].mp3
REDS49xxxx - Clem Kadidlehopper Opens Show [448].mp3
REDS500108 - [267] Needs a Physical to Work for CBS.mp3
REDS500122 - [268] I Was Betrayed.mp3
REDS500129 - [269] Junior is Still Missing.mp3
REDS500205 - [270] A Day at the Races [480].mp3
REDS500219 - [273] Twinkle Toes Skelton.mp3
REDS500226 - [274] Dog Troubles.mp3
REDS5002xx - [xxx] Aftershow for February 19, 1950.mp3
REDS500305 - [275] Census Time Again.mp3
REDS500312 - [276] Tax Troubles.mp3
REDS500319 - [277] Town Hall Tax Meeting.mp3
REDS500326 - [278] Flying Saucers.mp3
REDS500402 - [279] Looking For Talent.mp3
REDS500409 - [280] Skunk Patrol's Easter Benefit Show.mp3
REDS500416 - [281] Going To The Beach.mp3
REDS500423 - [282] Driver's License.mp3
REDS500427 - [xxx] Mean Little Kid.mp3
REDS500430 - [283] Rod Is Late.mp3
REDS500507 - [284] Night Court.mp3
REDS500514 - [285] Mother's Day.mp3
REDS500521 - [286] New Neighbor.mp3
REDS500528 - [287] Losing Weight.mp3
REDS500604 - [288] Amateur Snapshot Contest.mp3
REDS500611 - [289] At The Country Club.mp3
REDS500925 - [xxx] Last Show of Season for Proctor & Gamble.mp3
REDS501001 - [xxx] Dated by Radio Spirits Not in Log.mp3
REDS501015 - [xxx] Dated by Radio Spirits Title Unknown.mp3
REDS501231 - [305] New Year's Puzzle.mp3
REDS510107 - [306] Higher Education.mp3
REDS510114 - [307] Three Cent Stamp.mp3
REDS510128 - [309] Big Business Venture.mp3
REDS510204 - [310] Helter Shelter.mp3
REDS510211 - [311] The Big Scare.mp3
REDS510218 - [312] I Caught the Devil Part 1.mp3
REDS510304 - [314] I Caught the Devil Part 2.mp3
REDS510311 - [315] The Devil Got Loose.mp3
REDS510318 - [316] The Sad Texan.mp3
REDS510401 - [318] Skelton vs Hospital.mp3
REDS510408 - [319] Town Social.mp3
REDS510422 - [321] McPug's Magic Gloves.mp3
REDS510429 - [322] Liberty Bell.mp3
REDS510506 - [323] The Devil Returns Part 1.mp3
REDS510513 - [324] The Devil Returns Part 2.mp3
REDS510603 - [327] Take Me Out to the Ball Game.mp3
REDS510610 - [328] Guardian Angel's Revolt.mp3
REDS510617 - [329] London Palladium or Bust.mp3
REDS510624 - [330] Flight to London.mp3
REDS511003 - [331] Vacations.mp3
REDS511010 - [332] Women Are Ruling the World.mp3
REDS511017 - [333] Fear.mp3
REDS511024 - [334] How to Make Enemies.mp3
REDS511031 - [335] Public Speaking.mp3
REDS511107 - [336] Job Hunting.mp3
REDS511114 - [337] Travel Is So Broadening.mp3
REDS511121 - [338] Things to Be Thankful For.mp3
REDS511128 - [339] People Who Owe Money.mp3
REDS511205 - [340] People Who Brag.mp3
REDS511212 - [341] Sunday Dinners.mp3
REDS511219 - [342] The Christmas Tree.mp3
REDS511226 - [343] Day After Christmas.mp3
REDS520102 - [344] Has Anyone Here Seen Willy.mp3
REDS520109 - [345] What Has Happened to Neighborhood Theaters.mp3
REDS520116 - [346] Dancing.mp3
REDS520123 - [347] To Park or Not to Park.mp3
REDS520130 - [348] Dogs.mp3
REDS520206 - [349] The Big Snow.mp3
REDS520213 - [350] Doctors and Hospitals.mp3
REDS520220 - [351] Doctors and Hospitals Part 2.mp3
REDS520227 - [352] Inventions.mp3
REDS520304 - [353] Hawaii.mp3
REDS520311 - [354] Barber Who Is Trying To Improve His Shop.mp3
REDS520319 - [355] The Circus.mp3
REDS520326 - [356] A Fellow Who Wants to Be Helpful.mp3
REDS520514 - [xxx] The New Deadeye.mp3
REDS520604 - [366] The Town Gossip.mp3
REDS520611 - [367] I Bought a Fighter.mp3
REDS520618 - [368] Cauliflower Fights Tonight.mp3
REDS520625 - [369] The Liberty Bell.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Air Mail Postage Up To 6 Cents [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Curt Massy Joins the Cast [286].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Dan McGrew [286].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Easter And Spring Cleaning [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Fathers Day And Hotels [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Fun At The Circus [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Party At Reds House [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Sailing And Ships [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Sleeping Sickness [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Sunday Driving And Cars [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - Swimming And Bathing Suits [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time - The Fights And Golf [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time [xx] Dog Catcher.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time [xx] Easter Spring Cleaning.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time [xx] Fashion.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Avalon Time [xx] Weather.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Best Radio Skits 1941 to 1953 - Mrs Fussy [204.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Fire Prevention [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Skelton Scrapebook of Satire - 01 [204].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Skelton Scrapebook of Satire - 02 [204].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Skelton Scrapebook of Satire - 03 [204].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Skelton Scrapebook of Satire - 04 [204].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Swindling Rackets w Ozzie & Harriett [000].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - The Little Boy and His Dog [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - The Pledge [390].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - Willie Lump Lump [230].mp3
REDSxxxxxx - [xx] Big Business Venturelong.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - [xx] Christmas Comes But OnceA Year.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - [xxx] Swindling Rackets.mp3
REDSxxxxxx - [xxx] Umpires and Baseball Fans.mp3

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