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Nightfall Old Time Radio Shows OTR OTRS 138 Episodes MP3 DVD-R

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Nightfall was a radio drama series produced and aired by CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. While primarily a supernatural/horror series, Nightfall featured some episodes in other genres, such...

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Nightfall was a radio drama series produced and aired by CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. While primarily a supernatural/horror series, Nightfall featured some episodes in other genres, such as science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and human drama. Some of Nightfall's episodes were so terrifying that the CBC registered numerous complaints and some affiliate stations dropped it. Despite this, the series went on to become one of the most popular shows in CBC Radio history[citation needed], running 100 episodes that featured a mix of original tales and adaptations of both classic and obscure short stories.

Includes 138 Episodes on this DVD-R:

Episodes Include:

NF800704 - Love and the Lonely One [218].mp3
NF800711 - The Monkey's Paw [081].mp3
NF800718 - Welcome to Homerville [218].mp3
NF800725 - Hands Off [081].mp3
NF800801 - The Telltale Heart [218].mp3
NF800808 - Late Special [081].mp3
NF800815 - Future Fear [218].mp3
NF800822 - How Did You Get My Name! [401].mp3
NF800829 - The Body Snatchers [218].mp3
NF800905 - The Willoughby Obsession [083].mp3
NF800912 - No Admittance No Exit [401].mp3
NF800919 - Wind Chill [083].mp3
NF800926 - The Repossession [218].mp3
NF801003 - The Stone Ship [401].mp3
NF801010 - Special Services [401].mp3
NF801017 - Buried Alive [401].mp3
NF801024 - Last Visit [218].mp3
NF801031 - Ringing The Changes [142].mp3
NF801107 - The Devil's Backbone [401].mp3
NF801114 - The Blood Countess1 [083].mp3
NF801121 - The Blood Countess2 [083].mp3
NF801127 - In The Eye Of The Beholder [168].mp3
NF801205 - Where Does News Come From [083].mp3
NF801219 - On Christmas Day in the Morning [408].mp3
NF801226 - Appetite of Mr Lucraft [314].mp3
NF810102 - Guest of Honor [248].mp3
NF810109 - A Shortwave Goodbye [400].mp3
NF810112 - Baby Doll [097].mp3
NF810116 - They Bite [248].mp3
NF810123 - Where Do We Go From Here [142].mp3
NF810130 - Welcome To Homerville [083].mp3
NF810206 - The Telltale Heart [400].mp3
NF810213 - Late Special [400].mp3
NF810220 - The Monkey's Paw [400].mp3
NF810227 - Wildcats [081].mp3
NF810306 - The Room [081].mp3
NF810313 - Wind Chill [400].mp3
NF810320 - Angel's Kiss [400].mp3
NF810327 - The Book Of Hell [142].mp3
NF810403 - Mkara [403].mp3
NF810410 - The Repossession [400].mp3
NF810417 - The Fatal Eggs [142].mp3
NF810424 - Where Does the News Come From [400].mp3
NF810501 - Breaking Point [168].mp3
NF810508 - Future Fear [400].mp3
NF810515 - All Nighter [400].mp3
NF810522 - Willoughby Obsession [400].mp3
NF811002 - Love and the Lonely One [413].mp3
NF811009 - The Body Snatchers [287].mp3
NF811016 - The Willoughby Obsession [431].mp3
NF811023 - No Admittance - No Exit [431].mp3
NF811030 - The Repossession [287].mp3
NF811106 - Wind Chill [287].mp3
NF811113 - Last Visit [407].mp3
NF811120 - Carmilla [142].mp3
NF811127 - In the Eye of the Beholder [288].mp3
NF811204 - Cemetary Stop [288].mp3
NF811211 - In the Name of the Father [287].mp3
NF811218 - Baby Doll [140].mp3
NF811225 - Appetite of Mr Lucraft [248].mp3
NF820101 - Reunion at the Victory Cafe [400].mp3
NF820108 - Gerald [314].mp3
NF820115 - Mindrift [400].mp3
NF820122 - Your Fortune In Twenty Words Or Less [168].mp3
NF820129 - Teddy [400].mp3
NF820205 - Child's Play [248].mp3
NF820212 - The Club of the Dead Men [401].mp3
NF820219 - The Thinking Room [314].mp3
NF820226 - The Porch Light [288].mp3
NF820305 - Volcano [400].mp3
NF820312 - The Monkey's Raincoat [400].mp3
NF820319 - From My Appointed Place Below [400].mp3
NF820326 - The Old Post Road [248].mp3
NF820402 - The Debt [142].mp3
NF820409 - Harris and the Mare [248].mp3
NF820416 - The Jogger [248].mp3
NF820423 - The Screaming Skull [248].mp3
NF820430 - Mr Agostino [400].mp3
NF820507 - The Road Runs to the Sea [400].mp3
NF820514 - The Maid's Bell [142].mp3
NF820521 - A Glimpse of Eternity [400].mp3
NF820528 - In the Eye of the Beholder [407].mp3
NF820604 - Beyond the Law [400].mp3
NF820611 - Turn of the Blood [400].mp3
NF820618 - Reverse Image [400].mp3
NF820625 - Tige O'kane and the Corpse [400].mp3
NF820702 - They Bite [400].mp3
NF820709 - Wildcats [287].mp3
NF820716 - Angel's Kiss [400].mp3
NF820723 - The Book of Hell [400].mp3
NF820730 - Mkara [400].mp3
NF820806 - The Thinking Room [142].mp3
NF820813 - Carmilla [400].mp3
NF820820 - Gerald [400].mp3
NF820827 - The Old Post Road [400].mp3
NF820903 - Last Visit [400].mp3
NF820910 - Where Do We Go from Here [400].mp3
NF820917 - The Repossession [400].mp3
NF820924 - The Telltale Heart [400].mp3
NF821001 - This One Will Kill You [400].mp3
NF821008 - Footsteps [400].mp3
NF821015 - Lifeline [400].mp3
NF821022 - The Tie That Binds [400].mp3
NF821029 - The Dentist [248].mp3
NF821105 - Assassin Game [400].mp3
NF821112 - Lazarus Rising [142].mp3
NF821119 - Young Goodman Brown [400].mp3
NF821126 - But, Oh! What Happened to to Hutchings [400].mp3
NF821203 - Daddy's Girl [400].mp3
NF821210 - Cruel Husband [400].mp3
NF821217 - The Signalman [400].mp3
NF821231 - Watching [400].mp3
NF830107 - The Strange Odyssey of Lenis Freed [401].mp3
NF830114 - Weather Station Four [400].mp3
NF830121 - Brides Of Olivera [097].mp3
NF830128 - The Contract [400].mp3
NF830204 - Beauty's Beast [081].mp3
NF830211 - Angel of Death [287].mp3
NF830218 - Semi-Detached [400].mp3
NF830225 - Glaze of Perfect Beauty [400].mp3
NF830304 - No Quarter [400].mp3
NF830311 - The Undertaker [400].mp3
NF830318 - Private Collection [400].mp3
NF830325 - The Hit [407].mp3
NF830401 - Walter's Dog [400].mp3
NF830408 - Safe in the Arms of Jesus [400].mp3
NF830415 - The Wedding [400].mp3
NF830422 - Hypnotized [400].mp3
NF830429 - After Sunset [142].mp3
NF830506 - Servants of Cerberys [400].mp3
NF830513 - Waters Under the Bridge [400].mp3
NF830520 - Fall of the Moondust Part 1 [400].mp3
NF830527 - Fall of the Moondust Part 2 [400].mp3
NF830603 - Fall of the Moondust Part 3 [400].mp3
NF830610 - The Chrysalids Part 1 [400].mp3
NF830617 - The Chrysalids Part 2 [400].mp3
NF830624 - The Chrysalids Part 3 [400].mp3
NFxxxxxx - Dark Side of the Mind - Not in Log [411].mp3


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Nightfall Old Time Radio Shows OTR OTRS 138 Episodes MP3 DVD-R

$ 5.95 USD