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Myrt and Marge Old Time Radio Shows 112 Episodes On MP3 CD - OTR World

Myrt and Marge Old Time Radio Shows 112 Episodes On MP3 CD

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Myrt and Marge Old Time Radio Shows 112 Episodes On MP3 CD - OTR World

Myrt and Marge Old Time Radio Shows 112 Episodes On MP3 CD

$ 6.95 USD

Myrt and Marge was an American radio serial broadcast November 2, 1931 – March 27, 1942, on CBS Radio and the Mutual Broadcasting System. It was created and written by its main star, actress Myrtle Vail.

Myrtle Vail thought of the idea while living in the Chicago area, after having spent several years as a vaudeville performer (often with her husband, George Damerel), basing it almost entirely on her own vaudeville experiences. She took the idea to the Wrigley chewing gum makers, who had yet to sponsor a radio show, naming her lead characters Myrtle Spear and Marge Minter (playing on the company's best-known gum), while casting herself as Myrtle and her real-life daughter Donna Damerel as Marge, with Myrt being the elder, experienced chorus girl taking young, inexperienced, and innocent Marge under her wing. (In the pilot, Marge was said to be Myrt's daughter.) Wrigley liked the idea and Myrt & Marge debuted in late 1931.

Check out our blog post for more about Myrt and Marge!

Includes 112 Episodes!

Episodes Included On This CD-R:

M&M311102 - [Aud] Story Of Two Chorus Dancers.mp3
M&M371227 - [xxx] Myrt Marge Plan To Open Theater.mp3
M&M390921 - [xxx] Jimmy Visits Marge.mp3
M&M460401 - [001] Myrt And Marge.mp3
M&M460402 - [002] Marge GetsA Job.mp3
M&M460403 - [003] Myrt Has Her First Fitting.mp3
M&M460404 - [004] Myrt Marge Eat At Mama Mias.mp3
M&M460405 - [005] Marges Brother Jimmy Shows Up.mp3
M&M460408 - [006] Marge Tells Myrt About Her Background.mp3
M&M460409 - [007] Myrt Helps Marge With Make-up.mp3
M&M460410 - [008] Opening Night.mp3
M&M460411 - [009] The Morning After.mp3
M&M460412 - [010] Marge Talks To Jimmy.mp3
M&M460415 - [011] Farewell Party For Anne.mp3
M&M460416 - [012] Marge Disappears.mp3
M&M460417 - [013] Marge Kidnapped By Houston Gang.mp3
M&M460418 - [014] Jack And Ray Lead Raid On The Red Rooster.mp3
M&M460419 - [015] Rescuing Marge.mp3
M&M460422 - [016] Marge Moves In With Myrt.mp3
M&M460423 - [017] Jimmy Going Home.mp3
M&M460424 - [018] Billie De Vers Raises Questions.mp3
M&M460425 - [019] Tabloid Picture Of Marge.mp3
M&M460426 - [020] Marge Dances In Place Of Marge.mp3
M&M460429 - [021] Ray Says He Loves Marge.mp3
M&M460430 - [022] Myrt Discovers That Ray Is Married.mp3
M&M460501 - [023] Ray Sends Roses To Myrt.mp3
M&M460502 - [024] Myrt And Marge Ignore Ray Play Gin Rummy.mp3
M&M460503 - [025] Ray Injured In Auto Crash.mp3
M&M460506 - [026] Myrt Learns About Mrs Hunt.mp3
M&M460507 - [027] Myrt Asks Jack To Arrange Adoption For Marge.mp3
M&M460508 - [028] Jack Investigates Marges Past.mp3
M&M460509 - [029] It Is Legally Possible For Marge To Be Adopted.mp3
M&M460510 - [030] Myrt ReceivesA Letter From Mrs. Hunt.mp3
M&M460513 - [031] Mrs Hunt Threatens To Sue Myrt.mp3
M&M460514 - [032] Myrt Meets With Ray.mp3
M&M460515 - [033] Marge Myrt Go Shopping.mp3
M&M460516 - [034] Sonny Darnell Proposes To Marge.mp3
M&M460517 - [035] Showdown Between Myrt Billie.mp3
M&M460520 - [036] Ray Leaves For Lake Placid.mp3
M&M460521 - [037] Jimmy Returns.mp3
M&M460522 - [038] Story Of Myrts Baby Girl.mp3
M&M460523 - [039] Minters Arrive To Sign Adoption Papers.mp3
M&M460524 - [040] Myrt Meets Gangster Harry Duffy.mp3
M&M460527 - [041] Ray Returns With His Wife.mp3
M&M460528 - [042] Myrt Dates Harry.mp3
M&M460529 - [043] Jack Kisses Myrt.mp3
M&M460530 - [044] Ray Trys To Make Up.mp3
M&M460531 - [045] Myrt Is Not Interested.mp3
M&M460603 - [046] Myrt Goes Out With Harry.mp3
M&M460604 - [047] Myrt Disappears.mp3
M&M460605 - [048] Myrt Held Captive.mp3
M&M460606 - [049] Harry Found Murdered.mp3
M&M460607 - [050] Myrt Re-appears.mp3
M&M460610 - [051] Myrt Tells Jack What Happened.mp3
M&M460611 - [052] Jimmy Is Frightened.mp3
M&M460612 - [053] Ray Threatens To Fire Myrt Marge.mp3
M&M460613 - [054] Duke SendsA Note.mp3
M&M460614 - [055] Myrt Marge Summond-mr Hayfields Off.mp3
M&M460617 - [056] Myrt Calls On Duke Sanfield.mp3
M&M460618 - [057] Two Gangsters Question Myrt Marge.mp3
M&M460619 - [058] Myrt And Marge Return To The Theater Late.mp3
M&M460620 - [059] Ray Hunt Fires Myrt.mp3
M&M460621 - [060] Jimmy Tells About His Involvement With The Duffy Murder.mp3
M&M460624 - [061] The Chick Chicks Refuse To Rehearse For Billy De Vere.mp3
M&M460625 - [062] Visit To The Russian Tea Room.mp3
M&M460626 - [063] Houstons Gang Discovers That Jimmy Is In Albany.mp3
M&M460627 - [064] Jimmy Captured By Gang But Escapes.mp3
M&M460628 - [065] Jimmys Hiding In The Basement.mp3
M&M460701 - [066] Jack Takes Jimmy To Police Headquarters.mp3
M&M460702 - [067] Jack SetsA Trap For The Gang.mp3
M&M460703 - [068] The Gangs Plans Have Been Foiled.mp3
M&M460704 - [069] Mr Sanfield Tells Myrt Hes Leaving For Mexico.mp3
M&M460705 - [070] Many Loose Ends Tied Up.mp3
M&M460710 - [073] Marge Gets Her Big Chance.mp3
M&M460711 - [074] Marge Replaces Vivian In Show.mp3
M&M460712 - [075] Marges Debut As The Butterfly.mp3
M&M460715 - [076] Man Looks For Agnes Hallon.mp3
M&M460716 - [077] Mr Hunt Asks Myrt About Agnes Hallon.mp3
M&M460717 - [078] Mrs Hunt Comes To Mr Hunts Office.mp3
M&M460718 - [079] Myrt Discovers Ray Hunts Body.mp3
M&M460719 - [080] Cast Crew Questioned.mp3
M&M460722 - [081] Myrt Is Questioned.mp3
M&M460723 - [082] Cast Discusses Crime.mp3
M&M460730 - [087] Captain Otoole Questions Myrt.mp3
M&M460731 - [088] Myrt Questioned About The Hunt Relationship.mp3
M&M460801 - [089] Jack Victor Questions Vivian.mp3
M&M460802 - [090] Clarence Plays Detective.mp3
M&M460805 - [091] Captain Otoole And Jack Re-enact The Crime.mp3
M&M460806 - [092] Jack Questions Mrs. Hunt.mp3
M&M460807 - [093] Capt. Otoole Questions.mp3
M&M460808 - [094] Otoole Accuses Myrt.mp3
M&M460809 - [095] The Button On Myrts Coat In Considered Evidence.mp3
M&M460812 - [096] Marge Admits Cutting And Re-sewing Button.mp3
M&M460813 - [097] Mrs. Hunts Alibi.mp3
M&M460814 - [098] Vivian Gets Alibi From Jimmy.mp3
M&M460815 - [099] Jack Is Taken Off The Case.mp3
M&M460816 - [100] Myrt Arrested For Murder.mp3
M&M460819 - [101] Marge Falls Onstage.mp3
M&M460911 - [118] Myrt Is Found Guilty Of Murder.mp3
M&M460912 - [119] Lawyer Asks To Set Aside Verdict.mp3
M&M460913 - [120] Mr Sanfield Testifies At Court Appearance.mp3
M&M460916 - [121] Loaded Gun Is Taken Away From Mr Sanfield.mp3
M&M460917 - [122] Sanfield Tells How He Killed Ray Hunt.mp3
M&M460918 - [123] Myrt Is Released.mp3
M&M460919 - [124] Jack Throws Cast Party.mp3
M&M460920 - [125] Myrt Given Feature Role.mp3
M&M460923 - [126] Marges Mother Goes Home.mp3
M&M460924 - [127] Duke Sanfield Tells Myrt He Loves.mp3
M&M460925 - [128] Billie Makes Up With Myrt.mp3
M&M460926 - [129] Saying Goodbyes And Leaving For Chicago.mp3
M&M460927 - [130] On The Road To Chicago.mp3
M&Mxxxxxx - [xxx] Operator Myrt & Marge.mp3

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