Home Minute Believe It Or Not Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 CD 416 Episodes

Minute Believe It Or Not Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 CD 416 Episodes

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Minute Believe It Or Not Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 CD 416 Episodes

Minute Believe It Or Not Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 CD 416 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
Several hundred of these One Minute shows Believe it or Not.

Includes 416 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

00.00.00 Ep001 Egyptian Shoe.mp3
00.00.00 Ep002 Cliff Railway.mp3
00.00.00 Ep003 Grave Robber.mp3
00.00.00 Ep004 Death's Head Moth.mp3
00.00.00 Ep005 Church Steeple.mp3
00.00.00 Ep006 Witch Doctor.mp3
00.00.00 Ep007 King's Reward.mp3
00.00.00 Ep008 Iron Man.mp3
00.00.00 Ep009 Engaged Only Once.mp3
00.00.00 Ep010 Bono The Dwarf.mp3
00.00.00 Ep011 Inhuman Monarch.mp3
00.00.00 Ep012 Lord Brooks.mp3
00.00.00 Ep013 Considerate Uncle.mp3
00.00.00 Ep014 Killed By Bashfulness.mp3
00.00.00 Ep015 Remarkable Woman.mp3
00.00.00 Ep016 Weaponless Duel.mp3
00.00.00 Ep017 Billy Dixon.mp3
00.00.00 Ep018 King Olaf.mp3
00.00.00 Ep019 Unusual Pony.mp3
00.00.00 Ep020 Never Bitten.mp3
00.00.00 Ep021 Empty Grave.mp3
00.00.00 Ep022 Thrifty Nephew.mp3
00.00.00 Ep023 Preston Hall.mp3
00.00.00 Ep024 Dunder Rock.mp3
00.00.00 Ep025 Exploding Casket.mp3
00.00.00 Ep026 Church Inspired By A Footstool.mp3
00.00.00 Ep027 Dancing Corpses.mp3
00.00.00 Ep028 Strange Vigil.mp3
00.00.00 Ep029 Man Of Letters.mp3
00.00.00 Ep030 When Will He Die.mp3
00.00.00 Ep031 World's Richest Heiress.mp3
00.00.00 Ep032 Greatest Lover.mp3
00.00.00 Ep033 Moon Gate.mp3
00.00.00 Ep034 King Of Punishment.mp3
00.00.00 Ep035 Town Clock.mp3
00.00.00 Ep036 19th Century Superman.mp3
00.00.00 Ep037 Ye Old Sun Inn.mp3
00.00.00 Ep038 Odd Place To Live.mp3
00.00.00 Ep039 Singing Sailors.mp3
00.00.00 Ep040 Fateful Phone Call.mp3
00.00.00 Ep041 Funny Election.mp3
00.00.00 Ep042 Act Of Courage.mp3
00.00.00 Ep043 Floating Christmas Present.mp3
00.00.00 Ep044 Fish Story.mp3
00.00.00 Ep045 Choosy Thief.mp3
00.00.00 Ep046 Strange President.mp3
00.00.00 Ep047 Strange Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep048 Unusual Temple.mp3
00.00.00 Ep049 Unusual Purchase.mp3
00.00.00 Ep050 Odd Way To Live.mp3
00.00.00 Ep051 Strange Death Wish.mp3
00.00.00 Ep052 Largest Clan In Scotland.mp3
00.00.00 Ep053 The Nervous Bulls.mp3
00.00.00 Ep054 The Oath That Came True.mp3
00.00.00 Ep055 Private Property.mp3
00.00.00 Ep056 Life In Chains.mp3
00.00.00 Ep057 Strange Sport.mp3
00.00.00 Ep058 Don't Turn Your Back On A Fight.mp3
00.00.00 Ep059 Odd Lady.mp3
00.00.00 Ep060 Prophesy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep061 To Catch A Thief.mp3
00.00.00 Ep062 No Robes.mp3
00.00.00 Ep063 Odd Sack Of Mail.mp3
00.00.00 Ep064 Mountian That's A City.mp3
00.00.00 Ep065 Prophesy Of Love.mp3
00.00.00 Ep066 Scotish Wife Killer.mp3
00.00.00 Ep067 About Face.mp3
00.00.00 Ep068 Smooth Operator.mp3
00.00.00 Ep069 Carry A Tune.mp3
00.00.00 Ep070 Man Of His Word.mp3
00.00.00 Ep071 The Vow.mp3
00.00.00 Ep072 Young Sailor.mp3
00.00.00 Ep073 Insane Schoolteacher.mp3
00.00.00 Ep074 Tell - Tale House.mp3
00.00.00 Ep075 Comedy Of Errors.mp3
00.00.00 Ep076 No Time To Write Books.mp3
00.00.00 Ep077 To Kill A Turtle.mp3
00.00.00 Ep078 Nut On Numbers.mp3
00.00.00 Ep079 Argument Led To War.mp3
00.00.00 Ep080 Sad Day For A Railroad.mp3
00.00.00 Ep081 Knight From Tennessee.mp3
00.00.00 Ep082 Fish That Disappeared.mp3
00.00.00 Ep083 Strange Marriage Ceremony.mp3
00.00.00 Ep084 Pink Lady.mp3
00.00.00 Ep085 Human Computer.mp3
00.00.00 Ep086 Strange Will.mp3
00.00.00 Ep087 Man Of God - Western Style.mp3
00.00.00 Ep088 Mama's Boy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep089 Cargo Of Bad Luck.mp3
00.00.00 Ep090 Boredom Costs A Foutune.mp3
00.00.00 Ep091 First Ice Man.mp3
00.00.00 Ep092 Longest Love Letter.mp3
00.00.00 Ep093 Fought Nature.mp3
00.00.00 Ep094 Blind Sightseer.mp3
00.00.00 Ep095 Poetic Justice.mp3
00.00.00 Ep096 Longest And Shortest Wedding In History.mp3
00.00.00 Ep097 Theory Of Child Education.mp3
00.00.00 Ep098 Perfumed House.mp3
00.00.00 Ep099 Hidden Treasure.mp3
00.00.00 Ep100 Work Of Art.mp3
00.00.00 Ep101 Self - Centered Man.mp3
00.00.00 Ep102 Fatal Family.mp3
00.00.00 Ep103 Strange Defense.mp3
00.00.00 Ep104 Machine Of Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep105 Church Disaster.mp3
00.00.00 Ep106 Builder Of Roads.mp3
00.00.00 Ep107 Physical Handicap.mp3
00.00.00 Ep108 Cruel Trick Of Nature.mp3
00.00.00 Ep109 Baby Commander.mp3
00.00.00 Ep110 Two Lives.mp3
00.00.00 Ep111 Killjoy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep112 Misplaced Building.mp3
00.00.00 Ep113 Great Talent.mp3
00.00.00 Ep114 Dream Came True.mp3
00.00.00 Ep115 Wedding Ceremony.mp3
00.00.00 Ep116 Free Criminal.mp3
00.00.00 Ep117 Hidden Treasure.mp3
00.00.00 Ep118 One Track Mind.mp3
00.00.00 Ep119 Woman's Hats.mp3
00.00.00 Ep120 Ink Blot Test.mp3
00.00.00 Ep121 Strange Oman.mp3
00.00.00 Ep122 Gog Betrays King.mp3
00.00.00 Ep123 Unlikely Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep124 Sleepy Head.mp3
00.00.00 Ep125 Fainting Pastor.mp3
00.00.00 Ep126 Church Beginnings.mp3
00.00.00 Ep127 Canadian Joan Of Arc.mp3
00.00.00 Ep128 Trick On Nappy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep129 Literary Award.mp3
00.00.00 Ep130 Prophesy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep131 True Romance.mp3
00.00.00 Ep132 Castle Of Warning.mp3
00.00.00 Ep133 Dress A Harem.mp3
00.00.00 Ep134 Modern Warfare.mp3
00.00.00 Ep135 Cheated Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep136 Patriot In Exile.mp3
00.00.00 Ep137 Never Grew Up.mp3
00.00.00 Ep138 Moonlighting Doctors.mp3
00.00.00 Ep139 Soldier Works Magic.mp3
00.00.00 Ep140 Greatest One Man Job.mp3
00.00.00 Ep141 Loyal Soldier.mp3
00.00.00 Ep142 Sight Of Terror.mp3
00.00.00 Ep143 Never Never Gate.mp3
00.00.00 Ep144 Unfacts.mp3
00.00.00 Ep145 Greatful Soldiers.mp3
00.00.00 Ep146 Courages Queen.mp3
00.00.00 Ep147 Shyest Women In The World.mp3
00.00.00 Ep148 Horrible Past.mp3
00.00.00 Ep149 Marriage Test.mp3
00.00.00 Ep150 Cow's Gold Teeth.mp3
00.00.00 Ep151 Makes A Point.mp3
00.00.00 Ep152 Home Sweet Home.mp3
00.00.00 Ep153 Water Drill.mp3
00.00.00 Ep154 Good Manners.mp3
00.00.00 Ep155 Hates Money.mp3
00.00.00 Ep156 Possessed By His Name (Missing Ending).mp3
00.00.00 Ep157 Toothache.mp3
00.00.00 Ep158 Up To Dade Church.mp3
00.00.00 Ep159 Last Reward.mp3
00.00.00 Ep160 Grearest Clothes Horse.mp3
00.00.00 Ep161 Strange Way To Die.mp3
00.00.00 Ep162 Living Library.mp3
00.00.00 Ep163 Useless Guard.mp3
00.00.00 Ep164 Costliest Tree.mp3
00.00.00 Ep165 Dark Secret.mp3
00.00.00 Ep166 Inherited His Own Fortune.mp3
00.00.00 Ep167 Opera Singer.mp3
00.00.00 Ep168 Nothing To Govern.mp3
00.00.00 Ep169 Man Who Couldn't Sleep.mp3
00.00.00 Ep170 Oldest Language.mp3
00.00.00 Ep171 Act Of Patriotism.mp3
00.00.00 Ep172 Condemned A River.mp3
00.00.00 Ep173 Game Of Chess.mp3
00.00.00 Ep174 Queen For A Day.mp3
00.00.00 Ep175 Couldn't Say No.mp3
00.00.00 Ep176 Bloody Oath.mp3
00.00.00 Ep177 Prayer Answered.mp3
00.00.00 Ep178 Great Talent.mp3
00.00.00 Ep179 Strange Criminal Code.mp3
00.00.00 Ep180 Strange Decision.mp3
00.00.00 Ep181 Prince's Cruelity.mp3
00.00.00 Ep182 Labor Of Love.mp3
00.00.00 Ep183 To Kill A Spy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep184 Fate.mp3
00.00.00 Ep185 Most Trusting Man.mp3
00.00.00 Ep186 Tragic Love Story.mp3
00.00.00 Ep187 Deathbed Wish.mp3
00.00.00 Ep188 Queen With Short Memory.mp3
00.00.00 Ep189 Ruler In Jail.mp3
00.00.00 Ep190 Debt Payed.mp3
00.00.00 Ep191 Greatest Nerve.mp3
00.00.00 Ep192 Experience In Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep193 Stone Cutter.mp3
00.00.00 Ep194 Ritual Of Pain.mp3
00.00.00 Ep195 Bar Bill.mp3
00.00.00 Ep196 Destined For Disaster.mp3
00.00.00 Ep197 Never Forgot.mp3
00.00.00 Ep198 Glimpse Of Life.mp3
00.00.00 Ep199 Attitude About Clothes.mp3
00.00.00 Ep200 Strange Army.mp3
00.00.00 Ep201 Not As Friends.mp3
00.00.00 Ep202 King Wanted To Be A Dancer.mp3
00.00.00 Ep203 Way Of Mourning.mp3
00.00.00 Ep204 Act Of Faith.mp3
00.00.00 Ep205 Overcame Handicap.mp3
00.00.00 Ep206 Vote Getter.mp3
00.00.00 Ep207 Showing Off New Husband.mp3
00.00.00 Ep208 Villiage That Murdered Itself.mp3
00.00.00 Ep209 Gage Of Railroads.mp3
00.00.00 Ep210 How The White House Got Its Name.mp3
00.00.00 Ep211 King That Rode Piggyback.mp3
00.00.00 Ep212 General's Secret.mp3
00.00.00 Ep213 How Many Happy Days.mp3
00.00.00 Ep214 Table Manners.mp3
00.00.00 Ep215 Typographical Error.mp3
00.00.00 Ep216 A Lifetime By 20.mp3
00.00.00 Ep217 Prolific Poet.mp3
00.00.00 Ep218 Island Made Of Soap.mp3
00.00.00 Ep219 Shook Hands With Foot.mp3
00.00.00 Ep220 Handkerchief Moody.mp3
00.00.00 Ep221 Unwritten Book.mp3
00.00.00 Ep222 Eternal Silance.mp3
00.00.00 Ep223 Ponderous Book.mp3
00.00.00 Ep224 Walk To Russia.mp3
00.00.00 Ep225 Most Distinguished Doctor.mp3
00.00.00 Ep226 Help Wanted Ad.mp3
00.00.00 Ep227 Holy Beach.mp3
00.00.00 Ep228 Most Expensive Dress.mp3
00.00.00 Ep229 Shell Had His Number.mp3
00.00.00 Ep230 Sock Escape.mp3
00.00.00 Ep231 Fish Tale.mp3
00.00.00 Ep232 Slept Through Term.mp3
00.00.00 Ep233 Costly Bombardment.mp3
00.00.00 Ep234 Before The Fact.mp3
00.00.00 Ep235 One Vote.mp3
00.00.00 Ep236 Real Cinderella Story.mp3
00.00.00 Ep237 Paid National Debt.mp3
00.00.00 Ep238 Discovered On A Camel.mp3
00.00.00 Ep239 Court Trial.mp3
00.00.00 Ep240 Lighthouse On Cotton.mp3
00.00.00 Ep241 Mystery Ship.mp3
00.00.00 Ep242 Priceles Barrel.mp3
00.00.00 Ep243 Saves His Brother's Life.mp3
00.00.00 Ep244 The Word Restaurant.mp3
00.00.00 Ep245 Hanging Judge.mp3
00.00.00 Ep246 Expensive Cab Ride.mp3
00.00.00 Ep247 Feat In Lifting.mp3
00.00.00 Ep248 Man In The Gold Mask.mp3
00.00.00 Ep249 Spectacular Walk.mp3
00.00.00 Ep250 Costliest Minute In History.mp3
00.00.00 Ep251 Motherhood.mp3
00.00.00 Ep252 Unconscious Bride.mp3
00.00.00 Ep253 Bald Headed Joke.mp3
00.00.00 Ep254 Soldier Of Fortune.mp3
00.00.00 Ep255 Thumbs Up.mp3
00.00.00 Ep256 King's Appetite.mp3
00.00.00 Ep257 19 Year Duel.mp3
00.00.00 Ep258 Secret Of The Sealed Book.mp3
00.00.00 Ep259 Well Paid Poet.mp3
00.00.00 Ep260 Strange Religious Celebration.mp3
00.00.00 Ep261 Book Treated Like A King.mp3
00.00.00 Ep262 Remarkable Memorial.mp3
00.00.00 Ep263 Strange Nuptials.mp3
00.00.00 Ep264 Stubbed His Toe On 10 Billion Dollars.mp3
00.00.00 Ep265 How California Got Its Name.mp3
00.00.00 Ep266 Cheese Won A Naval Battle.mp3
00.00.00 Ep267 Golden Mummy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep268 Oldest Song In The World.mp3
00.00.00 Ep269 First Man To Eat His Hat.mp3
00.00.00 Ep270 First President Of The Usa.mp3
00.00.00 Ep271 Whale Swallows Man.mp3
00.00.00 Ep272 Fire Destroys Bridge.mp3
00.00.00 Ep273 Living Tomb.mp3
00.00.00 Ep274 World's Worst Thug.mp3
00.00.00 Ep275 King David's Wealth.mp3
00.00.00 Ep276 Mystery House.mp3
00.00.00 Ep277 Strange Fish.mp3
00.00.00 Ep278 Bagpipes.mp3
00.00.00 Ep279 Manhatten.mp3
00.00.00 Ep280 Lot Of Lip.mp3
00.00.00 Ep281 Fell Out Of A Plane.mp3
00.00.00 Ep282 Too Much Land.mp3
00.00.00 Ep283 How The Tank Got Its Name.mp3
00.00.00 Ep284 Wedding At Knifepoint.mp3
00.00.00 Ep285 Bloody War.mp3
00.00.00 Ep286 Double Pay.mp3
00.00.00 Ep287 Butterfly.mp3
00.00.00 Ep288 Royal Wedding Target.mp3
00.00.00 Ep289 Ship Of The Dead.mp3
00.00.00 Ep290 Length Of True Love.mp3
00.00.00 Ep291 Dangerous Clams.mp3
00.00.00 Ep292 Small Fish.mp3
00.00.00 Ep293 Death News Item.mp3
00.00.00 Ep294 Thanksgiving Fast.mp3
00.00.00 Ep295 Deadly Stone.mp3
00.00.00 Ep296 Donkey's Mine.mp3
00.00.00 Ep297 Distance Runner.mp3
00.00.00 Ep298 Bullet Found Its Mark.mp3
00.00.00 Ep299 Invasion Of Normandy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep300 King Plenty.mp3
00.00.00 Ep301 Margin Of Defeat.mp3
00.00.00 Ep302 Convicted Of Murder.mp3
00.00.00 Ep303 Anniversary.mp3
00.00.00 Ep304 Whiskers Caused A War.mp3
00.00.00 Ep305 Human Lighthouse.mp3
00.00.00 Ep306 Big Reward.mp3
00.00.00 Ep307 Mad Tzar.mp3
00.00.00 Ep308 Strange Scrifice.mp3
00.00.00 Ep309 How Bridge Got Its Name.mp3
00.00.00 Ep310 Wasteful Man.mp3
00.00.00 Ep311 Shrieking Statue.mp3
00.00.00 Ep312 John Payne (Part).mp3
00.00.00 Ep313 Death Sentence.mp3
00.00.00 Ep314 Built A House.mp3
00.00.00 Ep315 Half A Cent Started A War.mp3
00.00.00 Ep316 Hangman's Noose.mp3
00.00.00 Ep317 Scare A Tree.mp3
00.00.00 Ep318 Not Very Popular In America.mp3
00.00.00 Ep319 Reduce Divorce Rate.mp3
00.00.00 Ep320 Dangerous Act.mp3
00.00.00 Ep321 Knew How To Live.mp3
00.00.00 Ep322 Weird Death Watch.mp3
00.00.00 Ep323 Tub Of Butter.mp3
00.00.00 Ep324 Life And Death Decision.mp3
00.00.00 Ep325 Jilted A King.mp3
00.00.00 Ep326 Smart Wig.mp3
00.00.00 Ep327 Human Top.mp3
00.00.00 Ep328 Milking A Cow.mp3
00.00.00 Ep329 Late Revenge.mp3
00.00.00 Ep330 Executed Four Times.mp3
00.00.00 Ep331 600 Eyebrows.mp3
00.00.00 Ep332 Wedding Ceremony.mp3
00.00.00 Ep333 Long Reign.mp3
00.00.00 Ep334 How Much Is A Million.mp3
00.00.00 Ep335 Treachery Of Kings.mp3
00.00.00 Ep336 Unusual Coincidence.mp3
00.00.00 Ep337 Don't Rely On Doves.mp3
00.00.00 Ep338 Unusual Incident.mp3
00.00.00 Ep339 Spectacles Of Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep340 Courage Of A Woman.mp3
00.00.00 Ep341 Tax Your Belief.mp3
00.00.00 Ep342 Nothing To Wear.mp3
00.00.00 Ep343 White Pigeons.mp3
00.00.00 Ep344 Kills With Gold.mp3
00.00.00 Ep345 Marriage Racket.mp3
00.00.00 Ep346 Ballet Star.mp3
00.00.00 Ep347 Soldier Painter.mp3
00.00.00 Ep348 Fortune For A Letter.mp3
00.00.00 Ep349 Game Of Chess.mp3
00.00.00 Ep350 Pit Of Fire.mp3
00.00.00 Ep351 Everlasting Mourning.mp3
00.00.00 Ep352 Name A Tower.mp3
00.00.00 Ep353 People Who Eat Under Water.mp3
00.00.00 Ep354 Castle Distroyed By A Kiss.mp3
00.00.00 Ep355 Silent Groom.mp3
00.00.00 Ep356 Cruel Prctical Joke.mp3
00.00.00 Ep357 Strange Rainfall.mp3
00.00.00 Ep358 For The Sake Of Art.mp3
00.00.00 Ep359 Cure For Blindness.mp3
00.00.00 Ep360 Emperor In Hot Water.mp3
00.00.00 Ep361 Flies Save A City.mp3
00.00.00 Ep362 First Love.mp3
00.00.00 Ep363 12 Year Old Girl.mp3
00.00.00 Ep364 Marriage Rite.mp3
00.00.00 Ep365 Animal Pack.mp3
00.00.00 Ep366 King Died A Begger.mp3
00.00.00 Ep367 Silly Statement.mp3
00.00.00 Ep368 Executed Because He Was Strong.mp3
00.00.00 Ep369 Weird Prophesy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep370 Nice Profit.mp3
00.00.00 Ep371 Saw Death In The Future.mp3
00.00.00 Ep372 Unusual Love Story.mp3
00.00.00 Ep373 Incredible Professor.mp3
00.00.00 Ep374 100 Crippled Daughters.mp3
00.00.00 Ep375 Shoemaker Becomes A King.mp3
00.00.00 Ep376 Golden Galley.mp3
00.00.00 Ep377 Mad Monarch's Revenge.mp3
00.00.00 Ep378 Killed Himself For His Regiment.mp3
00.00.00 Ep379 Hot Bath Makes A King.mp3
00.00.00 Ep380 Castle Owened By The Devil.mp3
00.00.00 Ep381 Strange Library.mp3
00.00.00 Ep382 Unusual Food Handlers.mp3
00.00.00 Ep383 Word Meanings.mp3
00.00.00 Ep384 Stroke Of Lightning.mp3
00.00.00 Ep385 Worth Her Weight In Gold.mp3
00.00.00 Ep386 Seductive Murderess.mp3
00.00.00 Ep387 Died Of Double - Trouble.mp3
00.00.00 Ep388 Indestructible Pilgrim.mp3
00.00.00 Ep389 Best Dressed Women.mp3
00.00.00 Ep390 Killed By A Prophesy.mp3
00.00.00 Ep391 Towed A Whale.mp3
00.00.00 Ep392 Victory Castle.mp3
00.00.00 Ep393 Waist More Then Height.mp3
00.00.00 Ep394 Deadly Gateposts.mp3
00.00.00 Ep395 Bridge Of Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep396 Man Bites Crock.mp3
00.00.00 Ep397 Well Of Death.mp3
00.00.00 Ep398 Strange Wound.mp3
00.00.00 Ep399 Home Run Show.mp3
00.00.00 Ep400 Corpse Stops A Mutiny.mp3
00.00.00 Ep401 Couldn't Change Fate.mp3
00.00.00 Ep402 Married His Wife.mp3
00.00.00 Ep403 Saw Husband Die Twice.mp3
00.00.00 Ep404 Crime Detection.mp3
00.00.00 Ep405 Strange Treasure Hunt.mp3
00.00.00 Ep406 Foundling.mp3
00.00.00 Ep407 Ruled By An Empty Chair.mp3
00.00.00 Ep408 His Own Wedding.mp3
00.00.00 Ep409 Lollypop Temple.mp3
00.00.00 Ep410 Tempted Fate.mp3
00.00.00 Ep411 House Of Unhappy Marriages.mp3
00.00.00 Ep412 Scorn Of An Angry Woman.mp3
00.00.00 Ep413 Eloborate Funeral.mp3
00.00.00 Ep414 Woman Invited Herself.mp3
00.00.00 Ep415 Never Too Late.mp3
00.00.00 Ep416 Turned Down A Gold Mine.mp3

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