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Men From The Ministry Old Time Radio Shows 119 Episodes On MP3 DVD

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The Men from the Ministry is a British radio comedy series broadcast by the BBC between 1962 and 1977, starring Wilfrid Hyde-White, Richard Murdoch and, from 1966, when he replaced Hyde-White, Deryck Guyler. Written and produced by Edward Taylor with contributions from John...

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The Men from the Ministry is a British radio comedy series broadcast by the BBC between 1962 and 1977, starring Wilfrid Hyde-White, Richard Murdoch and, from 1966, when he replaced Hyde-White, Deryck Guyler. Written and produced by Edward Taylor with contributions from John Graham, and with some early episodes written by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke, it ran for 13 series, totalling 145 half-hour episodes and two specials. A further 14 episodes were made by the BBC Transcription Service in 1980 but never broadcast in the UK, until 2012 on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Versions were made by Yle in Finland, Sveriges Radio (SR) in Sweden, and Springbok Radio in South Africa, where it was made into a feature-length film.

The series was about lazy, bungling, incompetent¬†civil servants, "Number One"¬†‚Äď Roland Hamilton-Jones (Wilfrid Hyde-White) and later Deryck Lennox-Brown (Deryck Guyler), "Number Two"¬†‚Äď Richard Lamb (Richard Murdoch), with their dim,¬†typo-prone, teenage¬†secretary, Mildred Murfin (Norma Ronald), all watched-over by the lecherous, pompous, self-seeking¬†Permanent Under-Secretary¬†Sir Gregory Pitkin (Roy Dotrice¬†and later¬†Ronald Baddiley), all members of the¬†British Civil Service¬†based in¬†Whitehall. The stories centered on their General Assistance Department (analogous to the "Department of Administrative Affairs" in the later¬†Yes Minister), which helps other governmental departments. Instead of assistance, the department creates mix-ups, misunderstandings and cock-ups that lead to a telling-off from Sir Gregory, who sees his 'hard earned' Civil Service career and¬†pension¬†disappearing.

In one 1960s episode, "The Big Rocket", General Assistance Department is put in charge of publicity for Britain's almost non-existent space programme. In another episode, "The Whitehall Castaways", Lennox-Brown, Lamb and Mildred row to an island in a lake in Regent's Park, General Assistance having been told to ensure the safety of a great bustard, a rare bird that is nesting there.

The characters are portrayed as inept, subject to greed, selfishness and incompetence. However, malice was never a factor and all the humour was light-hearted. There was also a little broad satire in many episodes. Later series tended to recycle older scripts, just people and places being changed.


Includes 119 Episodes!


MP3 Episodes On This DVD:


1962[1].11.06 s01e02 The Big Rocket (streamload).mp3
1962[1].11.20 s01e04 French Cricket (streamload).mp3
1962[1].11.27 s01e05 The War With The Isle of Wight (streamload).mp3
1962[1].12.04 s01e06 Moderately Important Person (streamload).mp3
1962[1].12.11 s01e07 The Rhubarb Pirates (streamload).mp3
1962[1].12.18 s01e08 A Matter of Form (streamload).mp3
1963[1].01.01 s01e10 The Spy In The Black Pinstripe (streamload).mp3
1963[1].01.08 s01e11 Island In The Sun (streamload).mp3
1965[1] 07.25 s01e01 - Pirates of Lakeview Rese (streamload).mp3
1965[1].08.01 s02e02 Something About A Soldier (streamload).mp3
1965[1].08.22 s02e05 The Man Who Made It Rain (streamload).mp3
1965[1].08.29 s02e06 Train Of Events (streamload).mp3
1965[1].09.05 s02e07 A Degrading Business (streamload).mp3
1965[1].09.12 s02e08 The Butcher Of Glensporran (streamload).mp3
1965[1].09.19 s02e09 Counter Spies (streamload).mp3
1965[1].09.26 s02e10 A Question of Dundancy (streamload).mp3
1965[1].10.03 s02e11 A Back Dated Problem (streamload).mp3
1965[1].10.10 s02e12 The Hole (streamload).mp3
1965[1].10.17 s02e13 The Day The Martians Came (streamload).mp3
1966[1].12.25 s03e03 The Post Office Pantomime (streamload).mp3
1967[1].01.01 s03e04 All at Sea (streamload).mp3
1967[1].01.08 s03e05 Bowler Hats And Machine Guns (streamload).mp3
1967[1].01.15 s03e06 On The Run (streamload).mp3
1967[1].01.22 s03e07 A Gift For Sir Gregory (streamload).mp3
1967[1].02-12 - Getting The Bird Series (streamload).mp3
1967[1].02.05 s03e09 Trouble in the Air (streamload).mp3
1967[1].02.26 s03e12 The Thing on the Beach (streamload).mp3
1967[1].03.05 s03e13 A Slight Case Of Demolition (streamload).mp3
1967[1].03.12 s03e14 The Fastest Ship in the World (streamload).mp3
1968[1].02-18 - The Battle Of The River (streamload).mp3
1968[1].02.25 s04e02 The Tubby Submarine (streamload).mp3
1968[1].03.03 s04e03 A Matter Of Breeding (streamload).mp3
1968[1].03.10 s04e04 The Great Showbiz Fiasco (streamload).mp3
1968[1].04.07 s04e08 The Fastest Brolly In The West (streamload).mp3
1968[1].04.14 s04e09 Lamb Takes A Gambol (streamload).mp3
1968[1].04.21 s04e10 Four Men In A Welington (streamload).mp3
1968[1].04.29 s04e11 Out Of This World (streamload).mp3
1968[1][1].03.24 s04e06 Waterway To Go (streamload).mp3
1969[1].03.25 s05e01 A Rotten System (streamload).mp3
1969[1].04.01 s05e02 A Brush With An Old Master (streamload).mp3
1969[1].04.08 s05e03 All Play & No Work (streamload).mp3
1969[1][1].04.15 s05e04 A Sticky Business (streamload).mp3
1970[1].06.30 s06e01 Bye Bye Mildred (streamload).mp3
1970[1].07.07 s06e02 Bare Necessities (streamload).mp3
1970[1].07.14 s06e03 Storm In A Tea-Urn (streamload).mp3
1970[1].07.21 s06e04 The Moving Target (streamload).mp3
1970[1].09.22 s06e13 Fair Exchange (streamload).mp3
1970[1].09.29 s06e14 Bill Stickers Is Innocent (streamload).mp3
1970[1][1].08.04 s06e06 The Bigger The Better (streamload).mp3
1971[1].01.29 s07e01 Rolling In It (streamload).mp3
1971[1].08.12 s07e03 Thoroughly Modern Ministry [-b] (strea.mp3
1971[1].08.19 s07e04 We All Make Mistakes (streamload).mp3
1971[1].08.26 s07e05 The Fool Proof Fool (streamload).mp3
1971[1].09.02 s07e06 Rotten to the Corps (streamload).mp3
1971[1].09.09 s07e07 Transatlantic Trouble (streamload).mp3
1971[1].09.23 s07e09 Just The Ticket (streamload).mp3
1972[1].07.11 s08e01 The Conference Trick (streamload).mp3
1972[1].07.25 s08e03 How Now Brown Cow (streamload).mp3
1972[1].08.01 s08e04 Sorry Wrong Number (streamload).mp3
1972[1].08.08 s08e05 The Desk Job (streamload).mp3
1972[1].08.15 s08e06 Fowl Play (streamload).mp3
1972[1].08.16 s08e07 Something Of Value (streamload).mp3
1972[1].08.29 s08e08 Taking Leave Of Their Census (streamload).mp3
1973[1].03.06 s09e01 Thats My Pigeon (streamload).mp3
1973[1].03.13 s09e02 Dont Let Them Needle You (streamload).mp3
1973[1].03.20 s09e03 Find The Lady (streamload).mp3
1973[1].03.27 s09e04 Bridge Under Troubled Waters (streamload).mp3
1973[1].04.03 s09e05 A Private Affair (streamload).mp3
1973[1].04.03 s09e05 A Private Affair v2 (streamload).mp3
1973[1].04.17 s09e07 Getting It Taped (streamload).mp3
1973[1].05.01 s09e09 The Export Caper (streamload).mp3
1973[1].05.02 s09e12 Monkey Business (streamload).mp3
1973[1].05.08 s09e10 Flushed With Success (streamload).mp3
1973[1].05.15 s09e11 Under The Weather (streamload).mp3
1973[1][1].04.24 s09e08 Safe and Unsound (streamload).mp3
1973[1][1].05.29 s09e13 Cheesed Off (streamload).mp3
1974[1].06.17 s10e01 Plane Madness (streamload).mp3
1974[1].06.24 s10e02 Vipers In The Bosom (streamload).mp3
1974[1].07.01 s10e03 Great Guns (streamload).mp3
1974[1].07.08 s10e04 I Want My Mummy (streamload).mp3
1974[1].07.22 s10e06 Ballet Nuisance (streamload).mp3
1974[1].07.29 s10e07 Sky High (streamload).mp3
1974[1].08.19 s10e09 Health And Deficency (streamload).mp3
1974[1].08.19 s10e10 Big Deal (streamload).mp3
1974[1].08.26 s10e11 They Fry By Night (streamload).mp3
1974[1].09.02 s10e12 In The Picture (streamload).mp3
1975[1].05.26 s11e01 Nothing But The Vest (streamload).mp3
1975[1].06.02 s11e02 That's My Baby (streamload).mp3
1975[1].06.16 s11e04 Torn To Shreds (streamload).mp3
1975[1].06.30 s11e06 This VAT And The Other (streamload).mp3
1975[1].07.07 s11e07 The Great Trouser Troubles (streamload).mp3
1975[1].07.14 s11e08 The Cabinet Crisis (streamload).mp3
1975[1].07.21 s11e09 Chain Reaction (streamload).mp3
1975[1].07.28 s11e10 All Change (streamload).mp3
1975[1].08.12 s11e12 A Sense Of Power (streamload).mp3
1975[1].08.18 s11e13 Postal Disorder (streamload).mp3
1976[1].06.23 s11e05 Wool Over Their Eyes (streamload).mp3
1976[1].07.06 s12e01 All Cisterns Go (streamload).mp3
1976[1].07.13 s12e02 A Problem Shared (streamload).mp3
1976[1].07.20 s12e03 The Whitehall Castaways (streamload).mp3
1976[1].07.27 s12e04 Off The Rails (streamload).mp3
1976[1].08.03 s12e05 Penny Wise (streamload).mp3
1976[1].08.10 s12e06 A Turn For The Nurse (streamload).mp3
1976[1].08.17 s12e07 Seal Of Office (streamload).mp3
1976[1].08.24 s12e08 Birmingham Is Revolting (streamload).mp3
1977[1].07.04 s13e01 Mission Inedible (streamload).mp3
1977[1].07.11 s13e02 Horse Play (streamload).mp3
1977[1].07.18 s13e03 The Big Big Ben Bungle (streamload).mp3
Men From The Ministry 621029 - [0101] Great Footwear Scandal.mp3
Men From The Ministry 621113 - [0103] Strictly For The Birds.mp3
Men From The Ministry 621120 - [0104] French Cricket.mp3
Men From The Ministry 621127 - [0105] War With The Isle Of Wight.mp3
Men From The Ministry 621204 - [0106] Moderately Important Perso.mp3
Men From The Ministry 621211 - [0107] The Rhubarb Pirates.mp3
Men From The Ministry 621218 - [0108] A Matter Of Form.mp3
Men From The Ministry 62xxxx - [xxx] To Be Determined [089].mp3
Men From The Ministry 630101 - [0110] Spy In The Black Pinstripe.mp3
Men From The Ministry 750630 - [1106] This, Vat and the Other.mp3
Men From The Ministry xxxxxx - [xxx] Larry the Lamb.mp3


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Men From The Ministry Old Time Radio Shows 119 Episodes On MP3 DVD

$ 5.95 USD