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Mark Trail Old Time Radio Shows On MP3 CD OTR OTRS 41 Episodes

Mark Trail Old Time Radio Shows On MP3 CD OTR OTRS 41 Episodes

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On January 30, 1950, Mutual Broadcasting System launched a radio adaptation, Mark Trail, featuring Matt Crowley in the title role. The 30-minute episodes aired three times weekly, and 174 episodes were produced, running until June 8, 1951. A second radio series, starring Staats Cotsworth, was broadcast on ABC beginning September 18, 1950, with 51 half-hour shows that ran thrice weekly until January, 1952. The series then switched to a 15-minute format, producing 125 episodes that aired weekdays through June 27, 1952. Only a handful of the 15-minute episodes are known to have survived.

Includes 41 Episodes On An MP3 CD-R!

MTRL500130 - The Lumber King of Timber Mountain [378].mp3
MTRL500201 - Polluted Waters [401].mp3
MTRL500203 - Satan and the Devil's Heard [417].mp3
MTRL500205 - Chief Lightfoot [416].mp3
MTRL500215 - Whisperfoot [416].mp3
MTRL500303 - Wildlife Acres [417].mp3
MTRL500306 - Vampires from the Deep [417].mp3
MTRL500308 - Killer That Strikes from the Sky [417].mp3
MTRL500317 - Rapids of  No Return [417].mp3
MTRL500320 - Rabid Foxes [417].mp3
MTRL500322 - Eyeglass Monster [417].mp3
MTRL500324 - Deluge [417].mp3
MTRL500327 - Terror of  Big Horn [417].mp3
MTRL500403 - Coyotes of the Sky [417].mp3
MTRL500417 - The Thumping Beaver.mp3
MTRL500419 - Miracle Man of Valley Junction.mp3
MTRL500424 - Thumping Beaver [417].mp3
MTRL500426 - Guardians of Tepee Rock [417].mp3
MTRL500510 - Mystery of the Missing Deer [417].mp3
MTRL500515 - Snake Hill Survey [417].mp3
MTRL500517 - Claws of the Killer Bear [417].mp3
MTRL500628 - Unknown Title.mp3
MTRL500922 - White Camel [417].mp3
MTRL500925 - Purse Strings of Danger [417].mp3
MTRL501006 - Highway of Terror [417].mp3
MTRL501009 - Monster of the Gulf [417].mp3
MTRL501011 - Forty-Year Freeze [417].mp3
MTRL501013 - Witch of Lost Forest [417].mp3
MTRL501016 - Strange Invitation of Death [417].mp3
MTRL501018 - Wings of the Vampire [417].mp3
MTRL501020 - Killers of Lost Forest [417].mp3
MTRL501023 - Sticks of Fear [417].mp3
MTRL501025 - Silver Sky [417].mp3
MTRL501027 - Avenging Arrow [417].mp3
MTRL501122 - Poisoned Turkey [480].mp3
MTRL501129 - The Hawk of Diamonds [480].mp3
MTRL511003 - Snowy Owl Bounty [417].mp3
MTRL511005 - Operation Eager Beaver [417].mp3
MTRL520620 - Mystery of Satin's Glade - Last Episode [417].mp3
MTRL520623 - Wolf Trap Part 1 [480].mp3



Country/Region of Manufacture : United States

Format : MP3 CD

Language : English

Length : Unabridged

Subject : Old Time Radio Shows

Topic : Horror

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