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Magic Island Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 199 Episodes

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Magic Island Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 199 Episodes

Magic Island Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 199 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
Magic Island was a syndicated serial that first aired sometime in 1936 and consisted of one hundred thirty 12-minute episodes. The storyline dealt with a wealthy woman and her search for her long lost daughter. She finds her on a man-made island that can submerge to avoid detection. The series was targeted for a juvenile audience and small children are the main focus of the story line.

Includes 199 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:
00.00.00 Ep101.mp3
00.00.00 Ep102.mp3
00.00.00 Ep103.mp3
00.00.00 Ep104.mp3
00.00.00 Ep105.mp3
00.00.00 Ep106.mp3
00.00.00 Ep107.mp3
00.00.00 Ep108.mp3
00.00.00 Ep109.mp3
00.00.00 Ep110.mp3
00.00.00 Ep111.mp3
00.00.00 Ep112.mp3
00.00.00 Ep113.mp3
00.00.00 Ep114.mp3
00.00.00 Ep115.mp3
00.00.00 Ep116.mp3
00.00.00 Ep117.mp3
00.00.00 Ep118.mp3
00.00.00 Ep119.mp3
00.00.00 Ep120.mp3
00.00.00 Ep121.mp3
00.00.00 Ep122.mp3
00.00.00 Ep123.mp3
00.00.00 Ep124.mp3
00.00.00 Ep125.mp3
00.00.00 Ep126.mp3
00.00.00 Ep127.mp3
00.00.00 Ep128.mp3
00.00.00 Ep129 G - 47isaprofessor.mp3
00.00.00 Ep130 Enrollingincollege.mp3
36.00.00 Ch. 101 - 105.mp3
36.00.00 Ch. 106 - 110.mp3
36.00.00 Ch. 111 - 115.mp3
36.00.00 Ch. 116 - 120.mp3
36.00.00 Ch. 121 - 125.mp3
36.00.00 Ep001 - 005.mp3
36.00.00 Ep006 - 010.mp3
36.00.00 Ep011 - 015.mp3
36.00.00 Ep016 - 020.mp3
36.00.00 Ep021 - 025.mp3
36.00.00 Ep026 - Magic Island Prepares To Submerge.mp3
36.00.00 Ep027 - Radio Signals Within The Island.mp3
36.00.00 Ep027.mp3
36.00.00 Ep028 - Joan And Jerry Board The Submarine.mp3
36.00.00 Ep028.mp3
36.00.00 Ep029 A Woman Commander.mp3
36.00.00 Ep029.mp3
36.00.00 Ep030 - Message To Johnson.mp3
36.00.00 Ep030.mp3
36.00.00 Ep031 Joan & Jerry Ray Gunned.mp3
36.00.00 Ep031.mp3
36.00.00 Ep032 Submarine Heads For Johnson's Ship.mp3
36.00.00 Ep032.mp3
36.00.00 Ep033 Submarine Surfaces To Meet Johnson's Ship.mp3
36.00.00 Ep033.mp3
36.00.00 Ep034 Johnson Speeds Away.mp3
36.00.00 Ep034.mp3
36.00.00 Ep035 Tex Contacts Johnson.mp3
36.00.00 Ep035.mp3
36.00.00 Ep036 - 040.mp3
36.00.00 Ep036.mp3
36.00.00 Ep037.mp3
36.00.00 Ep038.mp3
36.00.00 Ep039.mp3
36.00.00 Ep040.mp3
36.00.00 Ep041 - 045.mp3
36.00.00 Ep041.mp3
36.00.00 Ep042.mp3
36.00.00 Ep043.mp3
36.00.00 Ep044.mp3
36.00.00 Ep045.mp3
36.00.00 Ep046 - 050.mp3
36.00.00 Ep046.mp3
36.00.00 Ep047.mp3
36.00.00 Ep048.mp3
36.00.00 Ep049.mp3
36.00.00 Ep050.mp3
36.00.00 Ep051 Swim For The Boat.mp3
36.00.00 Ep051.mp3
36.00.00 Ep052 Island Sinks And A Successful Escape.mp3
36.00.00 Ep052.mp3
36.00.00 Ep053 Lighted Buoys Mark The Route.mp3
36.00.00 Ep053.mp3
36.00.00 Ep054 Out Of Fuel.mp3
36.00.00 Ep054.mp3
36.00.00 Ep055 Magic Island Sub Catches Up.mp3
36.00.00 Ep055.mp3
36.00.00 Ep056 Sub Tows The Yacht Back To Magic Island.mp3
36.00.00 Ep056.mp3
36.00.00 Ep057 Two Guards Knocked Out.mp3
36.00.00 Ep057.mp3
36.00.00 Ep058 In A Chamber 90' Underground.mp3
36.00.00 Ep058.mp3
36.00.00 Ep059 Island Gets Ready To Move.mp3
36.00.00 Ep059.mp3
36.00.00 Ep060 Chamber Filling With Water.mp3
36.00.00 Ep060.mp3
36.00.00 Ep061 Tex Is Ray Gunned.mp3
36.00.00 Ep061.mp3
36.00.00 Ep062 Safe For Three Days.mp3
36.00.00 Ep062.mp3
36.00.00 Ep063 Keystone Notes.mp3
36.00.00 Ep063.mp3
36.00.00 Ep064 Locked In Rooms.mp3
36.00.00 Ep064.mp3
36.00.00 Ep065 Reunited.mp3
36.00.00 Ep065.mp3
36.00.00 Ep066 Stealing A Sub.mp3
36.00.00 Ep066.mp3
36.00.00 Ep067 The Warning Signal.mp3
36.00.00 Ep067.mp3
36.00.00 Ep068 90 Second Intervals.mp3
36.00.00 Ep068.mp3
36.00.00 Ep069 Attacked From The Air.mp3
36.00.00 Ep069.mp3
36.00.00 Ep070 Sub Dives To 9000 Feet.mp3
36.00.00 Ep070.mp3
36.00.00 Ep071 10 Seconds For The Combination.mp3
36.00.00 Ep071.mp3
36.00.00 Ep072 Protection Around The Sub.mp3
36.00.00 Ep072.mp3
36.00.00 Ep073 Stern Section Dumped Off.mp3
36.00.00 Ep073.mp3
36.00.00 Ep074 Getting Seasick.mp3
36.00.00 Ep074.mp3
36.00.00 Ep075 Another Sub Follows.mp3
36.00.00 Ep075.mp3
36.00.00 Ep076 - 080.mp3
36.00.00 Ep076.mp3
36.00.00 Ep077.mp3
36.00.00 Ep078.mp3
36.00.00 Ep079.mp3
36.00.00 Ep080.mp3
36.00.00 Ep081 Joan And Jerry Stay Behind.mp3
36.00.00 Ep081.mp3
36.00.00 Ep082 Jerry Shows La To Joan.mp3
36.00.00 Ep082.mp3
36.00.00 Ep083 Someone's In The House.mp3
36.00.00 Ep083.mp3
36.00.00 Ep084 Smelling Smoke Alarms Everyone.mp3
36.00.00 Ep084.mp3
36.00.00 Ep085 Planning The Return.mp3
36.00.00 Ep085.mp3
36.00.00 Ep086 Joan Is Afraid.mp3
36.00.00 Ep086.mp3
36.00.00 Ep087 Sailing For The Magic Island.mp3
36.00.00 Ep087.mp3
36.00.00 Ep088 Joan Questions The Crew.mp3
36.00.00 Ep088.mp3
36.00.00 Ep089 A Large Bad Storm Causes Problems.mp3
36.00.00 Ep089.mp3
36.00.00 Ep090 Engineer Peterson Is Taken Prisoner.mp3
36.00.00 Ep090.mp3
36.00.00 Ep091 Ship Arives At The Magic Island.mp3
36.00.00 Ep091.mp3
36.00.00 Ep092 The Decent Into Modern Atlantis.mp3
36.00.00 Ep092.mp3
36.00.00 Ep093 Everyone Disappears.mp3
36.00.00 Ep093.mp3
36.00.00 Ep094 Questioned By G - 47.mp3
36.00.00 Ep094.mp3
36.00.00 Ep095 A Beautiful Apartment.mp3
36.00.00 Ep095.mp3
36.00.00 Ep096 The City Is Discovered.mp3
36.00.00 Ep096.mp3
36.00.00 Ep097 13 Large Cave Rooms.mp3
36.00.00 Ep097.mp3
36.00.00 Ep098 The Old Skipper Found Caring For Animals.mp3
36.00.00 Ep098.mp3
36.00.00 Ep099 Meeting Master Builder.mp3
36.00.00 Ep099.mp3
36.00.00 Ep100 Artificial Volcano Eruption.mp3
36.00.00 Ep100.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep001.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep002.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep003.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep004.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep005.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep006.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep007.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep008.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep009.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep010.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep011.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep012.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep013.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep014.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep015.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep016.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep017.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep018.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep019.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep020.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep021.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep022.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep023.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep024.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep025.mp3
36.xx.xx Ep026.mp3

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