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Lum & Abner OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On 2 DVD Set 1702 Episodes

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Lum & Abner OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On 2 DVD Set 1702 Episodes

Lum & Abner OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On 2 DVD Set 1702 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
Lum and Abner is The Adventures of two owners of The Jotem Down Store in the Town of Pine Ridge Arkansas. Lum and Abner were Broadcast from 1931 until 1954.
Includes 1702 Episodes!
Episodes On This DVD:
35.03.11 Allmerchandisegone.mp3
35.03.26 Buying Cheap Pair Of Glasses.mp3
35.03.28 Circus Big Business In Mena.mp3
35.04.02 Lumborrows200.mp3
35.04.03 Dicksmasheslumsglasses.mp3
35.04.04 Lumfallsinlovewithzenora.mp3
35.04.05 Lumtotellevalenaaboutleaving.mp3
35.04.08 Cashreceiptsstolen.mp3
35.04.09 Squireismainsuspect.mp3
35.04.10 Manysuspectsaroundcircusoffice.mp3
35.04.11 Moneydisappears.mp3
35.04.22 Lum&Abnerhavesoldcircus.mp3
35.04.23 Lum&Abnerreconcile.mp3
35.04.26 L&Atrytodisruptevalenasmarriage.mp3
35.04.29 Lumneedsringforevelena.mp3
35.05.06 Squirebuysengagementringfromlum.mp3
35.05.07 Lumgetschainletterfromdenverco.mp3
35.05.08 Lumwillstarthogchainletter.mp3
35.05.09 Placetokeephogsbecomesproblem.mp3
35.05.10 Dicktellsl&Alettersareillegal.mp3
35.05.13 Lumwantstostartanunchainletter.mp3
35.05.14 Dicksaysl&Achainlettermaybeok.mp3
35.05.15 Squirewilltakehogstochicago.mp3
35.05.16 Pineridgeshoulderectastatuetol&A.mp3
35.05.17 L&Adiscusstypeofstatuemonument.mp3
35.05.20 Lumgetscatalogfromstatuecompany.mp3
35.05.21 Lumordersstatuebasedonusgrant.mp3
35.05.22 Squirereturnswithmoneyfromhogs.mp3
35.05.23 L&Adiscussstoryofkingmidas.mp3
35.05.24 Disasterstrikesunveilingceremony.mp3
35.05.27 Noonehasseenllweekend.mp3
35.05.28 Lumwantstoopenapicturetheatre.mp3
35.05.29 L&Adiscussoperatingapictureshow.mp3
35.05.30 Lumdecidestoremodelwarehouse.mp3
35.05.31 Grandpaptoplaytheplayerpiano.mp3
35.06.03 L&Aargueovernamefortheirtheater.mp3
35.06.04 Pictureshowrunningintomoney.mp3
35.06.05 Squirewantstobeapartnerintheater.mp3
35.06.06 Worriesaboutsquireopeningtheater.mp3
35.06.07 Squireplansforcompetingtheater.mp3
35.06.10 L&Alosealltheirhiredhelptosquire.mp3
35.06.11 Dickhuddlestonhelpsfinishtheater.mp3
35.06.12 L&Awillhavefreematineeonfriday.mp3
35.06.14 Ladiesupliftleagueboycottsshow.mp3
35.06.17 Squirestheaterisillegal.mp3
35.06.18 Lumcantarrestsquire.mp3
35.06.19 Grandpap&Dickdemandsquiresarrest.mp3
35.06.20 Squirebecomesirateoverwarrant.mp3
35.06.21 Squiretriedinlumsjofpeacecourt.mp3
35.06.24 Squireinjuredinl&Astheater.mp3
35.06.25 L&Aapologizetosquire.mp3
35.06.26 Squiregoestoseealawyerinmena.mp3
35.06.27 Squiresuesl&Afordamages.mp3
35.06.28 Apologyincriminatingevidence.mp3
35.07.01 Abner&Grandpabreakintosquires.mp3
35.07.02 Abnerarrested.mp3
35.07.03 Lumreceivesvisitfromlawyer.mp3
35.07.04 L&Aandsquireareofftocourt.mp3
35.07.05 Squirelosestrial.mp3
35.07.08 Lumdecidestobecomealawyer.mp3
35.07.09 Whylawyerlumresigned.mp3
35.07.10 L&Aunsolvepartnrshipagain.mp3
35.07.11 Abnerhirescedrictobeclerkinstore.mp3
35.07.12 Abnerbelieveshesbeengyppedbylum.mp3
35.07.15 Lumstheaterburnstotheground.mp3
35.07.16 Lumhasnoinsurance.mp3
35.07.17 Bossabnermakeslumslifemiserable.mp3
35.07.18 Lumgoesintobusinesswithsquire.mp3
35.07.19 Lumisntsurejustwhatnewbusinessis.mp3
35.07.22 Lum&Squiresellsharesinsilvermine.mp3
35.07.23 Allpineridgeintohighsociety.mp3
35.07.24 L&Adiscussrulesofproperetiquette.mp3
35.07.25 Thefirstfamiliesofpineridge.mp3
35.07.26 Theycutdowntheoldpinetree.mp3
35.07.29 Abnerhatesbeinginhighsociety.mp3
35.07.30 Squire&Snakeplottocontrolstore.mp3
35.07.31 Abnersellsjotemdownstoretosnake.mp3
35.08.01 Hasabnermetwithfoulplay.mp3
35.08.02 Realreasonwhyabnerdisappered.mp3
35.08.05 Abnerbiggestsocietymanofall.mp3
35.08.06 Dickskepticalaboutworthofmine.mp3
35.08.07 Whoaredixiebelleandmaryjane.mp3
35.08.08 L&Atiredofbeinginhighsociety.mp3
35.08.09 Snakewontsellstorebacktol&A.mp3
35.08.12 L&Atobuildarollinggrocerystore.mp3
35.08.13 L&Arunacontesttonamerollingstore.mp3
35.08.14 Squirewantsinterestinnewstore.mp3
35.08.15 Howtogetstorefromblacksmithsshop.mp3
35.08.16 Abnergetsgroceriesoutthehardway.mp3
35.08.19 Backofstoreheavierthanfront.mp3
35.08.20 Squiregoestoarizonatosellmine.mp3
35.08.21 Storesfirstdayontheroad.mp3
35.08.22 Rollingstoremakesprofitof27cents.mp3
35.08.23 Endofcontesttonamegrocerystore.mp3
35.08.26 Squiregivescontrolofminetolum.mp3
35.08.27 Lumdoesntwanttoworkinstore.mp3
35.08.28 Lumdecidestobuytrailerforoffice.mp3
35.08.29 L&Adecidetosellsilvermine.mp3
35.08.30 Lynchmobsentafterlum.mp3
35.09.02 Lumhidesabnerinbarnloft.mp3
35.09.03 Stockholdersdemandmoneyback.mp3
35.09.04 Fakekidnappingsolumcanbeahero.mp3
35.09.05 L&Ablunderwaythroughkidnapping.mp3
35.09.06 Kidnappinghaswholetowninuproar.mp3
35.09.09 Trapsetforkidnappers.mp3
35.09.10 Storyofrescue.mp3
35.09.11 Storyofrescuegetsbiggerandbigger.mp3
35.09.12 Newspaperwantsarticle.mp3
35.09.13 Suggestionsaboutthemine.mp3
35.09.16 Strangerlookingforminepresident.mp3
35.09.17 rrested.mp3
35.09.18 Tryingtoraisebail.mp3
35.09.19 Sellingeverything.mp3
35.09.20 Squiremustbefound.mp3
35.09.23 Letterintecepted.mp3
35.09.24 Helpinglumpack.mp3
35.09.25 Warrantforsquire.mp3
35.09.26 Squirearrestedintulsa.mp3
35.09.27 Squirereturns.mp3
38.02.28 L&Aoperatemovingpicturecompany.mp3
38.03.02 Lumwritingscriptforwarmovie.mp3
38.03.04 Squiretheatricalagenttoeverybody.mp3
38.03.07 Squirethinksoilonabnersland.mp3
38.03.09 Squiremakesl&Athinkoilonland.mp3
38.03.11 Abner&Cedric - Volcanoesandearth.mp3
38.03.14 Movingpicturecompanydisbanded.mp3
38.03.16 Squiregivesmoneybacktoinvestors.mp3
38.03.18 Cedricfindsdinosaurboneinoilwell.mp3
38.03.21 Professorinterestedinl&Adinosaur.mp3
38.03.23 Abner&Grandpaptrytoassemblebones.mp3
38.03.25 Professorarrivestocheckskeleton.mp3
38.03.28 Cedricsellschancesonpunchcard.mp3
38.03.30 Abnerpretendstobesick.mp3
38.04.01 Lumexasperatedbyaprilfoolsjokes.mp3
38.04.04 L&Awillreopenmatrimonialbusiness.mp3
38.04.06 Lumwritesadformatrimonialbureau.mp3
38.04.08 L&Areceivefirstlettersforbureau.mp3
38.06.06 Lumthinksheinheritedlargeestate.mp3
38.06.08 Englishlawyersrequire500retainer.mp3
38.06.10 Lumsellshishalfofstoretosquire.mp3
38.06.13 Squirerenamesstore.mp3
38.06.15 Lummakesplansforhisoceanvoyage.mp3
38.06.17 L&A - Drivingtoenglandviasiberia.mp3
38.06.20 Lumwillleaveforenglandonjuly6th.mp3
38.06.22 Newmethodofcountingsheep.mp3
38.06.24 Squirewontsellgroceriesoncredit.mp3
38.06.27 Lumwantsabnertogotoenglandwithim.mp3
38.07.21 Luminenglandabnerinchicago.mp3
38.12.23 Christmasstory.mp3
39.03.10 L&Agivejackbennyhonorarydegree.mp3
40.01.10 Lumscaredaway.mp3
40.01.12 Luminmexico.mp3
40.02.02 Lossofwidder.mp3
40.02.07 Standinguptolizabeth.mp3
40.02.28 Women Gang Up On Lum.mp3
40.03.01 Big Election Held.mp3
40.03.11 Movie About Jotemdownstore.mp3
40.03.13 Movie To Be Shot At Pineridge.mp3
40.03.15 Squire Rents Store From L & A.mp3
40.03.18 Lum Learns Abner Renting Store.mp3
40.03.20 Movie Script Arrives.mp3
40.03.22 Lum Makes New Deal With Squire.mp3
41.08.25 L&Aoperatebank.mp3
41.08.26 Lumbuysbankguarduniform.mp3
41.09.30 Salesmanshipbookarrives.mp3
41.10.09 Newteachermissfredericks.mp3
41.10.10 Lumsbrokenleg.mp3
41.10.13 Collectaccidentinsurance.mp3
41.10.14 Troublewithdeception.mp3
41.10.16 Missfredericksdatingfrankfoster.mp3
41.10.27 Hinduprincealikusharrives.mp3
41.10.28 Plansforbigshowatschoolhouse.mp3
41.10.30 Princetoheallumsleg.mp3
41.11.18 Cedrictheliontamer.mp3
41.11.20 Thebasicsofliontaming.mp3
41.12.19 Lumtodinewithgussie.mp3
41.12.19 Snakeinthegrass.mp3
41.12.22 Itsaknockout.mp3
41.12.23 Mouseythatroared.mp3
41.12.26 Ironikeschallenge.mp3
41.12.29 Fightpromoterlum.mp3
41.12.30 Cedrickspillsthebeans.mp3
42.01.01 Squireskimpslowblow.mp3
42.01.02 Outcold.mp3
42.01.05 Mouseysdeclaration.mp3
42.01.06 Lumsruse.mp3
42.01.08 Abnertakesoverthestore.mp3
42.01.09 Abnerbetsthestore.mp3
42.01.22 Unclehenrylunsfordsjail.mp3
42.01.23 Lumtotryhimselfincourt.mp3
42.01.26 Lumsetshisownbail.mp3
42.01.27 Ownershippapertotrial.mp3
42.01.29 Judgedropscaseagainstlum.mp3
42.03.31 10000.mp3
43.07.12 Truthaboutwound.mp3
43.07.19 Willoldbluebedrafted.mp3
44.05.22 Phinusiscoming.mp3
44.08.08 Abner Entertains Prisoners.mp3
44.08.09 Abner Competes With Lum.mp3
44.08.10 Grandpap's Eviction Notice.mp3
44.08.14 Still Not Talking To Lum.mp3
44.08.15 Lum Traps B. J. Webster.mp3
44.08.16 B. J. Webster Arrested.mp3
44.08.22 Buying Dillard Farm.mp3
44.08.23 Mailing Christmas Packages.mp3
44.08.24 Helps Grandpap Move To Farm.mp3
44.08.28 Divert Creek To Property.mp3
44.08.29 Won't Have To Change Creek.mp3
44.08.30 Lum Accused Of Embezzlement.mp3
44.11.29 Cedric Reads Abner's Letter.mp3
44.11.30 Barbara Stanwyck, War Bonds.mp3
44.12.04 Abner And Hunger Strike.mp3
44.12.05 Discouraged With Strike.mp3
45.01.18 Contestarticle.mp3
45.01.22 Lumsang.mp3
45.01.23 Nurseshortage.mp3
45.10.22 Pineridgelosestooden.mp3
45.10.24 Sgtvwhartford.mp3
45.10.30 Explainingthebookkeeping.mp3
45.10.31 Tocollectunpaidbills.mp3
46.01.15 Abner Is Up To Something.mp3
46.01.16 Abner Is Packing A Pistol.mp3
46.01.28 Infuriates The Governer.mp3
46.01.29 Upset How City Is Run.mp3
46.03.13 1000th Broadcast Over The Keystone Network.mp3
46.03.14 Discuss New Lady Barber.mp3
46.06.27 Lumtosabotagerehersal.mp3
46.07.02 Operatemountainviewinn.mp3
47.01.07 Poorlittleoysters.mp3
47.01.08 Tippinggrandpap.mp3
47.01.09 Docstelegram.mp3
47.01.13 Lumburgersworldwide.mp3
47.01.14 Oystersmissing.mp3
47.02.05 Judgeofhumannature.mp3
47.04.14 Abnersshortwavereceiver.mp3
47.04.15 Transmittingtroubles.mp3
47.04.18 Special - Heres To Veterans #40.mp3
47.04.21 Lumsproposalforaradiostation.mp3
47.04.22 Fineartofnegotiation.mp3
47.04.23 Radioad.mp3
47.04.24 17thanniversary.mp3
47.04.28 Sellingtimeonradio.mp3
47.04.29 Bigbroadcast.mp3
47.04.30 Thankyoufortheinfo.mp3
47.05.01 Courtofhumanbeings.mp3
47.05.07 Radioratingssurvey.mp3
47.05.08 Queenforanhour.mp3
47.05.12 Widdersweddingplans.mp3
47.05.13 Lumfindsaloophole.mp3
47.05.14 Interviewwithconstablewithers.mp3
47.05.15 Peabodysplatterparade.mp3
47.05.19 Weddingrehersal.mp3
47.05.21 Didlummarrywiddertocedric.mp3
47.05.22 Widdergetsalawer.mp3
47.05.26 Nomorewidderproblems.mp3
48.07.21 Abner's Marriage License Lost Must Marry Lizabeth .mp3
48.07.22 Abner And Grandpap Remodel Tuxedo For Wedding.mp3
48.08.04 Lum Gets Carried Away..mp3
48.09.10 Everybody At Depot To See Abner Leave.mp3
48.10.03 Lum & Abner Are Having Trouble Paying Their Taxes.mp3
48.10.10 Mind Reader.mp3
48.10.17 Lum Fakes Broken Leg.mp3
48.10.24 Substitute Postmaster.mp3
48.10.31 Squire Talks Lum Into Taking Up Surrealist Paintin.mp3
48.11.07 Becomes Rodeo Cowboy.mp3
48.11.14 Abner, The Advice Giver.mp3
48.11.21 Rowenna Has Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
48.11.28 Birthday Present Problem.mp3
48.12.05 Trip To The Hospital.mp3
48.12.12 Lum's Elopement.mp3
48.12.19 Traditional Christmas Show.mp3
48.12.26 Exchanging A Paper Weight.mp3
49.01.02 Balancing The Books.mp3
49.01.09 Lum Wants To Buy A House.mp3
49.02.20 Raising Money To Go To Convention.mp3
49.02.27 Who Called Lum.mp3
49.03.06 Writing A Newspaper Column.mp3
49.03.13 Golden Fleece Finance.mp3
49.03.20 Abner's Advice Bureau.mp3
49.03.27 Successful Saleman.mp3
49.04.03 Lum's Insurance Co.mp3
49.04.10 Lum Tries To Buy A New House.mp3
49.11.16 Coming Out Party For Andy Devine (30).mp3
49.11.23 The Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
50.01.04 Lum Becomes Engaged To Elizabeth's Cousin Lydia.mp3
50.03.08 Lum Writes A Pageant Of History To Help School Kid.mp3
50.04.05 Reader's Digest Manuscript (30).mp3
50.04.12 Trying To Buy Property.mp3
50.04.19 Lum Wants To Sell His Interest In Store (30).mp3
50.04.26 Lum Needs Author For Literary Club (30).mp3
51.06.14 Jukebox Jamboree.mp3
54.01.06 Lum Thinks Town Has Forgotten Him They Haven't.mp3
54.01.07 Squire May Become Sales Promotion Mgr Of Store.mp3
54.02.15 Lum Will Open Farm And Raise Fishing Worms.mp3
54.02.16 Everyone Uses Worm Breeding Stock For Bait.mp3
54.02.17 Lum And Abner And Cedric Go Fishing For Moby Dick.mp3
54.02.18 Squire And Grandpap Play Chess.mp3
54.02.19 Lum Will Take Correspondence Course To Become Cpa.mp3
54.02.22 Everyone Gets Scholarship To Correspondence School.mp3
54.02.23 Lum Buys Old Truck At Auction.mp3
54.02.24 Everyone Frightened Of Voice Coming From Trunk.mp3
54.02.25 Lum And Abner Open Trunk Can't Believe Their Eyes.mp3
54.02.26 Lum And Abner Wonder What To Do With Trunk Full Of.mp3
54.03.01 Lum Getting Threatening Phone Calls And Hiding At .mp3
54.03.02 Abner Practices Signals To Protect Lum From Red X .mp3
54.03.03 Is Squire A Member Of Red X Gang.mp3
54.03.04 Lum Figures Out Truth About Gang And Squire.mp3
54.03.05 Items In Trunk Have Curse On Them.mp3
54.03.15 Lum Gives Brooch Back To Mrs Moots Trunk's Owner W.mp3
54.03.16 Mr Thorndyke Demands Brooch.mp3
54.03.17 Lum Must Get The Brooch Back.mp3
54.03.18 Lum Has A New Flame Penelope Priddle.mp3
54.03.19 Lum Accidentally Invents Mohawk Haircut.mp3
54.03.22 Everyone Wants Mohawk Haircut From Lum.mp3
54.03.23 Lum The Famous Inventor.mp3
54.03.24 Lum Returns From Barber Shop With Mohawk Haircut.mp3
54.03.25 Miss Priddle Thinks Lum Has A Twin Brother, Llewel.mp3
54.03.26 Lum Dates The Priddle Sisters As The Ed'ards Twins.mp3
54.03.29 Dating Twins Has Lum Worn To A Frazzle.mp3
54.03.30 Squire Gets Mose Moots To Cancel Lum's Debts.mp3

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