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Information Please Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On DVD 231 Episodes

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His choice for the all-important moderator of this intellectual sparring was Clifton Fadiman, (the once-literary editor at New York publishers Simon and Schuster.) An inveterate reader, he was known for syndicated...

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His choice for the all-important moderator of this intellectual sparring was Clifton Fadiman, (the once-literary editor at New York publishers Simon and Schuster.) An inveterate reader, he was known for syndicated book reviews and knowledge on a range of subjects. He turned out to be a perfect host - warm, witty and always ready to help the panel and guests feel comfortable. The other regulars were Franklin P. Adams, (columnist of the New York Herald Tribune), who knew as much about New York City and her social whirl as anyone. Raconteur, he was. Two other experts were on the panel, and their expertise formed the basis for many of the questions. Over the shows early run, the third chair was taken by John Kiernan, a sports columnist who could quote Shakespeare, spoke Latin, was as at home in the museums of the Big Apple as at its prize fights, and had a great native New York accent to boot. The final expert who became the fourth cog in the wheel Franklin Pierce Adams, panelistwas Oscar Levant, the Pittsburgh piano prodigy who came to Broadway early to play along side George Gershwin, and whose nervous mind moved as fast as his fingers.
Includes 231 Episodes!
Episodes On This DVD:
IP380517 - Harry Overstreet, Marcus Dufield [207].mp3
IP380607 - John Erskine, Bernard Jaffe, Marcus Duffield [207].mp3
IP380614 - Marc Connolly [172].mp3
IP380621 - Oscar Levant [172].mp3
IP380628 - Ist Female Carmel Snow And Marc Duffield [066].mp3
IP380705 - Levants First Show And Marc Duffield [066].mp3
IP380712 - Quincy Howe, George S Kaufman [172].mp3
IP380719 - Thomas Craven, Ben Hect [172].mp3
IP380726 - Oscar Levant, John Gunther [207].mp3
IP380802 - Moss Hart, Quincy Howe, George Kaufman [207].mp3
IP380809 - Alton Cook, Alice Dever Miller [207].mp3
IP380823 - Percy Waxman [207].mp3
IP380830 - Ben Hecht, Levant [165].mp3
IP380906 - Ben Bernie, Bernard Jaffee [165].mp3
IP380913 - Percy Waxman [207].mp3
IP380927 - Basil Rathbone, Sigmund Spaeth [207].mp3
IP381004 - Dorothy Thompson, William Bonnell [207].mp3
IP381011 - Dorothy Gish And Levant [136].mp3
IP381018 - Gene Tunney And Mark Duffield [058].mp3
IP381025 - Title Unknown [207].mp3
IP381101 - Oswald Jacoby And Mark Duffield [058].mp3
IP381115 - John Gunther [207].mp3
IP381129 - Kathleen Norris [207].mp3
IP381227 - William Lyon Phelps, Yale Professor [207].mp3
IP390103 - Cornelia Otis Skinner, Erwin Edgar [207].mp3
IP390110 - Alxender Wolcott [344].mp3
IP390117 - Hendrics William Van Lone, Ogden Nash.mp3
IP390124 - General Hugh Johnson [344].mp3
IP390131 - Gilbert Seldes, Elizabeth Hoare [394].mp3
IP390207 - University of Michigan Student - Myron Wallace [39.mp3
IP390214 - Russel Crause, Frank Sullivan [344].mp3
IP390221 - Moe Berg [344].mp3
IP390321 - John Gunther [344].mp3
IP390328 - Rex Stout Moss Hart [083].mp3
IP390411 - Deems Taylor, Marc Duffield [344].mp3
IP390418 - HV Kaltenborn [344].mp3
IP390425 - Arthur Crock, Alice Roosevelt Longworth [394].mp3
IP390516 - John P Marquand [344].mp3
IP390523 - Bernard Jaffe, Clarence Buddington Kellen [207].mp3
IP390530 - Stanley Walker [207].mp3
IP390613 - Helen Wills Moody [207].mp3
IP390620 - Gracie Allen, John Gunther [394].mp3
IP390627 - Wilber Cross [394].mp3
IP390704 - Lillian Gish, Marc Duffield [344].mp3
IP390711 - Elliott Roosevelt, Milton Cross [286].mp3
IP390718 - Clarence B Kellen, William Peavey [344].mp3
IP390725 - Maury Maverick [344].mp3
IP390801 - Russel Krause, James Kiernan [344].mp3
IP390822 - H Napier Moore [344].mp3
IP390829 - Rex Stout, Wilford Funk [394].mp3
IP390905 - Raymond Graham Swing [394].mp3
IP390912 - Alice Marble, Bernard Jaffe [397].mp3
IP390919 - P Cal Simms [397].mp3
IP390926 - Rex Stout, Carl Van Doren [397].mp3
IP391003 - Dean C Mildred Thompson of Vasser College [344].mp3
IP391010 - Christopher Morley, John T Flynn [344].mp3
IP391017 - Moe Berg [397].mp3
IP391024 - Deems Taylor, Louis Untermeyer [344].mp3
IP391031 - Carl Sandberg [397].mp3
IP391107 - Christopher Morley, Marcus Jacques [344].mp3
IP391114 - James Farley [344].mp3
IP391121 - Moe Berg, Jp Macelvoy [397].mp3
IP391205 - Deems Taylor, Henry Pringle [399].mp3
IP391212 - Walter B Pitkin [399].mp3
IP391219 - Christopher Morley, Albert Spaulding [344].mp3
IP391226 - Sir Cedric Hardwick [344].mp3
IP39xxxx - Howard Lindsey, Fred Allen [000].mp3
IP400102 - Carl Van Doren, Gloria Stewart [399].mp3
IP400820 - Walter Wanger [344].mp3
IP400827 - Christopher Morley, James Roosevelt [316].mp3
IP400903 - Henry Beedle Hough [399].mp3
IP400910 - Jan Struther, John Gunther [316].mp3
IP400917 - Otto Tallicious [344].mp3
IP400924 - Alva Johnson, Marc Connolly [316].mp3
IP401001 - Clair Boothe [317].mp3
IP401008 - Jan Struther, Louis Bromfield [399].mp3
IP401015 - Louis Hacker [344].mp3
IP401022 - Deems Taylor, Herbert Bayard Swope of the Waldorf .mp3
IP401022 - Deems Taylor, Herbert Bayard Swope of the Waldorf.mp3
IP401029 - John Mason Brown [344].mp3
IP401105 - Christopher Morley [344].mp3
IP401115 - Fred Allen [312].mp3
IP401122 - Warden Louis E Law, Deems Taylor [334].mp3
IP401129 - Leon Henderson [334].mp3
IP401206 - Elmer Rice, Jan Struther [334].mp3
IP401213 - Professor Ernest Albert Puton [334].mp3
IP401220 - Louis Bromfield, Herbert Marshall [334].mp3
IP401227 - Walter Edmonds [475].mp3
IP410103 - Deems Taylor, Vincent Sheehan [334].mp3
IP410110 - Judge James C Wallace, Kenneth Simpson [334].mp3
IP410117 - Owen Davis [334].mp3
IP410124 - Boris Karloff, Warden Lewis E Laws [334].mp3
IP410131 - Alexander Wollcott, S. J. Perleman [475].mp3
IP410207 - Jan Struther, Sir Wilmot Lewis [334].mp3
IP410214 - Deems Taylor, Dr Henry Noble Mccracken [334].mp3
IP410221 - Jo Davidson [334].mp3
IP410228 - John O'hara, Deems Taylor [334].mp3
IP410307 - Christopher Morley, Elmer F Slavin [334].mp3
IP410314 - Claude Wickard [334].mp3
IP410321 - Roland Young, Deems Taylor [334].mp3
IP410328 - Elsa Lanchester [334].mp3
IP410404 - John Gunther, Lymon Bryson [334].mp3
IP410411 - Philip Merrivale [334].mp3
IP410418 - Rex Stout, Henry Curran - Chief Magistrate [334].mp3
IP410425 - Paul Lukas [334].mp3
IP410502 - Donald Ogden Stuart [334].mp3
IP410509 - Gene Tunney [334].mp3
IP410516 - Frank Sullivan, Dick Maney [334].mp3
IP410523 - Third Anniversary Show [334].mp3
IP410530 - Cornelia Otis Skinner, Jan Struther [334].mp3
IP410606 - Sally Benson [334].mp3
IP410613 - William Tilden [334].mp3
IP410620 - Judge James Wallace, Governor Alfred E Smith [334].mp3
IP410627 - Alfred Hitchcock [334].mp3
IP410704 - John Gunther, Walter Durante [334].mp3
IP410711 - Mary Boland [334].mp3
IP410801 - Lymon Bason And Dr H R McCracken [058].mp3
IP410808 - Larry McPhail [058].mp3
IP410815 - Russell Crouse Deems Taylor [058].mp3
IP410905 - Deems Taylor [334].mp3
IP410912 - Louis Bromfield, Margarite Leach [334].mp3
IP410919 - Stephen Vincent Bonet [334].mp3
IP410926 - Sir Thomas Beecham, Jan Struther [334].mp3
IP411003 - Lefty Gomez, Mayor Fiorellio Laguardia [334].mp3
IP411017 - Fred Allen - Levant [137].mp3
IP411024 - CS Forester, Russell Krause [334].mp3
IP411031 - Groucho Marx - Deems Taylor - Xtalk [137].mp3
IP411107 - Mary Boland and Levant [058].mp3
IP411121 - Cornelia Otis Skinner [334].mp3
IP411128 - Drew Person, Robert Allen [334].mp3
IP411205 - Edna Ferber, Deems Taylor [334].mp3
IP411212 - Dr George N Shuster [334].mp3
IP411219 - Jan Struther, Joseph E Davies [334].mp3
IP411226 - John Gunther [334].mp3
IP420116 - Paul Galico, Russell Krause [334].mp3
IP420123 - Alexander Wolcott, Deems Taylor [334].mp3
IP420206 - Ruth Hussey, Christopher Morley [334].mp3
IP420220 - Boris Karloff, John Carradine [334].mp3
IP420227 - Emil Ludwig [334].mp3
IP420306 - Julian Huxley, Jan Struther [334].mp3
IP420320 - John Carradine, Sir Thomas Beecham [334].mp3
IP420327 - Wallace R Dual [334].mp3
IP420417 - Grantland Rice [334].mp3
IP420508 - Margaret Webster, Richard Manney - Fragment [334].mp3
IP420522 - Roland Young, Deems Taylor [207].mp3
IP420529 - Wallace R Dual [207].mp3
IP420619 - Cornelia Otis Skinner, Christopher Morley [207].mp3
IP420710 - Hi Philips, Deems Taylor [207].mp3
IP420717 - Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr [207].mp3
IP420724 - Paul Gallico, Arthur Garfield Hayes [207].mp3
IP420807 - Ned Sparks, Russell Krause [207].mp3
IP420814 - Dr Mildred Mccaulfie [207].mp3
IP420821 - Leon Henderson, Raymond Clapper [207].mp3
IP420828 - Quinzy Howe and Levant [058].mp3
IP420904 - C S Forrester - Jan Struther [066].mp3
IP420911 - Alva Johnson [207].mp3
IP420918 - Orson Welles and Christopher Morley [198].mp3
IP420925 - Leon Henderson [207].mp3
IP421002 - Robert St John, Deems Taylor [207].mp3
IP421009 - Gregory Rattoff And Levant [058].mp3
IP421030 - Carl Sandburg, Christopher Morley [207].mp3
IP421106 - Hanson W Baldwin [207].mp3
IP421120 - Louie Bromfield [207].mp3
IP421127 - Leon Henderson, Wilma Lord Henderson [399].mp3
IP421204 - Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, Governor Leverett Sa.mp3
IP421211 - William L Shirer, Christopher Morley [207].mp3
IP421218 - Ilka Chase [207].mp3
IP421225 - James Wallace, Leon Henderson [207].mp3
IP430101 - Gregory Ratoff [207].mp3
IP430108 - Will Rogers, Jr [207].mp3
IP430115 - Charles Coburn, Deems Taylor [207].mp3
IP430122 - Alfred Hitchcock [207].mp3
IP430129 - Emily Kimbrough, Cornelia Otis Skinner [207].mp3
IP430205 - Jan Struther [400].mp3
IP430215 - Fred Allen [207].mp3
IP430301 - Will Rogers, Jr [207].mp3
IP430308 - Gregory Ratoff [207].mp3
IP430315 - Jan Struther [207].mp3
IP430329 - Colonel Carlos Romules [207].mp3
IP430405 - Cornelia Otis Skinner, Jan Struther [207].mp3
IP430412 - Hartford Wendell Wilkie And Levant [066].mp3
IP430419 - Ford Frick, Grantland Rice [207].mp3
IP430426 - Leon Henderson [207].mp3
IP430510 - George V Denny, Jr [207].mp3
IP430517 - Boris Karloff, Jan Struther [409].mp3
IP430524 - Ethel Barrymore, Richard Manney [409].mp3
IP430531 - Sir Thomas Beecham [400].mp3
IP430607 - Marsha Davenport, Deems Taylor [400].mp3
IP430614 - George Saunders [400].mp3
IP430621 - Dr C Mildred Thompson, Christopher Morley [344].mp3
IP430628 - Walter Youst [344].mp3
IP430712 - Jan Struther [344].mp3
IP430913 - Marsha Davenport, Deems Taylor [344].mp3
IP430920 - Clair Booth Luce [400].mp3
IP430927 - James W Fullbright [402].mp3
IP431004 - Red Barber, Bill Stern [344].mp3
IP431011 - Donald Colruth Seedy, Dr William Beedy [400].mp3
IP431018 - Marsha Davenport [344].mp3
IP431025 - Richard Lockridge, John Mason Brown [344].mp3
IP431101 - Bette Smith [344].mp3
IP431108 - Senator Lester Hill, Senator Joseph Ball [344].mp3
IP431115 - Gregory Ratoff [344].mp3
IP431122 - Moss Hart-Russell Crouse [136].mp3
IP431129 - Artur Rubinstein Levant [136].mp3
IP431206 - Louis Brown, Sinclair Lewis [400].mp3
IP431213 - Quincy Howe, Dr Ts Choong [344].mp3
IP431220 - Jesse Stewart, Oscar Levant [344].mp3
IP431227 - Leon Henderson, Jan Struther [344].mp3
IP440103 - Louis Bromfield [402].mp3
IP440110 - Christopher Morley, Rep John F Coffee [402].mp3
IP440117 - John P Marquand [344].mp3
IP440124 - Elizabeth Janeway, Deems Taylor [344].mp3
IP440228 - Franchot Tone [402].mp3
IP440320 - Senator Alban Barcley, Senator Theodore Green [402.mp3
IP440424 - Irene Dunne.mp3
IP440508 - Elizabeth Janeway, Jan Struther.mp3
IP440612 - Admiral Emory Land.mp3
IP440911 - Alexander Knox, Jan Struther [402].mp3
IP441023 - Arturo Rubenstein, Louis Brown [344].mp3
IP441106 - Christopher Morley, Will Durant [344].mp3
IP441127 - Leonard Bernstein, Gregory Ratoff.mp3
IP441218 - John Mason Brown, Robert Cushman Murphy.mp3
IP441225 - Fred Allen, James Wallace [402].mp3
IP450129 - Jan Struther, Russell Krause [406].mp3
IP450205 - Clifton Webb, Moss Hart [344].mp3
IP450212 - Faith Baldwin, Fred Allen [406].mp3
IP450219 - John Gunther, Gregory Ratoff [344].mp3
IP450226 - Lt Col Edward Eagan, Christopher Morley.mp3
IP451015 - Alec Templeton, William Primrose.mp3
IP480130 - Helen Traubel, Lauritz Melchior.mp3
IP500723 - Fred Allen [475].mp3
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Information Please Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On DVD 231 Episodes

$ 5.95 USD