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Gunsmoke Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD William Conrad 449 Episodes

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Gunsmoke Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD William Conrad 449 Episodes

Gunsmoke Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD William Conrad 449 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD
Gunsmoke first aired on the CBS network on April 26, 1952, billed as the first adult western. It was set in Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870's. 

The main character, Matt Dillon, was played by William Conrad. On August 6, 1951, William Conrad played the lead in a show entitled "Pagosa" in the series Romance, where he played the part of a reluctant sheriff in a tough Western town. Although not a true audition, Conrad's character role is very close the that of Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke. It was one of the "stepping stones" toward the production of Gunsmoke.

Includes 509 Episodes!
Some Of The MP3 Episodes On This DVD:
GS490611 - [Aud1] Matt Dillon GoesTo Gouge Eye [129].mp3
GS490713 - [Aud2] Matt Dillion Goes to Gouge Eye [129].mp3
GS520426 - Billy the Kid [129].mp3
GS520510 - Jalsicoe Pete [129].mp3
GS520517 - Dodge City Killer [234].mp3
GS520524 - Ben Slade's Saloon [129].mp3
GS520531 - Carmen [129].mp3
GS520607 - Buffalo Hunters [129].mp3
GS520614 - Jailbait Janet [198].mp3
GS520705 - Never Pester Chester [129].mp3
GS520712 - The Boughten Bride [129].mp3
GS520719 - Doc Holiday [129].mp3
GS520726 - Gentleman's Disagreement [129].mp3
GS520802 - Renegade White [129].mp3
GS520809 - The Kentucky Tolmans [129].mp3
GS520816 - The Lynching [129].mp3
GS520823 - Shakespeare [129].mp3
GS520830 - The Juniper Tree [129].mp3
GS520906 - The Brothers [129].mp3
GS520913 - Home Surgery [129].mp3
GS520920 - Drop Dead [310].mp3
GS520927 - The Railroad [079].mp3
GS521003 - Cain [129].mp3
GS521010 - Hinka-Do [129].mp3
GS521017 - Lochinvar [129].mp3
GS521024 - The Mortgage [129].mp3
GS521027 - The Railroad [Rehearsal] [129].mp3
GS521031 - Overland Express [129].mp3
GS521107 - Tara [129].mp3
GS521114 - The Square Triangle [129].mp3
GS521121 - Fingered [129].mp3
GS521129 - Kitty [129].mp3
GS521206 - I Don't Know [129].mp3
GS521213 - Post Martin [129].mp3
GS521220 - Christmas Story [000].mp3
GS521227 - The Cabin [129].mp3
GS530103 - Westbound [129].mp3
GS530110 - Word of Honor [129].mp3
GS530117 - Paid Killer [129].mp3
GS530124 - The Old Lady [129].mp3
GS530131 - Cavalcade [129].mp3
GS530207 - Cain [337].mp3
GS530214 - The Round-Up [129].mp3
GS530221 - Meshougah [129].mp3
GS530228 - Trojan War [129].mp3
GS530307 - Absolom [129].mp3
GS530314 - Cyclone [129].mp3
GS530321 - Pussy Cats [129].mp3
GS530327 - Blood Money [111].mp3
GS530328 - Quarter-Horse [129].mp3
GS530404 - Jayhawkers [129].mp3
GS530411 - Gonif [129].mp3
GS530418 - Bum's Rush [129].mp3
GS530425 - The Soldier [129].mp3
GS530502 - Tacetta [129].mp3
GS530509 - The Buffalo Hunter [129].mp3
GS530516 - The Big Con [129].mp3
GS530523 - Print Asper [129].mp3
GS530530 - Fall Semester [129].mp3
GS530606 - Sundown [129].mp3
GS530613 - Spring Term [129].mp3
GS530616 - Big Con [002].mp3
GS530620 - Wind [129].mp3
GS530627 - Flashback [129].mp3
GS530704 - Dirt [129].mp3
GS530711 - Grass [129].mp3
GS530718 - Wild West [129].mp3
GS530725 - Hickok [129].mp3
GS530801 - Boy [129].mp3
GS530808 - Sky [129].mp3
GS530815 - Moon [129].mp3
GS530822 - Gone Straight [129].mp3
GS530829 - Jesse [129].mp3
GS530905 - The Sutler [129].mp3
GS530912 - Prairie Happy [129].mp3
GS530919 - There Was Never a Horse [129].mp3
GS530926 - Fawn [129].mp3
GS531003 - How to Kill a Friend [129].mp3
GS531010 - How to Die for Nothing [129].mp3
GS531017 - Yorky [129].mp3
GS531024 - The Buffalo Hunter [168].mp3
GS531031 - How to Kill a Woman [129].mp3
GS531107 - Stolen Horses [129].mp3
GS531114 - Professor Lute Bone [129].mp3
GS531121 - Custer [130].mp3
GS531128 - Kick Me [130].mp3
GS531205 - The Lamb [130].mp3
GS531212 - The Cast [130].mp3
GS531219 - Big Girl Lost [130].mp3
GS531226 - The Guitar [130].mp3
GS540102 - Stage Hold-Up [130].mp3
GS540109 - Joke's On Us [130].mp3
GS540116 - The Bear [130].mp3
GS540123 - Nina [130].mp3
GS540130 - Gun Smuggler [130].mp3
GS540206 - Big Broad [130].mp3
GS540213 - The Killer [130].mp3
GS540220 - Last Fling [130].mp3
GS540227 - Bad Boy [130].mp3
GS540306 - The Gentleman [130].mp3
GS540313 - Confederate Money [130].mp3
GS540320 - Old Friend [130].mp3
GS540327 - Blood Money [130].mp3
GS540403 - Mr and Mrs Amber [130].mp3
GS540410 - Greater Love [130].mp3
GS540417 - What the Whisky Drummer Heard [130].mp3
GS540424 - Murder Warrant [130].mp3
GS540501 - Cara [130].mp3
GS540504 - Cover-Up - Rehearsal [394].mp3
GS540505 - Going Bad - Rehearsal [401].mp3
GS540508 - The Constable [130].mp3
GS540515 - The Indian Horse [130].mp3
GS540522 - Monopoly [130].mp3
GS540529 - Feud [130].mp3
GS540605 - Blacksmith [130].mp3
GS540612 - Cover-Up [130].mp3
GS540619 - Going Bad [130].mp3
GS540626 - Claustrophobia [130].mp3
GS540703 - Word Of Honor [130].mp3
GS540705 - Hack Prine [130].mp3
GS540712 - Texas Cowboys [130].mp3
GS540719 - The Queue [130].mp3
GS540726 - Matt for Murder [130].mp3
GS540802 - No Indians [130].mp3
GS540809 - Joe Phy [130].mp3
GS540816 - Mavis Mccloud [130].mp3
GS540823 - Young Man With a Gun [130].mp3
GS540830 - Obie Tater [130].mp3
GS540906 - The Handcuffs [130].mp3
GS540913 - Dooley Surrenders [130].mp3
GS540920 - The F.U. [130].mp3
GS540927 - The Helping Hand [080].mp3
GS541002 - Matt Gets It [130].mp3
GS541009 - Love of a Good Woman [130].mp3
GS541016 - Kitty Caught [130].mp3
GS541023 - Ma Tennis [130].mp3
GS541030 - The Patsy [130].mp3
GS541106 - Smoking Out the Beedles [130].mp3
GS541113 - Wrong Man [130].mp3
GS541120 - How to Kill a Woman [311].mp3
GS541127 - Cooter [130].mp3
GS541204 - Cholera [130].mp3
GS541211 - Bone Hunters [130].mp3
GS541218 - Magnus Proudfoot [130].mp3
GS541225 - Kitty Lost [130].mp3
GS550101 - Bottle Man [130].mp3
GS550108 - Robin Hood [130].mp3
GS550115 - Chester's Murder [130].mp3
GS550116 - Trouble In Kansas [002].mp3
GS550122 - Sins of Our Fathers [130].mp3
GS550129 - Young Love [130].mp3
GS550205 - Cheyennes [130].mp3
GS550212 - Chester's Hanging [130].mp3
GS550219 - Poor Pearl [130].mp3
GS550226 - Crack-Up [130].mp3
GS550305 - Kitty's Reward [130].mp3
GS550312 - The Trial [130].mp3
GS550319 - The Mistake [130].mp3
GS550326 - The Horse Deal [130].mp3
GS550402 - Bloody Hands [130].mp3
GS550409 - Skid Row [130].mp3
GS550416 - The Gypsum Hills Feud [130].mp3
GS550423 - Born to Hang [130].mp3
GS550430 - Reward for Matt [130].mp3
GS550507 - Potato Road [130].mp3
GS550514 - Robber Bridegroom [130].mp3
GS550521 - Liar from Blackhawk [130].mp3
GS550528 - Cow Doctor [130].mp3
GS550604 - Jealousy [130].mp3
GS550611 - Trust [131].mp3
GS550618 - Reed Survives [131].mp3
GS550625 - The Army Trial [131].mp3
GS550702 - General Parsley Smith [002].mp3
GS550709 - Uncle Oliver [131].mp3
GS550716 - 20-20 [131].mp3
GS550723 - Ben Tolliver's Stud [131].mp3
GS550730 - Tap Day for Kitty [131].mp3
GS550806 - Innocent Broad [131].mp3
GS550813 - Johnny Reb [131].mp3
GS550820 - Indian Scout [131].mp3
GS550827 - Doc Quits [131].mp3
GS550903 - Change of Heart [131].mp3
GS550910 - Alarm At Pleasant Valley [131].mp3
GS550917 - Thoroughbreds [131].mp3
GS550924 - Indian White [131].mp3
GS551001 - Barton Boy [131].mp3
GS551008 - Good Girl-Bad Company [131].mp3
GS551009 - The Coward [131].mp3
GS551016 - Trouble In Kansas [131].mp3
GS551023 - Brush at Elkader [131].mp3
GS551030 - The Choice [131].mp3
GS551106 - The Second Choice [131].mp3
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