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Fred Allen Show OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 DVD-R 299 Episodes

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Fred Allen Show OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 DVD-R 299 Episodes

Fred Allen Show OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 DVD-R 299 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD

Fred Allen (born John Florence Sullivan on May 31, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, died March 17, 1956 in New York City) was an American comedian whose absurdest, pointed radio show (1934-1949) made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the so-called classic era of American radio. 

His best-remembered gag may be his long-running mock feud with friend and fellow comedian Jack Benny. Allen has been considered one of the more accomplished, daring and relevant humorists of his time. A master ad libber, he constantly battled censorship and developed routines the style and substance of which influenced future comic talents. Perhaps more than any of his generation, Fred Allen wielded influence that outlived both his contemporaries and the medium that made him famous.   
 Includes 299 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

FA321225 - Mammoth Department Store [158].mp3
FA330108 - Wide Awake Detective Agency (Partial).mp3
FA330122 - The Court of Judge Allen [158].mp3
FA330123 - Linit Bathclub Revue [050].mp3
FA331020 - Inspector Allen Solves Spinach Problems.mp3
FA340117 - Bedlam University.mp3
FA340124 - Trustee Meeting.mp3
FA340131 - Bedlam Amusement Agency.mp3
FA340207 - Bedlam Amusement Agency Revisited.mp3
FA340214 - Bedlam Penitentiary.mp3
FA340221 - Bedlam Penitentiary Revisited.mp3
FA340307 - Mechanical Robot.mp3
FA340314 - Sideshow.mp3
FA340321 - Judge Allen's Cut Rate Court.mp3
FA340328 - Stamping Out Crime.mp3
FA340404 - Circus Has Arrived.mp3
FA340411 - Spring Has Arrived.mp3
FA340418 - To Buy or Not Buy a Toupee.mp3
FA340425 - Bedlam Department Store.mp3
FA340502 - Bedlamville Needs Funds.mp3
FA350626 - Last Show of the Season.mp3
FA351002 - Once an Amateur [390].mp3
FA351016 - Who Killed Kirk Reuben.mp3
FA351106 - The Wild Women of the Wilderness or He was her Mate and her Lyonnaise Potato.mp3
FA351127 - Voopie on the Volga or They Drank and Drank Until they Borscht.mp3
FA351204 - Amateur Show.mp3
FA351211 - Uncle Tom's Hot Spot or It Might be Hammy But it Ain't Porgy.mp3
FA351225 - Department Store Santa.mp3
FA360101 - Murder at the Microphone.mp3
FA360115 - 1st Half Home on the Range [174].mp3
FA360122 - Amateur Show - One Long Pan [206].mp3
FA360129 - Lord Falconbeak's Dilemma.mp3
FA360205 - Amateur Show.mp3
FA360219 - The Fatal Shot.mp3
FA360304 - Murder Backstage.mp3
FA360311 - Colonel Culpeper's Plight.mp3
FA360325 - The Studio's Dilemma.mp3
FA360408 - Hortense's Dilemma.mp3
FA360415 - Sandy's Crime.mp3
FA360422 - The Lost Vice President.mp3
FA360429 - The Slogan.mp3
FA360520 - The Comedian's Plight.mp3
FA360527 - Trombone Annie.mp3
FA360603 - Murder in the Chop House.mp3
FA360610 - Welcome Stranger.mp3
FA360617 - Stoopnagel And Budd.mp3
FA360923 - Buck Rogers In The TwentyFifth Century.mp3
FA360930 - Gangbusters.mp3
FA361007 - Who Killed Rappaport [206].mp3
FA361014 - Will She Come Out.mp3
FA361021 - Murder At Cupcake County.mp3
FA361104 - Studio Strategy.mp3
FA361118 - The Great Dane Mystery.mp3
FA361125 - The Egg Baron.mp3
FA361202 - The Prodigal Daughter's Return.mp3
FA361209 - The Community Sing.mp3
FA361216 - The Million Dollar Smile.mp3
FA361223 - Ambrose Smith, Department Store Santa.mp3
FA370310 - One Long Pan And The Cruise Ship Mystery [058].mp3
FA370317 - St Patrick's Day Show [390].mp3
FA371222 - Santa Will Not Ride Tonight [268].mp3
FA371229 - The Great Swimming Pool Mystery.mp3
FA380323 - High Wide and Homely.mp3
FA380413 - The Hotel Mystery.mp3
FA380420 - Scoop Allen Comes Through.mp3
FA380427 - The True Story of Your Hero.mp3
FA380504 - Who Killed the Hula Hula Dancer.mp3
FA380518 - The House That Jack Built [048].mp3
FA380525 - Who Stole the Favorite [178].mp3
FA380608 - Satire on Songwriters [179].mp3
FA380622 - Telephone Weddings [390].mp3
FA381102 - November, Month Of Harvest And Thanksgiving.mp3
FA381109 - If I Were Too.mp3
FA381116 - The Bank's Dilemma.mp3
FA381207 - Hillbilly Justice (1).mp3
FA381214 - Santa Claus (2).mp3
FA390222 - Subway Murals [380].mp3
FA390322 - Murder at Madison Square [390].mp3
FA390405 - The Studio's Plight.mp3
FA390621 - Cap'n Andy's Riverboat [048].mp3
FA391004 - The Search for Dr Livingston [390].mp3
FA391011 - Bert Lahr - Satire On Surveys [049].mp3
FA391025 - Guest Billy Rose [107].mp3
FA391108 - The Doughnut Master [107].mp3
FA391227 - Dr Allen Clinic [158].mp3
FA400131 - Joe Louis [050].mp3
FA400207 - Political Amateur Hour.mp3
FA400214 - The Visibility Was Poor, But The Pilot Could See His Finish.mp3
FA400221 - The Missing Cat.mp3
FA400228 - Life at the South Pole [390].mp3
FA400320 - An Eagle Escapes Into The Audience [049].mp3
FA400327 - Guest T Hee - Reaction To Eagle Escape [165].mp3
FA400403 - Empire State Bldg Window Cleaner [460].mp3
FA400410 - The Crisis In The Central Park Zoo.mp3
FA400417 - From Nipper To Nobody.mp3
FA400424 - No Official Title [179].mp3
FA400501 - Information Tease.mp3
FA400508 - Jack Boyle Hillbilly Court [057].mp3
FA400522 - The Curse of Ra.mp3
FA400529 - Death Takes A Pretzel Baron.mp3
FA400605 - The Senator's Dilemma.mp3
FA400612 - Hillbilly Skit [179].mp3
FA400619 - Jack Benny Interview.mp3
FA400626 - Us, The People Speak.mp3
FA401002 - Grab It Or Leave It.mp3
FA401009 - The Sea Buzzard.mp3
FA401016 - Death Takes A Boniface.mp3
FA401106 - The Story Of Bramson Snide.mp3
FA401113 - Mountain Justice.mp3
FA401120 - The Eagle Is Back.mp3
FA401127 - The Great Department Store Dilemma.mp3
FA401204 - Death Comes To The Mystery Story Writer.mp3
FA401211 - The Dentist's Plight.mp3
FA401218 - Fred Plays Santa [453].mp3
FA401225 - Otto Hottendorf.mp3
FA410101 - Amateur of the Month [460].mp3
FA410108 - All Is Not Gold That Glitters [460].mp3
FA410109 - All Is Not Gold That Glitters (West Coast 410108).mp3
FA410115 - The Specialist's Quandry [460].mp3
FA410116 - The Specialist's Quandary (West Coast 410115).mp3
FA410122 - They Almost Junked the Junket [372].mp3
FA410123 - They Almost Junked the Junket (West Coast 410122).mp3
FA410129 - A Stay-At-Home Cruise [460].mp3
FA410130 - A StayAtHome Cruise (West Coast 41-01-29).mp3
FA410205 - No Official Title [179].mp3
FA410206 - Mountain Justice (West Coast 410205).mp3
FA410212 - Chief Nee Da Beh - Indian Guide [372].mp3
FA410213 - Truth or Subsequences (West Coast 410212).mp3
FA410219 - 'Lindy' Lindemann, Restauranteur [219].mp3
FA410220 - Milk (West Coast 410219).mp3
FA410226 - Western Union [460].mp3
FA410227 - Western Union (West Coast 410226).mp3
FA410305 - Little Red Riding Hood [057].mp3
FA410306 - Little Red Riding Hood (West Coast 410305).mp3
FA410312 - Philanda Blank [050].mp3
FA410313 - Philinda Blank, My Story (West Coast 410312).mp3
FA410319 - Nicotine Alley [050].mp3
FA410320 - Nicotine Alley (West Coast 410319).mp3
FA410326 - The Wedlock Society [090].mp3
FA410402 - One Long Pan Solves Charlie Chan's Murder [090].mp3
FA410403 - One Long Pan Takes a Chance (West Coast 410402).mp3
FA410409 - Shortcut to a Nervous Breakdown.mp3
FA410416 - Title Unknown [221].mp3
FA410417 - Sleep (West Coast 410416).mp3
FA410423 - The Great American Pastime [050].mp3
FA410424 - Radio, the Great American Pastime (West Coast 410423).mp3
FA410501 - The Baritone's Plight (West Coast 410430).mp3
FA410507 - Tribute to Jack with Amos 'n Andy [460].mp3
FA410508 - Jack Benny's 10th Anniversary (West Coast 410507).mp3
FA410514 - Rhyme Doesn't Pay.mp3
FA410515 - Rhyme Doesn't Pay (West Coast 410514).mp3
FA410521 - What's Wrong with Radio.mp3
FA410528 - The Great Studio Economy Wave.mp3
FA410604 - One Long Pan, Ghost to Ghost Network.mp3
FA410605 - One Long Pan, Ghost to Ghost Network (West Coast 410604).mp3
FA410611 - The Saga of the Great American Drugstore.mp3
FA410612 - The Saga of the Great American Drugstore (West Coast 410611).mp3
FA410618 - Fred Allen, Thomas Dewey [000].mp3
FA410625 - The Hour of Good Intentions.mp3
FA411112 - Havoc in the Auto Factory.mp3
FA411113 - Havoc in the Auto Factory (West Coast 411112).mp3
FA411119 - Death Comes to Barnegie Hall.mp3
FA411120 - Death Comes to Barnegie Hall (West Coast 411119).mp3
FA411126 - Mob Breakers.mp3
FA411127 - Mob Breakers (West Coast 411126).mp3
FA411203 - How Clean Is My Alley.mp3
FA411204 - How Clean Is My Alley (West Coast 411203).mp3
FA411210 - Texaco Star Theater [090].mp3
FA420225 - Death at King Tut's Tomb.mp3
FA420308 - Maurice Evans - The Life Of Fred Allen [107].mp3
FA420405 - Forum for the Forlorn.mp3
FA420503 - Freak Show Murder [460].mp3
FA420510 - Marlene Deitrich [329].mp3
FA420524 - Vaudville [390].mp3
FA420607 - English Radio Spoof [390].mp3
FA420621 - Mountain Justice [390].mp3
FA420628 - Judy Canova - Last Show Of Season [050].mp3
FA421004 - Charles Laughton [090].mp3
FA421011 - Roland Young [090].mp3
FA421018 - Guest Star Orson Welles [060].mp3
FA421025 - Roy Rogers Courting of Jenny Sugs [314].mp3
FA421101 - Robert Benchley - Trouble Listening To The Program [050].mp3
FA421108 - Guest Hugh Herbert.mp3
FA421115 - Gracie Fields - American Radio In Britain [050].mp3
FA421122 - Guest Milton Cross.mp3
FA421129 - Adolph Menjou - New Suit [050].mp3
FA421206 - George Jessel First Allen's Alley [314].mp3
FA421220 - Risa Stevens - Santa Claus Sits Down [324].mp3
FA430103 - Peter Lorre - One Long Pan Vs Mr Moto [090].mp3
FA430110 - Jack Benny, The Substitute Violinist [390].mp3
FA430131 - Oscar Levant [060].mp3
FA430207 - Phantom of the Opera [390].mp3
FA430228 - Phil Baker [060].mp3
FA430307 - Judy Canova [166].mp3
FA430321 - With Richard Haydn [460].mp3
FA430404 - Jimmy Durante - Looking For Umbriago [xxx].mp3
FA430425 - With Bela Lugosi [460].mp3
FA430516 - Guest Frank Sinatra [158].mp3
FA430523 - George Jessel Writing Fred's Biography [049].mp3
FA431212 - Lauritz Melchior - Getting A Radio Job [060].mp3
FA440102 - Albert Spaulding Hillbilly Band [049].mp3
FA440109 - Ed Gardner - Hit By A Beer Barrel [049].mp3
FA440123 - Jimmy Durante [460].mp3
FA440213 - With Louella Parsons [460].mp3
FA440312 - How are you doing with your income tax.mp3
FA440319 - The Life Of Ted Lewis [049].mp3
FA440326 - Ed Gardner - Buying A Bottle Of Liquor [049].mp3
FA440402 - Jack Haley - Radio vs TV [460].mp3
FA440403 - Oscar Levant South Dakota (afrs) [107].mp3
FA440409 - Reginald Gardiner - Fetlock Bones [093].mp3
FA440423 - North Dakota [401].mp3
FA440514 - Quota of sugar.mp3
FA440528 - Portland Hoffa's Birthday [460].mp3
FA440604 - The Killers [390].mp3
FA440611 - Deems Taylor - South Dakota [049].mp3
FA450111 - Monte Wooley - Charlie The Chicken [049].mp3
FA451007 - Auditions.mp3
FA451007 - Charlie McCarthy New Partner [050].mp3
FA451021 - Frank Sinatra Sued By Charlie McCarthy [050].mp3
FA451028 - Charlie Mccarthy Sues Fred for Slander.mp3
FA451104 - Lost Memory.mp3
FA451111 - Monte Wooley Charlie The Chicken [057].mp3
FA451118 - Boris Karloff Renting A Room [050].mp3
FA451125 - Fred Allen - Leo Durocher, 'Brooklyn Pinafore' [000].mp3
FA451216 - Seeking a Radio Job [401].mp3
FA451230 - Radio Shows in Russia [390].mp3
FA460106 - Take It Or Leave It With Phil Baker [049].mp3
FA460113 - Carmen [314].mp3
FA460120 - George Jessel - Movie Of Fred's Life [049].mp3
FA460203 - Bea Lilly - Picadilly [093].mp3
FA460210 - Edward Everett Horton [460].mp3
FA460224 - Arthur Treacher Hillbilly Sketch [050].mp3
FA460303 - No Official Title [179].mp3
FA460310 - Carmen Miranda [287].mp3
FA460317 - Doc Rockwell (last half) [460].mp3
FA460324 - Candy Anonymous [390].mp3
FA460411 - Guest Basil Rathbone [095].mp3
FA460414 - Brooklyn Pinafore [158].mp3
FA460421 - Sir Cedric Hardwick [460].mp3
FA460428 - Bert Lahr - Reading a Racing Form [049].mp3
FA460505 - Breakfast Show [390].mp3
FA460512 - Fat Man With Sydney Greenstreet [095].mp3
FA460519 - Fred Makes Phil Harris an Offer.mp3
FA460526 - King For A Day With Jack Benny [095].mp3
FA460609 - The Bowery.mp3
FA460623 - 50Th Anniversary of the Telephone Company [390].mp3
FA461006 - Tribute to Medical Science [390].mp3
FA461013 - The Mikado [460].mp3
FA461027 - Tallulah Bankhead Breakfast Show Spoof [049].mp3
FA470126 - Law Busters.mp3
FA470202 - Fred Tries to Get Lauritz a Job on Radio [285].mp3
FA470302 - Murder in the Penhouse [460].mp3
FA470316 - Picadilly [460].mp3
FA470323 - Rodgers And Hammerstein - 'Picadilly' II [166].mp3
FA470406 - With Gregory Ratoff, George Jessel [460].mp3
FA470511 - Bing Crosby In Hollywood Mikado (poor) [166].mp3
FA470525 - Rudy Vallee And His Megaphone [057].mp3
FA470608 - Rochester Has His Own Radio Program.mp3
FA470615 - Renting the Room [158].mp3
FA471019 - James Mason One Long Pan [060].mp3
FA471026 - Jack Haley Selling Life Stories [049].mp3
FA471214 - George Jessel - Booking New Year Party [166].mp3
FA471228 - Monty Wooley Returning A Clock [050].mp3
FA480104 - James Mason - 1st Show For Ford [049].mp3
FA480125 - Dr Hoppinpepper.mp3
FA480328 - James Pamela Mason Morning Couple Show [049].mp3
FA480411 - Basil Rathbone - One Long Pan [049].mp3
FA480418 - James Farley [049].mp3
FA480425 - Leo Durocher [049].mp3
FA480502 - Henry Morgan - Selling Shampoo [166].mp3
FA480509 - Don McNeill - Break the Contestant [166].mp3
FA480523 - The Life Of Bing Crosby [107].mp3
FA480606 - Jack Eigan - What's Wrong With Radio [050].mp3
FA480615 - With Ozzie And Harriet [097].mp3
FA480627 - Stop the Music [179].mp3
FA481003 - Cease the Melody.mp3
FA481024 - Dale Carnegie - Breakfast Worries [166].mp3
FA481107 - Arthur Treacher - Sam Shovel [166].mp3
FA481111 - Sam Shovel With Arthur Treacher [095].mp3
FA481128 - George Tries to Get in the Roxy Theater Free [179].mp3
FA481205 - Henry Morgan - Radio vs TV [049].mp3
FA481226 - Maine Murder Trial [460].mp3
FA48xxxx - Christmas 15 Minute Clip [380].mp3
FA48xxxx - The Belmont is On the Air, First Show [380].mp3
FA490109 - H Allen Smith - Literary Panel [049].mp3
FA490123 - Traveling Salesman [390].mp3
FA490130 - Rudy Vallee - Fred Gets Rudy Into Tv [050].mp3
FA490206 - Bert Lahr [049].mp3
FA490213 - Murder Case [390].mp3
FA490227 - Cease the Melody.mp3
FA490306 - Guest Fred Morgan.mp3
FA490320 - Mob Buster [236].mp3
FA490424 - Basil Rathbone - One Long Pan [166].mp3
FA490501 - Jamaica Racetrack [271].mp3
FA490522 - Col Stoopnagle - Babysitting [166].mp3
FA490626 - Final Show [050].mp3
FA51xxxx - With Groucho Marx Post Show [388].mp3
FA560529 - Biography In Sound - Portrait of Fred Allen [218].mp3
FA640318 - Salute to Fred Allen [158].mp3

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