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Fire Fighters Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 140 Episodes OTR OTRS - OTR World

Fire Fighters Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 140 Episodes OTR OTRS

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Fire Fighters Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 140 Episodes OTR OTRS - OTR World

Fire Fighters Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 140 Episodes OTR OTRS

$ 6.95 USD

Follow the life and death stories of rookie Fire Fighter Tim Collins as he learns how to become a great Fireman like his late father.

Fire Fighters is an old time radio series for children. We get to hear our fire fighters in action every week in various fire fighting situations. In addition to being very entertaining, it is also very informative as it covers a variety of topics in the real life scenarios of fire fighters, with shows on different types of fires, what causes a fire, and more. The series is geared towards a child's attention span, but adults will find it interesting as well.

Includes 140 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

Firefighters 491114 - [001] Tim Collins First Day.mp3
Firefighters 491115 - [002] False Alarms .mp3
Firefighters 491116 - [003] Is Jimmy Collins Turning In False Alarms .mp3
Firefighters 491117 - [004] Jimmy Not Guilty Of False Alarms .mp3
Firefighters 491118 - [005] Tim Doesnt Get His Appointment.mp3
Firefighters 491121 - [006] Fire At Tims House Put Out .mp3
Firefighters 491122 - [007] Tim Gets Appointed To Fire Department.mp3
Firefighters 491123 - [008] Tim Tries To Save A Man .mp3
Firefighters 491124 - [009] Tim Is Trapped Fighting For Air.mp3
Firefighters 491125 - [010] Chief Cody Orders Men To Rescue Tim .mp3
Firefighters 491128 - [011] Tim Watchman Are Saved.mp3
Firefighters 491129 - [012] How The Fire Started .mp3
Firefighters 491130 - [013] Fire Traps Woman And Her Baby .mp3
Firefighters 491201 - [014] Woman And Baby Saved .mp3
Firefighters 491202 - [015] Tim Tries To Save Arsonists Wife.mp3
Firefighters 491205 - [016] Tim And Woman Are Rescued.mp3
Firefighters 491206 - [017] Man Confesses To Starting Fires .mp3
Firefighters 491207 - [018] Tim Lectures At Northside School.mp3
Firefighters 491208 - [019] School Fire.mp3
Firefighters 491209 - [020] Tim Joins Engine Comapny 209.mp3
Firefighters 491212 - [021] Searching For Fire On Ship Docks.mp3
Firefighters 491213 - [022] Towboat Owner Is Mad At Firefighters.mp3
Firefighters 491214 - [023] Towboat Owner Is At Fault .mp3
Firefighters 491215 - [024] Chief Cody Is In Trouble .mp3
Firefighters 491216 - [025] Chief Cody Talks With Nitght Club Owner.mp3
Firefighters 491219 - [026] Plans Made To Help Chief Cody.mp3
Firefighters 491220 - [027] Chief Cody Threatens To Resign.mp3
Firefighters 491221 - [028] Gang Of Boys Setting Fires .mp3
Firefighters 491222 - [029] Tim Undercover As Bum To Catch Boys .mp3
Firefighters 491223 - [030] Tim Trapped Puts Out Fire .mp3
Firefighters 491226 - [031] Illusion Maker With Phosphorus .mp3
Firefighters 491227 - [032] Chief Cody And Tim Attend A Demonstration .mp3
Firefighters 491228 - [033] Everyone Escapes And Fire Is Put Out.mp3
Firefighters 491229 - [034] Fire Equipment Display .mp3
Firefighters 491230 - [035] New Fire Fighting Tug Boat .mp3
Firefighters 500103 - [036] Tim Assigned To Fire Fighting Tug Boat.mp3
Firefighters 500104 - [037] Grain Ship Fire.mp3
Firefighters 500105 - [038] Grain Ship Fire Put Out By Tug Boat.mp3
Firefighters 500106 - [039] Tim Goes On Furlough .mp3
Firefighters 500109 - [040] Volunteer Fire Department.mp3
Firefighters 500110 - [041] Chief Cody Tim Discuss Volunteer Fire Department .mp3
Firefighters 500111 - [042] New Way To Haul Water.mp3
Firefighters 500112 - [043] Forest Fire .mp3
Firefighters 500113 - [044] Boys Trapped By Forest Fire .mp3
Firefighters 500116 - [045] Tim And Children Safe From Fire In A Cave.mp3
Firefighters 500117 - [046] Forest Fire Under Control .mp3
Firefighters 500118 - [047] Forest Fire Out Chief Cody Offered A Job .mp3
Firefighters 500119 - [048] Tim Attends A Fire Fighting School .mp3
Firefighters 500120 - [049] Tim Crew Rescue A Cat .mp3
Firefighters 500123 - [050] Jimmy Collins Is Upset.mp3
Firefighters 500124 - [051] Problems With Jimmy And Whitey .mp3
Firefighters 500125 - [052] North Side Junior Firefighters .mp3
Firefighters 500126 - [053] Jimmy And Whitey Are Friends Again .mp3
Firefighters 500127 - [054] Unsafe Electric Cords Being Sold .mp3
Firefighters 500130 - [055] Finding Unsafe Electrical Cords .mp3
Firefighters 500131 - [056] Another Fire From Unsafe Electrical Cords .mp3
Firefighters 500201 - [057] Unsafe Electrical Cord Salesman Caught .mp3
Firefighters 500202 - [058] Fire Sightseers Causing Problems.mp3
Firefighters 500203 - [059] False Alarms Being Turned In .mp3
Firefighters 500206 - [060] False Alarms Continue.mp3
Firefighters 500207 - [061] Chief Cody Tim Try To Catch False Alarmers .mp3
Firefighters 500208 - [062] Railroad Flats Discussed .mp3
Firefighters 500209 - [063] Children Trapped In An Apartment Fire .mp3
Firefighters 500210 - [064] Children Are Saved.mp3
Firefighters 500213 - [065] Chief Cody Talks About Fire Fighting.mp3
Firefighters 500214 - [066] Story Of Fire Burning Whole City .mp3
Firefighters 500215 - [067] Story Is Completed Of Fire Almost Destroying City .mp3
Firefighters 500216 - [068] Tim Might Be Promoted.mp3
Firefighters 500217 - [069] Tim Wants Transfer To Rescue Squad.mp3
Firefighters 500220 - [070] Tim Assigned To Fire Prevention Squad .mp3
Firefighters 500221 - [071] Production Of Fire Prevention Play Begins .mp3
Firefighters 500222 - [072] Play Wasnt Properly Rehearsed.mp3
Firefighters 500223 - [073] Chief Cody Saves The Play .mp3
Firefighters 500224 - [074] Tim Transfers To The Rescue Squad.mp3
Firefighters 500227 - [075] Tims Having Problems With New Assignment .mp3
Firefighters 500228 - [076] Tim Gets In A Boxing Match .mp3
Firefighters 500301 - [077] Fire With Man Trapped In A Vault.mp3
Firefighters 500302 - [078] Trying To Open Vault .mp3
Firefighters 500303 - [079] Vault Is Filling Up With Water.mp3
Firefighters 500306 - [080] Man Rescued From The Vault .mp3
Firefighters 500307 - [081] Tim Accepted By Fellow Rescue Squad Workers .mp3
Firefighters 500308 - [082] Tim Assigned To Go On A Fishing Trip.mp3
Firefighters 500309 - [083] Tim Learns Diving .mp3
Firefighters 500310 - [084] Printing Plates For Counterfeit Money Found.mp3
Firefighters 500313 - [085] Chief Cody Turns Printing Plates Over To Police .mp3
Firefighters 500314 - [086] A Fireman Is Missing .mp3
Firefighters 500315 - [087] Searching For Missing Fireman.mp3
Firefighters 500316 - [088] Missing Fireman Found .mp3
Firefighters 500317 - [089] Firemen Work On Drowning Victim .mp3
Firefighters 500320 - [090] Fireman Is Cleared Of Any Connection To Printing Plates .mp3
Firefighters 500321 - [091] Dealer Puts Gasoline In Apartment Oil Tank.mp3
Firefighters 500322 - [092] Furnace Started Firemen Evacuating Building.mp3
Firefighters 500323 - [093] Firemen Search For Valve To Shut Furnace Off .mp3
Firefighters 500324 - [094] Jimmy Is In Crawl Space With Rusty Valve .mp3
Firefighters 500327 - [095] Jimmy And Tim Get The Valve Shut Off.mp3
Firefighters 500328 - [096] Jimmy And Trudy Collect Items For Charity Sale .mp3
Firefighters 500329 - [097] Jimmy And Trudy Discover Fire At Wilcox Mansion.mp3
Firefighters 500330 - [098] Jimmy And Trudy Suspected Of Arson .mp3
Firefighters 500331 - [099] Tim And Chief Cody Figure Out How Fire Started .mp3
Firefighters 500403 - [100] Mrs Wilcox Informed How Fire Began .mp3
Firefighters 500404 - [101] Barge Filled With Oil On Fire.mp3
Firefighters 500405 - [102] Tug Boat Tries To Move The Barge .mp3
Firefighters 500406 - [103] Barge Loose Threatens Waterfront .mp3
Firefighters 500407 - [104] Barge Moved Away From Pier .mp3
Firefighters 500410 - [105] Barge Fire Is Put Out .mp3
Firefighters 500411 - [106] Once Again Collecting Items For Charity Sale .mp3
Firefighters 500412 - [107] A Snuff Box Is Missing .mp3
Firefighters 500413 - [108] Mr Darby Locked In Vault.mp3
Firefighters 500414 - [109] Mr Darby Is Discovered Locked In Vault.mp3
Firefighters 500417 - [110] Mr Darby Is Freed Returns Snuff Box.mp3
Firefighters 500418 - [111] Chief Cody Investigates Fires.mp3
Firefighters 500419 - [112] Tim Begins Investigating Fires .mp3
Firefighters 500420 - [113] Fires Beginning In Mattresses .mp3
Firefighters 500421 - [114] Recalling Mattresses .mp3
Firefighters 500424 - [115] Cotton Seeds Causing Mattress Fire Hazard .mp3
Firefighters 500425 - [116] Chief Cody On Vacation .mp3
Firefighters 500426 - [117] Jim And Jack Attempt A Rescue.mp3
Firefighters 500427 - [118] Tim Begins Scaling Tall Building .mp3
Firefighters 500428 - [119] Tim Reaches Trapped Woman And Jack.mp3
Firefighters 500501 - [120] Tim Rescues Jack And The Woman .mp3
Firefighters 500502 - [121] Chief Cody Returns Monkey Problem Begins.mp3
Firefighters 500503 - [122] Trying To Catch The Monkeys .mp3
Firefighters 500504 - [123] Most Of The Monkeys Have Been Captured .mp3
Firefighters 500505 - [124] Snake Suggested To Catch Remaining Monkeys.mp3
Firefighters 500508 - [125] Snake Works In Capturing Rest Of The Monkeys.mp3
Firefighters 500509 - [126] Tims Friend Trapped By Fire .mp3
Firefighters 500510 - [127] Tims Friend Rescued But Floor Might Collapse.mp3
Firefighters 500511 - [128] The Floor Collapses On Tim .mp3
Firefighters 500512 - [129] Tim Is Alive Taps On Pipes For Rescue.mp3
Firefighters 500515 - [130] Firemen Rescue Tim With A Steam Shovel .mp3
Firefighters 500516 - [131] Chief Cody And Tim Leave On Vacation .mp3
Firefighters 500517 - [132] Fire In Baggage Area Of Plane.mp3
Firefighters 500518 - [133] Airfield Found But Landing Lights Are Off .mp3
Firefighters 500519 - [134] Tim Parachutes To Field But Airport Is Shut Down .mp3
Firefighters 500522 - [135] Headlights On Autos Used To Light The Runway .mp3
Firefighters 500523 - [136] Tim And Chief Cody On Vacation At Plum Valley .mp3
Firefighters 500524 - [137] Fire Begins In The Town Of Plum Valley .mp3
Firefighters 500525 - [138] Plum Valley Newspaper Is On Fire .mp3
Firefighters 500526 - [139] Plum Valley Tries To Hire Full-time Firemen .mp3
Firefighters 500529 - [140] Plum Valley City Council Meeting .mp3

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