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FDR Fireside Chats and Speeches Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 166 Episodes

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Fireside chats is the term used to describe a series of 30 evening radio conversations (chats) given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944. Roosevelt spoke with familiarity...

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Fireside chats is the term used to describe a series of 30 evening radio conversations (chats) given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944. Roosevelt spoke with familiarity to millions of Americans about the promulgation of the Emergency Banking Act in response to the banking crisis, the recession, New Deal initiatives, and the course of World War II. On radio, he was able to quell rumors and explain his policies comprehensibly. His tone and demeanor communicated self-assurance during times of despair and uncertainty. Roosevelt was one of radio's greatest communicators, and the fireside chats kept him in high public regard throughout his presidency.

The series of fireside chats was among the first 50 recordings made part of the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, which noted it as "an influential series of radio broadcasts in which Roosevelt utilized the media to present his programs and ideas directly to the public and thereby redefined the relationship between the President and the American people."

Includes 166 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

FDR 4502xx The Crimea Conference [000].mp3
FDR200809 Excerpt from Vice Presidential Nomination Aceptance [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR280627 Excerpt From the Happy Warrior Speech [407][407][407].mp3
FDR330304 First Inaugural Address [351][351][351][351][351].mp3
FDR350522 The President Vetoes the Bonus Bill [409].mp3
FDR350612 Address to the Graduating Class at West Point [xxx].mp3
FDR350821 Cancellation of the Boy Scout Jamboree [409].mp3
FDR350824 Young Democrat Club Speech [351].mp3
FDR351024 Radio Address on Behalf of the 1935 Mobilization for Human Needs [xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR360223 Conference of Christians And Jews [351][351][351][351][351].mp3
FDR361028 Fiftieth Anniversary of Statue of Liberty [475].mp3
FDR361031 Madison Square Rally [351].mp3
FDR361102 Final Campaign Radio Speech of the 1936 Pres. Race [xxx][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR370120 Second Inaugural Speech [351].mp3
FDR370215 Address at the Testimonial Dinner to James A. Farley [xxx].mp3
FDR370304 Address at the Democratic Victory Dinner [409].mp3
FDR370309 Fireside Chat 1st of Second Term [351].mp3
FDR370917 Address on Constitution Day [409].mp3
FDR370928 Dedication of Bonneville Dam [351][351][351][351].mp3
FDR380602 Graduation Address at the US Naval Academy [410].mp3
FDR380624 Fireside Chat Nominate Liberals [351][351].mp3
FDR380708 Address at Covington, Kentucky [410].mp3
FDR380815 Radio Address on 3rd Anniversary of the Social Security Bill [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR380818 Address at Queen’s University [410].mp3
FDR380905 Address at Denton, Maryland [411][411].mp3
FDR381014 Radio Address for the Mobilization of Human Needs [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR381124 Address at Thanksgiving Dinner [411][411].mp3
FDR381215 Address at Groundbreaking for the Thomas Jefferson Memorial [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR390104 State of Union Address [351].mp3
FDR390130 RA on the Occasion of President’s 6th Birthday Ball for the Benefit of Crippled Children [xxx].mp3
FDR390208 RA on the 29th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts [411.mp3
FDR390218 The President Opens the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco ][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR390417 Address at the National Parole Conference [411].mp3
FDR390522 Address Before the American Retail Federation [xxx].mp3
FDR3908xx FDR Speech ‘There Can Be No Peace’ [411].mp3
FDR390903 Fireside Chat Start of WWII [351][351].mp3
FDR391009 RA on Behalf of the Community Mobilization for Human Needs [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR400103 Annual Message to the Congress [411].mp3
FDR400130 Presidents 7th Birthday Ball for the Benefit of Crippled Children [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR400510 Speech To American Scientists [351][351].mp3
FDR400526 Fireside Chat On National Defense [411].mp3
FDR400526 Social Welfare Won’t Be Sacrificed [351][351].mp3
FDR400810 Dedication Of Radio Station WKIP [411].mp3
FDR400831 Informal Remarks to Roosevelt Home Club [xxx][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR401004 Telephone Conversation with Cordell Hull [411][411].mp3
FDR401013 Radio Address for the 1940 Mobilization for Human Needs [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR401030 Boston Campaign Speech [351].mp3
FDR401031 Address at the Dedication of the National Institute of Health [xxx].mp3
FDR401101 Campaign Address at Brooklyn NY [413][413][413].mp3
FDR401102 Campaigning In Cleveland [351].mp3
FDR401104 Last Radio Speech of the 1940 Presidential Campaign [xxx].mp3
FDR401104 Remarks at Election Eve Rally [413].mp3
FDR401107 Post-Election Return to Washington, DC [411].mp3
FDR401111 Address at the Cornerstone Laying of the Naval Medical Center [xxx].mp3
FDR401224 Lighting The Christmas Tree [351][351][351][351].mp3
FDR410130 RA on Occasion of President’s 8th Birthday Ball for the Benefit of Crippled Children [xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR410308 Passage of Lend Lease Program [351][351][351][351].mp3
FDR410329 RadioAddress from the USS Potomac to Jackson Day Dinners [xxx].mp3
FDR410430 Buy War Bonds Speech [351][351].mp3
FDR410527 Fireside Chat On Pan American Unity [413].mp3
FDR410704 Declaration of Independence Speech [351][351].mp3
FDR410901 Labor Day Radio Address [413][413][413][413].mp3
FDR410911 Shoot On Sight Speech [351].mp3
FDR410926 Address in Celebration of Liberty Fleet Day [413].mp3
FDR411003 Radio Address Urging Support for Community Mobilization for Human Needs [xxx].mp3
FDR411027 Navy and Total Defense Day Address [413].mp3
FDR411106 Address to the Delegates of the International Labor Organization [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR411208 Day of Infamy Speech [351].mp3
FDR411208 Exert from Declaration of War [413].mp3
FDR411209 1st Wartime Chat Will Win The War [351].mp3
FDR411224 Christmas Broadcast [413].mp3
FDR420106 Address to the Congress on the State of the Union [xxx].mp3
FDR420106 State of Union-churchill [351][351][351].mp3
FDR420903 The President Addresses the International Student Assembly [xxx].mp3
FDR421012 Set Prejudices Aside [351].mp3
FDR421107 FDR Appeals To French To Resist The Nazis [413].mp3
FDR421115 RA on the 7th Anniversary of the Philippines Commonwealth Government [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR430222 Radio Address on Washington’s Birthday [413][413].mp3
FDR430728 Gi Bill of Rights Speech [351].mp3
FDR431005 Opening of the National War Fund Drive [413].mp3
FDR431109 Signing the Agreement Establishing the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR440111 State of Union-economic Bill Of Rights [35.mp3
FDR440129 Annual Appeal for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis ][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR440406 D-Day At Normandy Prayer [351].mp3
FDR440605 FDR Fireside Chat [413].mp3
FDR440605 Surrender of Rome [351].mp3
FDR440606 CBS FDR D-Day Prayer [413][413].mp3
FDR440720 Address From A Naval Base on the Pacific Coast to the Dem. Nat. Convention in Chicago [xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR440812 The President Reviews His Pacific Trip [413].mp3
FDR440923 Teamsters Union Address [415].mp3
FDR441012 Address Accepting Four Freedoms Award, Presented by Italian-American Labor Council [xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx].mp3
FDR441028 Campaign Address at Soldier’s Field, Chicago [415.mp3
FDR441110 NBC FDR Returns To Washington ][415].mp3
FDR4412xx WWII News, 29.20 minutes [416].mp3
FDR4412xx WWII News, 29.mp3
FDR44xxxx FDR Campaigns For 4th Term [415][415][415][415].mp3
FDR450301 Last Major Address To Congress [351].mp3
FDR450412 FDR Dead News Bulletin [000].mp3
FDRxxxxxx Excerpt of the Dedication of the FDR Library [411].mp3