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Escape Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 245 Episodes OTR OTRS

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Escape Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 245 Episodes OTR OTRS

Escape Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 245 Episodes OTR OTRS

$ 6.95 USD
In the Golden Days of Radio, back in the 1930s to the 1950s, most popular radio series had a set time for going out each week. Occasionally, there might be a change in the schedule, but on the whole a consistent time-slot was something that helped build a large audience and so was something the big networks aimed to achieve.
One exception to this rule was the dramatic adventure anthology series called Escape, whose time-slot shifted an incredible eighteen times in its seven-year run from 1947 through to 1954. To make matters even worse it had a habit of coming and going and sometimes disappearing off the schedules altogether at short notice for weeks on end only to resurface weeks later in a completely different timeslot.
The quite flagrant disregard CBS paid to having a regular timeslot for Escape could make you think that it was just a run-of-the-mill series that was nothing but a lightweight filler for those times when the regular show was off-the-air, such as during the quiet summer months. In my opinion, and that of many old radio aficionados, this couldn't be further from the truth. Escape is probably the best adventure anthology ever broadcast.
Escape brings together everything that was good about old-time radio drama rolled into one. The title itself almost sums up the very essence of what radio drama is all about. Each of the episodes was a micro drama carefully planned to capture the listeners attention for thirty minutes. Over two-hundred episodes were made and almost all of them are as good today as they were over half a century ago. For the first few years the series was on air the announcement at the start of the show varied almost every week, but by the 1950s it had settled down to be the now famous:
Tired of the everyday grind? Ever dream of a life of romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you ... ESCAPE!
This may give the wrong impression as Escape was far more than a swashbuckling adventure yarn. It was a brilliantly scripted and superbly produced series that brought to listeners adaptations of classic works by famous writers as well as brand new work by unknown talent. Many of the stories were later reused by more high profile shows such asSuspense, but on the whole the Escape versions were of equal quality and sometimes more dramatically focused and atmospheric.
When Radio Life wrote "These stories all possess many times the reality that most radio writing conveys", it hit the nail on the head. This is a quality show in every way.
If you've never listened to this wonderful series it's well worth taking the time to listen to it. Whether you listen in the car on your daily commute, whilst doing the housework, relaxing in your favorite easy-chair, or snuggled up in bed - you really will be thrilled!
Includes 245 Episodes!
Some Of The Episodes On This DVD-R:
ESC470228 - [Aud1] Out Of This World [394].mp3
ESC470324 - [Aud] Dead Of Night [015].mp3
ESC470707 - The Man Who Would Be King [015].mp3
ESC470714 - Operation Fleur De Lys [015].mp3
ESC470721 - Diamond Big As The Ritz [015].mp3
ESC470728 - Typhoon [104].mp3
ESC470804 - The Sire De Maletroits Door [015].mp3
ESC470811 - The Ring Of Thoth [015].mp3
ESC470818 - The Fourth Man [104].mp3
ESC471001 - The Most Dangerous Game [015].mp3
ESC471008 - Run Of The Yellow Mail [394].mp3
ESC471015 - Shipment of Mute Fate [104].mp3
ESC471022 - The Fall Of The House Of Usher [015].mp3
ESC471029 - Pollock And Porrah Man [015].mp3
ESC471105 - Evening Primrose [015].mp3
ESC471112 - The Young Man with the Cream Tarts [104].mp3
ESC471119 - Casting the Ruins [104].mp3
ESC471126 - Country Of The Blind [015].mp3
ESC471203 - Taboo [015].mp3
ESC471210 - An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge [015].mp3
ESC471217 - Wild Oranges [015].mp3
ESC471224 - Back For Christmas [015].mp3
ESC471231 - Confession [015].mp3
ESC480107 - The Second Class Passenger [015].mp3
ESC480110 - The Second Class Passenger - West Coast [394].mp3
ESC480114 - Leiningen Vs The Ants - East Coast [103].mp3
ESC480117 - Leiningen Vs The Ants - West Coast [394].mp3
ESC480121 - Papa Benjamin - West Coast Edition.mp3
ESC480121 - Papa Benjamin [015].mp3
ESC480128 - Three Good Witnesses - East Coast [103].mp3
ESC480128 - Three Good Witnesses - West Coast Edition.mp3
ESC480131 - Three Good Witnesses - West Coast [394].mp3
ESC480201 - Vanishing Lady [103].mp3
ESC480207 - The Vanishing Lady [015].mp3
ESC480208 - Snake Doctor - East Coast [104].mp3
ESC480214 - Snake Doctor - West Coast [251].mp3
ESC480215 - Ancient Sorceries [104].mp3
ESC480221 - Ancient Sorceries [015].mp3
ESC480222 - How Love Came to Professor Guildea [100].mp3
ESC480229 - Grove of Ashcaroff [104].mp3
ESC480307 - Jimmy Goggles, the God [104].mp3
ESC480314 - Log of the Evening Star [104].mp3
ESC480321 - Misfortune Isle [104].mp3
ESC480321 - Misfortunes Isle - West Coast Edition.mp3
ESC480328 - Shipment Of Mute Fate [104].mp3
ESC480404 - Action [015].mp3
ESC480411 - The Brute [103].mp3
ESC480418 - The Drums of the Fore and Aft [104].mp3
ESC480425 - The Fourth Man [104].mp3
ESC480502 - John Jack Todd [104].mp3
ESC480509 - The Time Machine [104].mp3
ESC480516 - The Match [104].mp3
ESC480523 - Leiningen Vs The Ants [090].mp3
ESC480606 - Beau Geste [090].mp3
ESC480620 - Country Of The Blind [090].mp3
ESC480627 - Country of the Blind.mp3
ESC480704 - A Tooth For Paul Revere [015].mp3
ESC480711 - She [090].mp3
ESC480718 - Habit [015].mp3
ESC480801 - The Man Who Would Be King [104].mp3
ESC480815 - The Fugitive [090].mp3
ESC480822 - S S San Pedro [015].mp3
ESC480829 - Diamond as Big as the Ritz [104].mp3
ESC480905 - Dream of Armegeddon [103].mp3
ESC480912 - Evening Primrose [090].mp3
ESC480919 - Man Who Could Work Miracles [090].mp3
ESC490212 - The Lost Special [103].mp3
ESC490219 - The Orient Express [090].mp3
ESC490226 - Red Wine [090].mp3
ESC490305 - Conquerer's Isle [103].mp3
ESC490312 - He Who Rides The Tiger [090].mp3
ESC490313 - Shipment of Mute Fate [104].mp3
ESC490319 - Finger of Doom [103].mp3
ESC490320 - Country Of The Blind [090].mp3
ESC490326 - Adaptive Ultimate [103].mp3
ESC490327 - The Diamond As Big As The Ritz [090].mp3
ESC490402 - Confidential Agent [090].mp3
ESC490409 - When the Man Comes, Follow Him [104].mp3
ESC490416 - The General Died At Dawn [104].mp3
ESC490423 - The Great Impersonation [103].mp3
ESC490707 - The Fourth Man [104].mp3
ESC490714 - The Drums of the Fore and Aft [104].mp3
ESC490721 - Action [104].mp3
ESC490728 - Second Class Passenger [103].mp3
ESC490804 - Leiningen Versus the Ants [104].mp3
ESC490811 - Red Wine [104].mp3
ESC490818 - Snake Doctor [103].mp3
ESC490825 - Evening Primrose [104].mp3
ESC490921 - Fortune of Vargas [104].mp3
ESC490928 - Wild Oranges [104].mp3
ESC491015 - The Sure Thing [104].mp3
ESC491022 - Night In Havana [103].mp3
ESC491101 - Flood on the Goodwin [103].mp3
ESC491108 - Plunder of the Sun [104].mp3
ESC491115 - Three Skeleton Key [104].mp3
ESC491122 - Maracas [103].mp3
ESC491129 - Letter From Jason [103].mp3
ESC491206 - Command [098].mp3
ESC491213 - Border Town [104].mp3
ESC491220 - Figure A Dame [103].mp3
ESC491227 - Seeds Of Greed [103].mp3
ESC500103 - The Pistol [103].mp3
ESC500110 - Vanishing Lady [103].mp3
ESC500117 - The Sure Thing [104].mp3
ESC500124 - Treasure Incorporated [104].mp3
ESC500131 - Present Tense [103].mp3
ESC500207 - The Outer Limit [103].mp3
ESC500214 - Two If by Sea [104].mp3
ESC500221 - The Red Mark [104].mp3
ESC500228 - The Man Who Won The War [091].mp3
ESC500310 - Port Royal [103].mp3
ESC500317 - Three Skeleton Key [431].mp3
ESC500324 - Danger at Matecumbe [103].mp3
ESC500331 - Green Splotches [103].mp3
ESC500407 - Ambassador of Poker [103].mp3
ESC500414 - Golden Snake [199].mp3
ESC500415 - Golden Snake [094].mp3
ESC500421 - Shanghi Document [015].mp3
ESC500428 - Something For Nothing [103].mp3
ESC500505 - The Man Who Stole The Bible [015].mp3
ESC500512 - Rim of Terror [103].mp3
ESC500519 - Pass To Berlin [015].mp3
ESC500526 - Command [015].mp3
ESC500602 - Mars Is Heaven [015].mp3
ESC500616 - Serenade For A Cobra [015].mp3
ESC500623 - Sundown [015].mp3
ESC500630 - Blood Bath [015].mp3
ESC500707 - Shipment Of Mute Fate [104].mp3
ESC500714 - Shark Bait [015].mp3
ESC500721 - Yellow Wake [015].mp3
ESC500728 - Poison [015].mp3
ESC500804 - Two Came Back [015].mp3
ESC500811 - Red Forest [015].mp3
ESC500818 - The Footprint [015].mp3
ESC500825 - Crossing Paris [015].mp3
ESC501001 - A Sleeping Draft.mp3
ESC501006 - A Sleeping Draught [015].mp3
ESC501008 - Roulette.mp3
ESC501013 - Roulette [015].mp3
ESC501015 - The Power of Hammer.mp3
ESC501020 - Power of Hammer [103].mp3
ESC501022 - The Time Machine - East Coast [000].mp3
ESC501027 - The Time Machine [015].mp3
ESC501029 - Seven Hours to Freedom.mp3
ESC501103 - Seven Hours To Freedom [015].mp3
ESC501105 - Earth Abides Part 1 [100].mp3
ESC501112 - Earth Abides Part 2 [094].mp3
ESC501119 - Journey Into Fear [015].mp3
ESC501126 - Funeral Fires [015].mp3
ESC501203 - This Side Of Nowhere [015].mp3
ESC501210 A - Passenger to Bali.mp3
ESC501215 - A Passenger To Bali [015].mp3
ESC501217 - Wild Jack Rhett.mp3
ESC501222 - Wild Jack Rhett [015].mp3
ESC501224 - The Cave [015].mp3
ESC501231 - The Man Who Could Work Miracles [104].mp3
ESC510105 - The Man Who Could Work Miracles [015].mp3
ESC510107 - Conquest [015].mp3
ESC510114 - A Bullet for Mr Smith [104].mp3
ESC510211 - Killer Mine [015].mp3
ESC510216 - Killer Mine [103].mp3
ESC510218 - The Follower [015].mp3
ESC510223 - The Follower [103].mp3
ESC510711 - The Island [015].mp3
ESC510718 - Macao [015].mp3
ESC510725 - The Earthmen [015].mp3
ESC510801 - The Gladiator [015].mp3
ESC510808 - Up Periscope [015].mp3
ESC510815 - Rough Shoot [104].mp3
ESC510822 - The Silent Horror [104].mp3
ESC510830 - The Man Who Stole The Bible [093].mp3
ESC521012 - Gringo [015].mp3
ESC521019 - Price of the Head [104].mp3
ESC521026 - Robert Of Huntington [015].mp3
ESC521102 - The Running Man [093].mp3
ESC521109 - The Return [093].mp3
ESC521116 - The Loop Garou [134].mp3
ESC521207 - Incident At Quito [093].mp3
ESC521214 - Four Went Home [093].mp3
ESC521221 - The Man Who Liked Dickens [093].mp3
ESC530111 - Conquerer's Isle [104].mp3
ESC530118 - A Matter of Concience [104].mp3
ESC530125 - Diary Of A Madman [094].mp3
ESC530201 - A Study in Wax [103].mp3
ESC530208 - Jetsam [103].mp3
ESC530215 - Wild Jack Rett [104].mp3
ESC530222 - I Saw Myself Running [094].mp3
ESC530301 - The Tramp [094].mp3
ESC530308 - The Island [104].mp3
ESC530315 - The Man with the Steel Teeth [104].mp3
ESC530322 - Pressure [098].mp3
ESC530329 - The Invader [094].mp3
ESC530405 - A Sleeping Draught [094].mp3
ESC530412 - Classified Secret [015].mp3
ESC530419 - El Guitareo [015].mp3
ESC530426 - The Derelick [104].mp3
ESC530503 - Lili and the Colonel [104].mp3
ESC530510 - The Vessel Of Wrath [094].mp3
ESC530517 - North Of Polaris [094].mp3
ESC530524 - Blue Hotel - Swedish Version [173].mp3
ESC530531 - A Good Thing [094].mp3
ESC530607 - The Voyages Of Sinbad [094].mp3
ESC530614 - Clear For Action [094].mp3
ESC530621 - The Far Away Island [094].mp3
ESC530705 - A Source Of Irritation [094].mp3
ESC530712 - The Out Station [094].mp3
ESC530719 - The Open Boat [094].mp3
ESC530726 - The Notebook [094].mp3
ESC530802 - The Red Forest [094].mp3
ESC530809 - Three Skeleton Key [094].mp3
ESC530816 - The 13th Truck [094].mp3
ESC530823 - The Man From Tomorrow [094].mp3
ESC530830 - The Game [094].mp3
ESC530906 - Train From Olbiefelde [094].mp3
ESC530913 - The Abominable Snowman [094].mp3
ESC530920 - The Log [094].mp3
ESC530927 - The Untouchable [094].mp3
ESC531004 - Zero Hour (Tape Drag) [094].mp3
ESC531011 - Elementals [094].mp3
ESC540311 - Bird Of Paradise [015].mp3
ESC540318 - Violent Night [015].mp3
ESC540325 - The Second Shot [094].mp3
ESC540401 - The Return [094].mp3
ESC540408 - The Scarlet Plague [094].mp3
ESC540415 - Affair At Mandrake [015].mp3
ESC540506 - The Adversary [094].mp3
ESC540603 - An Ordinary Man [094].mp3
ESC540610 - Benchillina and the Fisherman [103].mp3
ESC540617 - Blood Waters [104].mp3
ESC540624 - Judgement Day at Crippled Deer [104].mp3
ESC540701 - The Dark Wall [104].mp3
ESC540710 - The Birds [094].mp3
ESC540717 - Eye Of Evil [094].mp3
ESC540724 - Flood Of The Goodwins [094].mp3
ESC540731 - Night of the Guns [104].mp3
ESC540807 - The Price Of The Head [094].mp3
ESC540814 - The Coward [104].mp3
ESC540821 - Two and Two Make Four [104].mp3
ESC540828 - The King Of Owanatu [097].mp3
ESC540904 - The Boiling Sea [104].mp3
ESC540911 - Carnival in Vienna [104].mp3
ESC540918 - The Target [104].mp3
ESC540920 - The Log [015].mp3
ESC540925 - The Heart Of Kali [097].mp3
ESC771015 - Blue Hotel - Swedish Version [285].mp3

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