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Duffy's Tavern OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 143 Episodes

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"Duffy's Tavern" was/is a Wartime situation comedy which ran for a decade on several different radio networks: CBS, 19411942; NBC-Blue Network, 19421944; NBC, 19441951. The final "Duffy's Tavern" episode airdate was...

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"Duffy's Tavern"
was/is a Wartime situation comedy which ran for a decade on several different radio networks:
CBS, 19411942; NBC-Blue Network, 19421944; NBC, 19441951. The final "Duffy's Tavern" episode airdate was December 28, 1951.
Ed Gardner starred as Archie, manager of the drinking establishment owned by Duffy, "...where the elite meet to eat."
Ed Gardner, writer/actor who co-created the series, had performed the character of Archie and spoken of "Duffy's Tavern," as early as November 9, 1939, during his guest appearance on NBC's "Good News of 1940."
In the familiar opening, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," performed either solo on an old-sounding piano or by a larger orchestra, was interrupted by the ring of a telephone and Gardner's New York-ish accent, as he answered:
"Hello, Duffy's Tavern, where the elite meet to eat. Archie the manager speakin'. Duffy ain't here—oh, hello, Duffy."
Includes 143 Episodes!
Episodes On This DVD-R:
DT400729 - Audition Show [028].mp3
DT430105 - Guest - Milton Berle.mp3
DT430323 - With Susan Hayward and Frank Buck [475].mp3
DT430601 - Tallulah Bankhead AFRS#8.mp3
DT430615 - Guest Clifton Fadiman [379].mp3
DT430725 - Susan Hayward [475].mp3
DT430823 - Ida Lupino [285].mp3
DT430912 - Lucille Ball [475].mp3
DT431019 - Missing Salami Sandwich Case (with Peter Lorre) [475].mp3
DT431026 - Archie's Life Story with Ida Lupino [304].mp3
DT431102 - The Poker Game with Charles Coburn [304].mp3
DT431207 - Bing Crosby [128].mp3
DT431214 - Archie Writes a Song with Dinah Shore [304].mp3
DT440104 - Duffy Wants Fred Allen to MC a Pig Roast [475].mp3
DT440125 - With Deems Taylor.mp3
DT440201 - Guest Billie Burke [379].mp3
DT440222 - Archie Invests in an Oil Well (with Phil Baker) [475].mp3
DT440229 - Turning the Tavern into a Hotel (with Gracie Fields) [475].mp3
DT440307 - Col Stoopnagle [172].mp3
DT440314 - Archie Writes a Play with Gertrude Lawrence [304].mp3
DT440411 - Carol Landis [276].mp3
DT440418 - Guest - Charles Laughton.mp3
DT440425 - Delores Hope and Bob Crosby [361].mp3
DT440502 - Archie Tries to Get a Girl for Dennis Day [158].mp3
DT440509 - Men's Fashion Lecture (with Adolph Menjou) [158].mp3
DT440523 - Archie Uses Paul Lukas for Publicity.mp3
DT440627 Ransom Sherman AFRS#58.mp3
DT440915 - Rudy Vallee [475].mp3
DT440922 - Insurance Policy for Finnegan - [with Gene Tierney].mp3
DT441110 - Robert Benchley [475].mp3
DT441201 - Harmonica Virtuoso Larry Adler [416].mp3
DT441222 - Christmas Program with Monty Woolley.mp3
DT44xxxx - Duffy's First Reader [324].mp3
DT450105 - Duffy Quits (with Jinx Falkenberg) [475].mp3
DT450112 - Archie's Adaptation of 'Frankenstein' (with B Karloff) [416].mp3
DT450119 - Archie Asks Linda Darnell to the Policemen's Ball [475].mp3
DT450202 - With Sonny Tufts [475].mp3
DT450316 - Guest - Pat O'Brien.mp3
DT450406 - Archie Quits, Finnegan Inherits Diamonds [296].mp3
DT450427 - John Garfield [450].mp3
DT450518 - Archie's Raise.mp3
DT450928 - Deems Taylor AFRS#99.mp3
DT450928 - Guest - Deems Taylor.mp3
DT451109 - Eddie the Waitor May Quit [212].mp3
DT451116 - Archie Hires Madam Zooma.mp3
DT451221 - Archie's Christmas Carol [193].mp3
DT451228 - Archie Balances the Books [158].mp3
DT460104 - Balancing the Books [204].mp3
DT460111 - Making A Movie (with Larry Storch) [028].mp3
DT460125 - Ricky Jordan [475].mp3
DT460126 - Archie Hires a $4 Singer [318].mp3
DT460201 - Guest Peggy Lee [416].mp3
DT460208 - Archie Has To Have His Tonsils Out.mp3
DT460222 - Archie's Tonsillectomy [475].mp3
DT460301 - Archie the Horticulturist AFRS#121.mp3
DT460308 - Ed Gardner returns as Archie.mp3
DT460315 - Archie Takes Up Gardening.mp3
DT460412 - Marie 'The Body' McDonald [258].mp3
DT460426 - Fashion Show with Esther Williams.mp3
DT460503 - Archie Tells Everyone About World Hunger [158].mp3
DT460510 - Pierre the Talking Dog [416].mp3
DT461106 - Louella Parsons.mp3
DT461218 - The Raffle (With Joan Bennett) [028].mp3
DT470122 - Mrs Nussbaum Asks John J Anthony for Marital Advice [158].mp3
DT470305 - Archie Proposes to a Wealthy Girl.mp3
DT470518 - Coming Out Party [028].mp3
DT470528 - Miss Duffy's Coming Out Party.mp3
DT471105 - Rudy Vallee [380].mp3
DT471203 - Archie's Girlfriend Loves Jean Sablon [475].mp3
DT480107 - Auditor Finds A Shortage - [Garry Moore].mp3
DT480526 - Dream Girl with Rex Harrison [475].mp3
DT481222 - Archie Meets Jesus With Jeff Chandler [028].mp3
DT481223 - Archie Is In Bad Spirits [060].mp3
DT481229 - Christmas Cards (With Dorothy Shay) [028].mp3
DT48xxxx - Accountants Check the Books with Gary Moore [292].mp3
DT490209 - Archie Has Three Days to Live [147].mp3
DT490216 - Schoolmate Willie Gundig Visits [158].mp3
DT490223 - Archie Wants To Patent Electricity [416].mp3
DT490302 - With Mickey Rooney [158].mp3
DT490309 - Archie Writes a Television Play (with Marlene Dietrich) [158].mp3
DT490316 - Bar Room Fight with Spike Mcguirk, the Bully (with Sheldon Leonard) [380].mp3
DT490323 - Archie Opens a Bank Account with $10 [158].mp3
DT490330 - J Durante and A Sothern Act in Archie's Play [475].mp3
DT490406 - Archie and Finnegan Double-Date Gypsy Rose Lee [158].mp3
DT490413 - Millionaire Bum J Everett Pointdexter - No More Ious [158].mp3
DT490420 - Will Miss Duffy Marry (with Cass Daley) [158].mp3
DT490427 - Someone's Getting Hitched (rich high society dame) [158].mp3
DT490504 - Playing Poker With Charles Coburn [379].mp3
DT490511 - Detective Archie Tracks 'whistling Sam' Roberts [158].mp3
DT490518 - Most Popular Bartender on 3rd Ave [379].mp3
DT490525 - Archie Writes an Opera [183].mp3
DT490601 - Archie Wants to Marry a Rich Woman Agatha Pitz [158].mp3
DT490615 - Bob Crosby Sings to Archie's Girlfriend Gwendolyn [158].mp3
DT500216 - The Unsigned Valentine With Guest Shelly Winters [028].mp3
DT500330 - Tony Martin [304].mp3
DT500518 - Hedda Hopper Plans a Coming out Party.mp3
DT500615 - Fathers' Day.mp3
DT500907 - Army Surplus Helicopter [028].mp3
DT500921 - Archie Buys a Radio Station (with Barry Nelson) [158].mp3
DT501110 - Archie Asks Sir Cedric Hardwicke to Be His Roommate.mp3
DT501117 - Archie's Nephew.mp3
DT501201 - Latin Night at Duffy's - [with Bobby Capoe].mp3
DT501208 - Archie Wants to Sell the Tavern.mp3
DT501215 - Archie Wants Veronica Lake to Help Promote a New Latin Singer.mp3
DT501222 - Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus [431].mp3
DT501229 - Archie Cuts Prices to Fight Inflation [475].mp3
DT510105 - Archie Has A Date With Joan Bennett.mp3
DT510112 - A Lady Visits The Draft Board [028].mp3
DT510119 - A Literary Society Meeting [475].mp3
DT510126 - Actors Club At The Tavern [028].mp3
DT510202 - Archie Runs For Office [028].mp3
DT510216 - Archie The Hypnotist [028].mp3
DT510223 - Job Opening [028].mp3
DT510302 - 1670 Diary of P. Stuyversant [380].mp3
DT510309 - Archie Writes An Opera [028].mp3
DT510316 - Fashion Lecture With Arthur Treacher [028].mp3
DT510323 - Culture Comes To Duffy's [028].mp3
DT510330 - Achie Throws Block Party - Artie Shaws Band [416].mp3
DT510406 - The Singing Detective - Rudy Vallee [416].mp3
DT510420 - Archie the Lion Tamer (with Bert Gordon) [158].mp3
DT510427 - Balancing the Books (with Phil Baker) [158].mp3
DT511012 - Party For Film Critics [028].mp3
DT511019 - Archie's Nephew and the Quiz Show [379].mp3
DT511026 - Archie Helps Morton with His Homework - [repeat of 501124].mp3
DT511102 - Spanish Floor Show [028].mp3
DT511109 - Cultural Singing Contest [028].mp3
DT511116 - Deems Taylor Archie Writes Opera For TV [380].mp3
DT511123 - Archie Turns the Tavern into a Tea Room for Abigail Piddleton [158].mp3
DT511130 - Weighing Predicts Luck so Archie buys Half a Race Horse [158].mp3
DT511207 - Archie the Father-Baby Left on Doorstep [158].mp3
DT511214 - Archie's Grade School Teacher Pays A Visit [028].mp3
DT511221 - Archie Wants to Split the Atom [158].mp3
DT511228 - Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest [028].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Archie Needs a Vacation [294].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Archie Wants to Buy an Airplane [298].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Archie's Yearbook [000].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Carol Landis Pays A Visit [095].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Duffy's Town Meeting of the Air [362].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Forecast [204].mp3
DTxxxxxx - Genius of the Week.mp3
DTxxxxxx - The 100,000 Wedding Bells [000].mp3
DTxxxxxx - The Interior Decorator [286].mp3
DTxxxxxx - The Tavern Loses Its Lease [379].mp3
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Duffy's Tavern OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 143 Episodes

$ 5.95 USD