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Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes - OTR World
Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes - OTR World
Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes - OTR World
Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes - OTR World

Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes

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Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes - OTR World

Dragnet OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD 383 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD

Dragnet, the brainchild of Jack Webb, may very well be the most well-remembered, and the best, radio police drama series. From September, 1949 through February 1957, Dragnet's 30 minute shows, broadcast on NBC, brought to radio true police stories in a low-key, documentary style.

The origins of Dragnet can be traced to a semi-documentary film, "He Walked by Night" from 1948, in which Webb had a small role. Both employed the same Los Angeles Police Department technical adviser, used actual police cases and presented the case in "just the facts" manner that became a hallmark of Dragnet. It is interesting to note that Webb employed that format in other radio series, some pre-dating the film mentioned above.

Dragnet was a long running radio and television police procedural drama, about the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from an actual police term, a Dragnet, meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects. Dragnet was perhaps the most famous and influential police procedural drama in American media history. The series gave millions of Americans a feel for the boredom and drudgery, as well as the danger and heroism, of real life police work. Dragnet earned praise for improving the public opinion of police officers.

Actor and producer Jack Webb's aims in Dragnet were for realism and unpretentious acting. He achieved both goals and Dragnet remains a key influence on subsequent police dramas in many media. The shows cultural impact is demonstrated by the fact that even after five decades, elements of Dragnet are known to those who have never heard nor seen the program. The ominous four note introduction to the brass and tympani theme music, titled Danger Ahead, is instantly recognizable as well as the shows opening narration:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Includes 383 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD:

DN490610 - Homicide [027].mp3
DN490617 - The Werewolf [027].mp3
DN490624 - Bar Holdup w Raymond Burr [027].mp3
DN490707 - Helen Corday Murdered [027].mp3
DN490714 - Red Light Bandit [027].mp3
DN490721 - City Hall Bombing [027].mp3
DN490728 - Missing Person  Juanita Lasky [027].mp3
DN490804 - Benny Trousel Murdered [027].mp3
DN490811 - Woman Murdered And Mutilated [027].mp3
DN490818 - Sixteen Jewel Thieves [027].mp3
DN490825 - Police Academy - Mario Koski [027].mp3
DN490901 - Myra, The Redhead [044].mp3
DN490903 - Eric Kelby [050].mp3
DN490905 - Missing Woman [027].mp3
DN490910 - Sullivan Kidnapping - the Wolf [044].mp3
DN490917 - James Vickers [044].mp3
DN490924 - Brick-Bat Slayer [044].mp3
DN491001 - Tom Laval [044].mp3
DN491006 - Second Hand Killer [259].mp3
DN491117 - Harry Girard [410].mp3
DN491124 - Mother-In-Law Murder [044].mp3
DN491201 - Spring Street Gang [044].mp3
DN491208 - Jade Thumb Rings [044].mp3
DN491215 - Garbage Chute [044].mp3
DN491222 - Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas [044].mp3
DN491229 - Roseland Murder [198].mp3
DN500105 - Big Escape [027].mp3
DN500112 - Big Man - Part 1 [027).mp3
DN500119 - Big Man - Part 2 [079].mp3
DN500202 - Clause Jimmerson - Child Killer [027].mp3
DN500209 - Big Girl [123].mp3
DN500223 - Big Grifter [198].mp3
DN500302 - Big Kill [050].mp3
DN500309 - Big Thank You [050].mp3
DN500316 - Big Boys [040].mp3
DN500323 - Big Gangster Part 1 [040].mp3
DN500330 - Big Gangster Part 2 [050].mp3
DN500406 - Big Book [027].mp3
DN500413 - Big Watch [027].mp3
DN500420 - Big Trail [027].mp3
DN500427 - Big Job [030].mp3
DN500504 - Big Badge [030].mp3
DN500511 - Big Knife [030].mp3
DN500517 - The Lost City [070].mp3
DN500518 - Big Pug [030].mp3
DN500525 - Big Key [030].mp3
DN500601 - Big Fake [027].mp3
DN500608 - Big Smart Guy [027].mp3
DN500615 - Big Press [128].mp3
DN500622 - Big Mink [209].mp3
DN500629 - Big Grab [070].mp3
DN500706 - Big Frame [209].mp3
DN500713 - Big Bomb [030].mp3
DN500720 - Big Gent -1 [128].mp3
DN500727 - Big Gent Part 2 [030].mp3
DN500803 - Big Dare [030].mp3
DN500810 - Big Actor [209].mp3
DN500817 - Big Youngster [030].mp3
DN500824 - Big Chance [030].mp3
DN500831 - Big Check [030].mp3
DN500907 - Big Poison [030].mp3
DN500914 - Big Make [040].mp3
DN500921 - Big Pair [040].mp3
DN500928 - Big Death [040].mp3
DN501005 - Big 38 [070].mp3
DN501012 - Big Quack [070].mp3
DN501019 - Big Grandma [040].mp3
DN501026 - Big Meet [070].mp3
DN501102 - Big Church [040].mp3
DN501109 - Big Mother [040].mp3
DN501116 - Big Parrot [040].mp3
DN501123 - Big Betty [044].mp3
DN501130 - Big Car [221].mp3
DN501207 - Big Picture [045].mp3
DN501214 - Big Break [040].mp3
DN501221 - A Rifle for Christmas [027].mp3
DN501228 - Big Family [304].mp3
DN510104 - Big Holdup [040].mp3
DN510111 - Big Jump [040].mp3
DN510118 - Big Dance [040].mp3
DN510125 - Big Tomato [027].mp3
DN510201 - Big Children [040].mp3
DN510208 - Big Cast [040].mp3
DN510215 - Big Crime [394].mp3
DN510222 - Big Couple [040].mp3
DN510301 - Big Partner [394].mp3
DN510308 - Big New Years [304].mp3
DN510315 - Big Ben [304].mp3
DN510322 - Big Trunk [410].mp3
DN510329 - Big Lover [394].mp3
DN510405 - Big Friend [040].mp3
DN510412 - Big Threat [040].mp3
DN510419 - Big Speech [040].mp3
DN510426 - Big Saint [040].mp3
DN510503 - Big Casing [040].mp3
DN510510 - Big Drills [304].mp3
DN510517 - Big Blast [040].mp3
DN510524 - Big Mailman [040].mp3
DN510531 - Big Bindle [155].mp3
DN510607 - Big Imposter [155].mp3
DN510614 - Big Building [155].mp3
DN510621 - Big Run [155].mp3
DN510628 - Big Cliff [040].mp3
DN510705 - Big Love [155].mp3
DN510712 - Big Set-Up [155].mp3
DN510719 - Big Sophomore [040].mp3
DN510726 - Big Late Script [155].mp3
DN510802 - Big Cop [339].mp3
DN510809 - Big Screen [155].mp3
DN510816 - Big Winchester [155].mp3
DN510823 - Big In-Laws [155].mp3
DN510830 - Big Crazy [155].mp3
DN510906 - Big Seventeen [155].mp3
DN510913 - Big Waiter [155].mp3
DN510920 - Big Sour [155].mp3
DN510927 - Big September Man [030].mp3
DN511004 - Big Want Ad [394].mp3
DN511011 - Big Shoplift [155].mp3
DN511018 - Big Story Man [404].mp3
DN511025 - Big Market [404].mp3
DN511101 - Big Lease [155].mp3
DN511108 - Big Hit and Run Killer [027].mp3
DN511115 - Big Bungalow [155].mp3
DN511122 - Big Hands [155].mp3
DN511129 - Big Affair [155].mp3
DN511206 - Big Canaries [155].mp3
DN511213 - Big Overtime [105].mp3
DN511220 - 22 Caliber Rifle [070].mp3
DN511227 - Big Sorrow [041].mp3
DN520103 - Big Red Part 1 [155].mp3
DN520110 - Big Red Part 2 [155].mp3
DN520117 - Big Juvenile Division [155].mp3
DN520124 - Big Court [155].mp3
DN520131 - Big Almost No-Show [155].mp3
DN520207 - Big Honeymoon [155].mp3
DN520214 - Big Phone Call [027].mp3
DN520221 - Big Producer [407].mp3
DN520228 - Big Plant [155].mp3
DN520306 - Big Evans [155].mp3
DN520313 - Big Fire [155].mp3
DN520320 - Big Border [155].mp3
DN520327 - Big Rose [155].mp3
DN520403 - Big Streetcar [105].mp3
DN520410 - Big Show [155].mp3
DN520417 - Big Bunco [041].mp3
DN520424 - Big Elevator [040].mp3
DN520501 - Big Safe [040].mp3
DN520508 - Big Gamble [040].mp3
DN520515 - Big Mail [155].mp3
DN520522 - Big Shakedown [155].mp3
DN520529 - Big 4th [050].mp3
DN520605 - Big Whiff [027].mp3
DN520612 - Big Donation [155].mp3
DN520619 - Big Jules [394].mp3
DN520626 - Big Roll [155].mp3
DN520703 - Big Trio [155].mp3
DN520710 - Big Hate [041].mp3
DN520731 - Big Signet [155].mp3
DN520807 - Big Impression [155].mp3
DN520814 - Big Drive [061].mp3
DN520821 - Big Paper [061].mp3
DN520828 - Big Test [259].mp3
DN520904 - Big Ray [259].mp3
DN520911 - Big Tear [259].mp3
DN520914 - Big Bull [305].mp3
DN520921 - Big Shot [259].mp3
DN520928 - Big Brain [259].mp3
DN521005 - Big Jolt [259].mp3
DN521012 - Big Lie [259].mp3
DN521019 - Big Pill [041].mp3
DN521026 - Big Number [259].mp3
DN521102 - Big Light [105].mp3
DN521109 - Big Dive [259].mp3
DN521116 - Big Walk [259].mp3
DN521123 - Big Guilt [259].mp3
DN521130 - Big Shirt [259].mp3
DN521207 - Big Mole [259].mp3
DN521214 - Big Eavesdrop [259].mp3
DN521221 - Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas [305].mp3
DN521228 - Big Mask Part 1 [259].mp3
DN530104 - Big Mask Part 2 [259].mp3
DN530111 - Big Small [259].mp3
DN530118 - Big String [259].mp3
DN530125 - Big Lay-Out [259].mp3
DN530201 - Big Strip [027].mp3
DN530208 - Big Press [259].mp3
DN530215 - Big Tooth [259].mp3
DN530222 - Big Smoke [027].mp3
DN530301 - Big Want [259].mp3
DN530308 - Big Laugh [259].mp3
DN530315 - Big Impossible [259].mp3
DN530322 - Big Informant [221].mp3
DN530329 - Big Dream [259].mp3
DN530405 - Big Chet [259].mp3
DN530412 - Big Compulsion [259].mp3
DN530419 - Big Rip [259].mp3
DN530426 - Big Scrapbook [259].mp3
DN530503 - Big Carney [259].mp3
DN530510 - Big Joke [259].mp3
DN530517 - Big False Move [259].mp3
DN530524 - Big Gun Part 1 [259].mp3
DN530531 - Big Gun Part 2 [259].mp3
DN530607 - Big Will [305].mp3
DN530614 - Big Lilly [259].mp3
DN530621 - Big Revolt [259].mp3
DN530628 - Big Ham [259].mp3
DN530901 - Big Bop [259].mp3
DN530908 - Big Lift [259].mp3
DN530915 - Big Cab [259].mp3
DN530922 - Big Slip [259].mp3
DN530929 - Big Try [040].mp3
DN531006 - Big Little Mother [027].mp3
DN531013 - Big Plea [044].mp3
DN531020 - Big Paint [044].mp3
DN531027 - Big Fraud [259].mp3
DN531103 - Big Rain [259].mp3
DN531110 - Big Kid [259].mp3
DN531117 - Big Flight [259].mp3
DN531124 - Big Present [259].mp3
DN531201 - Big Odd [259].mp3
DN531208 - Big Pick [259].mp3
DN531215 - Big Brink [259].mp3
DN531222 - Big Little Jesus [040].mp3
DN531229 - Big Steal [259].mp3
DN540105 - Big Listen [259].mp3
DN540112 - Big Switch [260].mp3
DN540119 - Big Bill [040].mp3
DN540126 - Big Bid [259].mp3
DN540202 - Big Filth [259].mp3
DN540209 - Big Broad [259].mp3
DN540216 - Big Sucker [259].mp3
DN540223 - Big Pipe [305].mp3
DN540302 - Big TV [045].mp3
DN540309 - Big Cup [259].mp3
DN540316 - Big Rod [259].mp3
DN540323 - Big Mustache [259].mp3
DN540330 - Big Confession [027].mp3
DN540406 - Big Saw [259].mp3
DN540413 - Big Note [259].mp3
DN540420 - Big Net [259].mp3
DN540427 - Big Lift [259].mp3
DN540504 - Big Stop [259].mp3
DN540511 - Big Look [259].mp3
DN540518 - Big Help [259].mp3
DN540525 - Big Watch [259].mp3
DN540601 - Big Cowboy [136].mp3
DN540608 - Big Student [259].mp3
DN540615 - Big Cat [259].mp3
DN540622 - Big Customer [259].mp3
DN540629 - Big Chick [259].mp3
DN540706 - Big Search [259].mp3
DN540713 - Big Rescue [259].mp3
DN540720 - Big Heel [259].mp3
DN540727 - Big Match [259].mp3
DN540803 - Big Stand [259].mp3
DN540810 - Big Wish [259].mp3
DN540817 - Big Cad [259].mp3
DN540824 - Big Shock [259].mp3
DN540831 - Big Office [259].mp3
DN540907 - Big Trunk [259].mp3
DN540914 - Big Cut [259].mp3
DN540921 - Big Try [040].mp3
DN540928 - Big Bible [259].mp3
DN541005 - Big Handsome Bandit [040].mp3
DN541012 - Big Tar Baby [040].mp3
DN541019 - Big Manikin [040].mp3
DN541026 - Big Key [309].mp3
DN541102 - Big Locker [027].mp3
DN541109 - Big Coins [259].mp3
DN541116 - Big Dog [260].mp3
DN541123 - Big Switch [262].mp3
DN541130 - Big Gone [260].mp3
DN541207 - Big Dig [260].mp3
DN541214 - Big Lens [260].mp3
DN541221 - Big Little Jesus [309].mp3
DN541228 - Big Underground [260].mp3
DN550104 - Big Mug [260].mp3
DN550111 - Big Complex [260].mp3
DN550118 - Big Token [260].mp3
DN550125 - Big Bounce [260].mp3
DN550201 - Big Bird [260].mp3
DN550208 - Big Gap [260].mp3
DN550215 - Big Hat [261].mp3
DN550222 - Big Slug [027].mp3
DN550301 - Big Set-Up [309].mp3
DN550308 - Big Father [027].mp3
DN550315 - Big Set [261].mp3
DN550322 - Big Talk [027].mp3
DN550329 - Big Death [082].mp3
DN550405 - Big No Tooth [027].mp3
DN550412 - Big Tie [040].mp3
DN550419 - Big Deal [261].mp3
DN550426 - Big Child [105].mp3
DN550503 - Big Momma [105].mp3
DN550510 - Big Revision [261].mp3
DN550517 - Big Squealer [105].mp3
DN550524 - Big Siege [040].mp3
DN550531 - Big Sisters [105].mp3
DN550607 - Big Limp [040].mp3
DN550614 - Big Fall Guy [105].mp3
DN550621 - Big Grab [040].mp3
DN550628 - Big Convertible [105].mp3
DN550705 - Big Rush [040].mp3
DN550712 - Big Genius [261].mp3
DN550719 - Big Bobo [040].mp3
DN550726 - Big Housemaid [040].mp3
DN550802 - Big Sheet [093].mp3
DN550809 - Big Missus [040].mp3
DN550816 - Big Beer [261].mp3
DN550823 - Big Blonde [261].mp3
DN550830 - Big Fellow [261].mp3
DN550906 - Big Ruling [394].mp3
DN550913 - Big Daughter [261].mp3
DN550920 - Big Close [261].mp3
DN550927 - Big Shot [310].mp3
DN551004 - Big Brain [310].mp3
DN551011 - Big Jolt [310].mp3
DN551018 - Big Lie [105].mp3
DN551025 - Big Pill [310].mp3
DN551101 - Big Number [310].mp3
DN551108 - Big Light [310].mp3
DN551115 - Big Dive [310].mp3
DN551122 - Big Walk [310].mp3
DN551129 - Big Guilt [310].mp3
DN551206 - Big Shirt [310].mp3
DN551213 - Big Mole [310].mp3
DN551220 - Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas [310].mp3
DN551227 - Big Mask Part 1 [310].mp3
DN560103 - Big Mask Part 2 [310].mp3
DN560110 - Big Small [310].mp3
DN560117 - Big String [310].mp3
DN560124 - Big Lay-Out [310].mp3
DN560131 - Big Strip [310].mp3
DN560207 - Big Press [310].mp3
DN560214 - Big Tooth [310].mp3
DN560221 - Big Smoke [310].mp3
DN560228 - Big Want [310].mp3
DN560306 - Big Laugh [310].mp3
DN560313 - Big Impossible [310].mp3
DN560320 - Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas [310].mp3
DN560327 - Big Informant [310].mp3
DN560403 - Big Dream [310].mp3
DN560410 - Big Chet [310].mp3
DN560417 - Big Compulsion [310].mp3
DN560424 - Big Rip [310].mp3
DN560501 - Big Scrapbook [310].mp3
DN560508 - Big Carney [310].mp3
DN560515 - Big Joke [310].mp3
DN560522 - Big False Move [310].mp3
DN560529 - Big Gun Part 1 [310].mp3
DN560605 - Big Gun Part 2 [310].mp3
DN560612 - Big Will [310].mp3
DN560619 - Big Lilly [310].mp3
DN560626 - Big Revolt [310].mp3
DN560918 - Big Ham [310].mp3
DN560925 - Big Bop [310].mp3
DN561002 - Big Lift [310].mp3
DN561009 - Big Cab [310].mp3
DN561016 - Big Slip [310].mp3
DN561023 - Big Flight [310].mp3
DN561030 - Big Present [310].mp3
DN561106 - Big Odd [310].mp3
DN561113 - Big Pick [310].mp3
DN561120 - Big Brink [310].mp3
DN561127 - Big Steal [310].mp3
DN561204 - Big Listen [310].mp3
DN561211 - Big Switch [310].mp3
DN561218 - Big Bill [310].mp3
DN561225 - Big Little Jesus [310].mp3
DN570101 - Big Bid [310].mp3
DN570108 - Big Filth [310].mp3
DN570115 - Big Broad [310].mp3
DN570122 - Big Sucker [310].mp3
DN570129 - Big Pipe [310].mp3
DN570205 - Big Tv [310].mp3
DN570212 - Big Cup [310].mp3
DN570219 - Big Rod [310].mp3
DN570226 - Big Mustache [310].mp3
DN68xxxx - Parady by Jack Webb on Carson [221].mp3
DN921121 - SPERDVAC Recreation [409].mp3
DN921121 - SPERDVAC Tribute to Jack Webb [409].mp3
DNxxxxxx - Stanley Johnstone [060].mp3
DNxxxxxx - Three Minute Parady [411].mp3

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