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Dangerous Assignment OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 120 Episodes

$ 4.85 USD

Dangerous Assignment stands as one of the most durable programs of its genre and era in the waning days of The Golden Age of Radio. Espionage or foreign intrigue dramas weren't particularly groundbreaking...

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Dangerous Assignment stands as one of the most durable programs of its genre and era in the waning days of The Golden Age of Radio. Espionage or foreign intrigue dramas weren't particularly groundbreaking undertakings by the 1950s.

Includes 120 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD:

DA490709 - Relief Supplies (First Show) [030].mp3
DA490716 - Sunken Ships [030].mp3
DA490723 - Nigerian Safari [030].mp3
DA490806 - Millionaire Murders [030].mp3
DA490813 - Alien Smuggling [224].mp3
DA490820 - File #307 [224].mp3
DA500109 - Berlin Kidnapping [030].mp3
DA500206 - Missing Japanese Weapons [069].mp3
DA500213 - Captain Rock [069].mp3
DA500220 - The Greek Connection [069].mp3
DA500306 - Wire Spool.mp3
DA500313 - Rome and the Suspicious Cylinder.mp3
DA500320 - International Blackmail [069].mp3
DA500327 - The Sheik's Secret [224].mp3
DA500410 - Pirate Loot [224].mp3
DA500417 - Flying Saucers [224].mp3
DA500424 - The Nazi & The Physicist [224].mp3
DA500503 - Sabotage In Paris [224].mp3
DA500510 - Oslo - The Professor Is A Spy.mp3
DA500517 - The Lost City [224].mp3
DA500524 - Burmese Witness [224].mp3
DA500531 - Little White Pill [316].mp3
DA500607 - Deadly Bacteria [316].mp3
DA500621 - Lefty and Sam [316].mp3
DA500726 - Five Gardenias [316].mp3
DA500802 - Vienna Mystery [224].mp3
DA500809 - Africa Hate Campaign [069].mp3
DA500816 - Hired Killer [224].mp3
DA500823 - Bombay Gun Runners [224].mp3
DA500830 - Guided Missile Plans [030].mp3
DA500906 - Assignment Mine Disaster [000].mp3
DA500920 - Trained Seal.mp3
DA500927 - Latin America.mp3
DA500929 - Assignment Forged Papers [000].mp3
DA501006 - Tokyo.mp3
DA501118 - Dangling From The Wrong End Of A Rope.mp3
DA501125 - Indochina, the Football Play [211].mp3
DA501202 - South America and Incriminating Letters [475].mp3
DA501209 - The Berlin to Stop a Kidnapping Racket [000].mp3
DA501216 - Assignment Richmond.mp3
DA501230 - When a Friend is Not a Friend [391].mp3
DA510106 - Anti-Sub Plans.mp3
DA510113 - Missing Scientist.mp3
DA510120 - Mighty Power Puff.mp3
DA510127 - A Box of Busted Bells.mp3
DA510203 - Nazi Fugitive.mp3
DA510210 - Assignment Kroner Cutlass [000].mp3
DA510217 - Malaya and Rubber.mp3
DA510224 - Nazi Buzz Bomb Plans [432].mp3
DA510303 - When Secret Codes Aren't Secret Anymore [475].mp3
DA510310 - Assignment South America.mp3
DA510324 - The Canal Zone - A Piece of String.mp3
DA510407 - The Balkans - File 72.mp3
DA510414 - Middle East - A Tray Of Dirty Dishes.mp3
DA510421 - Pen Mightier Than The Sword.mp3
DA510428 - Assignment The Balkans.mp3
DA510504 - China Shop Vanishes [000].mp3
DA510511 - Needle In a Haystack.mp3
DA510518 - Operation Hot Foot.mp3
DA510619 - Assignment Japan.mp3
DA510626 - Rome & Smuggled Dictating Machine Cylinder [000].mp3
DA510703 - South America - A Country's Democracy Threaten.mp3
DA510710 - Assignment China Sea.mp3
DA511117 - Dangling from the Wrong End of a Rope.mp3
DA520310 - Assignment Ghost Hunters.mp3
DA521008 - Dangling From The End Of A Rope.mp3
DA521015 - To Ask A Guy To Shoot You.mp3
DA521022 - Butterfly Chasers.mp3
DA521105 - The Smuggling Racket.mp3
DA521112 - Assignment Turkey.mp3
DA521119 - The Private Sanatorium.mp3
DA521126 - A Nursery Rhyme.mp3
DA521203 - Nice - Italian Actress.mp3
DA521210 - Attacking Guards.mp3
DA521217 - Assignment Turkey.mp3
DA521224 - Assignment USA.mp3
DA521231 - Street Car 17.mp3
DA530107 - Assignment Ellis Chandler.mp3
DA530109 - New Guinea, to Find Ellis Chandler [000].mp3
DA530114 - The Blue Lion.mp3
DA530116 - London and the Blue Lion Pub [000].mp3
DA530121 - The Jade Knife.mp3
DA530128 - Assignment Mexico.mp3
DA530130 - Mexico City and the Assassin, Mr Caron [000].mp3
DA530204 - Assignment Greece.mp3
DA530206 - Greece and the Missing Physicist [000].mp3
DA530211 - Family Squabble.mp3
DA530213 - The Belgian Congo and the Family Squabble [000].mp3
DA530218 - Doctor MacDougal.mp3
DA530225 - Black Market In Jewels.mp3
DA530304 - Henrich Swindorff.mp3
DA530311 - Ghost Ship.mp3
DA530318 - Stolen Information.mp3
DA530325 - Assignment In Portugal [080].mp3
DA530325 - Assignment in Portugal.mp3
DA530401 - Assignment Caribbean.mp3
DA530408 - Assignment Paris.mp3
DA530415 - Tibet [311].mp3
DA530422 - London - Nikoli Debarov.mp3
DA530429 - Assignment in Islands [183].mp3
DA530506 - Rome and Hijacked Strategic Machinery (No Intro) [000].mp3
DA530513 - Cairo and the Bazaar of the Four Brothers [000].mp3
DA530520 - Oslo Norway and Top Secret Computer Plans [000].mp3
DA530527 - A Hired Assassin.mp3
DA530624 - James Stroller.mp3
DA530701 - Assignment Montreal - 1 more show to go after here [000].mp3
DA541027 - Tibet to Rescue - The Flying Finways (Australian) [000].mp3
DA541103 - Venezuala [311].mp3
DA541110 - Copenhagen and the Bradley Report [000].mp3
DA541117 - Marseilles [311].mp3
DA541201 - Mandalay & Stragetic Materials Leak - Last Australian [000].mp3
DA54xxxx - Boot Crab.mp3
DA54xxxx - Caracas.mp3
DA54xxxx - Copenhagen.mp3
DA54xxxx - Tibet.mp3
DAxxxxxx - London or Blue Lion.mp3
DAxxxxxx - Marseilles [Climbing the Swiss Alps].mp3
DAxxxxxx - North Borneo.mp3
DAxxxxxx - Road to Mandalay [183].mp3
DAxxxxxx - Singapore.mp3
DWGxxxxxx - A Marriage Minded Girl.mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Amourous Amnesiac.mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Arnold Lussick Story [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Chase to Salvador [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Clever Criminologist [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Coincidental Cartoon.mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Elwood Milroy, Criminologist [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - FBI, Scientist [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Hired Help [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Incident in Long Island [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Innocent, Innocent [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Invented Husband [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Lady Liar [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Larry Simmons [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Missing Necklace.mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Murder by Hypnosis [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Negated Necklace [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Phoney Photographer [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Rainy Night Murder [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Seafarer Mystery [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Stiff Spouce [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Triangle Affair [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Triple X Trick [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Vic Sully is Murdered [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Wandering Weapon [475].mp3
DWGxxxxxx - Who's Trying to Kill Paula Crane [475].mp3

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Dangerous Assignment OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 120 Episodes

$ 4.85 USD