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Crime Classics OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD 50 Episodes

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Crime Classics was a U. S. radio docudrama which aired over CBS from June 15, 1953, to June 30, 1954. Created, produced, and directed by radio actor/director Elliott Lewis, the program...

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Crime Classics was a U. S. radio docudrama which aired over CBS from June 15, 1953, to June 30, 1954. Created, produced, and directed by radio actor/director Elliott Lewis, the program was a historical true crime series, examining crimes and murders from the past. It grew out of Lewis' personal interest in famous murder cases and took a documentary-like approach to the subject, carefully recreating the facts, personages and feel of the time period. Comparatively little dramatic license was taken with the facts and events, but the tragedy was leavened with humor, expressed largely through the narration. The crimes dramatized generally covered a broad time and place frame from ancient Greece to late 19th-century America. Each episode in the series was co-written by Morton Fine and David Friedkin, in consultation with Lewis, although the scripting process was more a matter of research, as the stories were "adapted from the original court reports and newspaper accounts" or from the works of historians.

Includes 50 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

CC521203 - [Aud] The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner, the First Woman to Be Tried for Murder in the US [394].mp3
CC530622 - The Shockingly Peaceful Passing of Thomas Edwin Bartlett Greengrocer.mp3
CC530629 - The Checkered Life and Sudden Death of Colonel James Fisk, Junior [xxx].mp3
CC530706 - The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew, Senior [167].mp3
CC530713 - The Terrible Deed of Dr John [171][171].mp3
CC530727 - The Final Day of General Ketchum and How He Died [xxx].mp3
CC530803 - Mr Thrower's Hammer [374].mp3
CC530810 - The Axe and the Droot Family - How They Fared [374.mp3
CC530817 - The Incredible Trial or Laura D Fair ][374].mp3
CC530824 - The Alsop Family - How It Diminished and Grew Again [xxx].mp3
CC530831 - Your Loving Son, Nero [374].mp3
CC530907 - The Torment of Henrietta Robinson, and Why She Killed [xxx].mp3
CC530930 - The Bloody Bloody Banks of Fall River [171].mp3
CC531007 - The Hangman and William Palmer - Who Won [xxx][xxx].mp3
CC531021 - Billy Bonny Bloodletter - Also Known as [308].mp3
CC531028 - John Hayes--His Head--And How They Were Parted [xxx].mp3
CC531104 - Raschi Among the Crocodiles, and the Prank He Played [466].mp3
CC531111 - Blackbeard's Fourteenth Wife - Why She Was No Good for Him [xxx].mp3
CC531118 - The Triangle on the Round Table [374].mp3
CC531125 - The Killing Story of Wm Corder and the Farmer's Daughter [258].mp3
CC531202 - If a Body Need a Body, Just Call Burke and Hare [xxx].mp3
CC531209 - The Assasination of Abraham Lincoln [167].mp3
CC531216 - John and Judith, Their Crime, and Why They Didn't [182].mp3
CC531230 - Coyle and Richardson -- Why They Hung in a Swinging Breeze [xxx].mp3
CC540106 - The Younger Bros - Why Some of Them Grew Older [167].mp3
CC540113 - How Supan Got the Hook Outside Bombey [374].mp3
CC540120 - Madeline Smith, Maid or Murderess - Which [xxx].mp3
CC540127 - The Boorn Brothers and the Hangman - A Study in Nip and Tuck [176][176][176].mp3
CC540217 - Jean Baptiste Troppmann - Killer of Many [374].mp3
CC540224 - The Good Ship Jane - Why She Became Flotsam [193].mp3
CC540303 - Roger Nems - How He, Though Dead, Won the Game [xxx][xxx].mp3
CC540331 - Robby Boy Balfour. How He Wrecked A Big Prisons Reputation.mp3
CC540407 - A General's Daughter, Czar's Lieutenant and the Linen Closet - A Russian Tragedy [474].mp3
CC540414 - James Evans, Fireman - How He Extinguished a Human Torch [xxx].mp3
CC540421 - Cesare Borgia - His Most Difficult Murder [466].mp3
CC540428 - Widow Magee and the Three Gypsies - - a Vermont Fandango [xxx].mp3
CC540505 - Bunny Baumler - His Close Brush with Fame [466][466].mp3
CC540526 - Lethal Habit of Marquise Debrinvilliers [214].mp3
CC540602 - Mr Jonathon Jewett - How, Most Peculiarly, He Cheated the Hangman [xxx].mp3
CC540609 - The Assassination of Leon Trotsky [440].mp3
CC540616 - The Death of a Baltimore Birdie and Friend [339].mp3
CC540623 - Ali Pasha a Turkish Delight [374].mp3
CC540630 - Good Evening. My Name is Jack the Ripper [304].mp3