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Chandu The Magician Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD-R 309 Episodes

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Frank Chandler, American born mystic, conquered the art of magic through his learnings with Indian yogi. Renaming himself Chandu and crystal balling around, Chandu the Magician delighted audiences for a number...

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Frank Chandler, American born mystic, conquered the art of magic through his learnings with Indian yogi. Renaming himself Chandu and crystal balling around, Chandu the Magician delighted audiences for a number of years. Although his carpet is noticeably absent, Chandu does have other romantic appeals - he constantly gazes into a crystal ball, has a love affair with an Egyptian princess, searches for his sister's shipwrecked husband who was presumed dead for 10 years (Chandu knows otherwise), battles the evil Roxor, and scoots off to the Middle East as well as the fictitious lands of lost continent "Lemuria" and gypsy camp "Montabania." 
Includes 309 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD:
CHDU320317 [000].mp3
CHDU320912 [474].mp3
CHDU320913 [474].mp3
CHDU320914 [474].mp3
CHDU320930 [474].mp3
CHDU321003 [474].mp3
CHDU321004 [474].mp3
CHDU321005 [474].mp3
CHDU321006 [474].mp3
CHDU321007 [474].mp3
CHDU321011 [474].mp3
CHDU321012 [474].mp3
CHDU321013 [474].mp3
CHDU321108 [474].mp3
CHDU321116 [474].mp3
CHDU321117 [474].mp3
CHDU321118 [474].mp3
CHDU321121 [474].mp3
CHDU321122 [474].mp3
CHDU321123 [474].mp3
CHDU321124 [474].mp3
CHDU321125 [474].mp3
CHDU321128 [474].mp3
CHDU330417 [345].mp3
CHDU330418 [474].mp3
CHDU330419 [345].mp3
CHDU330424 [474].mp3
CHDU330425 [474].mp3
CHDU330426 [474].mp3
CHDU330427 [474].mp3
CHDU330501 [474].mp3
CHDU330502 [474].mp3
CHDU330503 [474].mp3
CHDU330504 [474].mp3
CHDU330505 [474].mp3
CHDU330508 [474].mp3
CHDU330509 [474].mp3
CHDU330510 [474].mp3
CHDU330511 [474].mp3
CHDU330517 [474].mp3
CHDU330523 [474].mp3
CHDU330524 [474].mp3
CHDU330525 [474].mp3
CHDU330526 [474].mp3
CHDU330529 [474].mp3
CHDU330530 [474].mp3
CHDU330531 [474].mp3
CHDU330601 [474].mp3
CHDU330707 [474].mp3
CHDU330821 [474].mp3
CHDU480628 [226].mp3
CHDU480629 [226].mp3
CHDU480630 [226].mp3
CHDU480701 [226].mp3
CHDU480702 [226].mp3
CHDU480705 [226].mp3
CHDU480706 [226].mp3
CHDU480707 [226].mp3
CHDU480708 [226].mp3
CHDU480709 [226].mp3
CHDU480712 [146].mp3
CHDU480713 [146].mp3
CHDU480714 [226].mp3
CHDU480715 [146].mp3
CHDU480716 [146].mp3
CHDU480719 [146].mp3
CHDU480720 [146].mp3
CHDU480721 [146].mp3
CHDU480722 [146].mp3
CHDU480723 [146].mp3
CHDU480726 [146].mp3
CHDU480727 [226].mp3
CHDU480728 [305].mp3
CHDU480729 [226].mp3
CHDU480730 [226].mp3
CHDU480802 [226].mp3
CHDU480803 [226].mp3
CHDU480804 [226].mp3
CHDU480805 [226].mp3
CHDU480806 [226].mp3
CHDU480809 [226].mp3
CHDU480810 [226].mp3
CHDU480811 [226].mp3
CHDU480812 [125].mp3
CHDU480813 [226].mp3
CHDU480816 [226].mp3
CHDU480817 [226].mp3
CHDU480818 [226].mp3
CHDU480819 [226].mp3
CHDU480820 [125].mp3
CHDU480823 [120].mp3
CHDU480824 [305].mp3
CHDU480825 [120].mp3
CHDU480826 [120].mp3
CHDU480827 [120].mp3
CHDU480830 [120].mp3
CHDU480831 [120].mp3
CHDU480901 [120].mp3
CHDU480902 [120].mp3
CHDU480903 [120].mp3
CHDU480906 [120].mp3
CHDU480907 [120].mp3
CHDU480908 [120].mp3
CHDU480909 [120].mp3
CHDU480910 [120].mp3
CHDU480913 [120].mp3
CHDU480914 [120].mp3
CHDU480915 [120].mp3
CHDU480916 [120].mp3
CHDU480917 [120].mp3
CHDU480920 [120].mp3
CHDU480921 [122].mp3
CHDU480922 [122].mp3
CHDU480923 [122].mp3
CHDU480924 [122].mp3
CHDU480927 [314].mp3
CHDU480928 [314].mp3
CHDU480929 [314].mp3
CHDU480930 [226].mp3
CHDU481001 [202].mp3
CHDU481004 [122].mp3
CHDU481005 [122].mp3
CHDU481006 [122].mp3
CHDU481007 [122].mp3
CHDU481008 [122].mp3
CHDU481011 [122].mp3
CHDU481012 [314].mp3
CHDU481013 [122].mp3
CHDU481014 [122].mp3
CHDU481015 [226].mp3
CHDU481018 [226].mp3
CHDU481019 [226].mp3
CHDU481020 [226].mp3
CHDU481021 [226].mp3
CHDU481022 [226].mp3
CHDU481025 [219].mp3
CHDU481026 [219].mp3
CHDU481027 [226].mp3
CHDU481028 [219].mp3
CHDU481029 [219].mp3
CHDU481101 [219].mp3
CHDU481102 [219].mp3
CHDU481103 [219].mp3
CHDU481104 [219].mp3
CHDU481105 [126].mp3
CHDU481108 [219].mp3
CHDU481109 [219].mp3
CHDU481110 [219].mp3
CHDU481111 [126].mp3
CHDU481112 [126].mp3
CHDU481115 [122].mp3
CHDU481116 [126].mp3
CHDU481117 [219].mp3
CHDU481118 [221].mp3
CHDU481119 [221].mp3
CHDU481122 [220].mp3
CHDU481123 [221].mp3
CHDU481124 [221].mp3
CHDU481125 [221].mp3
CHDU481126 [221].mp3
CHDU481129 [221].mp3
CHDU481130 [221].mp3
CHDU481201 [221].mp3
CHDU481202 [221].mp3
CHDU481203 [221].mp3
CHDU481206 [221].mp3
CHDU481207 [221].mp3
CHDU481208 [227].mp3
CHDU481209 [305].mp3
CHDU481210 [227].mp3
CHDU481213 [314].mp3
CHDU481214 [227].mp3
CHDU481215 [227].mp3
CHDU481216 [227].mp3
CHDU481217 [227].mp3
CHDU481220 [227].mp3
CHDU481221 [227].mp3
CHDU481222 [227].mp3
CHDU481223 [227].mp3
CHDU481224 [227].mp3
CHDU481227 [227].mp3
CHDU481228 [227].mp3
CHDU481229 [227].mp3
CHDU481230 [227].mp3
CHDU481231 [227].mp3
CHDU490103 [228].mp3
CHDU490104 [228].mp3
CHDU490105 [228].mp3
CHDU490106 [228].mp3
CHDU490107 [228].mp3
CHDU490110 [228].mp3
CHDU490111 [228].mp3
CHDU490112 [228].mp3
CHDU490113 [228].mp3
CHDU490114 [228].mp3
CHDU490117 [228].mp3
CHDU490118 [172].mp3
CHDU490119 [172].mp3
CHDU490120 [228].mp3
CHDU490121 [228].mp3
CHDU490124 [228].mp3
CHDU490125 [228].mp3
CHDU490126 [228].mp3
CHDU490127 [228].mp3
CHDU490128 [228].mp3
CHDU490203 [228].mp3
CHDU490210 [228].mp3
CHDU490217 [228].mp3
CHDU490224 [228].mp3
CHDU490303 [228].mp3
CHDU490310 [228].mp3
CHDU490317 [122].mp3
CHDU490324 [122].mp3
CHDU490331 [122].mp3
CHDU490414 [122].mp3
CHDU490421 [122].mp3
CHDU490428 [122].mp3
CHDU490728 [228].mp3
CHDU491126 [000].mp3
CHDU491210 [364].mp3
CHDU491224 [322].mp3
Chandu 320323.mp3
Chandu 320412.mp3
Chandu 320413.mp3
Chandu 320420.mp3
Chandu 320421.mp3
Chandu 320530.mp3
Chandu 320531.mp3
Chandu 321111.mp3
Chandu 321129.mp3
Chandu 321130.mp3
Chandu 330127.mp3
Chandu 330130.mp3
Chandu 330131.mp3
Chandu 330201.mp3
Chandu 330203.mp3
Chandu 330206.mp3
Chandu 330207.mp3
Chandu 330208.mp3
Chandu 330209.mp3
Chandu 330210.mp3
Chandu 330213.mp3
Chandu 330214.mp3
Chandu 330215.mp3
Chandu 330216.mp3
Chandu 330217.mp3
Chandu 330220.mp3
Chandu 330221.mp3
Chandu 330222.mp3
Chandu 330223.mp3
Chandu 341024.mp3
Chandu 341025.mp3
Chandu 341026.mp3
Chandu 341029.mp3
Chandu 341030.mp3
Chandu 341031.mp3
Chandu 341101.mp3
Chandu 341102.mp3
Chandu 341106.mp3
Chandu 341108.mp3
Chandu 341109.mp3
Chandu 341120.mp3
Chandu 341219.mp3
Chandu 341220.mp3
Chandu 341221.mp3
Chandu 341222.mp3
Chandu 341225.mp3
Chandu 341226.mp3
Chandu 341227.mp3
Chandu 341228.mp3
Chandu 341231.mp3
Chandu 350101.mp3
Chandu 350102.mp3
Chandu 350624.mp3
Chandu 350625.mp3
Chandu 350626.mp3
Chandu 350627.mp3
Chandu 350628.mp3
Chandu 350701.mp3
Chandu 350702.mp3
Chandu 350703.mp3
Chandu 350704.mp3
Chandu 350706.mp3
Chandu 350707.mp3
Chandu 350709.mp3
Chandu 350711.mp3
Chandu 350712.mp3
Chandu 350715.mp3
Chandu 350716.mp3
Chandu 350717.mp3
Chandu 350718.mp3
Chandu 350723.mp3
Chandu 350730.mp3
Chandu 350731.mp3
Chandu 350801.mp3
Chandu 350802.mp3
Chandu 350805.mp3
Chandu 350806.mp3
Chandu 350807.mp3
Chandu 350808.mp3
Chandu 350913.mp3
Chandu 491119.mp3
Chandu 491203.mp3
Chandu 500726.mp3
Chandu 500802.mp3
Chandu 500809.mp3
Chandu 500816.mp3
Chandu 500823.mp3
Chandu 500830.mp3
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Chandu The Magician Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 DVD-R 309 Episodes

$ 5.95 USD