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Calling All Detectives OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD 194 Episodes

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1940's Detective show aired by Mutual Includes 194 Episodes! Episodes On This CD: CAD470415 - Taxi Protection Racket [474].mp3CAD470416 - [Aud] Elusive Diamond Thief [000].mp3CAD470911 - Mr Frobish Pays to Ha...

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1940's Detective show aired by Mutual

Includes 194 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

CAD470415 - Taxi Protection Racket [474].mp3
CAD470416 - [Aud] Elusive Diamond Thief [000].mp3
CAD470911 - Mr Frobish Pays to Ha [000].mp3
CAD480614 - Restaurant with No Customers.mp3
CAD480615 - A Man Admits to Murder [474].mp3
CAD480705 - The Ship Julia Louise Carries a Cargo of Gold [474].mp3
CAD480706 - Jerry Investigates a Mysterious Increase in Hospital Deaths [474].mp3
CAD480707 - Jerry Is Framed For the Murder of Mrs. Mayner [474].mp3
CAD480708 - Jerry Witnesses a Murder On TV [474].mp3
CAD480709 - Jerry Stumbles Into a Convention of Pickpockets [474].mp3
CAD480712 - Crooked Gamblers Invade a Local Carnival [474].mp3
CAD480719 - A Hit and Run Death [474].mp3
CAD480720 - Proving a Dead Man is Really Dead [474].mp3
CAD480721 - Title Unknown [474].mp3
CAD480722 - A $10,000 Theft & a Face Immortalized In a Window [474].mp3
CAD480723 - Uncle Merv's Radio Show [474].mp3
CAD480726 - Jerry Pursues a Girl With a Gun on a Train [474].mp3
CAD480727 - Trouble Shooter [474].mp3
CAD480728 - Jerry Hunts Down a Dangerous Killer [474].mp3
CAD480729 - Murder As Jerry Delivers a Lecture [474].mp3
CAD480730 - A Man Is Convicted of Killing His Wife, But Is She Really Dead [474].mp3
CAD480802 - Wealthy Stockbroker Is Found Murdered Several Times Over [474].mp3
CAD480803 - A Lighthouse Goes Out and Causes a Ship To Run Aground [474].mp3
CAD480804 - A Scrub Woman Receives Orchids From An Unknown Admirer (End Cut) [474].mp3
CAD480805 - Jerry Is Challenged To Identify a Body (Beginning Cut) [474].mp3
CAD480806 - Jerry Discovers a Message With Lipstick [474].mp3
CAD480812 - Stray Dog & a Packet of Diamonds.mp3
CAD480813 - Posing As a Fugitive From The Law [474].mp3
CAD480816 - Jerry Suspects Arson & Murder at The Chantilly Paint Factory [474].mp3
CAD480817 - A Case of Murder At Martini's Marionette Theater [474].mp3
CAD480819 - Jerry Saves an Habitual Jaywalker in the No-Hit and Run Case [474].mp3
CAD480820 - Jerry Recalls His Experience With 2 Perfect Murders [474].mp3
CAD480823 - Jerry Serves as a Bodyguard to Daphne Springer [474].mp3
CAD480824 - A Wire Recorder Helps Jerry Unravel a Case [474].mp3
CAD480825 - Jerry Comes To The Aid of a Woman Who is Shot [474].mp3
CAD480826 - Jerry Investigates Thefts of Egyptian Tablets and Pottery [474].mp3
CAD480827 - A Bank Robbery Staged For a Movie Turns Into the Real Thing [474].mp3
CAD480830 - Title Unknown [229].mp3
CAD480831 - Golf Kills [229].mp3
CAD480901 - Posion Missing.mp3
CAD480902 - Stud Poker.mp3
CAD480903 - Jewel Thief.mp3
CAD480906 - Buglar Proof Safe.mp3
CAD480907 - Real Diamonds.mp3
CAD480908 - Colton's Collossal Circus.mp3
CAD480909 - Scientist Killed.mp3
CAD480910 - Mysterious Fires.mp3
CAD480913 - Man Confesses to Three Murders.mp3
CAD480914 - Woman Acquitted of Murder.mp3
CAD480915 - Jerry Takes an Unexpected Trip To South America [474].mp3
CAD480916 - A Pawnbroker Accepts a Man's Soul as Security For a Loan [474].mp3
CAD480917 - Jerry Finds a Man Stabbed to Death In a Newsreel Theater [474].mp3
CAD480920 - A Man That Jerry Sent to Prison Is Out For Revenge [474].mp3
CAD480921 - Jerry Learns of a Jewel Thief In Traffic Court [474].mp3
CAD480922 - Jerry Saves Vic Porter From a Shootout With The F.B.I. [474].mp3
CAD480923 - Jerry Observes That Crimes of Hoodlums Run In Bunches [474].mp3
CAD480924 - A Butler Hires Jerry to Find a Missing Will [474].mp3
CAD480927 - Jerry Gets Involved With a Ghost Story [474].mp3
CAD480928 - A Necklace Reported Stolen Has Really Been Sold [474].mp3
CAD480929 - A Chemist Seeks Revenge on 3 Associates Who Framed Him [474].mp3
CAD480930 - Jerry Helps Settle Claims on a 6 Million Dollar Estate [474].mp3
CAD481001 - A Banker is the Victim of a Swindle [474].mp3
CAD481004 - A Man Wearing Sleigh Bells Hires Jerry To Go To The Antarctic [474].mp3
CAD481005 - A New Wrinkle on the Old Skin Game, With Chinchilla Skins [474].mp3
CAD481006 - Jerry Goes On a Treasure Hunt and Finds Real Treasure [474].mp3
CAD481007 - A Look Through A Dime-A-Look Telescope Solves A Case [474].mp3
CAD481008 - Mr. Mysto, The Memory Marvel, Loses His Memory [474].mp3
CAD481011 - Man Possesses A Ring With Which He Can Wish People Dead [474].mp3
CAD481012 - Jerry Saves a Blind Man From Being Hit By a Car [474].mp3
CAD481013 - Case of a Man Who Tried to Refuse a Million Dollars [474].mp3
CAD481014 - Suicide on the Great Valley Railroad [474].mp3
CAD481015 - Jerry Finds a Token Worth $5,000 In Cash [474].mp3
CAD481018 - Jerry Helps a Blonde With a String of Pearls [474].mp3
CAD481019 - Ticking Proves To Be the Sound of Death [474].mp3
CAD481020 - A Possible Insurance Fraud Is a Case For Jerry [474].mp3
CAD481021 - Jerry Finds a Clue In a Dead Man's Notebook [474].mp3
CAD481022 - A Doctor's Life Is Threatened By a Serum Injection [474].mp3
CAD481025 - Prize Fighter Hires Jerry To Cure Him of Superstitions [474].mp3
CAD481026 - A Typewritten Note Provides a Clue To a Mysterious Death [474].mp3
CAD481027 - Jerry Hunts For a Missing Collection of Shadows [474].mp3
CAD481028 - Jerry Is Hired To Stage a Fake Robbery At a Society Party [474].mp3
CAD481029 - Case of a Restaurant Owner Who Is Afraid of His Own Food [474].mp3
CAD481101 - Jerry Investigates the Murder of a Trapeze Artist [474].mp3
CAD481102 - Jerry Gets a Real Jewel of a Case [474].mp3
CAD481103 - Slippery Clayton Was Easy To Catch, But Impossible To Keep [474].mp3
CAD481104 - The Alleged Husband of a Recluse Turns Up At Her Death [474].mp3
CAD481105 - A Case That Jerry Is Slugged Into Taking [474].mp3
CAD481108 - Jerry Has a Client Who Mistrusts Everone, Including Jerry [474].mp3
CAD481109 - A Man Believes He Is Slowly Shrinking Away (Beg. Cut) [474].mp3
CAD481110 - Jerry Is Named Executor of a Million Dollar Estate (Beg. Cut) [474].mp3
CAD481111 - An Innocent Man Insists That He Is Guilty (Beg. Cut) [474].mp3
CAD481112 - Shadower Winds Up Being Shadowed.mp3
CAD481115 - Becomes His Own Client.mp3
CAD481116 - Music Writer Has a Violent Death.mp3
CAD481122 - Spilled Salt.mp3
CAD481125 - Looking For Diamond Dealer's Twin Brother.mp3
CAD481126 - Jerry's Case Of Fatal Magic.mp3
CAD481129 - Case Of The Rhyming Poet's Curse.mp3
CAD481130 - Stock Market Analyst Misses Trend.mp3
CAD481201 - Killer Who Keeps Appointment With Death.mp3
CAD481202 - Embezzled Money Mysteriously Disappears.mp3
CAD481203 - Single Red Feather Helps Ground A Killer.mp3
CAD481206 - Compulsion Club Killer Case.mp3
CAD481207 - Santa Claus Is Murdered.mp3
CAD481208 - A Food Processor Wants To Kill Him.mp3
CAD481209 - Home Guide Society is Killing People.mp3
CAD481210 - Investigates Murder of a Widow.mp3
CAD481213 - Dead Man Found At A Health Spa.mp3
CAD481214 - Gold Watch Murder Case.mp3
CAD481215 - Jerry Is Hired To - Serve A Summons.mp3
CAD481216 - Wealthy Antique Collector Hires Jerry.mp3
CAD481217 - Sea Monster in Lake Felicity.mp3
CAD481220 - Dead Man Found On Great Valley Train.mp3
CAD481221 - Famous Stillwell Diamond Disappears.mp3
CAD481222 - Murder On Opening Night.mp3
CAD481223 - Writes Crime Series for Newspaper.mp3
CAD481224 - Extra Santa [Too Many Santas ].mp3
CAD481224 - Two Rival Stamp Collectors.mp3
CAD481227 - Column Of Numbers Adds Up To Murder.mp3
CAD481228 - The Necktie.mp3
CAD481228 - Title Unknown [474].mp3
CAD481229 - Fruit Names Are Clues In Murder Case.mp3
CAD481230 - Ghost in the Apartment Building.mp3
CAD481231 - Finds a Case While Shopping.mp3
CAD490103 - Removed from Apartment at 2am.mp3
CAD490104 - Parole Violator Heads To ND Black Hills.mp3
CAD490105 - Christmas Ornament Is Valuable Clue.mp3
CAD490106 - Partners Apply For Mutual Life Insurance.mp3
CAD490107 - Honor Among Thieves Just A Saying.mp3
CAD490110 - Poses as Butler to Get Stolen Ring.mp3
CAD490111 - Finds Corpse Inside a Snowman.mp3
CAD490112 - 'Stripes' Is Clue To Dicky Boyd's Death.mp3
CAD490113 - Petty Thefts Series Leads To Murder.mp3
CAD490114 - Juke Box Helps To Smash Theft Ring.mp3
CAD490117 - CoinOperated Typewriter Case.mp3
CAD490118 - Famous Stage Star is Found Dead.mp3
CAD490119 - Eccentric Millionaire Challenges Jerry.mp3
CAD490120 - Man Jerry Sent To Prison Is His Client.mp3
CAD490121 - Jewels Found In Box Of Chocolates.mp3
CAD490124 - Searches for a Vanished Informer.mp3
CAD490125 - Seven Hoodlums Pay Visits To Same Doctor.mp3
CAD490126 - Footprints In Snow & Old Woman's Death.mp3
CAD490127 - Jerry Has a Day at the Races.mp3
CAD490128 - Murder Victim Names His Killer.mp3
CAD490131 - Blackmailed Senator Hires Jerry.mp3
CAD490201 - Man asks Jerry for Job as Secretary.mp3
CAD490202 - Gang Of Crooks Stealing Empty Boxcars.mp3
CAD490203 - Morgue Nightclub is Setting for Death.mp3
CAD490204 - Claim On The Actor's Publicity Policy.mp3
CAD490209 - Wedding Invitation Comes At Gunpoint.mp3
CAD490210 - Dress With Tire Marks.mp3
CAD490215 - Society Playboy Wants Fiance Back.mp3
CAD490216 - Gregory Ghoul, Movie Villain.mp3
CAD490217 - Firebug Destroys Apartment Building.mp3
CAD490218 - Father Of Beauty Queen Seeks Jerry.mp3
CAD490221 - Overhears Murder Plan at Bar.mp3
CAD490222 - Blackmailer Relents And Apologizes.mp3
CAD490223 Police Commissioner.mp3
CAD490224 - Inexpensive Statue Leads To Murder.mp3
CAD490225 - License Indefinitely Suspended.mp3
CAD490228 - Man Killed In A Paint Factory.mp3
CAD490302 - Short Order Cook Finds Oyster Pearl.mp3
CAD490303 - Lends a Man Train Fare.mp3
CAD490307 - Radio Announcer Is Murder Suspect.mp3
CAD490308 - Case Found At Spring Flower Show.mp3
CAD490309 - Follows Career of ExPrize Fighter.mp3
CAD490310 - Dance Team Member Taps Out SOS.mp3
CAD490311 - Conman Dives Out Courtroom Window.mp3
CAD490314 - Speeding Ticket Leads To Murder Charge.mp3.mp3
CAD490315 - Ghost On Skis At Masked Mountain Inn.mp3
CAD490316 - Forgets to Get Search Warrant.mp3
CAD490317 - Dying Man Asks For 'Dr Jewel'.mp3
CAD490318 - Racetrack Tipster Seeks Jerry's Help.mp3
CAD490321 - New Mexico Dude Ranch Trip.mp3
CAD490322 - Client Is Haunted By His Own Ghost.mp3
CAD490323 - Jerry Meets a Fortune Teller.mp3
CAD490324 - Burglars Steal Valuable Jewelry.mp3
CAD490325 - Jerry's Land Leads To Mystery.mp3
CAD490429 - Businessman's Kidnapping Investigated.mp3
CAD490502 - Gangster Tries To Bribe Jerry.mp3
CAD490503 - Jerry After Killer Terrorizing City.mp3
CAD490504 - Masked Marvel Predicts Sudden Death.mp3
CAD490509 - A Trapped Blackmailer Comes To Jerry.mp3
CAD490510 - Newspaper Editor's Daughter Is Missing.mp3
CAD490511 - Beer Baron Calls Jerry To Milwaukee.mp3
CAD490512 - 'Portrait Of Death' Artist Found Dead.mp3
CAD490516 - Hired To Guard Wedding Gifts.mp3
CAD490517 - Summer Stock Actress Disappears.mp3
CAD490518 - Young Woman's Body Found In River.mp3
CAD490519 - Dying Hoodlum Tries To Square Himself.mp3
CAD490520 - 'Celery King' Hires Jerry.mp3
CAD490523 - Five Men Are Charged With Same Crime.mp3
CAD490526 - Friends Hold A Dinner For Jerry.mp3
CAD490527 - Young Man Proves He Can Be Detective.mp3


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Calling All Detectives OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD 194 Episodes

$ 4.85 USD