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Calling All Cars OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 301 Episodes

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Calling All Cars was one of radio’s earliest cop shows, dramatizing true crime stories and introduced by officers from the Los Angeles and other police departments. The narrator of the program...

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Calling All Cars was one of radio’s earliest cop shows, dramatizing true crime stories and introduced by officers from the Los Angeles and other police departments. The narrator of the program was speech professor Charles Frederick Lindsley, and the only other regular voice heard on the program week after week belonged to that of Sergeant Jesse Rosenquist of the L.A.P.D., whose name and voice were so unusually distinctive that he was retained for the show’s entire run. None of the actors on the show ever received on-air credit, but among the talent OTR fans can hear the likes of Elvia Allman, Jackson Beck, Charles Bickford, John Gibson, Richard LeGrand and Hanley Stafford, just to name a few.
Includes 301 Episodes!
Episodes On This CD:
CAC331129 - Phantom Bomber of St. Peter & Paul Church [392].mp3
CAC331206 - Burma White Case [308].mp3
CAC331213 - York Gang Holdup [239].mp3
CAC331220 - The Human Bomb [308].mp3
CAC331227 - Cookie Vejar Killing [308].mp3
CAC340103 - Missing Mexican Sheiks [308].mp3
CAC340110 - Caliente Money Car Holdup [308].mp3
CAC340117 - The Skeele Kidnapping [308].mp3
CAC340124 - Cure of the Three Grooved Bullets [308].mp3
CAC340131 - Castor Oil Diamond Robbery [366].mp3
CAC340207 - The Smashed Windshield [308].mp3
CAC340214 - The Times Bombing Case [308].mp3
CAC340221 - The Mae West Jewel Robbery [366].mp3
CAC340228 - Killer Hudson [366].mp3
CAC340314 - The Chloriform Murder [366].mp3
CAC340321 - The Dillinger Case [366].mp3
CAC340328 - The Spinoza Case [366].mp3
CAC340404 - The Red Rose Girl [368].mp3
CAC340411 - The Cut Rate Murder [368].mp3
CAC340418 - Hammers in Honduras [368].mp3
CAC340425 - Captain Couragous [368].mp3
CAC340502 - Murder at Southgate [368].mp3
CAC340509 - Little Phil Alquin [368].mp3
CAC340515 - Getty Kidnapping Case [368].mp3
CAC340523 - Seven Words and a Fingerprint [368].mp3
CAC340530 - Dinner Party Bandits [368].mp3
CAC340606 - The Big Mail Robbery [368].mp3
CAC340613 - Murder of a Soul [368].mp3
CAC340620 - One of the Finest [368].mp3
CAC340627 - Power and Light Holdup [368].mp3
CAC340704 - July Fourth Is a Radio Car [368].mp3
CAC340711 - Fingerprints Don't Lie [368].mp3
CAC340718 - Manchuko Dope Ring [368].mp3
CAC340725 - Execution of Dillinger [368].mp3
CAC340801 - Nitroglycerin Parson [368].mp3
CAC340808 - Corpse in the Desert [368].mp3
CAC340815 - Crooks Are Human Beings [368].mp3
CAC340822 - You Can't Kill a Cop [368].mp3
CAC340829 - Let the Sucker Pay [368].mp3
CAC340905 - Marks on the Bedroom Screen [368].mp3
CAC340912 - The Human Monkey [368].mp3
CAC340919 - The Ruth Judd Case [368].mp3
CAC340926 - Stop That Car [368].mp3
CAC341002 - Skid Row Dope Ring [368].mp3
CAC341009 - The Unwritten Law [368].mp3
CAC341016 - One Way Ride [368].mp3
CAC341023 - Trouser Cuff Clue [368].mp3
CAC341030 - The Perfect Crime [368].mp3
CAC341106 - Six Shots at Midnight [368].mp3
CAC341113 - A Thousand Pieces of Paper [375].mp3
CAC341120 - Death for a Diamond Ring [375].mp3
CAC341127 - Sometimes People Aren't Murdered [375].mp3
CAC341204 - Don't Get Chummy with a Watchman [375].mp3
CAC341211 - A Cup of Coffee, Some Strychnine Too [375].mp3
CAC341218 - Moving Picture Murder [375].mp3
CAC341225 - Human Side of a Cop [375].mp3
CAC350101 - Highlights of 1934 [375].mp3
CAC350108 - Crime Does Not Pay [375].mp3
CAC350115 - Two Against Six [392].mp3
CAC350122 - San Quentin Prison Break [375].mp3
CAC350129 - Necking Party Murder [375].mp3
CAC350205 - Banker in the Well [368].mp3
CAC350212 - Remote Control Sleuth [368].mp3
CAC350219 - Wreck of the Old Sixty Nine [368].mp3
CAC350226 - California Two Man Crime Wave [368].mp3
CAC350305 - Undercover Woman [368].mp3
CAC350312 - Thou Shalt Not Kill [368].mp3
CAC350319 - Mae West [392].mp3
CAC350326 - Rhythm of the Jute Mill [368].mp3
CAC350402 - Aborted Revolution [368].mp3
CAC350409 - The Blonde Menace [368].mp3
CAC350416 - Midnight Phantom [368].mp3
CAC350423 - Wholesale Murder [368].mp3
CAC350430 - Corpse in the Cellar [368].mp3
CAC350507 - The Wilting Chrysanthemum [368].mp3
CAC350514 - Murder in the Vineyard [368].mp3
CAC350521 - The Hightower Case [368].mp3
CAC350528 - Youth Rides Rough [368].mp3
CAC350604 - The Innocent Bride [375].mp3
CAC350611 - Hot Bonds [375].mp3
CAC350618 - The Chinese Puzzle [375].mp3
CAC350625 - Meet the Baron [368].mp3
CAC350702 - Oakland Payroll Robbery [368].mp3
CAC350709 - Murder by Blueprint [368].mp3
CAC350716 - The Human Claw [368].mp3
CAC350723 - Opium Den [368].mp3
CAC350730 - Gun Drunk [368].mp3
CAC350807 - Celestial Journey [368].mp3
CAC350814 - Vegetable Market Murder [368].mp3
CAC350821 - The Grinning Skull [368].mp3
CAC350828 - Bad Dope [368].mp3
CAC350904 - Black Vengence [368].mp3
CAC350911 - The Tunnel Bandits [368].mp3
CAC350918 - Eighteen Days of Freedom [368].mp3
CAC350925 - Hollywood Kidnapping [368].mp3
CAC351002 - Escape [375].mp3
CAC351009 - Fire! Fire! Fire! [368].mp3
CAC351016 - Murder for Insurance [375].mp3
CAC351023 - Lt Crowley Murder [375].mp3
CAC351030 - The Murder Quartet [368].mp3
CAC351106 - Catching the Loose Kid [368].mp3
CAC351113 - Invitation to Murder [368].mp3
CAC351120 - Bank Bandits and Bullets [368].mp3
CAC351204 - Burglary Charges Collected [368].mp3
CAC351211 - Paroled [368].mp3
CAC351218 - Corpse by the Road [368].mp3
CAC351225 - The Moran Jewelry Robbery [368].mp3
CAC360101 - Ghost House [368].mp3
CAC360108 - Death Under the Sajuaro [368].mp3
CAC360115 - The Match Burglar [368].mp3
CAC360122 - Corpse with a Face [368].mp3
CAC360129 - Bull in the China Shop [368].mp3
CAC360205 - Knives on the Barbary Coast [368].mp3
CAC360212 - Young Dillinger [368].mp3
CAC360219 - Murder in the Back Room [368].mp3
CAC360226 - The Bloodstained Saw [368].mp3
CAC360304 - Hundred Dollar Nightgown [368].mp3
CAC360311 - Case of the June Bug [368].mp3
CAC360318 - The San Rafael Gang [368].mp3
CAC360325 - Think Before You Shoot [368].mp3
CAC360403 - Crime Vs Time [368].mp3
CAC360410 - One Good Turn Deserves Another [368].mp3
CAC360417 - Hang Me Please [368].mp3
CAC360424 - Beer Bottle Murder [368].mp3
CAC360501 - And a Little Child Shall Lead Them [368].mp3
CAC360508 - Weather Clear - Track Fast [368].mp3
CAC360515 - Seventy-Four Day Stakeout [369].mp3
CAC360522 - Triple Cross [369].mp3
CAC360529 - Throat That Didn't Bleed [369].mp3
CAC360605 - Drive 'em off the Dock [369].mp3
CAC360611 - Gold in Them Hills [369].mp3
CAC360618 - Woman with the Stone Heart [375].mp3
CAC360625 - Reefers by the Acre [375].mp3
CAC360702 - Flaming Tick of Death [375].mp3
CAC360709 - The Crimson Riddle [375].mp3
CAC360716 - The Cockeyed Killer [375].mp3
CAC360723 - Corpse in the Shack [375].mp3
CAC360730 - Chance Meeting Murder [375].mp3
CAC360806 - Opium and Dough Don't Mix [375].mp3
CAC360813 - Missing Messenger [375].mp3
CAC360820 - Body, Body Who's Got the Body [369].mp3
CAC360827 - All That Glitters [375].mp3
CAC360903 - Body in the Mine [375].mp3
CAC360910 - Twenty Keys to Death [375].mp3
CAC360917 - Verdugo Hills Murder [369].mp3
CAC360924 - The September Killer [369].mp3
CAC361001 - Hard to Kill [369].mp3
CAC361008 - The Holy Twenty-One [369].mp3
CAC361015 - Noblesse Obligue [369].mp3
CAC361022 - Trap to Catch a Mailman [308].mp3
CAC361029 - The Army Game [369].mp3
CAC361105 - Murder in Room 9 [369].mp3
CAC361112 - Nine Years a Safecracker [369].mp3
CAC361119 - The Corpse in the Red Necktie [369].mp3
CAC361126 - Baby Dillinger Gang [369].mp3
CAC361203 - The Fire Detective [369].mp3
CAC361210 - The Criminal Policeman [369].mp3
CAC361217 - Multiple Murders [369].mp3
CAC361221 - Milkbottle Murder [369].mp3
CAC361228 - Fifty Cents for Life [369].mp3
CAC370104 - Banks and Bribes [369].mp3
CAC370111 - Curiosity Killed a Cat [369].mp3
CAC370118 - Death Is Box Office [392].mp3
CAC370125 - Dr Nitro [369].mp3
CAC370203 - Whistling Snowbirds [369].mp3
CAC370210 - The Laughing Killer [369].mp3
CAC370217 - Ten Tortured Extortionists [369].mp3
CAC370224 - Banker Bandit [369].mp3
CAC370303 - The Honor Complex [369].mp3
CAC370310 - Desertion Leads to Murder [369].mp3
CAC370317 - Hit and Run Driver [369].mp3
CAC370324 - Trial by Talkie [369].mp3
CAC370331 - Double Cross [369].mp3
CAC370407 - Death in the Morning [369].mp3
CAC370414 - Ransom Ring [369].mp3
CAC370421 - Pegleg Justice [369].mp3
CAC370428 - Murder Week [369].mp3
CAC370505 - Ice House Murder [369].mp3
CAC370512 - John Doe #71 [369].mp3
CAC370519 - The Turk Burglars [369].mp3
CAC370526 - Disappearing Scar [369].mp3
CAC370602 - Cinder Dick [369].mp3
CAC370609 - The Man Who Lost His Face [369].mp3
CAC370616 - The Bamboo Snake [369].mp3
CAC370623 - Desperate Choice [369].mp3
CAC370630 - Cot Perfumed Cigarette Lighter [369].mp3
CAC370707 - Kidnapped [369].mp3
CAC370714 - Man Overboard [369].mp3
CAC370721 - Alibi [369].mp3
CAC370728 - Bottle Trouble [369].mp3
CAC370804 - Broken Xylophone [369].mp3
CAC370811 - The Manila Envelopes [369].mp3
CAC370818 - True Confession [369].mp3
CAC370825 - The Criminal Returns [369].mp3
CAC370901 - Case of the One Pound Note [369].mp3
CAC370907 - Tobaccoville Road [369].mp3
CAC370914 - Murder in Basin Street [369].mp3
CAC370921 - The Bone Button [369].mp3
CAC370928 - The Crimonson Crusader [369].mp3
CAC371005 - Sirens in the Night [369].mp3
CAC371012 - The Two Edged Knife [369].mp3
CAC371019 - Death in the Forenoon [369].mp3
CAC371026 - The Bloodstained Coin [369].mp3
CAC371102 - People Vs O'brien [369].mp3
CAC371109 - The Phantom Radio [369].mp3
CAC371116 - Rhythm of the Wheels [369].mp3
CAC371123 - The Bad Man [369].mp3
CAC371130 - The Flat Nosed Pliers [369].mp3
CAC371207 - Skeleton in the Desert [369].mp3
CAC371214 - The General Kills at Dawn [369].mp3
CAC371221 - The Shanghai Jester [369].mp3
CAC371228 - Sands of the Desert [369].mp3
CAC380104 - The Buccaneer [369].mp3
CAC380111 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot [369].mp3
CAC380118 - The Tilted Pan [369].mp3
CAC380125 - Trail of the Numbered Bills [369].mp3
CAC380201 - Case History of Dallas Egan [194].mp3
CAC380208 - Flight from Freedom [369].mp3
CAC380215 - Homicidal Hobo [369].mp3
CAC380222 - The Drunken Sailor [369].mp3
CAC380301 - The Broken Motel [369].mp3
CAC380308 - Death in the Moonlight [369].mp3
CAC380315 - The Peroxide Blond [375].mp3
CAC380322 - The Long Bladed Knife [369].mp3
CAC380329 - Murder with Mushrooms [369].mp3
CAC380407 - The Pink Nosed Pig [369].mp3
CAC380414 - The Roving Robbers [369].mp3
CAC380421 - Murder at Midnight [369].mp3
CAC380428 - The Pattering Parrot [194].mp3
CAC380505 - The Bloodstained Shoe [369].mp3
CAC380512 - The Ruined Suspenders [308].mp3
CAC380519 - The King's Ransom [369].mp3
CAC380526 - Muerte En Buenaventura [369].mp3
CAC380602 - The Greasy Trail [194].mp3
CAC380609 - The Turtle Necked Murderer [369].mp3
CAC380616 - The 25Th Stamp [369].mp3
CAC380623 - The Incorrigible Youth [375].mp3
CAC380630 - The Big Shot [375].mp3
CAC380707 - The Kalsomined Kar [392].mp3
CAC380714 - The Man who Talked [194].mp3
CAC380721 - A Murder Has Been Arranged [194].mp3
CAC380728 - Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Parker [194].mp3
CAC380804 - Murder on Eddy Street [375].mp3
CAC380811 - I Asked for It [392].mp3
CAC380818 - The Unbroken Spirit [375].mp3
CAC380825 - The Thirteenth Grave [375].mp3
CAC380901 - The Artful Dodger [375].mp3
CAC380908 - Murder on the Left [375].mp3
CAC380915 - The Embroidered Slip [369].mp3
CAC380922 - The Black Cat [194].mp3
CAC380929 - The Barking Dog [194].mp3
CAC381006 - The Tearless Magalane [369].mp3
CAC381013 - The Blond Paper Hanger [369].mp3
CAC381020 - The Abandoned Bricks [369].mp3
CAC381027 - The Swollen Face [370].mp3
CAC381103 - The Portuguese Crooner [370].mp3
CAC381110 - The Glass Gun [370].mp3
CAC381117 - The Four Lead Slugs [370].mp3
CAC381124 - The Rasping Voice [370].mp3
CAC381202 - The Blind Man's Bluff [370].mp3
CAC381209 - The Poisoning Jezebel [370].mp3
CAC381216 - December Rhapsody [370].mp3
CAC381223 - Murder at Sundown [370].mp3
CAC381230 - Three Faces West [370].mp3
CAC390106 - The Grass Skirt [370].mp3
CAC390113 - The Silver Cord [370].mp3
CAC390120 - The Azure Ring [370].mp3
CAC390127 - The Baker's Bride [370].mp3
CAC390203 - The Careless Caretaker [370].mp3
CAC390210 - The Green Sedan [370].mp3
CAC390217 - The Bloodstained Wrench [370].mp3
CAC390224 - The Unconquerable Mrs Shuttle [370].mp3
CAC390303 - The Lesson in Loot [370].mp3
CAC390310 - The $2000 Bill [370].mp3
CAC390317 - Flight in the Desert [370].mp3
CAC390324 - The Hunted Man [370].mp3
CAC390331 - The Rope Bound Truck [392].mp3
CAC390407 - The Man Who Walked Like an Ape [370].mp3
CAC390414 - Death in the Canyon [370].mp3
CAC390421 - The Bitter Wine [370].mp3
CAC390428 - The Man Who Ran Away [370].mp3
CAC390504 - Gospel of Brother Ned [370].mp3
CAC390511 - You Can Cheat an Honest Man [370].mp3
CAC390518 - Murder at Sunset [370].mp3
CAC390525 - The Bloodstained Car [370].mp3
CAC390601 - Plague of the Black Locust [370].mp3
CAC390608 - The Old Grad Returns [370].mp3
CAC390615 - Man with the Injured Knee [370].mp3
CAC390622 - In the Still of the Night [370].mp3
CAC390629 - The Wired Wrists [370].mp3
CAC390706 - The Wicked Flea [370].mp3
CAC390713 - The Squealing Rat [370].mp3
CAC390720 - The 26Th Wife [370].mp3
CAC390727 - The Teardrop Charm [370].mp3
CAC390803 - Body on the Promenade Deck [370].mp3
CAC390810 - The Missing Guns [370].mp3
CAC390817 - Man with the Iron Pipes [370].mp3
CAC390825 - The 10Th Commandment [370].mp3
CAC390901 - Six of a Kind [370].mp3
CAC390908 - Murder in the Morning [370].mp3
CACxxxxxx - The Trial of Jack Weston - Not in Log [308].mp3

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Calling All Cars OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 301 Episodes

Physical Disc Shipped
Physical Disc Shipped
$ 6.95 USD