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Burns and Allen Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 On DVD-R OTR 267 Episodes

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Burns and Allen Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 On DVD-R OTR 267 Episodes

Burns and Allen Old Time Radio Show OTR MP3 On DVD-R OTR 267 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD

In 1929 they made their first radio appearance in London on the BBC. Back in America, they failed at a 1930 NBC audition. After a solo appearance by Gracie on Eddie Cantor's radio show, they were heard together on Rudy Vallee's The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour and in February 15, 1932 they became regulars on The Guy Lombardo Show on CBS. When Lombardo switched to NBC, Burns and Allen took over his CBS spot with The Adventures of Gracie beginning September 19, 1934.

The title of their top-rated show changed to The Burns and Allen Show on September 26, 1936. When ratings began to slip in 1940-41, they moved from comedy patter into a successful sitcom format, continuing with shows on NBC and CBS until May 17, 1950. As in the early days of radio, the sponsor's name became the show title, such as Maxwell House Coffee Time (1945-49).
Burns and Allen had several regulars on radio, including Toby Reed, Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderet, Mary "Bubbles" Kelly, Ray Noble, singers Jimmy Cash and Tony Martin and actor/writer/director Elliott Lewis. The Sportsmen Quartet (appearing as "The Swantet" during the years the show was sponsored by Swan Soap) supplied songs and occasionally backed up Cash. Meredith Willson, Artie Shaw and announcers Bill Goodwin and Harry Von Zell, who were usually made a part of the evening's doings, often as additional comic foils for the duo.
For a long time they continued their "flirtation act" with Burns as Allen's most persistent suitor. Their real-life marriage was not written into the show until the 1940s. The couple's adopted son, Ronnie Burns, portrayed himself as a young drama student who tended to look askance at his parents' comedy style. Their adopted daughter Sandy was somewhat shy and not too fond of show business. She declined efforts to get her on the show as a regular, though she appeared in a few episodes as Ronnie's classmate.
Includes 267 Episodes!
Episodes On This CD:
BA340926 - Leaving for America.mp3
BA360115 - Gracie Plays Sadie Thompson.mp3
BA361125 - Landing of the Indians at Plymouth Rock.mp3
BA361202 - Gracie As a Dramatic Actress.mp3
BA361209 - Gracie Honors New Orleans.mp3
BA361216 - Poncho Villa Rides Again.mp3
BA361223 - Christmas Show.mp3
BA371011 - Bob Burns Substitutes.mp3
BA371223 - Gracie's Christmas Carol.mp3
BA380110 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA380117 - Another Murder Mystery.mp3
BA380124 - Gracie Wants George's Interest in Her Mystery.mp3
BA381007 - Frank's Date.mp3
BA38xxxx - Gracie Reads Frank Parker's Telegram.mp3
BA400117 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA400228 - Government Jobs.mp3
BA400306 - Hats Off to Gracie.mp3
BA400313 - Gracie's Triumphant Return.mp3
BA400327 - Suprise Party Platform.mp3
BA400403 - Til the Cows Come Home.mp3
BA400410 - Gracie Wins Wisconsin.mp3
BA400417 - All Promises are Ficticious.mp3
BA400424 - The Biggest in the World.mp3
BA400508 - Aunt Clara Kangaroo.mp3
BA400515 - Rah Rah in Omaha.mp3
BA400522 - George's Malady.mp3
BA400529 - Sweeping Into Office.mp3
BA400612 - Swiss Family Robinson.mp3
BA400626 - Last Show for Hinds.mp3
BA400708 - Grandpa's 92nd Birthday.mp3
BA400729 - Kiddie Party.mp3
BA400805 - George's Movie.mp3
BA400812 - Gold Rush Gracie.mp3
BA400819 - George Late for Show.mp3
BA400826 - Elsie Trellafas Is Suing George.mp3
BA400902 - George Is On Trial.mp3
BA400909 - George Owes Money For Phone Calls.mp3
BA400916 - George Needs A Guest Star.mp3
BA400923 - George Writes A Newspaper Column.mp3
BA400930 - George Is Kidnapped By A Gangster.mp3
BA401007 - George Disguises Himself As A Woman.mp3
BA401014 - What's Wrong With Gracie.mp3
BA401021 - Professor Thorndyke Studies Gracie.mp3
BA401028 - George Tries To Get Out Of Broadcast.mp3
BA401104 - George Tries To Impress Fifi.mp3
BA401111 - Gracie Writes A Musical Comedy.mp3
BA401118 - Thanksgiving Show.mp3
BA401125 - Rehearsing Next Week's Show.mp3
BA401202 - The Sponsor Drops By.mp3
BA401209 - George Gets A Black Eye.mp3
BA401216 - Gracie Writes A Play.mp3
BA401216 - Gracie's Play.mp3
BA401223 - Christmas Show.mp3
BA410113 - Impressing Cubina Wright.mp3
BA410120 - Visits Art Gallery.mp3
BA410127 - George Plans To Recover A Mink Coat.mp3
BA410217 - George Tries to Break Up Gracie and Artie.mp3
BA410224 - Gracie Is Late for Show.mp3
BA410317 - St Patrick Parade.mp3
BA411007 - Looking for a Singer.mp3
BA411021 - The Insurance Exam.mp3
BA411104 - Gracie for the Role of Mrs. North.mp3
BA411118 - Gracie's Old Boyfriend.mp3
BA411216 - Mailing a Christmas Package.mp3
BA411223 - Santas Workshop.mp3
BA421006 - Pretending To Be Single.mp3
BA421013 - Successful Marriage Manual.mp3
BA421020 - Pooling Resources For The War Effort.mp3
BA421027 - Gracie Wants George To Have An Office.mp3
BA421103 - The Man From Mgm.mp3
BA421110 - Expecting a Baby.mp3
BA421117 - Gracie Buys A Live Turkey.mp3
BA421124 - Eddie Cantor And The Uplifters Club.mp3
BA421201 - Gracie And Tootsie Sagwell Fix George's Car.mp3
BA421208 - A Party For The Neighbors.mp3
BA421215 - Herbert Marshall - Swami Predicts.mp3
BA421222 - Santa And The Wicked Pirate.mp3
BA421229 - Gracie's Dating Service.mp3
BA430105 - Dr Jekyll and Mr Burns.mp3
BA430119 - Making George Jealous.mp3
BA430126 - King George.mp3
BA430202 - Good Help is Hard to Find.mp3
BA430209 - Running For Club Pres W C Laughton.mp3
BA430216 - Beauty Mark.mp3
BA430223 - Huckleberry Bucket.mp3
BA430302 - Playing Carnegie Hall Part 1.mp3
BA430309 - Playing Carnegie Hall Part 2.mp3
BA430316 - Concerto for Index Finger.mp3
BA430323 - Making George Sick.mp3
BA430330 - Victory Garden.mp3
BA430406 - Big Jake.mp3
BA430413 - Guest Claudette Colbert.mp3
BA430420 - Broke Uncle Hubert.mp3
BA430525 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA430601 - Traffic Court.mp3
BA430608 - Gracie and Tootsie Work For Millionaire Playboy.mp3
BA430622 - No Official Title.mp3
BA430629 - Amnesia.mp3
BA430831 - Guest Frank Sinatra.mp3
BA430907 - Shortage Of Husbands.mp3
BA430914 - Brian Donlevy  Gracie Wants To Be In A Play.mp3
BA430921 - Guest Ray Milland.mp3
BA430928 - Guest Ann Sheridan.mp3
BA431005 - Cowboy Love Tales.mp3
BA431012 - Eddie Cantor Stays for Dinner.mp3
BA431019 - Pat O'Brien.mp3
BA431026 - Hedda Hopper.mp3
BA431102 - Gracie Blackmails Jack Benny.mp3
BA431109 - Blackmailing Jack.mp3
BA431109 - Waste Paper Drive.mp3
BA431116 - Walter Pidgeon Moves In Next Door.mp3
BA431123 - Secret Lover of Loretta Young.mp3
BA431130 - Charles Boyer as Tex.mp3
BA431207 - Ida Lupino Plays a Housewife.mp3
BA431214 - Kay Kayser's Blind Date.mp3
BA431221 - Playing Santa Claus.mp3
BA431228 - John Garfield The Gangster.mp3
BA440118 - Guest Stars William Bendix.mp3
BA440125 - Paul Henreid.mp3
BA440201 - Wm Powell Visits George and Gracie.mp3
BA440208 - Guests Adophe Menjou and Marie Teasdale.mp3
BA440215 - Fred Astaire's Tap Dancing.mp3
BA440222 - Guest Cecil B Demille.mp3
BA440229 - Dorothy Lamour.mp3
BA440307 - Alan Ladd.mp3
BA440321 - Rita Hayworth - George The Genius.mp3
BA440328 - Guest Brian Aherne.mp3
BA440509 - George's Door-To-Door And Radio Campaign.mp3
BA440516 - George Tries To Sing His Way Into Office.mp3
BA440606 - Kansas City's Favorite Singer.mp3
BA440613 - Kansas City War Bond Drive W Dinah Shore.mp3
BA440829 - No Money For Auction.mp3
BA440926 - George The Plumber.mp3
BA441010 - Bills's Girl is a Golddigger.mp3
BA441017 - Wrecked Car - Concerto for Finger.mp3
BA441031 - George Is Better Than Gable.mp3
BA441114 - George Sings At A Bond Rally In Boston.mp3
BA441121 - Franchot Tone.mp3
BA441212 - War Bond Show.mp3
BA450115 - Alan Ladd - Making George Jealous.mp3
BA450122 - BHUS Finishing School.mp3
BA450129 - Gracie Wants A Vacation From George.mp3
BA450402 - George Goes Rabbit Hunting.mp3
BA450618 - Making George Look Young.mp3
BA450625 - George Prepares To Entertain Troops.mp3
BA450920 - New House - First for Maxwell House.mp3
BA450927 - Meredith Wildon Needs a Girlfriend.mp3
BA451004 - Dating Advice.mp3
BA451025 - Meredith Getting Married.mp3
BA451101 - George The Butler.mp3
BA451108 - George Lands Movie Part as a Wolf.mp3
BA451122 - George Inherits 5,000 Dollars.mp3
BA451129 - Gracie Goes Back to College.mp3
BA45xxxx - Gracie's Childhood Sweetheart.mp3
BA460103 - Taking In A Veteran.mp3
BA460110 - BHU Society Is in Debt.mp3
BA460117 - The Uplifters Take Over The Radio Show.mp3
BA460124 - Kay Kyser Getting Rid of Meredith.mp3
BA460207 - Marriage Contest.mp3
BA460221 - George's Job In Washington.mp3
BA460314 - George Sells Chicken Farm.mp3
BA460404 - George Is Upset About Gracie's Lying.mp3
BA460411 - Gracie Joins A Literary Club.mp3
BA460425 - Sydney Strotz BHU Play.mp3
BA460502 - Charles Boyer BHU Play.mp3
BA460509 - With Harpo Marx.mp3
BA460530 - With Ben Gage.mp3
BA460905 - George's Allergies.mp3
BA460912 - Gracie Brings Home a Burglar.mp3
BA460919 - Everyone Forgets George's Birthday.mp3
BA460926 - Quiz Show.mp3
BA461003 - With Eddie Cantor.mp3
BA461017 - Gracie and Current Events.mp3
BA461024 - Gracie Wants George To Replace Clark Gable.mp3
BA461031 - Jack Carson And George Have An Acting Contest.mp3
BA461107 - Getting Frank Sinatra To Leave Town.mp3
BA461114 - Louella Parsons The Hucksters.mp3
BA461212 - Gracie Babysits.mp3
BA461219 - Gracie Looking for Job.mp3
BA461226 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA470102 - Housewifes Guild.mp3
BA470109 - Last Years Christmas Bills.mp3
BA470213 - Marrying Cary Grant to Gracie's Cousin.mp3
BA470220 - 15th Radio Anniversary With Al Jolson.mp3
BA470227 - Gracie's Office.mp3
BA470306 - Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving.mp3
BA470313 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA470320 - Crime Wave.mp3
BA470508 - YMCA.mp3
BA470515 - Gracie Treats George Like A King.mp3
BA470522 - BHU Society Wants New Hats.mp3
BA470529 - Francis Langford Vacation Plans.mp3
BA471106 - A Live Hog.mp3
BA471113 - Cary Grant and the Uplifters.mp3
BA471120 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA471127 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA471204 - Bing Crosby.mp3
BA471211 - George the Lady Killer.mp3
BA471218 - George Gets Gracie A Christmas Gift.mp3
BA471225 - Gracie's Chrismas Party - Jane Wyman Subs.mp3
BA480108 - Bob Hope and Jack Benny.mp3
BA480115 - Income Tax Time.mp3
BA480122 - Guest Walter O'Keefe.mp3
BA480129 - To Set George Straight.mp3
BA480205 - New Mink Coat.mp3
BA480212 - Official Title Unknown.mp3
BA480219 - Official Title Unknown.mp3
BA480226 - Title Unknown.mp3
BA480325 - Gracie Buys George an Easter Outfit.mp3
BA480415 - George Is Jealous of Joe Bagley.mp3
BA480422 - Joe Bagley Makes Gracie Mad At George.mp3
BA480429 - George Is Finally Getting A New Car.mp3
BA480506 - Judson's Sister And The Oil Well.mp3
BA480513 - Gracie's Problem With Salesmen.mp3
BA480520 - Gracie's mother visits.mp3
BA480527 - Spiritualism.mp3
BA480930 - New Neighbor.mp3
BA481007 - Kleptomaniacs.mp3
BA481028 - Gracie Wants Money for a New Dress.mp3
BA481111 - 15th Anniversary.mp3
BA481118 - Who's The Boss.mp3
BA481125 - Turkey Swallows a Wedding Ring.mp3
BA481216 - Guest James Mason.mp3
BA481230 - New Years Eve Party.mp3
BA490106 - Guest Gregory Peck.mp3
BA490120 - Cesar Romero Steals Bill's Girlfriend.mp3
BA490127 - Gene Kelly - George's Birthday.mp3
BA490210 - Gracie Sends Sam Spade To Jail.mp3
BA490217 - Mr. & Mrs. James Mason.mp3
BA490224 - Handwriting Analysis.mp3
BA490303 - Richard Widmark - Wrecked Car.mp3
BA490310 - Gracie The Girl Scout Leader - Unofficial.mp3
BA490317 - Marlene Dietrich - George Has A Cold - Unoff.mp3
BA490324 - Jane Wyman - The Academy Awards - Unoffical.mp3
BA490331 - How Jack Benny Became Cheap.mp3
BA490407 - Robert Montgomery.mp3
BA490421 - Guest Eddie Cantor.mp3
BA490428 - Gracie And The County Fair - Unoffical.mp3
BA490505 - Wm Boyd - George The Cowboy - Unoffical.mp3
BA490512 - George On TV.mp3
BA490519 - Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney.mp3
BA490602 - No Official Title.mp3
BA490609 - Gracie Joins A Women's Rights Group.mp3
BA490619 - Rudy Vallee and Dick Crenna.mp3
BA490623 -  No Official Title.mp3
BA490928 - Second Courtship.mp3
BA491005 - South Pacific.mp3
BA491012 - Circled Dates On The Calendar.mp3
BA4xxxxx - Gracie Allen Inc.mp3
BA500104 - Gracie Wants To Be A Suffering Artist.mp3
BA500111 - Official Title Unknown.mp3
BA500118 - Gracie Resolves To Stop Worrying.mp3
BA500125 - Speech for Ronald Reagan.mp3
BA500201 -  No Official Title.mp3
BA500208 - Official Title Unknown.mp3
BA500215 - Official Title Unknown.mp3
BA500222 - Official Title Unknown.mp3
BA500226 - Preparing The Income Tax.mp3
BA500315 -  H and R Blockhead.mp3
BA500412 - Palm Springs.mp3
BA82xxxx - Evening with 82 Year Geo Burns at Schubert Theater.mp3
BAxxxxxx -  George Should become a Doctor.mp3
BAxxxxxx - George the Cowboy - 0.mp3
BAxxxxxx - H&R Blockhead - Not in Log.mp3
BAxxxxxx - TV Afterpiece - Gallup Allen.mp3
BAxxxxxx - Unknown Routine - Riddles.mp3
BAxxxxxx - Unknown Routine - Willie's Broken Back.mp3

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