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Boston Blackie OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 DVD 207 Episodes

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Boston Blackie OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 DVD 207 Episodes

Boston Blackie OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 DVD 207 Episodes

$ 6.95 USD

Boston Blackie is a fictional character who has been on both sides of the law. As originally created by author Jack Boyle, he was a safecracker -- a hardened criminal who had served time in a California prison. Prowling the underworld as a detective in adaptations for films, radio, and television, the detective Boston Blackie was "an enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend".

The Boston Blackie radio series, starring Chester Morris, began June 23, 1944, on NBC as a summer replacement for The Amos 'n' Andy Show. Sponsored by Rinso, the series continued until September 15 of that year. Unlike the concurrent films, Blackie had a steady romantic interest in the radio show -- Lesley Woods appeared as Blackie's girlfriend Mary Wesley. Harlow Wilcox was the show's announcer.

On April 11, 1945, Richard Kollmar took over the title role in a radio series syndicated by Frederic W. Ziv to Mutual and other network outlets. Over 200 episodes of this series were produced between 1944 and October 25, 1950. Other sponsors included Lifebuoy Soap, Champagne Velvet beer, and R&H beer. While investigating mysteries, Blackie invaribly encountered harebrained Police Inspector Farraday (Maurice Tarplin) and always solved the mystery to Farraday's amazement.

Initially, friction surfaced in the relationship between Blackie and Farraday, but as the series continued, Farraday recognized Blackie's talents and requested assistance. Blackie dated Mary Wesley (Jan Miner), and for the first half of the series, his best pal Shorty was always on hand. The humorless Farraday was on the receiving end of Blackie's bad puns and word play. 

Includes 207 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD:

00.00.00 All In The Family.mp3
00.00.00 Deadly Gf Clock.mp3
00.00.00 Dynamite Thompson.mp3
00.00.00 Fredricksgang.mp3
00.00.00 Golf Instructor Carl Grady.mp3
00.00.00 Joe Gatling.mp3
00.00.00 Marys Car Is Stolen.mp3
00.00.00 Ringsforsanta.mp3
00.00.00 Stolen Rings.mp3
00.00.00 The Phonograph Murder.mp3
44.06.23 Ep001 The Rockwell Diamond.mp3
44.08.11 Ep008 Missing String Of Pearls.mp3
45.05.02 Ep004 Caseoftheunusedshoes.mp3
45.05.09 Coverup For Mary.mp3
45.05.16 William Blaine Case.mp3
45.06.06 Mrs. Boston Blackie.mp3
45.06.11 Ep010 Oscar Wolfe Case.mp3
45.06.18 The Sam Bellows Case.mp3
45.06.25 The Larry Brown Case.mp3
45.07.02 Blackie Jilts Mary.mp3
45.07.09 The Worthington Pearls.mp3
45.07.16 Ep015 Blackie'scarkillsawoman.mp3
45.07.23 Thecaseofthethreewaysplit.mp3
45.07.30 Blackie's Mary At Sea.mp3
45.08.06 Ep018 Hypnotic Murder.mp3
45.08.06 Hypnotic Murder.mp3
45.08.13 Ep019 Evelynjonesmurder.mp3
45.08.20 Ep020 Blackiestealsnecklaceforcharity.mp3
45.09.13 Ep023 Billcraneattorney.mp3
45.09.20 Fred Arlen Murder.mp3
45.10.04 Ep025 Westfielddiamond.mp3
45.10.11 Copy Of Diamond Bracelet.mp3
45.10.18 Ep027 Boxer's Murder Case.mp3
45.10.25 Ep028 Richard's Diamond.mp3
45.11.01 Ep029 Marydisappears.mp3
45.11.08 Ep030 Amnesiavictim.mp3
45.11.15 Murder In Music Room.mp3
45.11.22 Ep032 Blackiekidnapped.mp3
45.11.29 Simmonsconstructionmurder.mp3
45.12.06 Ep034 Missing Pearl Necklace.mp3
45.12.13 Murder At The Movies.mp3
45.12.20 Tv Poisoning.mp3
45.12.27 The Masters Diamond.mp3
46.01.03 Carnival Killings.mp3
46.01.18 The Dissapering Body.mp3
46.01.22 The Disappearing Body.mp3
46.01.29 Thejimwilliamscase - Ra.mp3
46.02.05 The Brandon Jewel Robbery.mp3
46.02.12 The Marjorie Condon Kidnapping.mp3
46.02.19 Harry Benson's Wife.mp3
46.02.26 Vase Leads To Murder.mp3
46.03.05 Murder With An Alibi.mp3
46.03.12 Color Blind Accomplice.mp3
46.03.19 Ep049 Theworthingtonghost.mp3
46.03.26 Pierre, The Designer.mp3
46.04.16 The Baseball Murder.mp3
46.04.23 Ep054 Stolencarring.mp3
46.04.30 Ep055 Francesfieldingmurder.mp3
46.05.07 Ep056 Winthropejewelrobbery.mp3
46.05.14 Ep057 Merrygoroundmurder.mp3
46.05.21 Ep058 Blainebrotherspawnshopmurder.mp3
46.05.28 Ep059 Theescapedprisoner.mp3
46.06.04 Ep060 Threewitnesseskilled.mp3
46.06.11 Ep061 Diasappearingairplane.mp3
46.06.18 Ep062 Thehoodedgang.mp3
46.06.25 Ep063 Joegarlandkilled.mp3
46.07.02 Ep064 Unclefrankmurdered.mp3
46.07.09 Ep065 Skatingrinkmurders.mp3
46.07.16 Ep066 Murderedtruckdriver.mp3
46.07.23 Caseofthe3waysplit.mp3
46.07.23 Murdering Coocoo Clock.mp3
46.07.30 Freighter Swan Mutiny.mp3
46.08.06 The Gardenia Case.mp3
46.08.13 Diamond Smugglers.mp3
46.08.20 Jealous Partners And Arson.mp3
46.08.27 Rockwell Diamond.mp3
46.09.03 Stolen Rare Book.mp3
46.09.10 Ep074 The Backstage Murder.mp3
46.09.17 Ep075 The Apartment Swindler.mp3
46.09.24 Ep076 The Abbott Painting.mp3
46.10.01 The Undersea Murder.mp3
46.10.08 Murdered Show Dog Owner.mp3
46.10.15 Murder At The Rodeo.mp3
46.10.22 Faraday Shot.mp3
46.10.29 Granny's Witchcraft.mp3
46.11.05 Ep082 New Face For Joe Harvey.mp3
46.11.12 Ep083 Only One Way Out.mp3
46.11.19 Fifty G Necklace.mp3
46.11.26 Ep085 The Lenny Powell Murder.mp3
46.12.03 Ep086 Blackie In Prison.mp3
46.12.10 Mary Registered Nurse.mp3
46.12.17 Police Impersonater.mp3
46.12.24 The Derailed Gold Train.mp3
46.12.31 Ep090 Carl Browning's Shop.mp3
47.01.07 Ep091 Jack Small's Alias.mp3
47.01.14 Blackie And The Fur Thefts.mp3
47.01.21 The Search For Jim Gary.mp3
47.01.28 Willowbrand Diamonds.mp3
47.02.04 The Peters Mixup.mp3
47.02.11 The Love Song Mystery.mp3
47.02.18 Ep097 7 Years Bad Luck.mp3
47.02.25 Ep098 Joe Delivers The Goods.mp3
47.03.04 Ep099 Larry The Kid Vs. Savinni.mp3
47.03.11 Ep100 10th Street Gym.mp3
47.03.18 Ep101 Sam Fisher's Past.mp3
47.03.25 Ep102 The Horseroom Thefts.mp3
47.04.01 The Bus To Valley Junction.mp3
47.04.08 Ep104 Aggie Rogers Murder.mp3
47.04.15 Phonograph Murder.mp3
47.04.22 Ep106 Milly Bromley Kidnapped.mp3
47.04.29 Ep107 Baseball And Gambling.mp3
47.05.07 Ep108 Mrs. Peterson's Insurance.mp3
47.05.14 Ep109 Joe Adams Drowned.mp3
47.05.21 Blackie Breaks Into Prison.mp3
47.05.28 Ep111 Ghost Of Flo Newton.mp3
47.06.04 Ep112 Manfollowingeva.mp3
47.06.11 Blackieshootsawatchman.mp3
47.06.18 Ep114 Crookedcarterbrother.mp3
47.06.25 Joe Nelson's Gambling Scheme.mp3
47.07.02 Ep116 Johnny Burns' Woolens.mp3
47.07.09 Death Comes For The Harmonica Man.mp3
47.07.16 Ep118 Randolphconstructiongang.mp3
47.07.23 Blackie In Wax.mp3
47.09.24 Old 86 Is Missing.mp3
47.10.01 Death Wish.mp3
47.10.08 Dead Aunt Sarah.mp3
47.10.15 Hired Killer.mp3
47.10.22 The Midair Diamond Theft.mp3
47.10.29 Framed By A Fin.mp3
47.11.05 The Old Show Clue.mp3
47.11.26 The Murdock Gang.mp3
47.12.03 Murder By The Book.mp3
47.12.17 Ep140 Stealorbekilled.mp3
47.12.24 Henry Tyler Returns.mp3
47.12.31 The Door Buzzer.mp3
48.01.07 Ep143 Ridingstablecase.mp3
48.01.14 Invention Worth A Killing.mp3
48.01.21 The Kid's Killer.mp3
48.01.28 The Record Collector.mp3
48.02.04 Blackie Loves Helen.mp3
48.02.11 Wind Blows West.mp3
48.02.18 Five Deadly Bullets.mp3
48.02.25 The Twin Murders.mp3
48.03.03 Cobb's Trucking Company.mp3
48.03.10 50,000 For Blackie.mp3
48.03.17 William Larson Extorsion Case.mp3
48.03.24 Wrestling Ring Murder.mp3
48.03.31 Tom Walton, Escaped Killer.mp3
48.04.07 Clyde Winston Photographer.mp3
48.04.14 Rhondo The Magician.mp3
48.04.21 Insurance & Wrecked Cars.mp3
48.04.28 Bombing Of Joe Ingalls.mp3
48.05.05 Jackie Meer's Prison Break.mp3
48.06.23 The Henry Walker Case.mp3
48.07.07 The Kingston Diamond Robbery.mp3
48.07.14 The John Cummings Case.mp3
48.07.21 The Sweepstakes Case.mp3
48.07.28 172 Allistar Disappears.mp3
48.08.04 Who Killed Davis.mp3
48.08.11 Rogers To Be Executed 174.mp3
48.08.18 Trilling Maid Murdered.mp3
48.08.25 Wife Poisoned Over Phone.mp3
48.09.01 Reynolds And The Stolen Goods.mp3
48.09.08 Disappearing Office Building.mp3
48.09.29 Ep181 Golf Instructor Carl Grady.mp3
48.12.08 Killer Lightning.mp3
48.12.22 Rings For Santa.mp3
49.01.05 Mystery Of The Four Floors.mp3
49.01.12 Broken Clock Murder.mp3
49.01.19 A Boat The Viking Is On.mp3
49.01.26 Ep198 John Frawley While In Africa.mp3
49.02.02 Ep199 Mary's Cousin's Song.mp3
49.02.09 50g In Bonds.mp3
49.02.16 Palmer's Dock Racket.mp3
49.02.23 Archie Grants Club 77.mp3
49.03.02 Fake Accident Racket.mp3
49.03.09 Dolly Preston Calls For Help.mp3
49.03.16 Ep205 Kidnapped Murderer.mp3
49.03.23 Society Charity Scam.mp3
49.03.30 Amadon Pearls 207.mp3
49.04.06 Duke Murders Jo Jo.mp3
49.04.13 Second Hand Watch 209.mp3
49.04.20 Madame Zina 210.mp3
49.04.27 Dynamite Thomson Murdered.mp3
49.05.04 Joe Gates Murdered.mp3
49.05.11 Information On Senator.mp3
49.05.18 Imperial Oil Company Racket 214.mp3
49.05.25 Canyon Dude Ranch.mp3
49.06.01 Ep216 Pudgy And The Stolen Tire Racket.mp3
49.06.08 Ep217 Ma Vie Perfume.mp3

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