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Big Band Remotes OTR Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 DVD 198 Episodes

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A big band remote (a.k.a. dance band remote) was a remote broadcast, popular on radio during the 1930s and 1940s, involving a coast-to-coast live transmission of a big band. As early...

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A big band remote (a.k.a. dance band remote) was a remote broadcast, popular on radio during the 1930s and 1940s, involving a coast-to-coast live transmission of a big band.

As early as 1923, listeners could tune in the Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra. The Oriole Orchestra (Dan Russo and Ted Fio Rito) was performing at Chicago's Edgewater Beach Hotel when they did their first radio remote broadcast on March 29, 1924, and two years later, they opened the famous Aragon Ballroom in July 1926, doing radio remotes nationally from both the Aragon and the Trianon Ballrooms. In 1929, after Rudy Vallée's Orchestra vacated Manhattan's Heigh-Ho Club to do a movie in Hollywood, Will Osborne's dance band found fame with a nationwide audience due to radio remotes from the Heigh-Ho. That same year, Phil Spitalny and his orchestra broadcast on NBC from the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York.

By 1930, Ben Bernie was heard in weekly remotes from Manhattan's Roosevelt Hotel. On November 24, 1937, Glenn Miller did a remote on NBC from Boston's Raymor Ballroom on Huntington Avenue (one block from Symphony Hall). In 1939, both NBC and Mutual broadcast Glenn Miller and his orchestra from the Glen Island casino in New Rochelle, New York, an unusual dual-network remote with some 1,800 people present in the Casino ballroom.

Broadcasts were usually transmitted by the major radio networks directly from hotels, ballrooms, restaurants and clubs. During World War II, the remote locations expanded to include military bases and defense plants. Band remotes mostly originated in major cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Chicago. The Chicago broadcasts featured bands headed by Count Basie, Frankie Carle, Duke Ellington, Jan Garber, Jerry Gray, Woody Herman, Earl Hines, Eddy Howard (from the Aragon Ballroom), Dick Jurgens, Kay Kyser (from the Blackhawk Restaurant), Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra (from the Blackhawk), Ted Weems, Shep Fields (from the Palmer House) and Griff Williams.

Includes 198 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This DVD-R:

BB-AW310121 - You Try Somebody Else [317].mp3
BB-AW310310 - Dancing on the Ceiling [317].mp3
BB-AW31xxxx - Good Night Little Girl, Good Night [317].mp3
BB-AW31xxxx - You're Blase.mp3
BB-AW31xxxx - Your Blasè [317].mp3
BB-AW320109 - Lazy Day [317].mp3
BB-AW320204 - What Price Love [317].mp3
BB-AW320224 - I'll See You Again [317].mp3
BB-AW320421 - You're My Everything [317].mp3
BB-AW32xxxx - Love Me Tonight.mp3
BB-AW3xxxxx - Everybody says I Love You.mp3
BB-AS381125 - Hotel Lincoln [266].mp3
BB-AS381202 - Hotel Lincoln [349].mp3
BB-AS381206 - Hotel Lincoln [349].mp3
BB-AS390118 - Hotel Lincoln [266].mp3
BB-AS390819 - Ritz Carlton, Boston, MA [245].mp3
BB-ASxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring Indian Love Call [378].mp3
B A Rolfe 340626 - First Song -.mp3
B A Rolfe 340629 - First Song - Gotta Get up and Go to Work.mp3
B A Rolfe 340702 - First Song -.mp3
B A Rolfe 340704 - First Song - It's a Swingy Little Thingy.mp3
BB-BG 4307xx - Hotel Astor NYC [482].mp3
BB-BG3501xx - Let's Dance [260].mp3
BB-BG351223 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [226].mp3
BB-BG360103 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [229].mp3
BB-BG360106 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [226].mp3
BB-BG360110 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [482].mp3
BB-BG360113 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [229].mp3
BB-BG360120 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [226].mp3
BB-BG360203 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [482].mp3
BB-BG360210 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [229].mp3
BB-BG360217 - Congress Hotel, Chicago [226].mp3
BB-BG361125 - Manhattan Room [309].mp3
BB-BG370810 - Camel Caravan [425].mp3
BB-BG370817 - Camel Caravan [425].mp3
BB-BG370824 - Camel Caravan [119].mp3
BB-BG370830 - Camel Caravan [425].mp3
BB-BG370831 - Camel Caravan [425].mp3
BB-BG371013 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371016 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371020 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371021 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371023 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371026 - Manhattan Room [482].mp3
BB-BG371027 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371030 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371104 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371106 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371113 - Manhattan Room [361].mp3
BB-BG371116 - Camel Caravan [251].mp3
BB-BG371116 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG371118 - Camel Caravan [251].mp3
BB-BG371120 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371122 - Manhattan Room.mp3
BB-BG371125 - Manhattan Room.mp3
BB-BG371212 - Manhattan Room [482].mp3
BB-BG371218 - Manhattan Room [268].mp3
BB-BG371222 - Manhattan Room.mp3
BB-BG380830 - Camel Caravan [000].mp3
BB-BG380830 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG380906 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG380913 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG380920 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG380927 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390103 - Camel Caravan [260].mp3
BB-BG390103 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390110 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390207 - Camel Caravan [482].mp3
BB-BG390207 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390214 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390307 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390314 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390404 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390411 - Camel Caravan [219].mp3
BB-BG390411- Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390502 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390509 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390902 - Camel Caravan [000].mp3
BB-BG390902 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG390909 - Camel Caravan [000].mp3
BB-BG390909 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG391014 - Camel Caravan [260].mp3
BB-BG391014 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG391028 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG391104 - Camel Caravan [260].mp3
BB-BG391104 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG391118 - Camel Caravan [261].mp3
BB-BG391118 - Camel Caravan.mp3
BB-BG401228 - [482].mp3
BB-BG410810 - Hotel Sherman, Chicago, NBC [482].mp3
BB-BG430611 - Camel Caravan [271].mp3
BB-BGxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring Get Happy [378].mp3
BB-BGxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring Sugarfoot Stomp [378].mp3
BB-BB37xxxx - [05] Norge Program [000].mp3
BB-BB37xxxx - [37] Norge Program [000].mp3
BB-BB390926 - [xx] Manhattan Center, NYC [482].mp3
BB-DE370318 - Cotton Club [352].mp3
BB-DE401107 - Fargo, N.D [361].mp3
BB-DE450428 - Date With The Duke [000].mp3
BB-DE450519 - Date With The Duke [000].mp3
BB-DE4510xx - New Zanzibar NYC [482].mp3
BB-DE451117 - Date With The Duke [000].mp3
BB-DE481106 - Remote from Union College [349].mp3
BB-DE520806 - Blue Note [355].mp3
BB-DE530624 - Blue Note, Chicago, NBC [482].mp3
Gene Krupa 381128 - Remote from Palomar [361].mp3
Gene Krupa 450815 - Hotel Astor [352].mp3
BB-GJ35xx01 - Sponsored by Esso [352].mp3
BB-GL360209 - The Magic Key [287].mp3
BB-GL721231 - New Year's Eve [200].mp3
Hal Kemp 34xx01 [245].mp3
Hal Kemp 34xx02 [352].mp3
Hal Kemp xxxxxx - Griffen Shinola Show [244].mp3
BB-HJ400319 - Live at Southland Cafe [206].mp3
BB-HJ440820 - Casino Gardens [352].mp3
BB-HJ460630 - Asbury Park, NJ Convention Ctr [440].mp3
BB-HJ500610 - One Night Stand [260].mp3
BB-HJ531002 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago [482].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - Downbeat [372].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring 920 Special [378].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring Backbeat Boogie [378].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring Trumpet Blues [378].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - GI Jive [Unknown Episode] Featuring Two O'Clock Jump [378].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [08] HJ Show Featuring Carnival [460].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [09] HJ Show Featuring Blues for Lovers Only .mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [10] HJ Show Featuring Cherry [460].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [11] HJ Show Featuring Caravan [460].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [12] HJ Show Featuring Taboo [460].mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [AFRS 119 ] Featuring All the Things You Are .mp3
BB-HJxxxxxx - [AFRS 120 ] It's Been So Long [460].mp3
BB-JT430818 - Spotlight Bands [274].mp3
BB-JT450331 - [xxx] Jubilee with Jack Benny [271].mp3
BB-JTxxxxxx -  Swingtime with Mel Torme [274].mp3
BB-JTxxxxxx - [225] Jubilee with Joey Preston [275].mp3
BB-JTxxxxxx - [226] Jubilee with Jack McVea [275].mp3
BB-JTxxxxxx - [274] Jubilee with Harry Babasin [275].mp3
BB-JG440525 - One Night Stand 'Gianina Mia' [361].mp3
BB-JG5012xx - Melody Mill [482].mp3
BB-JG5012xx - Melody Mill, Chicago WGN [482].mp3
Kay Kayser 34xxxx [000].mp3
Kay Kayser 370206 - Trianon [482].mp3
Andy Kirk 370206 - Trianon Ballroom Cleveland [482].mp3
Bill Snyder 440607 - Drake Hotel Chicago [373].mp3
Cab Calloway 400727 - The Meadowbrook [349].mp3
Cab Calloway 450611 - Club Zanzibar NYC [482].mp3
Charlie Barnet 460326 - 400 Club Restaurant NYC [482].mp3
Charlie Barnet 481122 - 'Bunny' [361].mp3
Charlie Parker Quintet 530614 - Hi-Hat Club, Boston [482].mp3
Chick Webb 390210 - Cocanut Grove NYC [482].mp3
Count Basie 440604 - One Night Stand 269 Hotel Lincoln [361].mp3
Count Basie 530208 - Blue Note, Chicago NBC [482].mp3
Dick Jurgens 460626 - From Hotel Clairmont [352].mp3
Dick Jurgens 5008xx - Aragon Ballroom Chicago [482].mp3
Dick Jurgens 5008xx - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago WBBM [482].mp3
Earl Hines 380803 - Grand Terrace, Chicago NBC [482].mp3
Eddy Howard 451205 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago [482].mp3
Eddy Howard 5509xx - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, AFRS [482].mp3
Erskine Hawkins 400304 - Savoy Ballroom [352].mp3
For The Record 440731 [373].mp3
Frankie Carle 500812 - Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago [482].mp3
Freddy Martin 33xxxx [351].mp3
Friendly Five Footnotes 31xxxx - Episode 10 [482].mp3
Glen Gray & Casa Loma Orchestra 4003xx - Meadowbrook [326].mp3
Griff Williams 470305 - Palmer House, Chicago WGN [482].mp3
Jerry Gray 510608 - Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, NBC [482].mp3
Joe Sanders and His Nighthawks 370325 - Blackhawk Restaurant, Chicago, MBS [482].mp3
Larry Clinton 381115 - Int'l. Casino NYC [482].mp3
Phil Harris Orchestra 32xxxx - Exerts from the Coconut Grove [258].mp3
Roy Eldridge 390805 - Arcadia Ballroom NYC [482].mp3
Russ Columbo 340715 - NBC Broadcast [387].mp3
Stan Kenton 4109xx [245].mp3
Star Wars xxxxxx - Radio Drama Episode 01 [263].mp3
Ted Weems 370210 - Trianon Ballroom Chicago [482].mp3
Will Osborne 481011 - Edgewater Beach Hotel Chicago [482].mp3
Yank Swing Session xxxxxx - AFRS Program 86 [385].mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 400324 - First Song - Do I Love You.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 400330 - First Song - Baby Don't Tell on Me.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - A Be Casent.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - A Size 37 Suit.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Alice Blue Gown.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Careless.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Ive Got My Eyes On You.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Leanin' On The Old Top Rail.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Make Believe Dance.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Poor Girl.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Rich Interlude.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 40xxxx - Shake Down The Stars.mp3
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 4xxxxx - Says My Heart.mp3
BB-TD380720 - Bing Crosby and Jack Benny - Ends Prematurely [387].mp3
BB-TD380728 - Guest Jack Benny [433].mp3
BB-TD400224 - Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, NJ [482].mp3
BB-TD401126 - Palladium Ballroom Cafe, Hollywood, CA [245].mp3
BB-TD420818 - Capitol Theater, Washington, DC [245].mp3
BB-TD451105 - Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands [296].mp3
BB-TD460825 - Tommy Dorsey Show with Duke Ellington [270].mp3
BB-WH450327 - Hotel Sherman, Chicago CBS [482].mp3
BB-WH490709 - Balboa Beach [372].mp3
BB-WH490723 - Balboa Beach [372].mp3

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Big Band Remotes OTR Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 DVD 198 Episodes

$ 5.95 USD