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Ask Eddie Cantor Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 243 Episodes OTR OTRS - OTR World

Ask Eddie Cantor Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 243 Episodes OTR OTRS

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Ask Eddie Cantor Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 243 Episodes OTR OTRS - OTR World

Ask Eddie Cantor Old Time Radio Show MP3 On DVD-R 243 Episodes OTR OTRS

$ 6.95 USD

243 epsiodes of The Ask Eddie Cantor Show.

Includes 243 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This DVD-R:

Ask Eddie Cantor 610605 - Ever Appear On Stage With Al Jolson-Muffled.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610606 - Is Beatrice Lillie Really Lady Peale-Muffled.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610607 - Why Do Performers Earn So Much.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610608 - Why Can't Motorists Be More Careful.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610609 - Why Compliment My Daughterinlaw.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610612 - Wheres All Funny Women In Show Business.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610613 - Whats All Hype About With Missile Talk.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610614 - Is Don Drysdale Bestlooking Dodger.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610615 - Are You Healthy You Dont Look Well.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610616 - How Well Did You Know John Barrymore.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610703 - How Can Cantor Be A Flop Doing His Own Applauding.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610704 - What Kind Of A Pupil Was Mickey Rooney.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610705 - What Kind Of A Man Was Enrico Caruso.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610706 - Compare Performers Of Past To Present.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610706 - Compare Performers Of Past To Present_001.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610710 - Please Give Me Your Tips On Etiquette.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610711 - How Does One Break Into Show Business.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610712 - Is Fred Astaire Americas Greatest Dancer.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610713 - How Can I Make My Wife Stop Buying Bargains.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610714 - Compare Mort Sahl To Will Rogers.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610717 - Give Us More Showbusiness Stories.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610718 - Why Has Ed Sullivans Show Lasted So Long.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610721 - Why Do Songwriters Have Bad Voices.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610724 - What Do You Think About Benefits.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610725 - What Benefit Groups Have You Appeared For.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610726 - Do You Believe In Luck.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610727 - How Many Grandchildren Do You Have.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610731 - Are You A Close Friend Of George Cohen.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610801 - What Age Should A Boy Be Taught To Be A Gentlemen.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610802 - Is Lucy And Desi's Divorce Irreconcilable.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610803 - Was Jolsoncantor Duet Recording Released.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610804 - May I Send You My Book For Review.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610807 - Whats Up With Pointed Shoes.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610808 - Is Tallulah Bankhead Really Sarcastic.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610809 - Where Can I Vacation Close To Home.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610810 - Fannie Brices Remarks Of Ester Williams.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610811 - Was Song Susie From A Broadway Show.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610925 - Should Leo Durocher Be A Mere Coach.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610926 - Should My Husband Be A Critic At Home & Work.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610927 - Doris Day Voted Most Popular Actress.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 610928 - Entertaining At Hollywood Canteens During WW2.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611002 - What Would You Do With Dull Speakers.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611003 - Why Isnt Ed Wynn On More Programs.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611004 - My Brother-in-law Loses On Ponies.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611005 - Is Harpo Marx Really Deaf & Dumb.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611006 - What Has Happened To Cole Porter.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611009 - Is George Jessel Always On Move.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611010 - What Was Most Impressive About Will Rogers.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611011 - Are Hollywood Awards Phony.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611012 - Do You Believe In Prayer.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611016 - Whats Basis Of Comedy.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611017 - How Do I Stop Hubbys Inventions.mp3
Ask Eddie Cantor 611018 - How Much Does Sophie Tucker Weight.mp3
EC311213 - Violinist Rubinoff [474].mp3
EC3112xx - First Song - Carolina Moon.mp3
EC321030 - Season Debut [474].mp3
EC331126 - First Song - Keep Young And Beautiful.mp3
EC331203 - First Song - Roll Out Of Bed With A Smile.mp3
EC331224 - First Song - I'm Living On Love.mp3
EC331231 - Cantor The Salesman.mp3
EC340401 - First Song - I'll Do Anything For You.mp3
EC340408 - First Song - Over Somebody Else's Shoulders.mp3
EC360920 - First Show for Texaco.mp3
EC360927 - Radio Station Broadcast.mp3
EC361004 - Advertising.mp3
EC361011 - The Missing Radio Show.mp3
EC361018 - Putting Texaco on the Map.mp3
EC361025 - The Female Elephant.mp3
EC361101 - Bobby Wants a Raise.mp3
EC361108 - Football.mp3
EC361115 - From the New York Hippodrome.mp3
EC361122 - The Script Is Stolen.mp3
EC361129 - The Script Is Found.mp3
EC361206 - Guest - Leslie Howard.mp3
EC361213 - The Cast Goes on Strike.mp3
EC361220 - Rehearsing for the Texaco Town Follies.mp3
EC361227 - Texaco Town Follies Act 1.mp3
EC370103 - Texaco Town Follies Act 2.mp3
EC370110 - Oscar Is Still Missing.mp3
EC370117 - No Music for the Program.mp3
EC370124 - Camille.mp3
EC370207 - Gangsters Take over the Show.mp3
EC370214 - Hamlet.mp3
EC370221 - Balancing the Budget.mp3
EC370228 - Government Radio Show.mp3
EC370307 - On the Town in Hollywood.mp3
EC370314 - At the Cocoanut Grove.mp3
EC370321 - Renard's Parents Visit.mp3
EC370328 - Guest - Igor Gorin.mp3
EC370404 - Man from Harvard.mp3
EC370411 - Casting 'Gone with the Wind'.mp3
EC370418 - Russian 99915B.mp3
EC370425 - Wallington Wants To Quit Show.mp3
EC370502 - On a Picnic.mp3
EC370509 - How Eddie Met His CoStars.mp3
EC370516 - Eddie's Book on Marriage.mp3
EC370523 - HouseToHouse Broadcast.mp3
EC370530 - Show Aired to England.mp3
EC370606 - Eddie Stanley Meets the Cast.mp3
EC370613 - Saymore Goes for Pinky.mp3
EC370620 - Father's Day.mp3
EC370627 - The Love Bug.mp3
EC370704 - Saymore Wants to Marry Pinky.mp3
EC370711 - Breach of Promise Suit (1st half only).mp3
EC370718 - Bribing the Judge.mp3
EC370725 - The Case Goes to Court.mp3
EC370801 - The Trial Continues.mp3
EC370808 - The Case Is Closed.mp3
EC370815 - Rehearsing Shakespeare on Pinky's Ranch.mp3
EC370822 - Preparing to Return to Hollywood.mp3
EC370829 - Shakespeare in Hollywood.mp3
EC370905 - Pinky Inherits One Million Dollars.mp3
EC370912 - At the Gold Mine.mp3
EC370929 - First Show of the New Season.mp3
EC371006 - The Prisoner of Zenda.mp3
EC371013 - Jimmy Gets Acting Fever.mp3
EC371020 - Eddie Starts a Movie Company.mp3
EC371027 - 25 Years in Show Business.mp3
EC371103 - French Movie Star.mp3
EC371110 - The Men Fall for Fifi.mp3
EC371117 - Shooting the Picture.mp3
EC371124 - Pinky Falls for Fifi.mp3
EC371201 - The Movie Opens.mp3
EC371208 - Palm Springs Property (1st Half Only).mp3
EC371215 - Good Humor Water.mp3
EC371222 - At Eddie's Palm Springs Sanitorium.mp3
EC371229 - Guests Dave Rubinoff, Tony Martin.mp3
EC380105 - Listener Poll.mp3
EC380112 - Snow White.mp3
EC380119 - Eddie Buys a Race Horse from Pinky.mp3
EC380126 - Renard Rides Eddie's Horse.mp3
EC380202 - Race Against Jack Benny's Maxwell.mp3
EC380209 - School for Radio.mp3
EC380216 - School for Radio.mp3
EC380223 - Mutiny on the Bounty (2nd Half Only).mp3
EC380302 - A Day at Eddie's Radio School.mp3
EC380309 - Guest Gloria Swanson.mp3
EC380316 - 25 Years in Show Business Again!.mp3
EC380323 - Last Show of the Series.mp3
EC410115 - Guest - Phil Harris.mp3
EC410205 - Guest - Jinx Falkenburg.mp3
EC410212 - Guest - Joe Di Maggio.mp3
EC410219 - Guest - Dr M Sayle Taylor.mp3
EC410226 - Guest - John Barrymore.mp3
EC410305 - Guest - Humphrey Bogart, Hattie McDaniel.mp3
EC410312 - Guest - Sidney Toler.mp3
EC410326 - IRS Tries To Give Eddie A Refund.mp3
EC410402 - Guest - Oscar Levant.mp3
EC410423 - Tallulah Bankhead [455].mp3
EC410430 - Guests Ezra Stone, Adelaide Moffat.mp3
EC410507 - Guests John Garfield.mp3
EC410514 - Guest - Bob Feller.mp3
EC410604 - Al Jolson [421].mp3
EC410625 - Guest - Victor Mature.mp3
EC411217 - Guest - Boris Karloff.mp3
EC420401 - John Charles Thomas [058].mp3
EC420527 - It's Time To Smile [000].mp3
EC421125 - Jack Benny and Dinah Shore [270].mp3
EC421223 - Ida Lupino [058].mp3
EC430106 - Guest - Tommy Dorsey.mp3
EC430120 - Guests George Raft, George W Holley.mp3
EC430127 - Guests Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Mchugh, Betty Hutton.mp3
EC430203 - Adolphe Menjou [000].mp3
EC430331 - Edward G Robinson [058].mp3
EC430428 - Guest - Fred Astarie.mp3
EC430609 - Dinah Shore [268].mp3
EC440510 - Guest Tallulah Bankhead.mp3
EC440517 - Guest William Gargan.mp3
EC440524 - Guest Morton Downey.mp3
EC440531 - Guest Lawrence Tibbett.mp3
EC440607 - Guest Maurice Rocco.mp3
EC440614 - Guest Jackie Coogan.mp3
EC440621 - Guest Alan Reed.mp3
EC440927 - Joan Davis [000].mp3
EC441004 - Two Girls and a Sailor [000].mp3
EC441011 - Martha Raye [000].mp3
EC441018 - Esther Williams [000].mp3
EC441025 - Harry's New Baby [000].mp3
EC441108 - Presidential Election [000].mp3
EC441115 - Replaces Frank Morgan [367].mp3
EC441122 - Alan Ladd [000].mp3
EC441129 - Joe Kelly [000].mp3
EC441206 - Harry Von Zell Quits [000].mp3
EC441213 - Eddie Finds Harry [000].mp3
EC441220 - Christmas Show [421].mp3
EC441227 - New Year's Show [000].mp3
EC450103 - JB's Rochester [268].mp3
EC450110 - Andrews Sisters [000].mp3
EC450117 - Eddie Is Jealous [000].mp3
EC450124 - Ida Wants a Divorce [000].mp3
EC450131 - George Burns and Gracie Allen [000].mp3
EC450207 - Kidnapping [000].mp3
EC450214 - Hoagy Carmichael [000].mp3
EC450221 - Ella Logan [000].mp3
EC450228 - Army Intelligence [000].mp3
EC450307 - Beautiful Baby [000].mp3
EC450314 - On Trial [000].mp3
EC450321 - Adoption [000].mp3
EC450328 - Golf [000].mp3
EC450404 - Charles Boyer [000].mp3
EC450411 - Twenty Years in Radio [000].mp3
EC450418 - Introducing Fred Martel [000].mp3
EC450425 - International Peace Conference [000].mp3
EC450502 - The Fur Coat [000].mp3
EC450509 - The FBI Agent [000].mp3
EC450516 - Marilyn Maxwell [000].mp3
EC450523 - A Visit from Rochester [000].mp3
EC450530 - From Scott's Field [000].mp3
EC450606 - Missing Baby [000].mp3
EC450613 - Alan Young [000].mp3
EC450620 - Ann Sheridan [000].mp3
EC450704 - Opening Night at the Lodge [000].mp3
EC450711 - Ration Points [000].mp3
EC450718 - Harry's Birthday [000].mp3
EC450725 - Myrtle [000].mp3
EC450801 - Army Air Corps [000].mp3
EC450815 - VJ Day [000].mp3
EC450822 - Gus Edwards [000].mp3
EC460926 - Guest - Burns And Allen.mp3
EC470130 - Jack Benny [268].mp3
EC470306 - Al Jolson [282].mp3
EC470424 - Guest - Ken Clark.mp3
EC470612 - Eddie Interviews A Prospective Son-In-Law.mp3
EC471106 - Eddie Gets A Threatening Letter.mp3
EC471113 - Guest - Audie Murphy.mp3
EC471127 - Thanksgiving Program.mp3
EC471204 - Guest - CeCe Blake.mp3
EC480108 - Al Jolson [421].mp3
EC480506 - Going After the Smith Vote.mp3
EC480513 - Guest - Lauritz Melchior.mp3
EC480520 - A Revue Called Inside Hollywood.mp3
EC480527 - Eddie Goes to UCLA.mp3
EC480608 - Al Jolson and Michael Redgrave [421].mp3
EC480901 - Going to Europe with Wm Powell [304].mp3
EC481112 - Caesar Romero [474].mp3
EC481119 - Dinah Shore [280].mp3
EC481217 - Jack Benny [268].mp3
EC490107 - Visiting Al Jolson [000].mp3
EC521225 - Christmas Special [000].mp3
EC56xxxx - Jack Benny, Durante, Jolson, Garland [270].mp3
ECxxxxxx - Eddie The Gman.mp3
ECxxxxxx - Foreign Radio Shows.mp3
ECxxxxxx - Harry Sorry He Quit Eddie [000].mp3

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