The Beulah Show OTR Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 CD 28 Episodes


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African American “Beulah Brown” premiered in 1939, when white american actor Marlin Hurt portrayed her on radio program “Hometown Incorporated.”

In 1943 “she” moved on to star in “That’s Life” and in late 1944, walked over to play on the “Johnson’s Wax Program with Fibber McGee & Molly.”

In 1945, Marlin Hurt and Beulah spun off into “The Marlin Hurt and Beulah Show.” Hurt suffered a fatal heart attack during the 1946 season, at which time white actor, Bob Corley, took on the role.

Bob starred as Beulah until November 24 1947 when Hattie McDaniel became the first African American female to have star billing in a radio program, with her portrayal of “Beulah.”

In 1952, due to illness, Hattie was replaced by Lillian Randolph and during the 1953-1954 season, Amanda Randolph portrayed Beulah, after taking over for Lillian, her sister.

Includes 28 Episodes! 

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

Beulah 450716 – Beulah Finds a Wedding Ring.mp3
Beulah 450817 – Hot Summer Day [337].mp3
Beulah 460826 – [Aud] Beulah’s Boyfriend Back in Town [394].mp3
Beulah 470209 – Audition Program – Marlin Hurt.mp3
Beulah 470507 – The Slogan Contest [000].mp3
Beulah 470507 – The Slogan Contest.mp3
Beulah 500627 – 1 of 4 Vacation Troubles [000].mp3
Beulah 500628 – 2 of 4 Vacation Troubles [000].mp3
Beulah 500629 – 3 of 4 Vacation Troubles [000].mp3
Beulah 500630 – 4 of 4 Vacation Troubles [000].mp3
Beulah 530323 – The Building Permit.mp3
Beulah 531009 – Cutting Onions.mp3
Beulah 531113 – 1 of x Flash Magazine [000].mp3
Beulah 531114 – 2 of x Flash Magazine Visits [000].mp3
Beulah 531116 – Painting Donny’s Room.mp3
Beulah 531223 – 1 of 2 Honorary Santa [000].mp3
Beulah 531224 – 2 of 2 Honorary Santa [000].mp3
Beulah 540126 – Bill’s Streetcar Lunchroom [209].mp3
Beulah 540128 – Lunchroom Grand Opening [244].mp3
Beulah 540203 – Beulah Becomes a Writer [292].mp3
Beulah 540204 – Writing a Love Story [000].mp3
Beulah 540205 – Writing About the Family [409].mp3
Beulah 540208 – Rumpus Room Construction [409].mp3
Beulah 540209 – Bill Builds Rumpus Room [409].mp3
Beulah 540910 – Cutting Onions [409].mp3
Beulah xxxxxx – Beulah Hires A Boy Friend [337].mp3
Beulah xxxxxx – Borrowed Furniture [000].mp3
Beulah xxxxxx – Painting Donny’s Room [000].mp3


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