Encore Theater Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 13 Episodes OTR OTRS 1


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Encore Theatre is perhaps one of those overlooked dramatic anthologies that deserve a deal more attention than they have generally achieved. You will find the series has a medical thread running through it and is in fact a highly compelling and sympathetic series of well-produced, medical-themed dramas. Within the stories, you get a great deal of medical history into the bargain.

While the theme ties them all together, you will find these 13 productions stand on their own as good drama. They recall a period of amazing advances in common medical science, as well as recalling Medical Profession was a true vocation and the majority of its practitioners practiced their Hippocratic oath with integrity.

Based on true stories and sponsored by Schenley Labs, Inc, who skimped on nothing with this brief series. The principal actors represent some of the finest talent of Stage and Screen, and the supporting Radio voice talent represent the era’s finest radio actors. Leith Stevens provided a wonderful musical backdrop and William Lawrence’s direction remains well-paced and timed. These charming dramas were based on medical research or the personal stories of medical workers.

This series is one of the Golden Age of Radio’s true, overlooked gems, both collectable and relevant to this day — perhaps even moreso, given the current state of Health Care in the United States.

The cast members were well-known radio or screen actors and included Lurene Tuttle, Eric Snowden, Gerald Mohr, Ronald Colman, Robert Young, and Lionel Barrymore.

Includes 13 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

ET460604 – Magnificent Obsession [178].mp3
ET460611 – The Life of Louis Pasteur [178].mp3
ET460618 – Yellowjack [302].mp3
ET460625 – Green Light [302].mp3
ET460702 – The Man In White [302].mp3
ET460709 – White Angel [302].mp3
ET460716 – Now Voyager [302].mp3
ET460723 – Dr Erchlick’s Magic Bullet [302].mp3
ET460730 – Dark Victory [302].mp3
ET460806 – A Man To Remember [302].mp3
ET460813 – Prisoner Of Shark Island [302].mp3
ET460820 – Nurse Edith Cavell [302].mp3
ET460827 – Disputed Passage [286].mp3


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