Easter Collection Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 CD 57 Episodes


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Happy Easter from OTR World! The OTR World Easter Collection is now available.

These MP3 files are organized into folders by Show and MAY NOT play in any MP3 device, only a computer.


Includes 57 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This CD-R:

10-2-4 Ranch

10-2-4 Ranch 450328 – [500] ‘In Your Easter Bonnet’ [000].mp3

Amos N Andy

AA450330 – Easter Hat [005].mp3
AA500409 – Sapphire’s Easter Outfit [044].mp3

Ave Maria Hour

Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx – [xxx] Easter Sunday.mp3

Baby Snooks

BSNK420402 – Easter Suit.mp3
BSNK510320 – Daddy Needs A Loan For Easter Clothes.mp3

Burkiss Way

Burkiss 791226 – [41] Eric Pode of Croydon’s Easter Special.mp3

Burns and Allen

BA480325 – Gracie Buys George an Easter Outfit.mp3

Chesterfiled Supper Club

Chesterfield Supper Club 480326 – [xxxx] Easter Program [391].mp3

Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast On A Bus 390409 – Easter Show.mp3
Coast To Coast On A Bus 400324 – Easter Morning.mp3

Comic Weekly

Comic Weekly Man 510325 – [205] Easter, First Comic – Hopalong Cassidy.mp3

Couple Next Door

CND600413 – [596] Betsy New Easter Bonnet [000].mp3
CND600414 – [597] Mr Piper, the Easter Bunny [000].mp3

Eddie Condons Jazz Concert

Eddie Condon’s Jazz Concert 441111 – [26] First Song – Easter Parade.mp3
Eddie Condon’s Jazz Concert 450331 – [45] First Song – Easter Parade.mp3
Eddie Condon’s Jazz Concert 4503XX – Audition 1 – Easter Parade.mp3

Ethel and Albert

EAA500424 – Grandma sends Susie a bunny for Easter.mp3

Father Coughlin

FCGN370328 – Easter Broadcast [249].mp3

Fibber McGee and Molly

FM480323 – Molly’s Easter Dress.mp3
FM480328 – Molly’s Easter Dress.mp3
FM540416 – Dying Twelve Dozen Easter Eggs.mp3

Great Gildersleeve

GG440409 – Campaign Officially Starts – Easter Show [038].mp3
GG520409 – Easter Sunrise Service [321].mp3
GG530401 – Easter Sunrise Service [321].mp3

Jack Armstrong

JARM400119 – Easter Island Adventure [339].mp3
JARM400927 – Easter Island Adventure [178].mp3

Jack Benny

JB380417 – Easter Show [065].mp3
JB490417 – Easter Parade [163].mp3
JB500430 – Easter Show [239].mp3
JB520413 – Jack and Mary Walk in the Easter Parade [239].mp3
JB530405 – Easter Parade.mp3
JB540418 – Easter Parade [052].mp3
JB550410 – Easter Stroll [239].mp3

Life Of Riley

LOR460420 – [109] The Giant Easter Bunny [078].mp3
LOR480327 – [194] The Giant Easter Bunny – Fertilizer [083].mp3

Life With Luigi

LWL520408 – Easter Birthday Party [087].mp3

Mel Blanc

MBS470408 – Easter Egg Hunt [110].mp3


Dike Easter Detective 490319 – The Time For Creeps [481].mp3

My Favorite Husband

MFH510324 – The Easter Outfit [373].mp3

Our Miss Brooks

OMB490417 – [037] Easter Outfitsskips.mp3
OMB500409 – [087] Dyeing Easter Eggs aka Easter-egg Dye.mp3

Ozzie and Harriet

OZ490417 – Easter Show [004].mp3

Phil Harris and Alice Faye

PHAF500409 – The Easter Bunny [199].mp3
PHAF510325 – Frankie and Easter Dinner.mp3
PHAF520413 – Alice’s Easter Dress.mp3

Quiz Kids

QK490417 – Why Does The Easter Rabbit Always Have A Shiny Nose.mp3

Red Skelton

REDS500409 – [280] Skunk Patrol’s Easter Benefit Show.mp3
REDSxxxxxx – Avalon Time – Easter And Spring Cleaning [377].mp3
REDSxxxxxx – Avalon Time [xx]  Easter Spring Cleaning.mp3

Six Shooter

SIXS540415 – Crises At Easter Creek [092].mp3

Story Behind The Headline

Story Behind The Headlines 460421 – The First Peace Time Easter.mp3

The Bickersons

BKxxxxxx – Easter Parade [049].mp3

The Shadow

SH480328 – Death And Easter Bonnet [023].mp3
SH490417 – Death And The Easter Bonnet.mp3

This Is The Story

This Is The Story 5xxxxx – [082] Easter Eggs.mp3

Worlds Greatest Story

WGSxxxxxx – The Real Story of Easter from John18-20 [194].mp3



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