Dangerously Yours OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 13 Episodes


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Dangerously Yours was a half hour show sponsored by Vicks. There were sixteen episodes broadcast in 1944, with eleven of them available to collectors today. Each episode seemed to star Victor Jory as the leading man, and concentrated heavily on romance, with much airtime being devoted to lovers murmuring sweet nothings at each other, and the action and adventure being relegated to backdrop status. At the end of each episode, the announcer would give a very brief teaser for the following week’s show.

Includes 13 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

DY440620 – Masquerade [327].mp3
DY440621 – The Highwayman [327].mp3
DY440702 – The Highwayman [327].mp3
DY440709 – The Pirate of Orleans [327].mp3
DY440806 – Cortez the Conquistador [327].mp3
DY440813 – God’s Country and the Woman [327].mp3
DY440820 – Monsieur Beaucaire [327].mp3
DY440827 – Bothwell of Scotland Yard [327].mp3
DY440903 – The Sheik [327].mp3
DY440910 – The Firebrand [327].mp3
DY440917 – The Shadow of the Raven [327].mp3
DY440924 – Berkeley Square [327].mp3
DY441001 – Windward Passage [327].mp3


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