Theater Guild On The Air Old Time Radio Shows MP3 On CD 45 Episodes


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The series originated on radio in the 1940s as Theatre Guild on the Air. Organized in 1919 to improve the quality of American theater, the Theatre Guild first experimented with radio productions in Theatre Guild Dramas, a CBS series which ran from December 6, 1943 to February 29, 1944.


Actress-playwright Armina Marshall (1895-1991), a co-administrator of the Theatre Guild, headed the Guild’s newly created Radio Department, and in 1945, Theatre Guild on the Air embarked on its ambitious plan to bring Broadway theater to radio with leading actors in major productions. It premiered September 9, 1945, on ABC with Burgess Meredith, Henry Daniell and Cecil Humphreys in Wings Over Europe, a play by Robert Nichols and Maurice Browne which the Theatre Guild had staged on Broadway in 1928-29.


Within a year the series drew some 10 to 12 million listeners each week. Presenting both classic and contemporary plays, the program was broadcast for eight years before it became a television series.


Includes 45 Episodes![/n]

Episodes On This CD:


45.10.07 Ep005 Ah, Wilderness.mp3
45.11.11 Ep010 The Emperor Jones – Where The Cross Is Made.mp3
45.11.25 Ep012 Mornings At Seven.mp3
45.12.02 Ep013 Elizabeth The Queen.mp3
45.12.09 Ep014 Ned Mccobb’s Daughter.mp3
45.12.16 Ep015 Royal Family.mp3
45.12.23 Ep016 Little Women.mp3
45.12.30 Ep017 Knickerbocker Holiday.mp3
46.04.07 Ep031 Strange Interlude Part 2.mp3
46.04.21 Ep033 The Green Pastures.mp3
46.04.28 Ep034 Mary Of Scotland.mp3
46.05.05 Ep035 Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.mp3
46.05.12 Ep036 Payment Deferred.mp3
46.05.19 Ep037 They Knew What They Wanted.mp3
46.05.26 Ep038 Boy Meets Girl.mp3
46.06.02 Ep039 Call It A Day.mp3
46.11.03 Ep048 The Last Mrs Ceney.mp3
46.12.01 Ep052 A Bill Of Divorcement.mp3
46.12.15 Ep054 The Old Maid.mp3
46.12.22 Ep055 Papa Is All.mp3
47.01.05 Ep057 The Great Adventure.mp3
47.01.19 Ep059 A Doll’s House.mp3
47.02.23 Ep064 Blythe Spirit.mp3
47.03.02 Ep065 What Every Woman Knows.mp3
47.03.09 Ep066 No Time For Comedy.mp3
47.03.23 Ep068 The First Year.mp3
47.03.30 Ep069 Ladies In Retirement.mp3
47.04.06 Ep070 Still Life.mp3
47.04.13 Ep071 The Importance Of Being Ernest.mp3
47.04.20 Ep072 The Age Of Innocence.mp3
47.04.27 Ep073 Escape.mp3
47.05.11 Ep075 Macbeth.mp3
47.10.12 Ep087 Cyrano De Bergerac.mp3
47.10.19 Ep088 Lady In The Dark.mp3
47.11.30 Ep094 Old English.mp3
48.09.19 Ep122 For Love Or Money.mp3
48.11.21 Ep131 The Winslow Boy.mp3
50.12.24 Ep055 David Copperfield.mp3
50.12.31 Ep056 State Fair.mp3
52.03.30 Ep108 Ideal Husband.mp3
52.11.16 Ep127 All About Eve.mp3
52.12.07 Ep130 The Damask Cheek.mp3
52.12.28 Ep133 The Unguarded Hour.mp3
53.04.05 Great Expectations.mp3
53.04.26 Ep150 1984.mp3


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