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From 1923 until late 1932, “Waring’s Pennsylvanians” were among Victor Records best-selling bands. In late 1932, he abruptly quit recording, although his band continued to perform on radio. In 1933, “You Gotta Be a Football Hero” was performed on radio to great acclaim. (His 1930 recording of Cole Porter’s Love For Sale is one of the only period versions of this popular, yet controversial hit that has a vocal chorus.)

Adding a men’s singing group to his ensemble, he recruited Robert Shaw, recently out of the Pomona College glee club, to train his singers. Shaw later founded the Robert Shaw Chorale, directed the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and became America’s preeminent conductor of serious choral music. The Waring glee club sound can be detected in some Robert Shaw Chorale recordings. Pembroke Davenport (1911–85) was Waring’s pianist and arranger.

During World War II, Waring and his ensemble appeared at war bond rallies and entertained the troops at training camps. He composed and/or performed dozens of patriotic songs, his most famous being “My America.” In 1943, Waring acquired the Buckwood Inn in Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, and renamed the resort the Shawnee Inn. To promote the Inn, Waring centered his musical activities at the Inn itself. He created, rehearsed and broadcast his radio programs from the stage of Shawnee’s Worthington Hall throughout the 1950s.

During the 1940s and early 1950s, Waring and His Pennsylvanians produced a string of hits, selling millions of records. A few of his many choral hits include “Sleep,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” “Button Up Your Overcoat,” “White Christmas,” “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” and “Dancing in the Dark.”


Includes 22 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

FWS441005 -‘ Music for Marching’.mp3
FWS441102 – ‘Buckle Down Winsocki’.mp3
FWS441214 – ‘Califor-ni-a’.mp3
FWS470623 – ‘Anitra’s Dance’ [469].mp3
FWS470624 – ‘Country Style’.mp3
FWS470804 – ‘I Feel a Song Coming On’ [469].mp3
FWS470818 – ‘Blue Skies’ [469].mp3
FWS470825 – ‘Japanese Sandman’ [469].mp3
FWS470908 – ‘Shadrack’ [469].mp3
FWS470923 – ‘Stanley Steamer’ [469].mp3
FWS470929 – Guest Al Cap [469].mp3
FWS471015 – ‘Shawnee’ [469].mp3
FWS471028 – ‘A Rumba Numba’ [469].mp3
FWS480608  – ‘I Here Music, I Hear Melodies’ [482].mp3
FWS481213 – ‘Morning’ Songs [469].mp3
FWS481215 – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas [469].mp3
FWS481220 – ‘One Sunday Afternoon’ [469].mp3
FWS481222 – A Christmas Song Medley [469].mp3
FWS481227 – Holiday [469].mp3
FWS481229 – ‘Lime House Blues’ [469].mp3
FWSxxxxxx – ‘Surrey With the Fringe on Top’ [469].mp3
FWSxxxxxx – ‘We’re Going Home’ [469].mp3



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